July Hodgepodge – #ThursdayDoors

There’s a door in there somewhere.

I’ve been tossing several doors aside each week for almost a month. Sooner or later, I either need to use them or I forget where they are. I’ve been swamped at work this week, so it seems like a good day to use them.

I’ve done my best to tell the story in the captions. I sure hope the Happiness Engineers figure out a way to include captions in Mosaic Galleries.

This post is part of Norm Frampton’s fun weekly bloghop called Thursday Doors. Each week, the door faithful gather doors from all over the world and link them to Norm’s master door page in Canada. If you want to participate, or just browse a great bunch of doors, head on up to Norm’s place and poke around.


  1. Great photos, Dan. I love old doors, so I especially loved two of your photos. The first entitled “old doors” and the second, Travelers Insurance. It warmed my heart seeing the Habitat for Humanity doors. During the 1990s, when I lived in Fairfield, CT, I volunteered regularly for Habitat. Fond memories! ♥

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  2. So sad to see the barns reduced to rubble, but I guess that’s better than having them cave in on themselves and then left there in a heap.

    I like the Travelers Ins. door. I also like those two doors and the lamp between them.

    Hey! With a couple of these photos you could start a new category….graffiti!!!

    I like your hodgepodge!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ve take a picture of the Travelers door before, but I’m not sure I ever shared it. As I recall, it’s always been partly in the shadows or very bright sun. I was sad to see the barns get torn down. Even sadder to read that they are now trying to sell the land. Around here, that probably means a bland, nondescript warehouse park..sigh.


  3. I like how you captured the reflection in the subway door. Faint, shadowy, and the way the man is just standing there and staring back – – it’s like a scene in a horror movie. Very nice.
    Anyway, I like the old doors to The Travelers Insurance Company. The circles must have taken some really fine skills to make. It’s artistic.

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  4. What a variety of sorts of doors this time, Dan. Enjoyed them all. I’m with you on the “not going through those doors again”. No way. Cool reflection on the subway doors and yours of course with the door you are waiting for your friend. Great gallery!! Thank you!

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    • Thanks Greg. They tore down 8 of those barns, so they can sell the property. It’s sad. We’re going to go from having open field of hay or tobacco and some pretty barns to having asphalt and nondescript boring warehouses.


  5. For being “swamped” you still have a great number of doors! Two stand out to me – the blue truck on the first level, and the 2 brown ones with a gothic arch on the 5th level. Hope next week it’s not so swampy for you:):)

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  6. An awesome mish-mash of orphan doors (doorphans, perhaps?) that for whatever reason didn’t make the cut in previous posts. I’m really fond of the subway door shot with the reflection in the window.
    Fun stuff Dan!

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