No Baseball Talk! – #SoCS

The usual suspects have gathered at the No Facilities bar, but Linda G. Hill has given us quite the challenge with her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘astronomical.’ Use it any way you like. Have fun!”

Have fun? That’s a tall order, Linda.

If we were having a beer, I’d be happy to be in a familiar bar.

“Hi Cheryl. It’s good to see your smiling face behind the bar.”

“You act like I’ve been gone for months, Dan. I just missed one Saturday.”

“Yeah, but the one you missed was in between two business trips. I’ve been dealing with Cheryl wannabes for ten out of the past fourteen days.”

“Well, then, let’s get you fixed up with an ice-cold Corona and a juicy slice of lime. Where’s your buddy?”

“David? I don’t know, he’s usually here first.”

“And, I thought I was going to be first today. I drove by and I didn’t see your car in the lot.”

“There was some activity in that lot, I decided to park in the slice of chaos that is the upper lot.”

“Activity, what kind of activity?”

“A Volvo wagon was backed up against the bed of a pick-up truck and material was being moved from one vehicle to the other.”

“In the parking lot of a bar? Who does that?”

“Here’s your beer, Dan. Those guys were in here for lunch. They met here to exchange some stuff from a sale on eBay.”

“Halfway point or seeking a safe harbor?”

“I think one of them was from Vermont, the other was from central Connecticut.”

“Vermont, that explains the Volvo.”

“I wish I knew what explained the two-dollar tip on a thirty-eight-dollar tab. David, would you like bourbon or wine today?”

“I think I’m in the mood for something lighter today, Cheryl. What’s that Truly Seltzer all about?”

“It’s a hard seltzer. We have the unflavored on tap, but I can mix it with just about anything.”

“How is it straight from the tap?”

“Here, have a taste.”

“It tastes like cheap vodka and flat seltzer.”

“Is that a ‘no’ David?”

“That’s a ‘no’ Cheryl. Just pour some Absolute in a snifter and add a splash of good seltzer.”

“That will taste better – but cost a bit more.”

“The sky’s the limit, Cheryl, Dan is picking up today’s tab.”

“Dan is? I mean, I am?”

“You are, my friend, and you’re going to spring for an order of Reuben Egg Rolls. Like I said, I’m in the mood for something lighter today.”

“OK, here’s your vodka and seltzer, and I’ll get an order of Reuben Egg Rolls right in.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Yes, thanks Cheryl and I’ll try to do better than the eBay crowd when it comes to your tip.”

“You couldn’t do worse.”

“I don’t know, David might be flirting with my limit.’

“Hey, it’s not like I’m sticking you with an astronomical bar bill.”

“Speaking of Astro-nomical*, what did you think of…”

“Do NOT go there, Dan. I do not want to talk about baseball and what was and wasn’t done at the trade deadline. Besides, what did your team do?”

“We kept a closer who never gets to close, cause we’re never in the lead, and we traded a pretty good hitter for a box of Cracker Jack. But the Pirates, stink, it’s not like they’re playing with hopes of a wildcard spot.”

“I don’t think the Red Sox are, either. But, let’s not talk about baseball. Were you on the road again?”

“I was. I was down in DC for the week.”

“AMTRAK? Or did you finally wise-up and fly?”

“Seven hours, rolling on the rails in a comfortable seat, with Dunkin Donuts coffee, AC power and free WiFi.”

“Seven hours? You can fly there in an hour and a half.”

“I know, David. Plus, the time waiting at the airport. Plus, the time waiting for my bag. Plus, the travel from the airport to Union Station in DC.”

“Still, it would save you a couple of hours, Dan.”

“But I wouldn’t have enjoyed any of the time traveling. I enjoyed every minute on those trains.”

“The part that would bother me would be the return trip. When I’m coming home, Dan, I just want to get home.”

“It’s only six and a half hours coming home.”

“What, do they take a shortcut?”

“No, I take the Vermonter home, it doesn’t make all the same stops.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s going to St. Albans, Vermont.”

“Here are the Reuben Egg Rolls, and why are you talking about Vermont, Dan? I’m trying to forget those people.”

“I was just talking about the train I came home on. It’s one of AMTRAK’s named trains, The Vermonter.”

AMTRAK’s Montrealer pulling into St. Albans, Vermont in 1970.

“Now that you mention that, Dan, didn’t that use to be The Montrealer?”

“It was, David, and, if we’re lucky, it may change back to The Montrealer in the next year or two.”

“Ha, you could go see Norm.”

“Riding the rails, followed by a doorcursion and some Canadian beer. What could be better?”

This attempt at SoCS was not entirely successful. It was only after I finished that I realized Cheryl never brought David his vodka – editing was required – the man was parched.

* For those unfamiliar with baseball in the US, Wednesday was the deadline to trade players between clubs. It is widely thought that the Houston (Texas) Astros made a trade, right at the deadline, that gives them a good chance to   make it to the World Series.


  1. Hi Dan. I’m pretty sure I posted a comment on this post but it seems to have disappeared. It was perhaps slightly critical of baseball and definitely critical of Dunkin Donuts coffee but surely that’s not an adequate reason? But then, the USA is, well, weird these days so who knows?

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  2. Dan, I think if you could, you would take a train to a local doctor/dentist appointment! 😂

    Maddie definitely is thrilled with her new, but still unfinished deck. Extra treats and hugs for Maddie for being so patient. Thank goodness dogs don’t nag!

    Hope you and the Editor enjoy a great weekend. I’m with the Editor on the escalator! Nope….not happening! 🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I am planning to take the train into Hartford for haircuts, after I retire.

      I am also making small progress on the deck. This is the first weekend it’s been cool enough to work. Oh, and Maddie does nag.

      No escalator for you? I understand.


  3. I’ve never heard of Rueben Egg Rolls! They look tasty.

    The DC metro station looks so clean and very well lit. Nice image of that and the places and things you pasted on route.

    I don’t follow sports and trades, so I got nothing.😜

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    • I wanted to go light on the baseball, Deborah, but the word play with the Astros story was too much to resist, The Reuben Egg Rolls are a wonderful delight. The people in DC complain a lot about Metro. When I hear that, I want to transport then onto the NYC Subway for a few rides.

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  4. Ahh every few years they talk about bringing that route all the way back to Montreal but sadly it hasn’t happened yet. If it ever does, our guest room is ready when you are. I’ll even make sure there’s some good Canadian beer in the fridge and some interesting doorscursions on the agenda for when you get here ;-)

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    • From what I’ve read, it’s in the hands of our collective top political leaders. All the agreements are in place (they even repaired the tracks). Of course. on any given day, it’s hard to know if those two are even speaking. The optimists say a train will be running in late 2020. I’m not sure I’m willing to take my usual optimistic stand. I do hope to ride into Montreal at some point.

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  5. 👏👏👏👏So happy to see these train photos. That trip to Montreal sounds like a must do, Dan. I’m with you on the travel. Scenery, peace and solitude win out over hectic, uncontollabe circumstnaces that surround air travel. Oh my but hubby would have to try those egg rolls at least once. I wonder how hard they would be to make….🤔PS. The Braves seem to be having a fine season so far. 😏

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    • I hope to be able to make that ride at some point, Cheryl. Those egg rolls don’t seem too hard to make. Once stuffed, they are cut on a bias, drizzled with the dressing and baked a bit. They make Philly Cheese steak ones and BBQ Chicken ones as well.


  6. Oh! I like Truly. It is the one light laternative I have to my favorite heavy liquors and favorite beers. I don’t even like to look at American light beer and get quickly weary of Corona Light. We just bought a new one that is brewed by New Belgium I think. It’s pretty good too with a real beer head on it. I’ll have to get back to you on the name. Yesterday it could have been called Sweet Relief for all I knew….lol

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Gwen. I’m too much like a little kid, looking out the window. I’m never able to get much reading or writing done while on board.


    • I would take a train over a plane, any day, Janis. As for Maddie’s deck, progress is once again being made. It’s been so hot, I had to lay low for three weekends. Unfortunately, the decking itself will be the last item installed. The wall is almost done now, the ceiling is next, then the decking. She doesn’t seem to mind the delay ;-)

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  7. I like how train travel can be relaxing. I like how quickly a plane gets me to where I’m going. It’s a conundrum. I do know for sure that I like a vodka and soda, so there’s that.


  8. I enjoyed your comments about travelling by train, DAn. I have only traveled by train twice in my life, one when I was a child and I nearly got left behind on the station [I climbed out the window of the train onto the platform during a stop because I was naughty] and two when we went to Disney France on the Eurorail and were the last train through before the one that got stuck.

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  9. I wouldn’t mind traveling by train, either, Dan. Besides the Reuben egg rolls, this is my favorite: “Vermont, that explains the Volvo.” :-) Perhaps Bernie’s platform should include free Volvos?


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  10. Reuben egg rolls sound delicious. Gotta try them. Vermonter train ride sounds even better. I grew up with trains in West Virginia. A train ride through the hills where cars never go is a piece of heaven – much like Vermont. The Red Sox are terrible right now. I know, no baseball talk. Great post, Dan. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jennie. The egg rolls are really good. I haven’t seen them anywhere else. They sometimes make other varieties, too. I remember your love of trains and your history. I do hope to take the Vermonter farther north at some point. Most of my ride was through the post-industrial northeast. At least you guys have a shot at the wildcard. The our division is horrible – I think the Sox would be leading NL Central with their sorry record. The Pirates are (hopefully) fighting their way back to a winning season.

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  11. “Seven hours, rolling on the rails in a comfortable seat, with Dunkin Donuts coffee, AC power and free WiFi.

    You can get up and walk around too and the scenery is much more interesting (at least most times). :)

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  12. I get the 6 hours train ride. I’d have crochet/quilting in hand enjoying every second of uninterrupted craft time. lol Planes tend to frown on metal crochet hooks and nail clippers used for cutting thread and yarn anyway.

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  13. The first time I went down into the central Washington DC subway, I could only see darkness at the bottom of the escalator. I am claustrophobic and it was very intimidating! I’ve never heard of a Rueben egg Roll! But I love egg rolls in general.🙂

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  14. I do love train travel … but it’s been eons since I’ve been on one. That was how I got back and forth from university … an 18 hour train ride, 12 of those on a sleeper called The Northlander. Sadly they took that train out of service years ago. A shame, I say. There is nothing quite like the experience of an overnight train ride in a sleeper car 🙂

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