This and That

I’m sharing a few pictures that didn’t fit anywhere else, so they can be here where there’s no subject. Just another empty Monday following a good weekend. I hope you all had a nice break, and I hope you’re off to a good start on this week. Thanks for visiting here.

I’m sticking with the Classic Gallery today – I don’t have the energy to fight with Gutenberg ;-)


  1. Wonderful photos Dan. Im sorry you’re having so much trouble with your photo presentation in the editor. As you see I’ve gone to nearly single shot posts. Have a great week! That white rose of sharin takes my breayh away. 😀

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    • Thanks. I keep trying to get good shots of that heron in flight. They are so fast for such big birds. The squirrels seem to know that Maddie doesn’t bother them. She lunges after the chipmunk, but I think it’s because he moves too fast,

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  2. Great shot of the heron! The golden morning glow of Hartford is beautiful, and the reflection is a bonus. Rose of Sharon looking great. Love the shots you get of Maddie and the squirrels. She really looks like a queen now that she’s perched higher looking down at her subjects!

    Sorry Dan, MiMi doesn’t want to say “Hi”, even though she’s smiling in the first photo. The next photo says it all!! 🙄

    Have a great work week….not that many left. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger.

      We had to switch to the cot the day after some severe thunderstorms when the deck was soaked. We used it one time and I came back in and said to my wife: “the cot is now a thing.” When we were using just the cushion, she would fidget to get comfy. She lays down in the cot, and she just stays put.

      I was trying to get MiMi’s picture while sleeping, but I woke her by accident. She wanted to say something, but I try to keep this family-friendly.

      Not too many work weeks left, and I don’t think I have any full weeks (in the office) left at all.


  3. I love the shot of the blue heron – where was it taken? It looks almost tropical! And, how to make Home Depot look romantic! The flower are beautiful and that pic of your dog and the squirrel is just precious. :)


    • Thanks Val. The heron is above the Connecticut River just south of Hartford. I stop at Great River Park on the East Hartford shore. “Tropical” is probably the nicest thing ever said about Hartford, but I see what you mean. It’s funny, I am often at Home Depot between 6:00 and 6:30 am and the rising sun really does make it look nice. Maddie just chills while the squirrels beg. She can’t be bothered.

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    • Thanks Laurie. I didn’t mean to wake MiMi, but I did (so then I had to take that picture). I’m going back to the Classic editor for a few weeks. Maybe Labor Day weekend, I’ll search for a new theme.

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  4. No full work weeks left … yay … life is ahead!! So pleased for you … time for everyone – the Editor, Faith, the four-legs, wildlife et al … definitely not worth ranting … I wander away mostly now – and rant away to myself … take care and enjoy one of your last not full weeks of work! Cheers Hilary

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  5. When you’ve got eyes that see, it’s amazing what can be known. Beautiful gallery, Dan. Your Rose of Sharons are gorgeous. Ours here don’t seem to be doing well …. not only mine but everywhere. My Daisies are going down too. *sigh*

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