The Time is Changing – #SoCS

It’s a great day at the bar. We have Cheryl behind the bar and we are going to wrestle with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt as we consider my sanity. Linda’s prompt is:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘nuts.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

Let’s not waste time thinking about this.

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about a bunch of things.

“There he is, the newly unemployed among us.”

“I prefer ‘recently retired,” David.”

“Potato, potahto, my young friend.”

“Perhaps. At least for now, I’m still able to afford a visit to this bar.”

“This bar? You’re visiting this bar? I thought you’d look at it more like visiting myself and Cheryl.”

“Or perhaps, Cheryl and yourself. What other reason do I have to visit this bar?”

“Where else can you get a Corona, complete with a perfect wedge of lime, Dan?”

“Good point, Cheryl, you do cut those very well. And, I suppose the company is worth the ride.”

“I assume you mean me.”

“Of course I do, David.”

“Now that your presence has been validated, David, would you care to order?”

“I think I’m going to start with a glass of wine, Cheryl.”

“We have a new Pinot Noir from Meiomi.”

“That sounds good.”

“And, Dan, you are going with that Corona, correct?”


“Whoa, Dan. Is that a new watch? Was that a retirement gift?”

“What? This watch? No, I’ve had this for years.”

“Why have I never seen it?”

“Because you aren’t here when he stops for pizza on Thursday nights.”

“So you’ve seen this watch, Cheryl?”

“I have. Here’s your wine, a snifter of seltzer and Dan, here’s Ms. Corona and her lime.”

“OK, what’s the story with this watch, Dan?”

“It’s my regular dress watch. I used to always wear my weekend watch here.”

“Weekend – watch?”

“Putting on this watch made me feel like I was getting ready for work. So, I always wore something different on weekends.”

“But still a watch with a black face?”

“Yes, and gold hands.”

“I get it. You know, you could just get a Steelers tattoo.”

“This is enough.”

“It seems a little crazy, but I guess having a weekend routine isn’t a bad thing.”

“I used to have a weekend wallet.”

“That seems crazy.”

“Well, my regular wallet had my building access card, a few business cards, a company credit card – a little bulk under the butt.”

“I do understand that. So, are you changing anything else now that you’re not working?”

“When we change the clocks tonight, I’m going to set mine for the correct time.”

“You mean you’re going to set it back an hour.”

“Actually, an hour and a half.”

“Did you move halfway to Newfoundland?”

“No. I have had mine set thirty minutes fast for a long time.”


“When I managed to get out of bed to exercise, I got up at four-forty-five. I hated getting up before five o’clock, so I just set the clock ahead.”

“That’s nuts.”

“Maybe, but it made getting out of bed easier.”

“Then you’re nuts! You had to know what time it really was.”

“It’s a perception thing. It’s…”


“I like to think of it as mind over matter.”

“Or perhaps a certifiable nut case. Cheryl, did you hear this?”

“Yeah. I’m not judging, I sometimes set my alarm thirty minutes early so I can snooze at least twice.”

“That’s a little different than changing the time.”

“It’s a bit of a rebellion, David. It’s not crazy.”

“You sure about that?”

“Sure. Do you just bound out of bed and jump in the shower?”

“I work for myself. Sometimes, I just go in later.”

“See, we all have our bit of mental dodgeball with convention.”

“I guess. Setting the clock thirty minutes ahead seems weird, but…”

“As long as he shows up on time for a Saturday beer and perhaps some food. Speaking of which, another round? Wings?”

“Another round for sure, Cheryl.”

“But switch me over to John Howell’s bourbon.”

“OK. Any food?”

“Do you have specials today?”

“Dan, we have something you’re going to love – Shepherd’s Pie eggrolls.”

“Oh yeah! Plate up an order of those.”

“Is there a dipping sauce, Cheryl?”

“Beef gravy, David.”

“Has everyone gone nuts today?”

“What else would you dip them in?”

“You still want an order, Dan?”

“Sure, I’ll eat all of them if he doesn’t join me, but he will.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He talks a fancy-schmancy food game, Cheryl, but if you put a plate of hot dogs on the bar, he’d dig right in.”

“That is true, I would eat those.”

“And you call me nuts.”

Be sure to check out Cheryl’s nutty friend.


  1. I knew you’d go to town with a prompt like ‘nuts’!!
    I never heard of Shepard’s Pie eggrolls, but it sure sounds good! I make a concoction I’ve been told is more of a Cottage Pie, so I can imagine what these taste like.

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    • These guys have a staple appetizer – Reuben Egg rolls, which are wonderful. Periodically, they put other ingredients in – Philly cheese-steak, BBQ Chicken, Ham and Cheese and one that had seafood. They are surprisingly very good. These were delightful – thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh…I love that raindrop photo!! Nice take!! I’ve never heard of that type of egg-roll, it does look worthy of trying. I’m a fan of Pinot Noir from Meiomi too, I bet it would go well with the egg rolls! Glad you’re joining the rest of us as we set the clock to the correct time. Enjoy your weekend – cheers to you as you continue adjusting to retirement!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I 100% agree with your mental calisthenics that got you out of bed for that long. Whatever works. Plus NOBODY is firing on all pistons at 4:45 IN THE MORNING so you likely didn’t even remember the clock tweak until you were already up and moving and by then it was too late. Welcome to the “I can set my clock back as far as I’d like” world, Dan. May you enjoy the new freedom with your watch & wallet as well. ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I rarely look at a clock these days, Dan. It is only when society or family demands things of me which insist I be on time. Great handling of the prompt. I think we are all accused of going nuts at one time or another. Great captures on the photos. I particularly like the leaf covered with water droplets. Nice eye.

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  5. I understand your time thing and perception, but I am a realist. I need to know what time it is NOW. Anything else would throw off my temporal time space continuum.

    You have had rain, we have had snow and cold. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have a warm up before actual winter because otherwise it will be a very long winter.

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  6. Great photos, Dan–the rain drops on the leaf–very nice! I see Maddie now owns the porch. ‘Bout time, Maddie! Sounds like you have eased into retirement very well now. Live wild, Dan–get the tattoo!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Great response to the prompt. The Shepherd’s Pie Egg Roll looks good enough to eat!!

    When I worked, I kept my bedroom clock 30 minutes ahead too!! I was in and out of the shower before anyone else was up! And I was never late for work! 😜

    Good to see Maddie enjoying her upper and lower decks to the fullest. She waited very patiently for you to finish, and put in many hours of inspecting your workmanship along the way. Now she’s enjoying the fruits of her (your?!) labor!!

    I just love your photo of the leaf covered with raindrops! And the first photo of a leaf is beautiful. It looks like it’s made out of copper!

    Enjoy the weekend. Hell, every day is Saturday from now on! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. I feel validated now 🙂

      Maddie still inspects her deck(s). Leaves, standing water, bird droppings, all seem to require my attention.

      Thad egg rolls were very good, as was the gravy.

      I’m still not used to this every day off thing. Monday is coming and I have nowhere to go. It still feels weird.


  8. I guess anything could be put into an eggroll shell, but I never would have thought of Shepherd’s Pie. It does look good. That’s a great mushroom photo – was it a larger than normal mushroom, or just talented photography? As for time – I stopped wearing watches years ago when I started carrying a cell phone. The cell phone is always accurate. However, my bedroom clock has been running 10 minutes slow for many years, and I’ve learned to live with it since no amount of fiddling with it changes anything. The other clocks in the house are set correctly.

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  9. Shepherd’s pie egg rolls? Oh-kayyyyy….

    I know a lot of people set their watch ahead ten minutes, but half an hour seems a little excessive. Still, if it works, keep it that way.

    My dad didn’t wear a watch unless he was wearing a suit. Mom always wore a watch, so he’d just ask her what time it was.

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    • Those egg rolls were soooo good, John.

      I’ll let the clock float back to the correct time. I have very little reason to worry about when I get up. I’m still an early bird.


  10. Hi Dan – I know I haven’t caught up yet … as you’ve obviously left the paid world … well done and now enjoy life ahead. Those shepherd pie rolls look delicious … nice choice of snack … glad all is well and progressing along quietly for now – take care … cheers Hilary

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  11. I tried to get up without snoozing the alarm but failed. I’m back to five more minutes. Setting the clock ahead might actually help. If I can convince B, we’ll try it.
    Loving the gallery. Mhmm those egg rolls look delicious. Maggie looks ready for the weather in her red and black harness.

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  12. Some of the stuff they serve at that bar sounds a bit crazy. I think I will stick with the Asian variety egg rolls. Now you can allow yourself to sleep in a little with the time change and you don’t have to be at work. It does feel good to be on your own schedule.

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  13. I’m with Cheryl on the snooze button. That bar menu is innovative. Did you know you can make shepherd’s pie egg rolls with lentils instead of meat? Faith would appreciate it. :)

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  14. Not sure when the outdoor pictures were taken, Dan, but you have more foliage then we do. I’d like to go for a walk today despite the brrrrr cold, just to see the difference from the last time I went. So, it is official. You are newly retired. Whether you know it or not, and whether you have lots planned, it is still a very big adjustment. Say for example the Editor has been used to have “her time” in the house while you were at work. That is no longer true. BIG adjustment for her, believe you me …. I went through that! Thank God for man caves …… just about the only way I get quiet time around here now. And it will be a big adjustment for you as you are so used to getting up and getting ready for work. It all works out though IF you have plenty of the agenda, which I suspect you do, to keep you well and busy. Nuts about the time thingy ….. no way! I get it. It is hard enough getting up early. Understand completely about the mind over matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amy. We did have very nice foliage. Then we had a couple inches of rain, 40mph winds and 60mph gusts on Thursday night. That took care of the leaves, as well as a lot of branches and a few trees.

      The Ms, the dog, the cats, everyone has to adjust to my being here 24/7. It’s a big change for me, too, but I think we will all figure it out in due time, perhaps due time plus a little bit.

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  15. I love the gravied health foods. They’re the best :)
    Beautiful fall there — continuing to make me smile as we finally have it here! Maddie is SUCH a doll!
    I like my clocks to be on time, as I like to be on time, and can easily be X amount late for trying to math clock time. In fact, the clock on my work computer is off, and I am often surprised to see Receptionist at my door, “Do you need anything before I go?” I’m like, “Oh, is it 5? I guess I should wrap up!” :D
    In the morning, I get myself out of bed by a list like, “You have a lot to do, the money won’t make itself, you’ll feel better after coffee,” and of course, ‘If you don’t stretch, you’ll die.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ha ha. That’s quite the list. For 31 years with my last employer, I was always an hour early. I could have overslept by a big bunch, but if I was only 45 minutes early, I felt late.

      Maddie is confused by me being here, but I’m hoping she adapts. Health food with gravy is a wonderful thing.

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  16. A fine crew at the bar, Dan (commenters included). LOL, I thought of you the day before the time changed.
    My bedside clock changed Saturday. First I was confused about the day, but that’s blog day for me, so I settled that quickly.
    Then I realized that the phone and computer had a different time. Even google gave me a different time. Heaven knows why, but everything was suspect except my clock. (I’ll blame it on morning foggy & lack of coffee.) Finally I remembered that when I bought the clock 6 months ago, the alarm (lets you have multiple wake up times for different days) never worked right for weekends/weekdays. So I just left it at the same time (now I don’t use the alarm). Okay, the point of this long story going nowhere… The wonky alarm function was why the “time changed” a day early. So, I basically got a double dose of time change, Saturday and Sunday. Happy new week! Hugs.

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    • On this particular change (falling back) we could do it every day if they wanted to. I’m good with that.

      Thanks for stopping in at the bar. We don’t care what time you get here, as long as it’s before last call.

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  17. I dunno about the eggrolls… I’m not a gravy person. I’m sauce person, and there is a difference. And yes, I think the time thang is nutz. I could not fool myself. I can fool someone else tho. Mitchell has a tendency to be late so I often lie to him about when we have to be somewhere. I am going to be so curious about how you will do now that they fired you….

    Liked by 1 person

    • The eggrolls were very good. I understand sauce v gravy, but I tend to like both.

      I always knew what time it was, it just felt better getting up with a 5 on the display.

      I’ll figure this retirement thing out, but it might take some time to get used to it.

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  18. Hi dan….
    Enjoyed this post so much – I get the watch and wallet swapping – but the 30 minutes on the clock would throw me off – but hey – Wonderful if it worked for you – ((and it obviously did so congrats for making it to retirement my friend)
    – and reading this reminds me that my purse/bags are different – different for work – for weekend errands – and then for the gym (when I go and how long I will
    Fun take on “nuts”

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Great banter, Dan. I know what you mean about the mental perception of the time on the clock. It’s the same as $12.99 vs $13.00. Nuts, huh? Your stairs look great, and so does Maddie all comfy there. How did it feel to not go to work on Monday morning?

    Liked by 1 person

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