Ready for Winter – #SoCS

It’s Saturday. Thanksgiving is behind us (in the US) and Rivalry Weekend (US College Football) is underway. So much to talk about, but we have another issue to deal with. In any case, we need to pay attention to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt as we go:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘shade.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

If we were having a beer, we’d be talking about the weather.

“Did you see the snow flurries on the way over, Dan?”

“I did – shades of things to come I guess.”

“Perhaps, I’m not sure what is coming.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve heard everything from one inch of wintry mix, to seven-to-twelve inches of snow.”

“My forecast is much more accurate. I predict a Corona, with lime, and three fingers of John Howell’s bourbon sitting next to a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“Does your forecast include cherries, Cheryl?”

“I’m showing a sixty-percent chance of cherries, David.”

“That’s better than NOAA’s forecast for tomorrow. At least Dan will have a couple of beers before firing up that snow blower. That thing is ready, isn’t it Dan?”

“It is. I had it tuned-up in October.”

“Is it turned into the wind, as it were?”

“Ha ha – yes, completed my annual rearrangement of the shed earlier today. The snow blower is just behind the door.”

“Got fuel?”

“Fuel, I have it right here. Here’s your beer, Dan and here’s your bourbon ensemble, David. If you need more, I have our regular menus.”

“No specials?”

“We never have specials after Thanksgiving, Dan. Competing with too many leftovers. We won’t have much of a crowd today. In fact, you two are my first customers.”

“I understand, Cheryl. Even if I wanted leftovers, I’d still stop here for the company.”

“Did you finish all your projects, Dan?”

“I did, David. The steps are done. The railings are all up. The cars are in the garage. The gutters are clean, and the dumpster is gone.”

“The dumpster is gone? I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Ha, that’s what my wife said the day it left. But, I’m glad I won’t be clearing snow around it.”

“With the cars in the garage, do you have any room to work?”

“I do. I arranged my tools where I plan to have them after I split the back ten feet off the garage and add it to my workshop.”

“Did you paint a line on the floor?”

“No. I have some siding left over from last year’s garage renovation. Those boxes are about thirteen feet long, so I have them stacked at the ten-foot mark.”

“So, you have a wall.”

“Sort of. It’s only three feet tall, but it’s a good divider.”

“Then it’s a ‘try before you build’ process.”


“That’s remarkably mature. I would have expected you to just start putting that wall up.”

“That was my first thought, but this makes more sense.”

“You guys need another round?”

“I think we do, Cheryl.”

“Dan, do you want to try something different? We have a nice vanilla Porter.”


“You’ve had it?”

“No, I don’t like dark beer, but I bought some for Faith on Thanksgiving.”

“Aw, I thought I had you.”

“Sorry to burst that bubble, Cheryl but I’ll stick with Corona.”

“OK, Dan. I have to ask. Did you do any shopping yesterday?”

“No. Absolutely none.”

“You passed up all those sweet deals?”

“I have a sweet deal for both of you knuckleheads, this beer and this bourbon are on the house.”

“That is a sweet deal, Cheryl – thank you!”

“You’re welcome Dan. I need to reward my loyal customers.”

“We appreciate that, Cheryl. But, back to Black Friday, Dan. Not a fan?”

“I’m not a fan of myths.”


“Stores were advertising ‘Black Friday’ prices before Halloween. There is no ‘Black Friday,’ the stores killed it.”

“You have a good point.”

“See, that’s what I like about you guys.”

“What’s that, Cheryl?”

“You listen to each other. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say ‘you have a good point’ “

“We don’t come here to argue, Cheryl. We come here to escape all the arguments.”

“Well put, David.”

“And, we got a free round of drinks. That’s better than any so-called Black Friday deal.”

“Cheers David.”



  1. The photo of Faith and Maddie made me smile. I also love the temporary/try wall. It reminds me of good old common sense. :-) I’m headed to the barn today to get my shovels. Looks like we’re getting right at a foot. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you have those cars in the garage. I also bet you’ll enjoy having a second cup of coffee and not having to time the clearing of the driveway. :-)

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    • Those two certainly enjoy each other’s company. I was surprised at how well things fit along that “wall.” If I can work like this, the expanded shop will be ideal. The position of these boxes (behind some leftover lumber) is actually about 10” farther in than the wall will be. In addition, I am still storing the building material for the shed renovation.

      I am very happy to have the cars inside. Last year, they were still out for the first storm. I’m also glad I’m not worried about changing the website and voice mail to indicate that the office is closed of will open late.

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  2. “I’m sorry for your loss, Dan”. 🤣🤣🤣I disagree with David, though. I would have thought you might do a mockup before taking on the big build project. I hope it works out well for you. The red sky images are my favorites but all the photos are lovely. Maddie and Faith are gorgeous on the new platform.
    Thanks for the beer tip. That is one I have not tried yet. She liked it a lot?
    Well, I am off to see if WP will allow me any photo space to do a much needed post. Have a great weekend. I’m hoping the white stuff is on the low side of that prediction. Let’s let that snow blower get a few more z’s….😉
    Yay for free drinks!

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  3. I love all the photos, Dan. But those sunrise shots are positively breathtaking.
    For many years I’ve found Black Friday “deals” just aren’t deals. My only shopping was for a couple of things I needed — like a little heater for the bathroom (on the way!) and a hallway carpet runner (still teasing myself with that — not on the way). LOL. Crystal doesn’t care as long as she has her string toy and the electric throw blanket. =^-^=
    Happy weekend hugs!


    • I’m glad you liked those, Teagan. I couldn’t decide on just one to use. If you can get a good deal on something you need, it’s wonderful. Trying to complete your shopping in a whirlwind tour of 10 frantic parking lots is crazy. I like the fact that Crystal likes her throw but don’t tell MiMi or MuMu.


  4. We drove to our local mall after dinner on Thanksgiving. Best Buy had them wrapped around the store waiting to get those bargains…. Hurricane Season ends today, thankfully. Six months of bliss. Wishing you good weather, Dan!

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  5. Each time I see Faith she looks even more beautiful than the last time!! Love the photo of her and Maddie……love at its finest! And the girl comes prepared with a bag of peanuts to boot! :+)

    That hawk is quite impressive. If I were one of those squirrels, I would stay well hidden!

    The morning shots of the red sky are beautiful.

    I like your idea of a “try” wall. Very practical. Sounds like you’re all hunkered down for whatever winter brings. Local forecast here is for 8-12′. I hope they’re wrong…VERY wrong!

    Enjoy your first after Thanksgiving weekend when you don’t have to face the dreaded commute Monday morning!! I have a feeling you and the snowblower will get reacquainted come Mondat/Tuesday!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie just loves it when Faith comes to visit. We sent Faith out with the peanuts, otherwise there would be some ‘splainin to do.

      I was curious as to why there weren’t any squirrels around while I was outside working. Then I saw the hawk. That explains that.

      I’m not sure what we have coming. The forecast keeps changing, but I think we’re ready. Despite having a new LED headlight on the blower, I don’t need to be out there at dark o’clock for the first time in a long time.

      The red sky makes me appreciate the fact that Maddie drags me out in the morning, even if she’s already completed her business. We joke that “I have to go out.”

      Be safe in the storm.


    • Thanks John. I understand the desire to move away from all this fun, but we do enjoy winter. We don’t get too many big storms. This is unusual to start the season. But we’re ready.


  6. Woo boy, we haven’t dipped a toe in winter weather yet. I think I heard tomorrow’s supposed to be back in the 60s again. I know lots of people would say don’t complain, you’re getting a warm spurt, but the back and forth messes with my sinuses. Then again I’m FOR SURE not ready for snow/sleet/ice — I much prefer your forecast!

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    • If recent years are a guide, we will bounce back into warmer weather. We’re ready for winter but it seems like it isn’t a season of cold any longer. Last year, we had a week in February when we were in the 70s.


  7. Aw, your girls are ready for the snows :) So cute!
    I actually say Good point to a lot of people about a lot of things because I don’t wanna get into it. In fact, I could probably get a job awarding people good points ;) Haha!
    I wish my Tuesday had a 60% chance of cherries — maybe it’s time to bake a black forest or pineapple upside down cake :P

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    • There ya go, bake Tuesday into the good column. This one was horrible for us. We were ready for snow, but not as much as we got.

      That’s interesting about “good point.” Is there a silent but implied “dumbass” at the end of that? 😏


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