Also Starring… – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and Faith is joining David, my brother Bruce, me and Cheryl at the bar for adult beverages and a heated discussion based on Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘co-‘ Find a word that uses ‘co’ as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!”

Let’s have a go at this.

If we were having a beer, the group would be large, but David is missing at the outset.

“Wow, Dan, way to make a bartender happy. You’re my first customer today, and you brought your own crowd.”

“Hi Cheryl. Yes, this is my brother Bruce, and you know Faith.”

“Hi Faith, nice to meet you Bruce. What brings you here?”

“Hopefully a nice glass of Jameson.”

“Ugh, I can tell you’re his brother. What brings you here from Iowa?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Just visiting for a few days.”

“Great, and Jameson, good choice. Faith, what are you drinking?”

“I’d like a glass of Gentleman Jack.”

“Ooooh, I hate to disappoint, but we – are – out. Could I interest you in a small batch bourbon we just got in?”


“It’s Elijah Craig, here, have a taste.”

“Oooooh, that’s smooth.”

“So, Dan, where’s your normal costar?”

“Costar? CO-Star? What makes you say that Dan is the star, Cheryl?”

“David, good to see you. What are you drinking? Faith is trying our new bourbon.”

“I’ll stick with the tried and true, John Howell’s Bourbon, please.”

“OK, and a Corona for Dan. I’ll be right back.”

“So, Dan, what’s all this talk about costars?”

“Well, David, Faith and I and Bruce were truing to determine who was the best costar in a TV series.”

“Why not just google the Academy Awards, Dan? Isn’t that where you always go?”

“This isn’t an objective decision, David. This is subjective.”

“In other words, it’s what you want it to be.”

“No. We are trying to agree.”

“What do you have so far?”

“Bruce and Cheryl have both cast a vote for Mr. Ed.”

“Are you serious Bruce? The talking horse?”

“Sure, David. The only question is whether Wilbur was actually the costar.”

“I think Mr. Ed was the star, Bruce, but I did like him. Here’s your Jameson, Dan, here’s your Corona and for David, John Howell’s bourbon, ice, seltzer. And, here’s a hunk of lime and some cherries – some assembly required.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“You’re welcome, David, as are the rest of you.”

“Faith, are you still good with that Elijah Craig?”

“I might have another splash. I need to get my vote in, Cheryl.”

“Who are you going with?”

“I was going to go with Jesse, (Aaron Paul) from ‘Breaking Bad’ but these two nixed it.”


“We didn’t watch it, Cheryl.”

“What kind of excuse is that Dan?”

“How can we vote if we don’t know the character?”

“That’s not fair to Faith.”

“It’s OK, Cheryl, I switched to Gillian Anderson, X…”

“X-Files, YES! But I’d go with David Duchovny.”

“I thought of that, but you remember that scene from the movie?”

“Where he says, in typically long-winded Mulder-style, ‘blah blah blah, you made me a whole person. I owe you everything’ – that part?”


“I know, Faith, but he’s got those lips.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

“Here, let me top off that Elijah Craig – on the house.”

“Is my bourbon on the house, Cheryl?”

“No, David. Tried and true comes out of your pocket.”

“I wonder if I’ll have better luck with my costar choice?”

“Who are you going with, David.”

“Well, Faith, I’m going with whoever played Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore show.”

“I don’t know.”

“Faith! You’re cutting me off so fast?”

“Sorry, David, but that’s a hard show. It was an ensemble cast. You could just as easily go with Lou Grant, or Ted Baxter, for that matter.”

That’s a good point.”

“Do any of you guys have a candidate you can all agree on?”

“I do, Cheryl – Leonard Nimoy – Spock.”

“That’s a good choice, Dan.”

“Yeah, dad, I can’t argue against Spock. He really made a difference in that show.”

“I could argue, but my wife would probably support you, so I shouldn’t.”

“Good reasoning, David. Bruce, that leaves you. You OK with Spock?”

“I am.”

“OK, we’re in agreement. Leonard Nimoy’s character, Spock is the best costar. The only thing left to decide is who’s picking up this tab.”


  1. Good choices on the co-stars and for the story with the prompt included. I was just telling John Howell I don’t have the imagination to be a fiction writer.
    The first co-star I thought of was David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane on “Fraser”.

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    • Thanks GP. Faith and I conducted a fairly long review, including text questions with Cheryl. We absolutely discussed David Hyde Pierce. We tended to rule out shows with large casts with many good actors/actresses. We did give a nod to Marest, as the best costar who was never seen.

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    • Thanks Judy – Radar is a good choice. We discussed MASH, but we were seeking a show with a single dominate costar – maybe not fair, but, we were bored, so.

      The Soffit is finished (both sides) and a little trim remains. Unfortunately, it’s time to focus on the other structures that will eventually need decking before I can order the deck boards. Maddie doesn’t seem to mind the plywood.

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      • 1,000,000 bonus points for selecting Spock. As I was reading of the other candidates, I thought, “Hey, what about Star Trek? You know…Spock, Number 1, Worf (death to the opposition), Odo, Tuvok, Saru, etc.” Of course, Spock is the obvious and best choice, so not sure you would start with Mr. Ed?? I love animals, but no…

        Yeah, I’ve not watched Breaking Bad either. Hope you are having a great Saturday, Dan. Enjoy the weekend!

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        • i thought you would agree, Mary.. All the other shows could survive without some of the costars, MASH did – 3 times. Even my beloved Chester got swapped out for Festus. But Star Trek – Original Series would not have survived without Spock.I don’t think Kirk was strong enough of a character to lead, like Picard did in STNG.

          We had to make it a contest. We couldn’t just go with Spock, even though we agreed early he was the one.

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  2. The real David says….

    Firstly, you missed an assemble – for assembly – editor not required today?

    Secondly, to show my age, what about Chester v Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke?
    Or better still, Trigger – note: I saw Trigger once when Roy Rogers visited London with Billy Graham back in the 50s!


    • Ha! The Editor was not involved in this post! ALL ERRORS ARE MY FAULT. I did think of Chester, but as with Breaking Bad, we stipulated that everyone had to have seen the shows. Trigger is a good choice.

      Thanks for your good eye. I’ll try to make that correction in a bit.


  3. Great costar choices. I would choose Marion Cunningham from Happy Days and Radar from Mash.

    Good to see MuMu is sticking to her brushing routine and MiMi can still ignore your camera. Moncton and Preston look super gorgeous, as always.

    The Redhead and her deck…..a match made in Heaven!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Radar was a contender, but the show survived without him. We felt Star Trek would not have survived if Spock left. Marion Cunningham is a good choice. She didn’t come up in our discussion, but she did add a lot to the show.

      The kitty girls are keeping me in line. Maddie is enjoying her space.


  4. LOL – you convinced me to read your post yet again! That was a great take on the prompt! I’m with the Spock fans. I’d also vote for Penny on Big Bang theory. Happy Saturday to you!

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  5. As the comments indicate, there are a lot of great potentials for best costar but I understand your desire to exclude the ensemble casts. It’s nearly impossible to think of each character in isolation since it’s their riff on each other that makes it work.

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  6. Yeah , well , the editor thing ……….. ” Jamerson ” ? I sorta like it , though . Colloquial sounding . Good choice , by the way . Corona , though , we might have a discussion . What happened to your old favorite —- what was it ? Yeungling ? I’m over here in Poland drinking beer you could never pronounce or spell , and that’s not the Chech beers , which are known as the best . Pointing helps . What about Tecate ? You were never , I think , one to follow the crowd , Dan . Corona ?

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    • You can have a couple of my bonus points, Dan for that correction. That was a spell-check-induced typo. I looked that up and actually copied and pasted it into the draft. I still drink Yeungling, when I can get it, but a lot of bars don’t have it on tap, and most don’t have it in bottles. I do really like Corona. It’s light, but not a light beer. My wife goes to a Russian Orthodox church, and many of the parishioners are from Poland. I have tried several Polish beers that they bring, albeit ones that are imported.

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  7. Dan, I would have gone old-school on the co-stars showing my age and tendency for nostalgia. Maybe The Rifleman and Johnny Crawford or Perry Mason and Barbara Hale. Those shows might exclude the younger generation, though. Great post as always.

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    • You’re in good company with those choices, Teagan. Although there a debate as to whether Montcon is a “co” star. Sorry for the large group at the bar, but I had to bring in other opinions.

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  8. All excellent choices, Dan & Co. I do wonder if perhaps you meant “starring” in your title rather than someone who’s staring at someone else at the bar? Not sure about “Costart? CO-Star?” I’m not sure if you’re playing with someone who starts with another person or that “t” just crept in there. :-) At any rate, that was quite a group you had today. Sounds like fun. I think Mumu might have had her mouth open for a drop of the Elijah Craig right next door. (I almost typed “Daniel Craig.” Wonder what that means?) :-)


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  9. Now I have a new whiskey to try, Dan. Did you by any chance read up on the history of Elija Craig? It’s pretty interesting. Funny thing, when you first mentioned costars my initial thought was of Rhoda! I loved her on that show but when she went out alone the chemistry wasn’t the same. I loved Murray too. And it could also be debatable as to Spock being a star rather than costar. I rather like the Tribbles as intersting costars. 😉

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  10. What about Don Knotts as Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show? Or Werner Klemperer as Colonel Klink (or John Banner as Sgt. Schultz) on Hogan’s Heroes? Or Barbara Hale as Della Street on Perry Mason? Or Alan Hale as Skipper on Gilligan’s Island? Frank Sutton as Sergeant Carter on Gomer Pyle USMC? Or Art Carney as Ed Norton on The Honeymooners?

    Co-stars are kind of my specialty…

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    • All good choices, John. I had to trade away the older shows when I ruled out the newer ones, especially Breaking Bad. I hadn’t considered The Skipper, but that, too was more of an ensemble cast. Although, I don’t think it would work without the skipper.


  11. Mr Ed is mentioned and nothing about Lassie? Timmy was definitely the co-star. He never knew some fell down a well unless Lassie told him! All the kitties–loving them! Faith’s two are hilarious. Haha, Dan…..the stuff they have you doing so cracks me up. Of course, I believe them that Faith feeds that at 4am. Good crowd at the bar today. Happy Saturday to you all.

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    • Sorry, Janis. I am not good with shows that require episode-to-episode viewing. I lose track and interest pretty fast. I tried to follow Breaking Bad, but I just couldn’t. Then, I tried watching random episodes, and Faith yelled at me for watching them out of order.

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    • Thanks Maggie. That is where I went. Rhoda was a close runner-up, but it was really hard putting her ahead of Lou Grant in that show. That’s when we decided to avoid the strong ensemble cast shows. My Favorite Martian is an oldie but a very good one.

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  12. Full disclosure: I love reading your posts, Dan, but I love the comments just as much. You’ve got such interesting readers who show up with their own perspectives. It’s fascinating!! Happy Saturday. :)

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  13. What a great use of the prompt! I have to go with Spock as my favorite since he was my first crush with Rhoda and Radar tied for second place. I never had any desire to watch Breaking Bad. Couldn’t get past the general premise.

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  14. Great group and conversation at the bar today, Dan! My first thought was George Costanza, but then read you had ruled out ensemble casts so that ruled that character out. Jason Alexander is brilliant though.

    Mr. Ed was the star so, Spock for the win!

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  15. Good discussion, good bourbon. I’m still a Knob Creek kinda gal. I’ve noticed Elijah Craig billboards lately, they must have hired new advertisement.
    My vote would definitely be for David Hyde Pierce as Niles. (I am cycling through Frasier at bedtime again.)
    MuMu is ridiculous cute and I’m hoping Maddie gets lots of sits over the long weekend :)

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