Detours and Errands – #ThursdayDoors

The nicest door at the dealership. “Do not close door with hand” – automatic, don’t ya know.

They are milling and paving the highway I use to get to work in the morning, and the entrance ramp that I use is closed. The highway leads to two of the three bridges I can use to cross the Connecticut River, so I’ve been taking an alternate route. It isn’t the treasure trove of doors it might have been, because I take the southern half of this route home at night – you’ve seen those doors. I also had to run to errands today. One took me to a new boring door – new construction, what can I say – and an old favorite. You’ve seen the old favorite before, but I’m sharing it again.

This coming weekend is Labor Day in the US, and I’ve extended that weekend a bit so that I can get started on some steps I have to make. I’ll explain that in greater detail, soon. For now, just a few doors from the alternate route. I’ll explain them in the captions.

Thursday Doors is a weekly blog hop hosted by Norm Frampton. Every Thursday, Norm shares a few doors he has collected. In addition, he invites everyone else to share doors at his place. Well, we just go there and let him know where our doors are, but you get the picture. Actually, if you go to Norm’s place, you get hundreds of pictures. Of doors. If you have pictures of doors you want to share, be sure to visit Norm and let us know where to find your doors. We will stop by at some point.


  1. Hi Dan – interesting mix and match … I can see the coffee is a key player in life. I’d meant to ask before … are the barns for drying tobacco? Love the old buildings though – and roadworks are a pain – our town has been a nightmare for two years now … not fun! Cheers and in this heat – at least I’m not a workman! Hilary

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  2. I chuckled at the “do not close door with hand” sign. Is a foot ok or an elbow? It seems to me they could have stated more clearly that the door closes automatically, but it would not have been as amusing. :)

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    • I had that same thought, Mike. I guess they aren’t allowing for the occasional customer with an odd sense of humor. I thought it was a poor design because the instructions are behind that door. You have to do something to open it before you can figure out what to do.


      • The car dealership where I have my KIA serviced keeps changing coffee systems in the waiting room area and each one seems more complicated than the previous ones. There have been pods and pouches and now one that overwhelms me with a whole panel of buttons to push. I like my coffee black and strong, but that is often tough to get. :)

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    • My dad would do that same thing, GP. It was always fun. These fields used to be everywhere throughout CT and there would be a flurry of activity. Fewer of them now, and much less activity. One large (80 acres) field nearby has been sold to a developer for a sports complex and another is up for sale.

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  3. I love barns, no matter what they’re used for. Big, small, brand new, caving in. Love them all!

    The repurposing of the school to the community cultural center is terrific to see. It’s beautiful to boot!

    The coffee maker…. I can’t decide if you need to be a rocket scientist to work it or an idiot! 😂😂

    Glad you can take an extended holiday weekend and start the steps project. Pretty decent weather coming up too. Maddie will definitely approve of the work continuing. And after all, it is LABOR Day!!! 🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I finished some trim on Maddie’s deck today and took delivery of the lumber for the steps.

      I love barns. Like you, any shape, any condition, any color (but red, please). And the community center is a nice use of that building. They seem to be doing some work on the outside, so it should be around for a while.

      That coffee maker was frustrating, The instructions are INSIDE the door you can’t open with your hand.

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  4. They are milling and paving the highway I use to get to work in the morning, and the entrance ramp that I use is closed.

    I drove up to The Cities this week for the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a 100 mile drive, so I budgeted two hours…. Riiiiiiiight! Road-repair, urban traffic, morons on wheels, I reminded myself why I moved to the country.

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    • Thanks John. Fewer and fewer barns, every year. It is good to see them, and even better when they are full of tobacco. That means they’ll be around for another season.

      I like your thoughts on ice cream!

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    • Thanks Gwen. The tobacco barns used to be all around us. There are way fewer today than 20 years ago. The industrial/farm land around us is too valuable, given the proximity to the airport.


  5. Before I moved (excaped) it used to worry me that there was no viable alternate route between home and office. Then I’d remind myself that it was possible (if hugely unpleasant) to walk, since it wasn’t too far. Still I don’t like detours — unless they are by choice.
    Another lovely doors post, Dan. I got a kick out of the coffee door! Maybe I’ll have a second cup today. :D Hugs!

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    • I’ve walked in your old part of the country, Teagan and as much as I enjoy walking, there are many times during the year I’d like that. I have alternative routes, but ultimately, I have to cross that river and there are only so many bridges.

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    • That coffee maker was the worst design imaginable. The directions are inside the door. The only sign on the outside says “don’t open the door.” Detours and construction are the sign of the times in summer.

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  6. I left a comment on the mailbox, and I too like the windows at Roberto’s. I’m glad the old brick school is getting a new lease on life. They did the same thing to several old schools in Silicon Valley, thankfully saving the architecture and history.

    Best of luck with the steps! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I saw the mailbox comment but I couldn’t reply until I got to my laptop. A lot of old schools have been made into apartments, I was glad to see this still being maintained for service to the community that built it in the first place.

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  7. Those are the mail boxes we have at my apartment complex. Of course mine is number ten so I have to use long tongs to get my mail out of it. Our postmen are very cooperative. I can only get my mail on ice or snow free days since I’m in the furthest building from the boxes. Of course!😂

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  8. We are seeing more modern-style churches around here that look like St. Philip Church. I like the clean lines although this style of architecture seems to obscure the doors a bit. Still the place looks inviting.

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    • I’ve never been inside that church. There’s one like it in our neighborhood which is almost totally modern, including the doors. I like the appearance of this one, at least from the outside.

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  9. I didn’t realize there were tobacco farms in your neck of the woods. I like Roberto’s window as well. For some reason I’m craving an ice cream cone now. :-) I’m also wondering why the “Follow” button is coming up here as I already follow and got today’s post.


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    • Thanks Janet. I’ve have to reload a lot of pages to get the follow button to change to following. There used to be hundreds of tobacco farms in the Connecticut river Valley. There are still a couple dozen in our area, but they have begun to shrink in size. I think there will be ice cream on the menu this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend.


    • Good for you, Audrey. I don’t know what I’d do without the drip coffee we have at home. We use K-cups at work, but we also walk over to Dunkin’ Donuts every day the weather allows. I’m glad you love the barns, I do, too.


  10. Hey, Dan! Random doors, random comments:

    1) I’m concerned that the way the “Dari Delite” spells “dairy” could be an implicit admission that their products are dairy-free.

    2) Those tobacco barns are really smokin’!

    3) Roberto’s does indeed have a cool window. Maybe someone out there publishes a “Weekly Windows” prompt?

    4) A pox on “modern” church architecture. I’d sooner worship at the far more aesthetically pleasing East Hartford Community Cultural Center.

    5) I see what you did there with the coffee-maker. Btw, my office has those same machines in every kitchen. Not saying I’m a coffee snob, but I bring my own. O_o

    6) Is the Triple A diner associated with the famed auto club? On a side note, we have something called the Triple T diner down here.

    7) I think the Kelly-Fradet doors are my favorite of the bunch here. You can’t go wrong with the classic red-barn look.

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    • All great, Paul. The Triple A is not associated with AAA but they do their share of keeping impaired drivers off the road for a while. They do good business after midnight.

      I can attest to the fact that Dari = Dairy.

      Please don’t let me find a weekly windows prompt – I have enough to do.

      I don’t blame you for bringing your own coffee.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  11. We have also had our nearest interstate ramps closed frequently this summer. It has crowded the back roads I’m already so fond of. People crashed on the back roads, creating new delays. I guess they didn’t know the roads had curves. What else can I say? Ugh.
    I’ve twice lived where I had those community mailboxes. Not a fan. Since we live on a dead end, they do talk about taking away our door-to-door boxes in lieu of those. I’d be sad, too. So sad. It turns out, if my mail isn’t at my house, I’m not particularly motivated to get it. I can walk the dog right past the box 1-3x a day and not even think about getting it. I don’t know what this says about me, but it’s probably not good.
    I always enjoy the tobacco barns, and you’re right, the doors at Roberto’s ain’t got nothin on its windows.

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  12. This is the one time I’m lucky to work on the other side of the river. The highway goes down the west side, so the west side back roads are a mess. I cross the river near my house and drive down the east side back road. I’m OK, as long as I get out ahead of the school buses. If yo uget behind those…well, you know. I’ve had the community boxes inside a building, but never anywhere I had to walk to get the mail. We’re losing tobacco barns every year, so I’ll keep snapping pictures of the ones that remain.


  13. Hey Dan, It’s Stella, surely a stranger for the first time. As a coffee lover- I believe most guys here coffee addict like me, I was on hunting coffee story and this is the way I found your awesome weblog. very simply I would like to admire your start up. My morning is always consisted of light breakfast with a heavy flavors coffee. I think you deserve a warm thanks for sharing such a great feeling including Thursday Doors.

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