Typo Names

Jinx in flight.

On Friday, I sponsored a guest post by Carver Eastdoor. As I explained in the comments, Carver Eastdoor was the faerie name given to me by Teagan, when the name-choosing-chart rendered me Flora Stargazer. Of course, several times when I tried to type Eastdoor, it hit the page as “Eadstoor” due to my fat fingers.

A few typos make it through to my published posts. My friends, David Pennington and Brad Lewis usually find them. What many don’t realize, is that spellcheck (in Microsoft Word) and the Editor catch 99% of my typos. That said, spellcheck on my iPhone, working in concert with my fat fingers, cause many typos in the comments I write and the ones I reply to. Fortunately, I can edit the typos in my replies. The ones that land on your blogs, well, nothing I can do about that.

My fingers aren’t the only problem. The keyboard on my iPhone is a typo-inducing menace. I’ve written about this before, and I even offered suggestions for improvement, but Apple ignored me. Since I remember my manners, I am frequently tripping over the keys around the word “Thanks” and <insert your name here>. This results in some comical combinations, and while only two have escaped into the wild, a few embarrassing slips. I appreciate the quick editing of the bloggers who corrected my worst faux pas. This isn’t the complete list, but it should give you an idea.

Note that in some cases, my typo is combined with Apple’s spellcheck to create a hybrid result:



Actual Name Typo Name(s) Typo Name Augmented by Spellcheck
John (several) zjohn
Lois Loid/Lous Loud
Teagan Teaga/twagan Wagon
Mary MRY (I hit Caps Lock instead of ‘a’) Merry
Ginger Hinger Hinges
Mike Nike/Mijr Major
Maggie Maddie
Judy Jusy Just
Jennie Jemmie Jimmy
Thom Thim Thimble
Thanks Thansk Nathans (as in Famous Hot Dogs)



  1. Perfect Monday topic that we can all relate to. Typing and spelling I can do because I’m a dinosaur. My fingers type, my thumbs are functionally challenged when it moves beyond hitting a space bar. I do it like the rest of the world, but I have lots of periods between words which always makes me chuckle. My husband is from Gorham, but whenever I need to type that, it becomes Gotham. That one I always had a good laugh over. :-) Here’s hoping Maddie gets many more sits in the sun. Jusy

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  2. Hi Dan – spellcheck drives me nutty but what’s worse is when ‘they’ve’ started typing for you … and you’ve no intention of writing those words: hate predictive text … useless!

    Love the blue jay and the squirrel … while Maddie is always a delight to see.

    Take care and have a lovely Christmas and New Year – cheers HIlary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I always wonder what they think I’m going to say, and done if the words they choose aren’t ones anyone would use in normal conversation.

      The blue jays are fierce, but the squirrels are hungry.

      Take care, and Merry Christmas.

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  3. Thank goodness Maddie found a sunny spot. You know about me and typos. Sometimes I catch them but too often I am replying on the run and hit send before proof reading. ( ex: replying In the last sentence came out trolying and auto suggested ‘trolling’). Now that would have instigated an entirely different feeling in a reader wouldn’t it? I had no idea David’s last name was Pennington! 😀

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    • Sometimes, I wonder if people would notice. Well, I know I have a few who would. What’s worse is when they mention it in a comment. Then I feel obligated to leave it in place so as not to make them look bad.


  4. Well, this was a fun post! Spellcheck….grrr-rrr. I was cheering for Sammy so happy he got the peanut. Why are they tearing down the barn? I’m happy you got photos, but it seems such a shame. “..focus on photography.’ Nice little pun there, Dan.–Loud Lous

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    • Thanks Lois. I’m surprised I haven’t let ‘Loud’ slip in – I make that mistake at least once a week.

      They tore down 8 or 9 barns to reduce the cost of maintenance now that they are growing less tobacco. They will either sell the land or plant something else. This barn appears to have been cut in half. It looks like they are still using the back half, but I guess they will tear/take the front half down. Once these things need a new roof, the cost skyrockets.

      I was so happy to see the squirrel run after the peanut. The blue jays are remarkable. The can spot the peanut from a long distance and they swoop down and snag it.

      I like the pun :)

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  5. iPhone isn’t the only one with spell check issues. My android always thinks it knows better what I’m typing. Fortunately the worst (and therefore the most hilarious) usually get sent to my husband.LOL

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  6. Hi! Din….Dun…..Fan….Dan….nailed it!

    Thank goodness for us that we were taught to proofread from an early age. I have caught some typos that would have been very embarrassing for me…..but really funny! My problem isn’t fat fingers, but arthritis. :*( Using a stylus helps, sorta kinda. I laughed outloud at “Lous” for “Lois” and “Jusy ” for “Judy”! That’s how they appear here too!!

    Great gallery today. Maddie looks very content on her sunny deck.

    Merry Christmas to you and the Editor and Faith and the 3 M’s. I hope 2020 brings you a year of good health, time with loved ones and good friends, lots of laughter, and a winning lottery ticket.
    Gunger …Fiber…Gonher …Hinges …
    Ginger – nailed it again!!

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    • Fiber is one I haven’t seen. That could mean it’s a mistake I haven’t made or one that escaped into the wild. Hinges is very common, and I have to check before hitting “Post Comment”

      We’ve got some warmer days coming this week, so Maddie will get to spend some time in her cot, on her deck (which, as you know, is not a typo).

      I think we’re ready for Cristmas, and I sent Santa a real list, not one prepared on my phone.

      I hope yours is a very merry one. Thanks G i n g e r – Ginger!


  7. I had similar problems on my iPhone but the swipe keyboard has helped a lot. On my iPad I often get symbols from evidently fat fingers on the shift key. I appreciate the fact you have an editor to catch the things you miss. Once I hit publish it’s gone…

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    • Thanks Maggie. I do have an editor, but I don’t always have time to have her read the post, and she doesn’t read the captions (where I make most of my errors). So, when a typo slips through, I have to make sure to let her off the hook. I do tend to notice them once I press ‘Post.’

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  8. Well, Dan, I have a Samsung Note 8 and I still have fat fingers on the keyboard. My left thumb never works right and I end up with crazy misspellings because I hit the z instead of the a, or the space bar instead of a letter…or something. I have to really watch it when I’m commenting on the phone. It’s why I am standing at my laptop this morning to comment on your post. That being said, I don’t mind being Merry instead of Mary. At least it’s a happy little typo. :-)

    I hope you have good weather for Maddie, a fire for Mimi, brushes for Mumu, something nice for the Editor and Faith, and a wonderful Christmas with all.

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  9. I use an app called Swiftkey Keyboard. It is quick with suggestions and it helps me to avoid the typos most of the time. The problem with its suggestions is that they can make you so lazy that sometimes you might find yourself waiting for the suggestions when typing in Word. I have found myself more than once starting to type a word on my home PC, and then pausing absentmindedly for the suggestions to come.

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    • Ha ha! That’s funny, Peter. I could see that happening to me. I’m good with trying to remember names, words and phrases. I have the predictive text turned on, but I really don’t know where it gets its ideas for how to speak to humans. Some of the word choices are bizarre.

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  10. Errors happen to us all. The word changing ones are the worst because you don’t get the red line, so if you don’t reread it can be embarrassing.
    As I’m usually the passenger in our vehicle, that also makes me the secretary. Can I just vent a little how frustrating texting on these touch screen phones or working on my iPad can be. Roads and which vehicle we’re in makes a difference but, I’ll just say I mumble often. 😊

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  11. I’m glad I’m too old-fashioned to use an i-phone. Not that I don’t make mistakes when typing on the PC, but at least the spellcheck is a little more reasonable. Really – “Nathans” for “Thanks”? And why can’t any spellcheck recognize common first names?

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    • Some of the words spellcheck suggests for a mixed up Thanks are just plain nuts. Especially when you consider that my mistake is normally to have the ‘s’ first – thansk – sometimes, I hit the ‘b’ instead of the space-bar, yielding thanskb which is what gets turned into Nathans – but I can’t figure out how. You would think that even a rudimentary algorithm would suggest ‘Ginger’ instead of ‘Hinges’ upon seeing “Thanks Hinger” – I mean, how often do we thank hinges?

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  12. I don’t like texting on my smartphone at all. It takes me forever just to write one little sentence; and I don’t have fat fingers. Wouldn’t you love getting your hands on some of that barn wood? I’m sure they’re going to use it for something. I wouldn’t mind have a few boards. I always enjoy the photos and captions. Merry Christmas!

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    • They tore down two small barns last year. They used a company that was going to sell the wood, but it was outrageously expensive. I’ve thought about asking if I can just have a few pieces from the barns they destroyed.

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      • It never hurts to ask. Barn wood is expensive here, too. It’s a shame that people have to charge so much. I always thought I’d like living in a barn; after it was redone, of course. They make beautiful homes.

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  13. that is super fun to see the typo and the autocorrect words. I need to keep track of some of the ones I east see.
    and dan, that bluebird photo and the squirrel is a very cool photo – so original and has action and shows the pop of color those birds bring. Love the flutter and so much more – oh and it just so happens to sorta connect to my post today (which I had already mentioned you and then came here to grab a link and found the squirrel connection – love when this happens) :)

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  14. LOL, Wagon? That’s hysterical, Dan. Since so many people get my name wrong (even people who have known me in person for years), I hardly notice at this point. Although I do feel betrayed when my own devices try to get me to rename myself Regan.
    Something went wonky and my spell-checker disappeared (no mater what site I’m using) any time I get wherever via Chrome. Although I never stopped having all manner of Internet problems with WordPress and my Internet provider.
    I hope you’re having a marvelous Monday — spell check or not. Hugs.

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  15. Your name list reminds me of those at the beginning of some books, when there are so many characters with odd names. :-) I hope you, the Editor, Faith, Maddie, the cats, and any/everyone else have a wonderful Christmas, both Eve and Day.


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  16. Typos are so easy to make. I have slender fingers and still manage to make plenty of typos. I’m always going back over my work and finding errors. So I feel your pain. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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  17. Gorgeous pics! Lovely shots!
    Poor Thimble, his is the worst. Maggie and Maddie make sense. I often get Joy but not from you. It kinda bothers me, cause joey is an actual word, too. Oh well, tahnks for always tyring to comment ;)

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