Picture This – #SoCS

It’s Saturday and with any luck, Cheryl will be back behind the bar as we enjoy an adult beverage, some light conversation and try to accommodate Linda G. Hill’s fun Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, Linda has given us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘loud.’ Find any word that means ‘loud,’ and use it any way you’d like in your post. Enjoy!”

If we can be anything, we can be loud.

If we were having a beer, the conversation would be graphic in nature.

“Hi Cheryl. Is David here?”

“Not yet Dan, but I have good news for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Your first Corona is on the house.”

“Really, that’s great. How come?”

“Denny, the manager says he feels like he owes you one for Garrett Cole.”

“Ha! That’s right, he’s a Yankees fan.”

“Well, here’s your beer, and here comes your buddy, but you’ll have to explain the connection.”

“Connection? Am I missing a connection?”

“No, you’re just late. I was about to explain that Garrett Cole started out playing for the Pirates.”

“And, I for one would be happy if he had gone back there.”

“Further explanation, Cheryl, David is a Red Sox fan. I think they’re in the mood for selling pitchers, not buying them.”

“Baseball, my young friend, is only a topic for people in areas of the country where the silence in their football stadiums will soon be deafening.”

“Enough sports, guys. David, are you having your usual?”

“Yes, Cheryl, and may I say that I take comfort in knowing that you will get that right.”

“Yeah, sorry about Brad. He told me you guys really gave him a hard time last week.”

“Brad brought it on himself, Cheryl, he really isn’t very good.”

“I know, but he said you two were loud and obnoxious.”

“Does that sound like us? The guy just can’t get anything right.”

“I don’t know, David. He works some nights when there’s a younger crowd in here, they seem to like him.”

“Maybe I should text him my drink order using nothing but emojis.”

“You know, that might work. Can you do that?”

“Of course not. Well, maybe, with Dan’s help.”

“Hang on, yes, how’s this?”

“Very good. Now what about your order?”

“You know, it’s interesting, while Corona created an emoji a few years ago, it didn’t include a lime, and there is no lime emoji. There’s a petition to create one, but it hasn’t been acted upon.”

“Why on earth would anyone know that, Dan? Does that mean you’re out of luck?”

“Perhaps not, David. There is an emoji version of the Lime Bike logo. So, a little of this and a little of that, and…”

“That’s perfect Dan, since it says ‘Lime’ right on it, there’s little chance Skippy will mess it up.”

“OK, while you guys have been playing with your phones, I’ve brought out the real thing. Your beer, Dan, with her lime, and for David, three fingers of John Howell’s Bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“Wonderful, Cheryl. Too bad there isn’t a ‘big tip’ emoji.”

“Feel free to use the gemstone, David.”



  1. You’d better get your ear muffs on because today you’ll be receiving a resounding reply of boisterous uprising of raucous, overbearing comments trying to be more intensely deafening than the previous one.

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  2. Wow…brings back memories of winters when I lived in Connecticut. The picture of Maddie looking into the next yard is amazing. Great job on the dialogue, Dan. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. Hah! Great conversation today, and a very clever way to order when Skippy is tending bar.

    The shot of Maddie trying to see through the snow-covered fence looking for her friend is terrific. The squirrel has his peanut yet he looks so sad.

    Seems like MuMu has taken control of her space and is now patrolling for intruders!
    I’d be very alert when you’re at the desk Dan. You may get clubbed with a paw!

    Rain today, wind tomorrow. Hope your weather is looking better. Have a terrific weekend.

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    • Thanks Ginger. Rain and wind here as well. It’s a gloomy day.

      Sometimes, the squirrels take the peanut and run. Sometimes, they just sit an eat it. It had been so cold overnight that this guy wanted more than one peanut. I think they worry that we’re going to leave before they finish the first one (it takes them over a minute). When it’s that cold, we usually wait for them. If we toss a bunch out, the blue jays scarf them up.

      MuMu is trying to figure out this new arrangement, i.e. my being here. I’m trying to accommodate her. She’s showing very small signs of tolerating me. It’s likely to be a slow process.

      Stay dry, and I hope you have a good weekend.


  4. “The shovel guy” LOL! Skippy might appreciate your emoji orders; he’s obviously aurally illiterate. Or take a picture of a correct order and text it to him next time. I love that picture with the blue peeking through!

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  5. Great use of the prompt. There are a lot of emoji’s that I would like to see made. I liked your shots of the snow, Dan. I remember the snow in Connecticut and it seemed to be quite beautiful when the sun came out. Of course, over time memories get a little rusty.

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  6. Well, Dan, first I had to go back to last week’s SoCS and catch up. Has Skippy ever considered doing memory exercises? With emojis…

    I don’t know much about baseball, except that it hasn’t been affected by an empty football stadium in Wisconsin. Don’t think that’s ever going to happen. GOPACKGO! :-)

    Hspoy Saturday!

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    • Thanks Mary. You guys have the best of both worlds, the Brewers got into the MLB playoffs, and the Pack will clearly be playing football in January.

      Skippy suffers all the mistakes every bartender makes. It’s sad, but apparently he has a bit of a cult following. I have to keep bringing him back, but he wouldn’t be any fun if he grew up.

      I hope you have a good weekend.


  7. So much to love with this post! The emojis are so funny. Skippy–take a picture, it’ll last longer! Maddie trying to peek through the fence–so cute. MuMu….cracks me up every time. Yes, I am sure she was pawing you a gesture, Dan…..

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  8. The snow pictures give me a feeling for something I rarely see, while the shadow behind the curtain gives an ambiance of staying warm inside while enjoying the pretty view outside. Also, I have to say I admire Cheryl in so many ways, like how she says, “Enough sports, guys.” ;)

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    • It’s been a very strange year for us. That we’re still in contention for a playoff spot is amazing. One Pittsburgh reporter dubbed our team the “Steelers Junior Varsity” and that’s what it seems like, but they have put up some wins.

      I hope you have your playoff gear cleaned and ready to go :)

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    • My only issue is that the only time I saw him pitch, he gave up 6 runs before getting yanked in the 3rd inning. Our daughter and I drove to Pittsburgh to see that game.

      That was during his last season in Pittsburgh. The Pirates traded him to Houston because they knew they’d never be able to afford to keep him once he became a free agent. At least they were right about that. His total contract with NYY is 6 times our 2020 total player salary budget ($59,4M)


  9. Loved seeing the snow but I’m sure the rain’s taken care of it by now. Cool emojis, BTW. Coronas are forever linked in my mind with Tony Romo. Had to be some Pacifico for our SoCal s-i-l who will be arriving a few days before Christmas with our daughter/his wife. Limes, too, of course. Not bad on a hot day, but I prefer the dark side of beer. :-)



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    • Haha, he was our best pitcher for a few seasons. We traded him to Houston because we knew we’d never be able to afford him after he hit free agency. We tried to trade him to the Yankees, but they wouldn’t give us what we wanted. 🏴‍☠️

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      • Yeah, he’s become quite a beast. I’m still boggled that the Nats won the series against them. The Yankees are going to kill it next year which is bad for my Dodgers. Drat! Haha. Looking forward to some good baseball though, along with more bar conversations. Keep them coming!

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  10. I’m smiling…your post is a hoot. Looks like you’ve gotten some wonderful snow too. Maddie is a great inspector. The squirrel shot is adorable! Thanks for the smiles, Dan, I can always count on your blog to bring me good cheer!

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  11. Oh Dan. I’m so sorry I missed this over the weekend. I have had so little time to read my email but I always look out for your notices. I’m happy to be back behind the bar but it was a busy time over the weekend with gift preparations and ordering too. Lovely snow photos. Mimi, the Wizard behind the curtain. 😉

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