A New Twist?

As has been my practice this summer, I will be (mostly) only sharing photos today. I tried using the Block Editor (Guttenberg) to prepare this post like the one I did on Thursday. That train derailed. I’ll explain later, especially if I ever figure it out.

This is the entrance to the escalator I shared on Saturday. Not the most welcoming thing to walk into.


The building is still a source of pride…


Crane – Lamp – what else do we need?

Life after straws.

That’s The Building Museum. I featured that in a Thursday Doors post in March 2017.

My last night in Silver Spring, MD was spent under a thunderstorm watch.

Maddie and I are still walking very early. Trying to avoid the heat and the other early walkers.

As we approach Veterans Park (some call it Maddie’s park).

Attempting to focus on the small mushroom, but my camera decided the water drops in the back were more interesting.

“The crows have challenged us to a soccer match. Let’s go.”

“The little guys have accepted our challenge. Let’s get ready.”

This photo is for Peter Nena.

We’ve walked. We’ve sat outside. Now we rest.

“What?” – MuMu is wandering around today.


    • Ha ha – The little guys had to gang up on the ball to get it to move, but they greatly outnumbered the crows. Still, I find soccer somewhat boring and I didn’t stay until the end. 0-0 tie when I left ;-)

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    • Thanks Ally. The cup/cap worked well, but there is that whole “I can’t see where I’m going” thing. Of course, that forces me to stop, which reduces spills and increases the likelihood of a picture being taken.

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    • As far as puzzles go, John, this looks like a 1,500 piece black square. It’s a long sad tale of woe. I was sharing pictures only to avoid spending time writing. I ended up spending way more time just getting the captions to appear.

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  1. I finally saw stainless steel straws in the grocery store – the wonderful alternative to the plastic variety. Now – we can put a metal straw in our plastic cup and feel good about ourselves – Right? :)

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  2. Love the photo of the impending storm over Silver Spring, Dan. I haven’t been able to get to your Thursday or Saturday posts, so I’ll assume all went well in D.C. and that you got around to taking a few door photos. Have an awesome Monday and week…any relief from the heat yet?

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  3. I’m afraid I agree with your camera. Mushrooms look best in a frying pan but water droplets are magical! They are here for so short a time most people miss their beauty.

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  4. Love the “thunderstorm watch” photo and the one of MuMu thinking she could prowl around and avoid the dreaded camera!

    I’m glad Maddie has the chance to “rest” after her early walks to Maddie’s Park and the tedious deck sitting! We don’t want our favorite redhead to be tired. Lol.

    The entrance to the escalators looks like a funky car wash!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thansk Ginger. It does look like a car wash entrance :-)

      MuMu was in a rare mood yesterday. She came out and demanded to be brushed (not rare) but she stayed out with Maddie and me for almost an hour. She doesn’t like the camera, so I might only have one other good picture of her. I agreed not to bother her.

      Maddie has her weekend checklist. Walk, sit, rest-rest-rest sit, rest, sleep. It’s a tough life.


  5. The thunderstorm watch made for a really pretty sky. The crows vs the little guys–that would have been a fun game to watch. **you can’t use your wings, dang it. Only your feet!**
    MuMu–I feel just like you. What? Monday already?! Have a great week, Dan.

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    • Thanks Lois. The crows kept walking around the tipped-over net. I think there must have been some good grub under there.

      MuMu has the “don’t bother me” look honed to perfection. Kind of like “I’ll let you know when you’re needed…”

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    • I always think of you when I see wires and transformers, Peter. I took several pictures of the railroad substations while on my ride home. I’ll share those soon. I do appreciate the work that people do. It’s always nicer when something shows that someone put in some time.

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    • Ha ha – no, that’s only in her mind. As in, “why are there people in my park?” “Why is there another dog in my park?” “What the heck is the Public Works crew doing to MY park?”


  6. LOL! Hope the little guys win the game! I get a kick out of your bird dialogue.

    The thunderstorm image was pretty, the escalator entrance would be hard to miss with that shade of green.

    Those cups for life after straws hasn’t made it here yet.

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  7. Interesting post, Dan. I have not seen that kind of drink topper yet. I agree the capital is a source of pride. What goes on inside, not so much. You were outnumbered in the soccer match but I’ll bet you could kick farther.

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  8. I had to laugh at the photo of the out-of-focus mushrooms, as that’s happened to me before. Unfortunately, what the camera focuses on instead isn’t always as interesting as yours. :-) I’m also walking early or this morning, working in the yard early.

    I had a WP snafu today–my post came out just right this morning complete with 2 videos. Then I decided to change the title and mid-afternoon I took a look and guess what? There were no videos and not words in the post at all!! Then I had to struggle with getting the whole thing set back up again, but all the while thinking of all those people who came to see the post and saw only a few photos. Didn’t make me happy, that’s all I can say.


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    • Thanks Laura. People often pick a favorite, but I’m not usually asked to choose. I have some galleries where I can pick a favorite, or a group of two or three.


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