The Cat’s Pajamas – #SoCS

We’re gathered at the bar today to struggle through a self-inflicted wound. I am filling in for Linda G. Hill, and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt I came up with is:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘ent’ ‘ten’ ‘net.’ Use one, use two or use all three (bonus points for using two, double-bonus points for using all three). As Linda would say, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

What was I thinking?

If we were having a beer, we’d be enjoying the company of a couple special guests.

“Ah, Faith. It’s good to see you again. What brings you up this way?”

“Hi David. Dad and I were at the Big-E.”

“So, a beer to wash down the Tater-Tots and blueberry pie?”


“Did I hear someone ask for a beer?”

“You did, Cheryl, but that was an assumption by me. I will have…oh where are my manners, please take the young woman’s order first.”

“I think you mean women, David.”


“If I’m not mistaken, that’s Teagan Geneviene entering the bar.”

“Teagan? Dan, did you know about this?”

“Of course I did. We made these arrangements while I was on the magical trolley through haunted Savannah last week.”

“But that was a…oh never mind. Teagan, it’s great to see you!”

“Hi, David. It is David, Right?”

“Yes. You know Dan. Have you met his daughter, Faith?”

“I haven’t, but I’ve heard a lot about her. Faith, it’s a pleasure.”

“Likewise, Teagan. Cheryl was about to take my order, why don’t you go first.”

“Hi Cheryl. It’s good to see you; that bartender the last time I was here was a little strange.”

“Brad? I’m sorry, I think these guys call him Skippy. Yeah, he takes a little getting used to. So, a dirty martini or something from the Roaring Twenties?”

“Wow, you are good, you know about the martini.”

“These guys told me about Brad’s apprenticeship .”

“That was funny. But, to your point, today, I would like a Bee’s Knees.”

“Hmm, that’s a new one.”

“It’s gin with honey and lemon, topped with champagne.”

“I’ve never made one of those, but it sounds fun. Faith, what can I get you?”

“Since you’re going to have the honey jar out, I’ll have a Gold Rush.”

“That one, I know. Bourbon and honey. You want a splash of champagne in there.”

“Oooh, that sounds good Cheryl.”

“David, Dan, I’m assuming the boring old regulars for you.”

“Yes, Cheryl, but if I could…”

“…cherries, I’ll add some cherries, David.”

“Thank you. Now, Teagan. What brings you to our bar today.”

“Why, David, the magic trolley, of course.”

“I think you’ve been hanging around Dan too long.”

“I couldn’t resist. I’m promoting my new book, and Dan invited me to visit.”

“Here we go, a Bee’s Knees, a modified Gold Rush and a Corona.”

“Um, …”

“Yours is coming, David. It has as many glasses as this bunch.”

“Sorry, I don’t want to be late for the toast.”

“Who are you toasting, David?”

“Well, Dan, I assumed we’d be toasting Teagan, or perhaps, Pip, or Teagan and Faith. I don’t know, but any day that I’m not stuck drinking alone with you, is a day worthy of a toast.”

“Here’s your John Howell’s ensemble, David. And I brought some water for the ladies.”

“Thanks, Cheryl. Can you bring my Dad a glass of water, too?”

“Sure, Faith, but he doesn’t often ask for water.”

“I know, but he should.”

“I like working without a net.”

“Which one of us is going to mention that to Mom?”

“Cheryl, I’ll have a glass of water, please. And, I yield the floor to David.”

“Why me?”

“For your toast.”

“Oh, right. Here’s to Teagan and the release of ‘A Ghost in the Kitchen’ – the continuing adventures of Pip and Granny Phanny.”

“Hear, hear!”

“Congratulations, Teagan.”

“Why thank you, Faith. I’m glad you’re here to help celebrate.”

“About those ‘continuing adventures,’ when did you first write about Pip?”

“Pip came along in 2013.”

“Why the 1920’s. I’m sorry if this sounds like an interrogation.”

“Don’t be, I love talking about Pip. I started a serial using three random things left by readers. The first “thing” was an oscillating fan. That created the 1920s setting.”

“So, are these books that you wrote and then published on your blog?”

“Ooooh, I can answer that.”

“Easy, Dad. Let Teagan answer.”

“No, I wrote the story on my blog, in response to a continuing flow of ‘three things’ from my readers. That serial was later published as a novella, ‘The Three Things Serial Story’ Available on Amazon – sorry, I had to say that.”

“Don’t be sorry and don’t be shy. I love your blog posts, I like the idea that I can binge read them.”

“That’s such a cool thought, Faith. Binge-reading Teagan.”

“So, when you said, ‘first serial,’ are there more Pip serials?”

“Two, but those were culinary mysteries, so I called them ‘Three Ingredients’ rather than ‘things’ – ‘Murder at the Bijou’ and ‘A Ghost in the Kitchen’.”

“So now they’re all available as books?”


“Will there be a fourth serial for Pip?”

“Pip might get another story, but I have several other books I want to finish, so it’s hard to say when.”

“That’s awesome, Teagan. Now, how would they have said that in the Roaring Twenties?”

“Haha. There were a lot of fun phrases in the 1920s for something or someone that was cool, splendid, or terrific. Since you said not to be shy, I actually plan to publish a book of them called ‘Speak Flapper’. One of my favorites is…That’s the cat’s pajamas!

If you are interested in any of Teagan’s books, follow the universal links below. If you’re like me, and want to know how to speak flapper, that book should be on the shelf before the end of the year. I’m putting it on my list to Santa.

A Ghost in the Kitchen: Three Ingredients II

Kindle Edition      Paperback Edition

Most of today’s pictures were taken at the Big-E.


    • Thanks Judy. Most of the food we get comes from the state houses. I always enjoy walking through the Better Living Center. It’s good to see this year’s version of the Magic Mop 😏

      I got more than 10,000 steps in. I figure that justifies the ice cream. I think the highway backup is worse this year, because the other main road to the fairgrounds has a bridge that is under construction.

      Maddie is enjoying her new cot-topper. She has enjoyed a few nice long naps out there while I’ve read the paper. Hopefully, I will finish painting the stair structures today, measure for the Trex and get that order in on Monday.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Lois. The Big-E is the New England fair. All six NE states take part. It’s always a good time. Maddie is liking the new addition to her cot. It’s been cooler in the mornings, and this helps her to stay warm. Not that we spoil her.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I can’t get my tastebuds off the blueberry pie and lobster roll. I would go to the Big-E for those two things alone. Yum!

    Congrats to Teagan on her book release and to you, Dan, for downing mass quantities of food at the fair and buying Maddie her warm fuzzy. Happy Saturday!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Mary. The Big-E can be scripted by what we eat. Tater-tots, pie, lobster roll. Faith and I have recently added the Bloody Mary, since we’ve been going early.

      The Editor noticed the cot-toppers on sale last week. Maddie seems to approve. She’s resting as I write this. I’m answering comments here, and at Linda’s place and reading the paper. It’s hoodie weather but that’s ok.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. What a happy time at the bar today with the addition of the two lovely ladies. Congratulations to Teagan on the book release. It must be very exciting, and probably a bit nerve-wracking too!!

    The Big E looks like it provides something for everyone. A lot of walking, but so much to see!! Food looks scrumptious. The black horses are magnificent, but the traffic jam isn’t!

    What a nice addition to Maddie’s cot. Extra cushion and toasty warm. I think MiMi realizes her cradle provides an additional measure of warmth on these cooler days.

    I wonder if one of these days we’ll see a picture of you curled up on Maddie’s cot taking a little siesta?! 😂😂

    Hope your weekend is everything you want it to be.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much Ginger. We went early specifically to miss sitting in that traffic. It’s worse this year due to bridge construction. The Big-E is s special place We gong ho every year but we go often.

      I’m beginning to be a little jealous now that Maddie is sleeping on the new cushion. I might have to try it out.

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  3. Fabulous post, Dan! I loved how you pulled Teagan into the bar conversation. It was a perfect way to introduce readers to Pip and Granny, and her new book. Really nice! Glad to see the pics of the Big E. Always a treat. Hope you wore bug spray.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I like the sound of Faith’s champagne embellished Gold Rush. I’ll have that, the blueberry pie a la mode, and some funky bright metal art for my back deck. The Big E looks splendid! :)

    Liked by 1 person

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