Boys and Their Toys – #SoCS

The weekend is here, and we’re gathered at the bar to hoist a few and enjoy some conversation. We will do our best to incorporate Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Linda didn’t make it easy this week. Her prompt requires some work on our part:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘flyer/ad.’ Look at the latest ad you got in the mail (if it’s a store flyer, choose the product right in the middle of the page) or choose the next online ad you find, and theme your post on whatever the product is. Do not name the brand if you hate it, unless you add that it’s an opinion/review of the product in question. You don’t want to chance getting sued. Have fun!”

Probably the last thing I got in the mail was an ad for Medicare Advantage, but since I mentioned that last week, I’m going to go with a flyer I get weekly, in the mail, in email and on the back of Parade Magazine in our Sunday paper. Perhaps you know them – Harbor Freight.

If we were having a beer, you’d have some questions for me.

“You’re late, Dan, and I bet I know why.”

“It’s three-o-two. I was here on time, but a hotel shuttle van was blocking the parking spaces in the lower lot.”

“I tried hustling those folks out the door, Dan, but they wanted to see the end of a touchdown drive their team was on.”

“What team, Cheryl?”


“Go Tigers, I can understand wanting to wait. Anyway, David, where did you think I was?”

“In your happy place.”

“Whoa, he’s in his happy place right now. He’s about to order a Corona and if you suggest otherwise, David, you might end up drinking your bourbon without any cherries.”

“Yikes! Easy Cheryl. No offense intended.”

“That’s what people say when they’re about to offend.”

“OK, how’s this, I’m sorry, Cheryl.”

“Much better. Actually, I was just picking on you. So, do you want some bourbon?”

“Yes please. John Howell’s and…”

“I know, the normal setup.”

“So, David, let’s try this again. Where did you think I was?”

“Well, I drove by your house and saw that you had a dumpster delivered. I just assumed you were busy filling that puppy.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan, and here’s your bourbon, your ice and your seltzer, David.”

“No cherries?”

“Cherries? For the guy who thought Dan would rather be loading junk into a dumpster than visit my bar?”

“I see. Now I’ve offended you.”

“Uh huh.”

“I don’t think you’re getting any cherries.”

“I think you’re right, Dan.”

“In case you’re still wondering, I filled the dumpster yesterday.”

“With what?”

“The remnants of the old steps. I had stored them in my trailer for the past few weeks.”

“Your trailer – that’s what I wanted to ask you.”

“No, you can’t borrow it.”

“No, I saw the picture of you cutting that piece of slate, on your trailer, with an angle grinder. Then, I got this flier from Harbor Freight, and I wondered if that’s where you bought your angle grinder.”

Not mine, but yes, an angle grinder.

“No, I’ve had my angle grinders since way before Harbor Freight opened any stores around here.”

“Angle grind-ERs? How many do you have?”

“Well, I bought one from Sears a long time ago. Then I bought a kit to turn it into a Biscuit Jointer. The kit said it was easy-on / easy-off, but it wasn’t. I didn’t ever want to dismantle it, so I bought another angle grinder.”

“Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to buy a biscuit jointer?”

“Actually, no. They were very expensive at the time.”

“Boys and their toys. Would you two like anything to eat?”

“I could go for some wings, Cheryl.”

“Ten or twenty?”

“David, are you hungry enough to eat ten?”

“I think so.”

“Then make it an order of twenty, Cheryl.”

“You want another round when they’re ready?”

“Oh yes. Please.”

“So, Dan, here’s a question for you. If you had all the debris from the steps in your trailer, why didn’t you just take it to the dump?”

“We don’t have a dump.”

“OK, transfer station.”

“We never had a dump, so we don’t have a transfer station, either.”

“Really? So, there’s no option other than renting a dumpster?”

“I could have cut the stuff up and put it in the wheelie-bin, but I figured that would have taken five to six weeks.”

“Still, it would have been free.”

“Yeah, but I would have had to cut it into much smaller pieces.”

“Could you pay to come to the transfer station in our town?”

“No. There is a commercial transfer station across the river. I could go there.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Com – mer – cial. I can just see me with my Kia Sportage and my utility trailer trying to unload in between a garbage truck and a dump truck.”

“Maybe you need a truck.”

“I do miss mine, but those days are gone.”

“Think of the money you’d save.”

“The dumpster cost less than one truck payment, and I didn’t have to drive anywhere.”

“Here you go boys, twenty barbeque wings, Blue Cheese dressing for David, Parmesan Peppercorn for Dan. I’ll be back with your drinks.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“What about a little truck, Dan?”

“This stuff wouldn’t have fit in a little truck.”

“OK, I guess you made the right decision. You know me, I just don’t like spending money if I can avoid it.”

“I don’t either. I really thought I could get this stuff out to the curb in the bin in a few weeks, but there was more than I thought, and it was heavy.”

“One Corona and her lime, and three fingers of John Howell’s bourbon.”

“Aww, you added cherries.”

“I did. I can’t stay mad at you, David.”


  1. Your retirement is starting out just as busy as your work life there Dan. What do you have planned for the next project – or do we have to wait for your next visit to the bar? Tell Cheryl I said hello.

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    • I keep telling myself I’m just wrapping up the normal fall projects, GP, but I have noticed that it’s taking longer than normal. I now wonder how I did this while I was working. Then again, I realize I am taking more time to do these things the way I have wanted to do them. I’m not sure where things go after these projects are finished. I guess that depends on the weather.

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  2. Those steps looks nice, and it must have felt great to heave those old ones into the dumpster. We are fortunate that we have a recycling center about three miles away. We have to pay for what they term construction debris, but I write that check with a big smile on my face just happy it is all gone. I do pretty good backing up with the camera, but I can’t imagine how many tries it would take me to get that utility back in its space. :-) Yesterday, I took everything out of a closet, bagged stuff up and will be headed to Goodwill this morning with a full load. Have a good weekend, Dan, and I hope you and Maddie can sit out and enjoy those steps without having to lift one hammer or driver. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. Backing up to the trailer is easy. Backing up with the trailer can be a nightmare. It has such a short wheelbase, it’s hard to keep it straight. I had to back it up to a loading dock once, in between two tractor trailers. I can only imagine what those guys were thinking.

      It is handy tossing everything in the back of a truck. I do miss mine on days like this. I’m still working on getting the cars inside. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. It appears the sidewalk project is complete and you can spend a little more time at the bar with David and his cherries. Calling in a dumpster was a very smart thing to do…easy peasy done. I would have done the same if I knew how to make steps and use a biscuit jointer, whatever the heck that thing does.

    Have an awesome Saturday and stay away from Harbor Freight, Norm.

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  4. Wow, you had far more rubbish from the old stairs than I imagined. Too bad you don’t have a transfer station. Here, we don’t have any town trash pick-up. You either hire a company to do that (very expensive) or take it to the transfer station. Great post, Dan. Love the photos.

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  5. When we first moved here we needed to make a dump run to get rid of all the cardboard boxes I couldn’t give away. I was able to give about half plus the filling and wrapping paper. Anyway, we drove up and down the road looking for the sign and turn off for the dump and couldn’t find anything that said Dump or Garbage Disposal anywhere.
    When we got home we asked the neighbors and they said it’s called…The Transfer Station! WHAT?

    We found that the next day quite easily because there is a sign for that. Neither one of us had ever heard of a dump being called a transfer station. I’m sure there’s a reason it’s called that, but I don’t know it.

    You made the right call renting that dumpster you had a lot of big pieces of wood. It would have been worth the money for me to be rid of it rather than cutting up finer and getting rid if bit by bit weekly.
    The steps look great, and the sun on Maddie’s coat looks lovely.

    I hope you are relaxing this week-end and all the projects are completed before the first big snow!

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    • Thanks Deborah. My (real) friend David lives in England. He was talking about “renting a skip” which is what they call dumpsters. I had no clue what he meant. I do like the term.

      This will be an easy weekend. I have some light work left to do, but I f’ing mind. I hope you enjoy yours.


  6. Harbor Freight ads hit our mailbox often – Mr. finds plenty of toys from there which do come in handy for DIY projects. I love that you took photos of the guy delivering the dumpster. And Maddie looks so happy on the new deck steps. Nice work – it looks like retirement is treating you well!

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      • You’re welcome. Why do you say if you’re not going to use them professionally? Quality issues? I’m impressed with drivers that have to deliver big containers, etc. They get lots of practice I guess.

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        • I’m going to answer your question about Harbor Freight tomorrow in my post. You know, tune in at eleven 😏

          This dumpster was little, but they’ve been as accurate with the big roll off jobs as well. This guy said “I’ve dropped so many of these, I could do it in my sleep.”

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  7. I like the short haul use of that little trailer Dan. I have not seen a multi color back up camera like yours. A couple more generations and those cameras will have rainbow colored aiming boxes. Now that the clean up is done you can really relax and enjoy the end of your project.

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  8. Harbor Freight–they put an ad smack in the middle of the Sunday comics–which I promptly pull out! One Sunday I became totally undone. The printed the darn ad right on the comics page! Ruined my day. What does Sammy think of the new steps? Vulture kitty–too funny!

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  9. Good choice to rent that dumpster Dan. Money well spent. I’ve seen several dumpsters come and go where I live. I am absolutely fascinated by the accuracy with which they deliver and remove those dumpsters. Tight turns, and they never touch a tire to a neighboring lawn!

    Sammy looks so darn cute begging for peanuts. And Maddie is definitely in her element on one of her many decks surveying her kingdom, including the bunnies!

    The “Vulture Kitty” is looking fit as a fiddle, but a tad grouchy today!

    Have a great weekend.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi resents being woken up early (before noon). Sammy makes a pretty good living being cute.

      Maddie checks out all her places. She sometimes even walks up and over the small step at the side door of the garage. As if to say, “it’s not big enough to sit on, but it’s mine.”


  10. Hurrah for filling the dumpster, Dan! I’ve gotten a few Harbor Freight ads and we also have a big store nearby, but I’ve not been there. I do however get LOTS of Medicare supplement ads. Thankfully my husband is still working and we have good insurance through that company!

    Speaking of college football, I see Alabama is playing yet another “homecoming” game, running up the score to try to impress that voters, I suppose. Their ranking compared to strength of schedule is horrible!!

    Happy Saturday.


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  11. Such a beautiful group of Images Dan. Love the dying leaves too…
    Go Tigers!!! Woo hoo!
    Sorry, that was my “Squirrel,” moment. Da guys have made us proud this year.
    I love the new steps and it would appear your little buddy is non plussed by the fancy new entrance to his favorite diner. 😉I’m so glad that job can be checked off of your list. What’s next?

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    • There’s actually one more (tiny) step. Then I focus on getting two cars in the garage (I’m almost there) and cleaning the gutters. I dread cleaning the gutters, so I’ve put that off as long as possible.

      I have a woodworking project in mind for the winter, after I get my shop cleaned and organized better.

      I knew you would like the LSU mention.


  12. Biscuit joiner? Now that’s one I haven’t heard of. Although the minute I saw the word, all I could think of was joining a couple of biscuit in my tummy for breakfast. At least that got my mind off worrying about how you might injure yourself putting so many (potentially) sharp, splintery objects in that dumpster. ;)
    Hugs to everyone at the “bar.”

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    • I’m sorry, Teagan. I am certain that I replied to this earlier. I’m not sure what WordPress did with that. I can report that the dumpster has been picked up and no injuries have been reported.


  13. That whole porch scene is very pleasing to the eye. It must be nice to walk up and admire all your hard work! I can tell Maddie enjoys the new spot.
    Also, I am glad to know you had a professional who landed the dumpster properly. Small things really do matter.
    I find honey is the best epoxy for biscuits :P (No, I know, I worked hardware for many years.)

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    • Haha – best biscuit answer. Thanks for the compliment on the decks. We tried to learn from the previous experience. The dumpster guy has dropped something here almost annually for the past 10-12 years.

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  14. Disposal can be a dilemma. My husband’s woodshop is full of scraps to be up-cycled into smaller projects. I often see things in the grain of the wood to paint. Eyed a couple pieces in your pile, but I have plenty. I know you’re glad to have this project done. It looks great!

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