When You Can’t Please Everyone

As much as I subscribe to Ricky Nelson’s theory on what to do if you can’t please everyone, this time, I’d appreciate your input. I’ll give you a tiny (I saw that eye-roll) bit of backstory.

Last Thursday, I composed a Doors post while using my iPad on a train. I used the Block Editor, a.k.a. Guttenberg, and I posted the photos large and in line with the text. It was easier than trying to deal with Guttenberg’s steadfast refusal to show captions/descriptions on Gallery Mosaic distributions of images. To my surprise, the post was very well received, and several people commented that they liked the large images better.

Who knew?

Sunday night, I decided to use that same layout option for a slightly-smaller-than-normal group of pictures. I uploaded the images, added captions, copied the captions into the ‘description’ field and added the images one-by -one. I have to say, it looked great in the editor. However, when I previewed the blog post, it looked like garbage. The descriptions wrapped within a one-inch margin on the left side of the block, despite the block format being centered.

I tried everything. Finally, I switched to the Classic Editor and tried again. It was no use. Something in the creation of the gallery images was now associated with those images and was not going away. I deleted all the captions/descriptions and wrote text between the pictures.

I have high hopes of figuring this mess out, but I anticipate that a theme change might be required (to one that better supports Guttenberg). I would like to know what your preferences are, in case I have to choose a theme that does one thing better than others. Given the simplex nature of the poll options available to me, I have included several short polls. I would appreciate your help with this. Note: since I know some people have problems following the dialog at the bar, I can’t imagine sticking photos in there, so there is a separate poll for SoCS posts.

Note 2: I have reused some images as examples below the polls (and Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” is below those, in case you’re still humming that tune.


Mosaic gallery – Guttenberg style (i.e. no hover captions).

Slideshow widget – I’m not sure if this requires JavaScript. If it does, I won’t be using it, because I often can’t view those.

2×2 Grid – I think this shows captions.

This is a separate text box caption above the photo of Maddie

Subway doors – caption as text below image


  1. Sorry Dan. I actually don’t have an opinion or preference. I think each style has a purpose depending on how you want the post to flow.

    I don’t have any problems with the new editor – or maybe my posts are simple enough that they don’t push the boundaries of what the new editor (or my chosen theme) can do. Maybe that’s because I do all my composing on my laptop and I virtually never use my phone, even to read posts. Life is too short for that kind of aggravation.

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    • Thanks Joanne. It’s good to know I can’t disappoint you with my choice (I’ll have to use my writing).

      I’ve had good luck with the new editor, on occasion, but I find it difficult to get a specific look when I want one. Maybe I’m trying too hard, but I really think technology should let us do what they say it can do.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. In the end, I will probably use a mix of options, but you know me, I like to be in a rut – I mean, I like consistency in my life.

      Peaches always seem to make a good image. I liked that song, and I think he is right about focusing on what matters. This stuff should be fun, not work.


  2. I may be prejudiced because I do it that way, but I like the larger in line images. While I compose my blogs on my computer, I tend to read most of them on my phone and the larger images work better on mobile.

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  3. When I did my blog survey last spring I asked what I could improve and I got the same response as you have: bigger photos with text underneath. I never would have thought that’d be a preference, but it was. Soooo I tend to do that now. The people have spoken. Also, it’s so much easier to do than anything else.

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  4. I voted, but I like whatever you post, quite honestly, Dan. Just enough to read, just enough photos. Birds talking smack, the 3 M’s, doors, woodwork news….I’m a happy camper.

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  5. I didn’t vote Dan because I like all your examples! So long as you continue to post and include photos of the 3 M’s, and shadows, and reflections in the water, and Maddie’s finished deck, etc., I am a happy follower.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Aw, you, Pam and Lois are so easy to please – as long as I don’t forget who the important characters are – I get it ;-) And yes, I caught that subtle hint about the deck. Looks like Maddie hired a crummy contractor – the guy doesn’t work on hot days.

      Thanks Ginger!


  6. I am unable to vote at this time, but not sure there is a need. Unless you change your background to a psychedelic orange with teeny tiny print and background music playing while I’m trying to read, I’ll always be here. Themes are so difficult to decide on, but you have to pick the one you like and works best for you.

    As for the photos, I love ’em either way.

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  7. All other considerations aside, your entire post/page is shaking as I try to read it!! I reloaded it from the reader and it’s still shaking, so who knows what new, fiendish thing WP is doing. I mentioned in yesterday post my problems with text and videos disappearing when I edited the post title. I’ve been using block form, trying to get used to it. Sigh. I did like your larger photos and although I don’t mind terribly, I tend to prefer the captions where I see them with the photos. I’m also not a fan of hovering. :-)



  8. I’ve voted, Dan. I rarely use galleries in my blog posts, although I did use the new ‘Stacked’ gallery block in a blog post last week and loved the results.
    I also have the same problem with centring a credit or caption under photos. For the reason that you state, they seem to align to the left even though I’ve clicked on the centre alignment option. To get around it the problem, I add the credit or caption in a new block underneath the photo. That seems to work.

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  9. Hi Dan. I voted, but not sure how helpful I am. To me how images are used depends on the posts. I hugely enjoy your mosaic gallery — I get a preview of the collection then I can go through each one reading the captions.

    Yet, I like to see a few images along with the text, particularly in longer posts.
    Your blog is not of the same nature as mine. Personally I like to have an image at certain intervals between paragraphs. Not a hard & fast rule of how much text space between images, but there is a certain amount that feels right to me — for my posts.

    From a technical-editor perspective, the eye needs a break when reading (whether an image or something else). It helps hold the reader’s interest.
    That’s just my two cents’ worth. You already have plenty of good feedback. Hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I love the way you use images. My posts don’t usually lend themselves to being broken up by photos, or at least not by photos that are unrelated to the post. I will get this figured out, but WordPress isn’t making it an easy process.

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  10. Still haven’t messed with Guttenberg. Actually, I have, and it screwed the post up to the point where I said “forget it!” Give me plain text anytime. I use Markdown more and more, though some things I still use good ol’ HTML.

    The pictures are good, and I really don’t have an opinion on which mode of displaying them is best.

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  11. I voted, Dan. I like the mosaic photos and your narratives. I read shorter posts more than longer ones. It’s a matter of time, not the material. I’ve cut down on who I follow on WordPress. I do follow YOU. I’m in the first draft Rewriting Stage now. Have a happy week.📚 Christine

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  12. I start hyperventilating when I think anything “techno-complicated,” so I can’t answer. I love your photos, And I enjoy your captions. I’m like Joanne – I rarely read a blog post on my phone; I like the look of it on my desktop. Oh, and I’ve totally ignored the new “editor” and continue to post the “old way.” Yeah, I’m a dinosaur. ;-0

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  13. I don’t know how my posts look to other people, but I use Zoom Lite theme. I used to always use 400-width pictures with captions below, but I liked the looks of YOUR mosaics, so I switched. Guess I’ll have to switch back so I can keep up with the Cool Kids (you!). :) Any way you do your posts, I’ll read ’em.

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  14. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with this. I voted, but two of my votes were not the popular, so I feel a little weird.
    I don’t have these troubles, but I do have trouble uploading and searching my images, which is infuriating and time-consuming and quite frankly, does not promote the use of images.

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