Message Received – #1LinerWeds

It’s winter, and that means there might be a fire in the wood stove, so MiMi likes to hang out in the cradle at the top of the scratching post. She’s adorable, and I find it so hard to walk by without giving her a scritch and/or snapping her picture. Usually, that picture is taken using my phone. MiMi seems to be able to ignore me when I do that.

On Sunday, I had been using my camera to get a picture of one of the squirrels. I thought I’d get a “nice” image of MiMi. As I pressed the shutter button to get the auto-focus to kick in, the infrared sensor light blasted MiMi in the face. The camera told me to “Raise the Flash” – MiMi’s expression said:

“Don’t Even THINK about it!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants. In case my regular readers are wondering, I am trying to keep my posts shorter than normal during the run-up to Christmas.

Today’s gallery has some classic MiMi images.


  1. Thanks for the MiMi show, Dan. She’s a beautiful, sweet girl who knows how to relax in front of the fire as long as “dad” isn’t blinding her with his camera flash. House cats have a great life, as long as they are fed and have a place to sleep and people who worship them. People like you and I. ;-p

    Poor Maddie. I hope the weather is calmer and she’s feeling better today.

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    • Thanks Mary. I did not raise the flash. Our cats are spoiled, but they give us…hmmm, what is it again? Oh yeah, they give us love (and hairballs). Maddie weathered the storm. I spend many hours today clearing the driveway, sidewalk and every flat surface of ice. I cleaned her porch, and when I was done, we sat for about 20 minutes. She’s a happy girl.

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    • Sometimes, she sits in the window and watches me as I clear the snow. She could have watched for hours today. Most of what we had was ice. I hope you had a better experience with this last storm, Judy.

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    • Ha ha – We had to have a name for her almost identical sister, MuMu. The only way to tell them apart (unless you pick them up, MuMu is a bit heavier) is to look at their socks. MiMi has one long sock (front right paw). MuMu has four short socks. Thanks!


  2. Been thinking about getting a flash, Dan, that actually bounces light from off the ceiling or walls. No way am I allowed to use a flash directly on our cats. As you well know. It’s tough getting a clear picture in some of the places these guys go. LOVED your gallery of MiMi. Her positions ….. she is a Yoga Master, that’s all that’s to it.

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  3. MiMi is the star today! She is without a doubt beautiful. I miss having a cat. I love to see the impossible positions they get themselves into. I especially like the closeup shot of her peeking through the curtains. With the predicted temperature for today and tomorrow it sounds like she’ll get plenty of woodstove warmth!

    Awwwww, sweet Maddie had a rough time in the storm. That’s so sad. Hope she’s calmed down by now. Please give her some smushy kisses and an extra long belly rub from me and Murphy.

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie was gifted a nice long time sitting outside today, after I finally managed to get the ice off of everything (including her porch). MiMi had to be the star. If she could talk, I would not have wanted to hear what she would have said about that light in her face.


  4. My Mama had a cat with nearly identical markings to MIMI. About the only person she liked was my (thankfully) former stepfather. Thinking about it, she was probably about the only living thing that liked that guy. MIMI looks to have much better taste.

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  5. Love the shots and that expression is priceless. I miss our stove! Of course we won’t need it in our next house, that’s for sure, although some houses in the Phoenix area do have fireplaces that might actually get used in the winter occasionally. But I imagine they’re mostly for show/atmosphere. I’d be happy to have one in whatever house we rent. Our girls are hoping for a pool. :-)


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    • Thanks Janis. The cats tolerate Maddie, most of the time. They loved cuddling with our previous setter, Mollie. Mollie was such an easy-going soul. Maddie has some neurological issues, and she snaps into a mean mode, without hardly any warning. The cats tend to keep their distance. MuMu tries to get close to Maddie, every now and then, with us watching nervously.


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