But But But – #1LinerWeds

Here’s the thing about One Liner Wednesday – if you plan on skipping the prompt, life will hand you a one-liner that you can’t resist.

I was going to take today off. Then yesterday, as I was waiting for a friend outside a restaurant, a Parking Enforcement Officer and not one, but two parking scofflaws combined to give me something to share.

The captions tell the story, but parking scofflaw #1 (PS1) was the typical story – parked at an expired meter. As the officer was getting ready to process the ticket, the woman arrived. “I’m here, I’m here!” The officer let her off with a warning. PS2 was not so lucky. Then again, PS2 was way beyond typical. In the words of the officer:

“You are four feet away from the curb. You’re not in an actual parking space, and you’re blocking an intersection.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • Thanks Cheryl. I think the Rose of Sharons are beautiful either way. We don’t have any single white ones. I bet those are pretty when fully opened. As for people, I guess every city has to deal with them. At least someone gets to have a job as Parking Enforcement Officer.

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  1. Funny line. [There are prompts for #1LinerWednesday?]

    I like the Rose of Sharon photo. We used to live in a house with a huge RoS bush and it was pretty. Around here they don’t do well, so no RoS for us. But I can enjoy your pic.

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  2. Awww, Mimi, who’s a pretty girl? Give that squirrel a nut, Dan, he/she looks hungry.

    I think the person who free-parked to block the intersection probably deserves a ticket. What were they thinking? Or was it the case of “I just have to run in for a minute…no one will notice,” but of course that never works.

    It cooled off here, so I hope it comes your way. It went down into the upper 50’s last night after a high of 73. Cool for this time of year, but so pleasant! Hope you get your relief soon.

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    • MiMi got her scritch, MuMu (unseen) was brushed. Maddie walked, sat and sat some more and every squirrel that ventured out in the heat got a couple of peanuts. Sometimes, they are so pathetic, they just sit and eat the first peanut we give them, then they beg for another.

      We are at the point of calling days in the 80s cool.

      That free-parker (I like that term) came out of a shop with a salad to-go. She was there long enough to have gone in and ordered it. Either that, or there was a very long line. In any case, take-out was pricey.

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  3. People amaze me, particularly when driving/parking are involved. It’s as though they imagine they are the only ones on the street. Oh well.

    Love your photos, Dan, particularly the photos of the Rose of Sharon. Beautiful!

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  4. Maybe the guy in that black car was trying to double park but didn’t realize there wasn’t any car next to it. Probably not. It’s a mystery. That’s what tickets are for.

    Both Mimi and Maddie look very peaceful

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    • Thanks Frank. Maybe she did double park and the other car left. Oh well, she paid a little extra for that salad.

      MiMi would prefer to be asleep, but I can’t resist getting a picture of her when she stirs.

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  5. We test drove one of those cars that parks itself. I found that quite interesting, but most interesting is that while the car can park itself, it still requires the driver apply the brakes. We understand a few cars have been damaged in the lot because the consumer did not realize…

    We had a beautiful Rose of Sharon At the corner of my grandmother’s house. I remember watching hummingbirds and realizing for the very first time they could fly backwards.

    Great post, Dan.

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    • I did not get a car that can park itself. I’m pretty sure I would not trust that, even though I understand that the technology is probably very good. Still, I’m not sure it can help when you’re parking illegally in the middle of an intersection.

      I’d love to see a hummingbird feast on one of our Rose of Sharron bushes.

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  6. Parking.….we had an outfit from LA handling our new parking system downtown. Then they were fired for putting boots on cars. Yeah, that did not go over well–the boots, not the firing. Some people and their parking….you have to shake your head. Yes, MiMi is a very pretty cat. So glad you and Maddie have a good schedule worked out. Heading (hopefully) into cooler weather in a couple of months. Where has the summer gone??

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    • Thanks for the cool weather wishes, Lois, it can’t come soon enough (but I know it will be followed by cold). I was happy to see the officer let the first lady get in her car and go. The woman on the corner deserved a boot, but not the kind that goes on the wheel.

      These girls have everything figured out. I just have to do as I’m told.

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  7. I hope that gal really enjoyed her salad….she paid plenty for it!! Got her just desserts! (Pun intended!)

    Your double Rose of Sharon are a wall of beauty. I used to have a lot of single Rose of Sharon, but they started taking over the joint! So a neighbor dug them up, planted them in her yard, she maintains them and I still get to enjoy their beauty! Win/Win.

    Maddie must be looking forward to cooler weather and the completion of her deck. But in the meantime, AC is a decent substitute!

    MiMi is definitely a pretty girl, as is the elusive MuMu! I think your squirrel buddies are getting in early practice for winter begging. Lol.

    Say, here’s a thought……in your retirement you should start a Driving School For Dummies!! 🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Ha ha, that’s pretty good, Ginger. I’m sure the woman was offended by the ticket.

      I hope to make some progress on Maddie’s new favorite space, this weekend. I’m worried that she is expecting heat and running water to be added, while I’m only hoping to finish the siding and put down a permanent floor at some point.

      MiMi and her sister are both pretty, but they both are demanding more and more brush and scratch action. I think they’re addicted.

      You’d have to ask Faith, or perhaps The Editor if I should be involved with teaching anyone else how to drive. My methods may have left something to be desired.


  8. “You are four feet away from the curb. You’re not in an actual parking space, and you’re blocking an intersection.”

    Not quite seeing the problem. In Almost Iowa, all of the above would be true, except the truck would still be running while the owner nursed a single cup of coffee all morning in the Sunrise Cafe.

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  9. I’m glad that idiot got a ticket. I see so many fools just drop their car where convenient not caring about others. Great to see enforcement. I saw a guy yesterday block the only handicapped spot available while he ran into a store. He didn’t pull into the spot just blocked it horizontally. Yes, I have a permanent handicapped placard and had to park a block away.

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  10. I can’t help but think of Grapes of Wrath when I hear Rose of Sharon… “Rosasharn.” Two lovely large shrubs grow in a neighbor’s yard and so tall that they cover the 2nd floor windows.

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    • I had forgotten about that character. One of the many tragic and interesting characters in that story.

      We are thinking of putting several of these along one side of our front yard and keeping them cropped fairly low as a hedge. They are so pretty in the summer and the birds and the bees love them.

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  11. Oof! With 3 strikes against it I guess it’s too hard to let it pass.

    The Roses of Sharon and the opportunist cone flowers sure look great, and the critters have the right idea about finding a nice cool spot to relax in. I hope it’s cooling off there!

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    • We’re now counting mid-80s as cool, Deborah. We had another short burst of mid-upper 90s and high humidity this week. Hopefully some rain tomorrow will wash that system out. All the critters (inside and out) are seeking cooler places to hide and easier ways to “gather” food. “Hey buddy, can you spare a peanut…”

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  12. 1) I’ve never seen the word ‘scofflaw’ before. I like it.
    2) Scofflaw 2 isn’t just parked badly. I consider that parked in the middle of the road. I’m a hard-ass. I think some people deserve to have their driver’s licenses revoked for inconsiderate parking.
    3) yes, MiMi is very pretty 😻
    4) I LOVE Rose of Sharon plants and yours are gorgeous.

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    • Thanks Joanne. The officer was going to call a tow truck. I think that would have been a good solution, the woman had inconvenienced a number of people.

      I think ‘scofflaw’ originally referred to people who continued drinking during prohibition here in the States. I do like the word.

      The Rose of Sharons are so pretty right now. I think you’ll be seeing more of them, as Maddie walks me by them when making her rounds.

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  13. I had to google “scofflaw”. Never heard that term before. Learn something new and all that.
    I’ve muttered “call that parking??” often enough not to feel sorry for the ticketed idiot.
    Looks like you’re having a warm one. Stay cool. (Although I also had to google your F temps to C so I could understand what we were talking about here.)

    PS: I hadn’t posted this comment but scanned back up to check temps, saw a comment of Joanne’s I thought was good and hit Like on it. The whole page refreshed. And my comment disappeared. Argh! Fortunately, the back button brought it back so I didn’t have to retype it. But… what’s with that??

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  14. Haha! That’s BAD parking. Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
    Fleabag made me smile, but it’s fleabane ;) And your capture is lovely, as are your Rose of Sharons :)

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