Unplanned Exit

“Hi MuMu. Yes, you are a pretty girl.”

I haven’t been writing much on Mondays this summer, and I don’t plan to write much today. When I was reading Pam’s (Butterfly Sand) post about choices, it occurred to me that most of the pictures I am sharing today were taken from Great River Park. I’ve mentioned before, that I discovered this park many years ago after deciding not to argue with a city bus over who had the right-of-way. Since then, as many of you know, I’ve been stopping, walking around and sharing pictures from this park on a regular basis. If you read Pam’s post, you’ll understand.

That’s it. I hope you have a happy Monday and that it’s the start of a great week.


  1. I love how you’ve named your little wild friends. That city shot is very special. Maddie and the squirrel are too cute. I hope your week is good too Dan. Now I. Eed to go visit Pam.

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  2. The title alarmed me so I’m glad your regular cast of characters are still around and keeping you company. :-) I read Pam’s post. She is an excellent writer with a little humor woven in – nice. Hope Maddie gets a walk in this week now that we’ve survived the weekend. :-)

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    • Sorry for the scare, Judy. I didn’t think about that until after it was scheduled, and I’ve never had good luck changing the title at that point. Maddie might get a walk, if we get some cool nights. She doesn’t like the heat, either. She does like sitting on cool(er) mornings, so we’ve kept up with that routine. We’ve been skipping the afternoon visit to her deck. I hope this week is nicer for all of us here in New England.

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  3. Wow! You so eloquently proved my point! And I am sure I speak for others when I say: Thank goodness you chose right! We love your pictures Dan and we love your menagerie. And I love reflections!

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    • Thanks Lois. I’m sorry about the title. I wasn’t thinking that all the way through. MuMu goes from pretty-kitty to demanding…um…kitty in a very short span. I brushed her twice three times before leaving for work.

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  4. Jeez Louize, I thought this was your last blog from the title. You can’t scare old people like that Dan, we might have a coronary! Lol.

    “Brush me” is still making me laugh. Perfect caption for that picture of MuMu. Isn’t it great how calmly Maddie lays there with the squirrel up close and personal? When Murphy is in the yard on one of her “business” trips, and a bunny joins her, she totally ignores it. They apparently have come to an agreement to share the yard!

    The Sea Monster really looks huge now that the water level is so low. Love all the shots of the geese and birds.

    Happy cooler Monday. Have a great week.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger, and I am sorry about the title. I didn’t think about the unintended consequences until after it was scheduled. The Editor would shorten that to “I didn’t think.”

      MuMu was available for that “pretty” photo, but she quickly turned when she realized that I was standing there but not brushing her. She made her demands known.

      Maddie doesn’t care at all about the squirrels, unless they startle her by running. She watches the bunnies, but we steer clear of them so they can eat.

      We will enjoy what passes for “cooler weather, even it it is still 85 – that’s 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. I hope you’re enjoying a nice start to the week. Give Murphy a scritch now that it’s not so hot.


    • Thanks Roberta. One of my friends used to work in that building, he always likes seeing it. The curved facade means that some part of it is always in the morning sun.


  5. Phew! I’m relieved that unplanned exit isn’t about retiring earlier than planned or leaving WP! Both came to my mind when I read the title.

    You made some great in-flight bird shots! I like the foggy skyline, the golden skyline, the birds in flight, and the Sea Monster in the morning light shots the best! The other critter shots are a grand bonus!

    I hope you have a great week and the heatwave breaks if it hasn’t already. I am behind on the news, and well, just about everything today!


    • Thanks Deborah. Sorry about the title (that was dumb). I am still on my path to retirement. It’s not that far away, but I’m not moving it forward. You can imagine how many blurry birds I have, but I was happy to get a couple nice ones. I think it’s easier to get my camera to focus when it’s overcast. I have so many blurry seagulls against that blue sky, and I had him in the viewfinder for a mush longer period.

      It’s forecast to be in the mid-80s this week, which is warm, but over 15 degrees cooler than Saturday and yesterday, so I’m happy.

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  6. I was thinking of you on Saturday on the way downtown to see the parade. Lots of great doors here! Now I just need someone patient enough to take me on a slow trip to take pics of them😂

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  7. Hi Dan – me too (no not that one) was worried when I saw MuMu and your title! Glad all is well – even if one is champing at the bit for her walk. Looks gorgeous – even if town centred and warm … here it’s hot and going to be mega hot … thankfully being by the coast there’s usually a bit of a breeze and a few degrees cooler. Cheers – enjoy the week … Hilary

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  8. Thank you for the smiles I had on my face as I looked through your photos. That squirrel and Maddie one and the “BRUSH Me” photos are some of my favorites. Hope it cools down for you soon. The heat has been horrible!

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      • Glad you’ve felt some relief from the heat. A welcome rain is like meeting up with a dear friend just when you need to hear from them. LOL – I think all cats are demanding in their own way – they know how to use their looks to get them things. ;-)

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  9. I enjoyed seeing all the usual suspects, Dan. Since it’s cooled down today, I finally had a lovely walk in the park this morning. I also enjoyed having the windows open all day and not because we were sweltering with no AC. :-) Hope things cool off for you soon!


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    • Thanks Janet. I was cooler yesterday, and it started raining last night (still raining this morning). It’s actually in the low 60s right now, more than 35 degrees cooler than Sunday. I’m glad you were able to get outside for a walk. It’s funny how you miss that.

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  10. These are all lovely pics of your animals, tame and wild. Miracle of miracles, they’re calling for a temp drop tomorrow. Highs only in the 70s which would be a DREAM. I don’t even mind the 100% chance of rain prediction. :)

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    • Thanks Laura. That’s our forecast for today as well. It’s in the low 60s now, and raining. But that’s OK with me. I hope you can cool off and enjoy this week.


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