Mexi-talian – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, Cheryl is back and we’re at the bar for our weekly discussion. We’ll try to incorporate Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt and if you look up, we’re proudly displaying the new SoCS badge – Thanks Shelley. Let’s get started, Linda says:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘dress.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about the weekly specials.

“I have good news, my young friend.”

“That’s good to hear, David. What is it?”

“Cheryl is back.”

“That is good news. Maybe I’ll get a beer today.”

“You will, and I’ll be picking up the tab.”

“Wow, you really do have good news.”

“I heard that. Since David is picking up the tab, I’ll get his drinks first. Dan, you can study the specials.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I will have a splash of John Howell’s bourbon and the usual companions.”

“Be right back.”

“Are you hungry, David?

“Why Dan, see something interesting on that menu?”

“Italian quesadillas.”

Italian quesadillas? That’s absurd.”

“Perhaps, but they sound pretty good.”

“Sausage and peppers?”

“Don’t be silly, David. Chicken, Mozzarella, tomatoes, caramelized onions, basil and sauce.”

“In – a – tortilla?”


“Somewhere, an Italian grandmother is rolling in her grave.”

“I say we give them a try.”

“OK, Dan, we’ll get an order. But, if they’re as bad as I think they will be, you’re taking over the tab.”


“You want a Corona, Dan?”

“You know, Cheryl, since we’re sorta having Mexican…”

“You’d like that Corona to be dressed?”

“Do you have any spiced salt?”

“I can make some.”

“You are the best Senorita Cheryl.”

“Nice try, Dan, but Senorita equates to Miss. I’m married.”

“I was offering it the way a southern gentleman might say ‘Miss Cheryl’ at least in those movies I watched as a kid.”

“A Spanish southern gentleman?”

“Hey, your serving Italian quesadillas.”

“OK, I accept your compliment. I’ll put your order in and I’ll be back with a fully dressed Corona.”

“Did you start that big set of steps, Dan?”

“No, David. I worked four days this week.”

“Four? What, are you going for a record?”

“No, Thursday night was my retirement party.”

“How’d that go.”

“It was great.”

“Here you go, a nicely dressed Corona. I used Italian seasoning salt, you know, in keeping with the theme.”

“That’s awesome, Cheryl. Thanks. Cheers, David.”

“Cheers, Dan. So, did you do any work on your project?”

“I put the railings up on the side steps.”

“By ‘railings’ you mean firewood racks?”


“Well, they look good and they seem sturdy.”

“Well, these might be a little fragile, but they certainly look good.”

“Is that salsa?”

“No, it’s marinara sauce.”

“I think you just broke another rule, Cheryl.”

“I know, David, but give them a try…and try to keep an open mind.”

“Here goes. Wow, these are good! I like these Cheryl.”

“I told you.”

“You should try these, Dan. I really like these.”

“So, you will eat them in a house? You will eat them with a mouse?”

“What? Dan, what are you babbling about?”

“Green Eggs and Ham? Dr. Seuss? Didn’t you ever read Green Eggs and Ham?”

“I guess I forgot.”

“Forgot? How could you forget? I think I could rattle off the entire book from memory.”

“Maybe some other time.

“Have it your way, David.”

“First Dr. Seuss, now Burger King. You’re all over the map today, Dan. Do you want another Corona?”

“Yes please, Cheryl. I hope you made a nice batch of salt.”

“Of course, Dan. I wouldn’t bring an undressed Corona out here.”


    • Thanks Judy. At some point on Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll leave the office for the last time as an employee. I’m sure I’ll be back, but it will be weird to turn in my access card and walk away from the space. It won’t be hard to give up that email address ;-)

      I love that bridge. Fortunately, it’s only a few minutes from here, so I can keep trying to get the perfect bridge photo (that requires the right train to be crossing). Perhaps I’ll camp out one day.

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  1. What’s this about a retirement party, Dan?
    I like the way the stairs came out and Maddie looks quite content with your work!

    The computer question I mentioned the other day – Microsoft says they will not support Windows 7 after January 1st. I’ve gotten away with NOT having to learn Windows 10 all this time – so I suppose this means I have to? Do I need to buy a new computer? (I’m working with a refurbished hard drive at the moment.)
    And I’m not quite sure how to transfer all this info and pictures to another computer.

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  2. Ha! Another fun visit at the bar, Dan. When I lived in Albuquerque, I once ordered a special that had a burrito with sweet potatoes. I thought the taters would be on the side. I asked where they were. The waiter looked confused and said they were there. I re-checked my plate for the invisible sweet potatoes… They were inside the burrito. Sigh… I became convinced that they’d put anything in a tortilla and call it dinner. :D Today’s gallery is particularly stunning. Hugs on the wing!

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      • LOL, that was my reaction too. I pulled out the sweet potato fries and ate them seperately. It was fine that way, but not something I wanted mixed together.
        I have no idea how it is 10+ years later, but then nearly everything came with a side of french fries (usually the regular kind), and usually added to the Mexican food somehow. One local chain had a burrito topped with curly fries. I ordered at a drive through, and when I got home, thought they had given me a box full of curly fries instead of the requested burrito. Then I realized the box was heavy. I started picking through the fries, and finally found the burrito beneath. LOL, I actually came to like that one. Now I’ve made myself hungry… for very bad-for-me food. :D

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  3. Retirement party…..the end of being an employee and the beginning of being a free spirit is just around the corner. So happy for you and the Editor who, no doubt, has lots of plans to keep you busy and out of her hair!! Maddie is dreaming of all those additional walks….MuMu is purring with joy thinking of the extra brushings coming her way….and MiMi is ecstatic thinking you won’t be up early any more turning on those dreaded lights!

    Fun conversation at the bar. What will they think of next?

    Love the pictures with the beautiful bridge, and the backlit tree. Your fall foliage is much more colorful than ours.

    Maddie is right at home on her new deck. Love it!

    Enjoy your last weekend employed!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Keeping me quiet and out of everyone’s hair seems to be the upcoming challenge.

      That bridge is my favorite in CT (Pittsburgh bridges rein supreme) and it’s close enough to visit often. Our leaves turn and fall quick, but they have been bright and colorful.

      Maddie is enjoying her new porch and deck. I think she sees the step as being the deck off her porch. Clearly, I made all of this for her.


  4. Yay for your retirement party! Seems like just yesterday when you said you’d be retiring at the end of the year. Cheers to new beginnings!
    I’d sure love a taste of that quesadilla. Yummy even for breakfast. Like a slice of leftover pizza.
    The fall carpet picture in the gallery is in a word stunning. I wish we had that around here but sadly we don’t. One of these fall seasons a trip to New England is in order.

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  5. Good post, Dan, that hit all the high spots for me. Yes, my Italian grandmother would roll over in her grave! My Italian grandfather had a sandwich shop in Newark (let’s hear it for Newark!). Did you notice they spelled ‘grilled’ wrong? Faith, where are you?! Down here in the South, I am always called Ms Lois. ‘Please, just call me Lois.’ Ugh. It’s engrained, but it’s sweet, too. Next week is it for you?! How exciting! Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • Thanks Ms Lois. And, yes, by all means let’s head it for Newark 🙂

      I did notice the typo, only when I posted the picture yesterday. Next week is it. Not sure what day will be last. That depends on how long it takes me to pack my office.

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  6. Super post, Dan. Well, the party is done so now you are a will be exciting those first few weeks of retirement. The biggest challenge for me was moving from company health care insurance to Medicare. The good news is between Medicare and a supplement my coverage got better at a reduced cost. Wishing you the best. Maddie looks like she owns the place. Good for her.

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  7. I’ve made those at home. I always have flour tortillas on hand. They stay fresher than bread. I make pizzas out of them, adding anything I have in the fridge. That picture of the leaf carpet is almost unbelievable, all those colors! You must have a lot of beautiful trees there. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Happy pending retirement, Dan. I’m excited for you! I hope your company gave you a fabulous send-off Thursday night…food and gifts and many words of appreciation.

    The Mexi-talian quesadilla would have sounded good if I were still eating cheese and not trying to avoid tomatoes (the no-no list keeps growing). I am off soon to play Iron Chef with two friends and make a pot of Mexican chicken soup, so I’ll be satisfied with that. Hope you are having an awesome Saturday.

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  9. Huh. Ditto here …. I know you told me but now I see it. Spotty. Some trees bare, others in their glory, still others still green. Very strange, don’t you think, Dan? I even did a very hard walk (I forgot how hard!) out Chestnut Ridge Park to get breathtaking images cuz last year the colors were behind us, but this year they are before us. I missed the peak darn it! But I did manage to snatch some good shots. Whew! Not returning to that park until my legs and back start behaving …. LONG story there. I was never so glad to see my car! Anyways ….
    Loved your “dress” story, and yeah those Italian quesadillas sound drooling delicious. Hope your weekend is going well. And congrats on your retirement! Is it now official?

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  10. Wow. Such a plethora of emotions I am feeling. Thanks for the gentility. The railings look good. Turning David onto something out of the “norm”. I say anything tastes good between tortillas. Dr. Seuss is my man! That book, Green Eggs and Ham, was my oldest son’s favorite. Even now he loves it. I have a recording of him reading it because the book came with an audible tape and side two was for recording. He even added the “Bawk,bawk” chicken sound that meant it was time to turn the page. Classic. Thanks for the sweet memory. 😊

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  11. Let’s see if I end up in the spam folder again!?! No matter what kind of food (weird combinations or breakfast feasts, etc.) you show, it makes me hungry. The deck stairs and railings look great. I hope your retirement party was fun. Love all the colors of your trees. PS – Your photo you were going to use for the SoCS badge is spectacular. Maybe you could use it for the One-Liner Wednesday badge contest when that renews?

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  12. Three cheers for nature’s carpet! Gorgeous color still hangin on there!
    I will not make comments about Italian quesadillas. I am the Italian grandmother of Gabriel and Liam
    and all of our kids have Gaelic first names Germanic last names and I’m outnumbered by blonds, so I will not make comments. Mixing is good, right?
    I also wanted to enter the contest and missed it, so maybe your beautiful bridge can battle my pic next year :)

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  13. The Italian quesadillas sound good enough for me. Being from a southern family who never ate Italian or Mexican growing up, I’m making up for it today. Love the colorful nature photos. If you get a bit restless as a civilian, can you hang out your Consultant sign?

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    • They were pretty good, Annie. We have had a bright and colorful fall. I think a full day of heavy rain washed most of that color away today. There may be some consulting. I’m not looking for a second career, but I might want to stay current.


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