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For more than several years, I’ve been saddened and frustrated by the trend of replacing journalists and trained/educated specialists with analysts and actors on all things news, sports and weather. I don’t watch much “network” news and I watch even less “cable channel” news, but I still see enough to make my skin crawl, my head hurt, and my blood pressure rise.

I often hear one of these pretty boy/girl talking heads begin a sentence with:

“Now, I’m not a lawyer/doctor/physicist/mathematician/etc.” but then proceed headlong into a lecture on a legal decision/medical procedure/scientific fact/mathematical operation – eschewing facts in favor of statements that fall in line with the preferred opinions of the recognized audience.

When I hear that opening, the thought that runs through my mind is a non-family-friendly version of:

“If you’re not a lawyer/doctor/physicist/mathematician/etc. then shut your pie hole.”

I was motivated to strike out at these buffoons when I read an article on EarthSky.org about the volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io. You can read the entire article here, but this is the part that caught my attention:

We on Earth first learned about Io’s volcanoes nearly 40 years ago, when NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft flew past this Jovian moon. Now, scientists have completed a comprehensive new peer-reviewed report on Io’s volcanoes, first published in The Astrophysical Journal on June 21, 2019, based on ground-based observations. The report covers five years of observations from 2013-2018, using advanced instrumentation on the Keck and Gemini telescopes.”


  • Comprehensive
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Published
  • Base on five years of observations
  • Using advanced instrumentation

Opinions are easy to form, but often worthless. Meanwhile, science is hard.

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  1. Like you, I really don’t watch much network news. We record the news and then skip through it later, only watching non-political happenings (like the weather). I love your photos, as always. :)

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  2. Shaking my head. You don’t want to get me started about this subject. Legally blonde lawyers and weather women in cocktail dresses who seem to have never even heard of a hurricane, spewing out information and numbers as though this stuff is all brand new, never before chronicled. Not to mention those guys standing knee deep in rising water on the beach in 65 MPH winds under a Florida pier just to make a point. See? You went and got me started! And we won’t even touch on the ‘health experts. Who KNEW broccoli, vinegar and berries were SO good for you? Why…any native American could have told you about the fresh berries, Kevin Trudeau has been touting the health benefits of all natural foods since early 2000. Dr Oz has a show with experts on each day talking about these same benefits and more.
    Oh. And one last piece to my own rant. Pinterest, please. How many videos do we need of people boiling water, making the perfect potato and steaming rice? I know we have a new generation of possible chefs out there, but in my humble opinion I learned all these things when I was 12 from my mother and grandmother. The real problem I see with a lot of this stuff is the lack of interest much of the past two generations has shown in learning anything from their parents, and perhaps even sadder, their own parents’ not insisting they learn the basics. Little Blane mow the grass? Pffft….we have a ‘guy’ to do that. Change a tire? Just use the road assist app on your phone. Carborat…what? Nice birds and Maddie photo bombing your shadow….awesome! Happy Wednesday Dan.

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    • I love it when you get started, Cheryl. I should ahve saved this for a bar conversation, but it might spill into Sunday ;-) You are right, though. We need a video to learn how to boil a potato? Native Americans showed the Pilgrims what to eat. Last I checked, they didn’t have an app.


  3. But, but science is hard, and detailed, and uses big words. If we put real people on the TV they will be “boring” and we won’t be able to retain the viewers to shove mindless advertising down their necks in 3 minutes time. People who are interested and receptive to real facts and real experts are likely to see straight thought the advertising waffle and not buy the pointless product so we won’t be able to fund the TV station.

    On the other hand earlier this year I had the privilege of attending Brian Cox’s “Universal” tour in Dublin with my 13-year-old daughter. We were both given the tickets as a present from my octogenarian parents (Thereby proving that not all parents/grandparents have missed the importance of imparting knowledge to the next generation!). The show is amazing, but what is more heart warming for me is to see a 4,000 seat venue sold out to watch an asto physicist talk for 2 hours – and the entire 4,000 were spellbound from start to finish. If you ever get a chance to go to the show, do yourself a favour and go – you will be blown away.

    And finally I share my favourite science quote:
    “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

    ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

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    • I love that quote. I’ll reserve a future rant for the people who refuse to accept that science works the way it does. I have seen people memorized by science, but I fear the effect doesn’t always last.


  4. Ah, science and facts. I seem to remember them existing sometime in the distant past.
    There is no real news anymore, it’s all political pundits expressing opinions. Right wing, left wing…. just tell me what happened. I’ll make up my own mind.

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  5. The feeling you have about those I-am-not-a-scientist-but guys is mutual. It’s worse when they have to influence public opinion and they become aggressive in defence of propaganda. I saw an article about GM foods in one of our major newspapers back in 2015 and I have never forgiven the writer. I have never met him but I have never forgiven him for spewing forth such falsehood and hearsay.

    Meanwhile, the sun in the photo with electricity transmission cables looks like a ball of electric fire. I like how you captured it right there, so that it seems the cables have shorted and burst into flames.

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    • Thanks Peter. I have a photo in my office of a tower crane that looks like the sun just cut it in half. I love that effect. I took some photos of my favorite power lines in the rising sun. I’ll share them for you, next week.


  6. Like dweezer, don’t get me started on my opinion of “Talking Heads” and the love they have for the sound of their own voices. We’re actually old enough to remember what real news sounded like 😕

    We live in a don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts kind of world now. Any kind of bullshit can be tossed out into the ether and people gobble it up as fact. On bad days I think we are all hopelessly doomed. On good days, I think we’re on a pendulum which will ultimately realign in the other direction. Hope springs eternal.

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    • I’m in the room with you, Joanne, hoping that glass is half full, but then I get stuck somewhere where the news is blaring and I want to scream!

      I love: ” ‘Talking Heads’ and the love they have for the sound of their own voices.” That’s a perfect description.

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  7. We are down to 30 minutes of local ‘news’ in the morning with the mute button nearby. I am still looking for the news not someone’s opinion. I have an opinion, you have an opinion – in the dark ages, they called that having a conversation. :-) And, I always enjoy a few minutes with mute on just to chuckle at the evening attire worn by the women and the way they stand like a flamingo. As for the younger generations, if it’s on an app on their phone, it’s gospel. :-) Happy Wednesday, Dan.

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  8. Soooo much with you on this point. When confronted with this sort of nonsense my line of reasoning goes: 1) consider the source; & 2) shut up. The problem is, as I see it, that many people who watch or read then absorb the misinformation weren’t taught to, or refuse to take responsibility for, thinking for themselves. Honestly, it’s enough to make a kind person crazy. [Oddly enough your post dovetails into mine today.]

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  9. Waiter there is a politician in my soup. Send it back to the kitchen. It is a touch more difficult to send common tater talking head back to the news room. The channel control works however the editor/producer doesn’t quite get the message. The tater must be getting stuck in that skinny digital cable. Happy Hump day Dan. Nice pics

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  10. ‘wumping the crows’…bird smack talk at its finest. So funny, Dan. My supervisor is the queen of “I’m not an adjuster/lawyer/doctor…’ but still she rattles on. My eyes roll and I tune out. If you’re not, then shut the heck up. It is an office joke.

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    • I think the make-believe bird conversations are more accurate than the news, Lois. I’d rather look at Slow Joe Crow and imagine what he’s thinking than listen to most newscasters. I’m not an ornithologist, but I think I know what they’re saying ;-)


  11. I read while hubby has the “so-called” news on. News shows haven’t been about news for years, they’re about ratings and their ego boosting awards shows. Every station claims “exclusive” stories. That’s like the “only on TV” merchandise that you can buy in Walmart!

    The weathermen/women who are lecturing us idiots to stay off the streets while they’re standing thigh deep in rushing water or snow or are being blown out of camera range by hurricane force winds, need some serious counseling.

    The crows are a fun relief and they all seem to have a good sense of humor! Timed sprinklers are great, but someone should be able to manually shut them off in areas that have had an abundance of rain.

    Maddie looks like she wants you to stop slowing down to take pictures. She wants that walk, but she wants to get back to her deck!! MiMi girl, you are so right. “He” should be able to find his way around without the need for lights!

    Happy Hump Day Dan!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie was stopping a lot during this walk. The “walker lady” was out in front of us. I took a picture, but it wasn’t flattering and I felt bad about using it. Maddie DOES NOT like that woman.

      The weatherfolk who rush to the shore when there’s a storm blowing, really need therapy.

      And yes, the “exclusive” stories are like the “only on TV” and the “Guaranteed lowest price (because the MFG changes the model number for each store).


  12. I tend to avoid the news, but for reasons other than what irks you, Dan. You can probably guess those reasons.

    I am most often crazed by sports reporters, even the ones who have played the game and should know what they’re talking about. Sometimes they say really stupid things.

    Have a great day and rest of the week, Dan.

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    • Thanks Mary. There are days on which no sports “news” is allowed in our house. I swear, if I see Antonio Brown’s dumbass feet one more time, I’m going to put something through the screen.

      I hope you’re having a good week, despite what the anchorfolk say.


  13. I’m with you here! I rarely watch what they’re calling news now where their “truth” trumps “FACTS”! I just find the weather report and I hunt around for “real” news. Yup, Science is hard!

    The birds are great. I hope their team win and the water sprays are neat and actually look refreshing.

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    • Thanks Deborah. The water does look refreshing, but the field was flooded. I felt bad for the birds, who like to hunt for bugs out there. I actually hear one anchorman say “the facts would tell us otherwise, but…” I had to change the channel.

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      • News today makes me fear terribly for the new generations! Don’t even get me started!

        I’m not too worried about the birds and the flooded lawns in the ball field. God gave them better sense than we humans me thinks cause Politics, and finding food isn’t something they fight about. It’s all about mating, and nesting with them. I could deal with that! Territorial spats about my mating/nesting grounds would be a whole simpler than living in a world where work and politics matter most…me thinks.

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        • I would agree, Deborah. The issues we have to deal with go far beyond gathering food. The birds haven’t been finding much food on these fields, due to pesticide applications. I’m not sure why the town would rather expose kids to that than a few bugs.

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  14. I don’t watch the news or regular TV. I don’t like the news, and I hate commercials. Every time I hear a commercial I feel bullied and totally disgusted by people’s stupidity. I watch Netflix because I’m in control of what I want to watch and hear.

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  15. I hear you, Dan. Although I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Lost Interned just as I hit the “post comment” button. Three hours of repair work — wherein nothing was repaired or replaced, later… my brain is frazzled. Love the photos, and happy there are plenty of friends for Jinx. Hugs on the wing.

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  16. I can’t remember when I actually sat in front of a tv. I’ve gone back to the radio for evening news and check my weather apps first thing in the morning. That’s all.

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  17. News? Have gotten very selective about who I give a chance to consider. It seems truth is not anymore important. It has changed to “opinion” instead of facts. I wonder how many “journalists” ever got their degree!

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