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I wrote the “looking back at 2019” post I had planned to share today. It was longer than I wanted – too long for between the holidays – so I left it on the island of misfit posts. In addition to being too long, it was only looking back. I really wanted to look around at this time. That’s what prompted the title. Some of you may remember watching WWII movies where a submarine captain raises the periscope, drapes his arms over the handles and looks around, enviably finding an enemy ship bearing down on him. Now that I think about it, maybe that wasn’t such a good title.

A side note to The Editor, this post is not based on the movie where the submarine captain sinks the transport carrying his wife and child – that was “Torpedo Run.” That isn’t even my favorite submarine movie – that was “The Enemy Below” which was the basis for “Balance of Terror” perhaps the best episode in the original series of Star Trek.

See, this is why I shouldn’t try to follow a formula.

Anyway, in looking around, I don’t see any enemies. I see memories of some wonderful moments in 2019, and I see some great opportunities in 2020. I don’t see much in the way of change. As most of you know, I escaped the world run by accountants in November, so I have no plans to sweat the numbers. I’ll continue with the pattern that’s working well for me – my regular four posts a week and the occasional additional post for a good cause or a fun challenge.

I’m going to continue to include photographs, but I’ve been trending toward fewer images with each post. WordPress’s inability to offer a good gallery option in the Block Editor is part of the reason for cutting back on images. I like to add images that augment the story or tell a separate story. The inability to have captions that don’t block the image or descriptions you can’t read makes that difficult. I will get a handle on this new editor, but we close 2019 with me still not being a fan.

I lost track of a few blogs in 2019. I found several new ones and I rediscovered an old friend, late in the year. I am very happy with the community I am a part of. As I look around, I see a lot of very creative friends and I can’t wait to see what they have to share in 2020.

I’ll be here on Wednesday with a one-liner. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy watching the ball drop, or however you take note of the change. Happy New Year!


  1. That squirrel looks so patient and polite. Has does he behave when you don’t have a peanut? Lol. 😉I hope you make friends with your editor Dan and. Very Happy New Year to you and Mr. Serling.

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    • We’ve learned not to go out without peanuts, Cheryl. They don’t attack, but it’s sad. Sad enough that I’ve texted for back-up.

      The Editor commented that that movie was her first though when she read this.

      Happy New Year to you and your family. Say hi to the sea birds for me.


  2. The photo of the frozen leaf looks like a weird deep sea creature. No chance your squirrels will go hungry. Not so long as you and the Editor are there! Maddie photo bombing again is too funny. Guess she wanted to see what was so special!

    Wednesday begins your first full year of retirement. Wishing you and the Editor and Faith a super healthy, fun-filled and exciting year….and a reason to laugh every day.

    No, I’m not forgetting the hairy kids! Murphy and I wish the 3-M’s an endless supply of treats and toys, warm fires when needed, long sits on Maddie’s deck when weather permits, and of course long walks for Maddie. Also, hugs, smushy kisses, brushings, scritches and belly rubs.

    Have a very happy 2020!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Give Murphy a scritch from the girls. They offer it themselves, but not until they wake up. We have a stormy day, so Maddie is under my desk. The desk that’s big enough for a medium-sized dog OR my feet. I can put one foot under, but only if she can use it as a pillow.

      Maddie photo-bombed and stepped on the other leaf I wanted to capture. She’s actually the reason we stopped in these places. We hadn’t walked since the snow melted and all the sniffs had to be refreshed.

      No danger of squirrels starving this winter. Happy New Year!


  3. Love the Star Trek episode! I love your title! I think of a periscope coming up from the dark depths into a blue sky full of hope! I am an unrepentant optimist! Happy New Year to you all!

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  4. I get so lazy when we have days off–and between this week and last, I have had a lot of days off. Blogging has kind of gotten pushed to the side. That little squirrel is so darn cute–I can see why you text for back-up peanuts. I would, too!

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    • It must be a universal thing, Lois. I have been very lazy on these days. It’s like I got used to being lazy at this time. Of course, the steady rain isn’t helping. The squirrels have that begging posture down perfectly. I really don’t know how you could say no.

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    • Cheers Suzanne. It’s much easier to manage posting now that I’m retired. I have always been opportunistic, writing whenever I can. When I was working, I had to try to be way ahead with drafts. I do hope they can figure out the gallery options. I’m good with the rest of the editor. I write in Word, so I really only use the editor for format options and setting attributes.

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  5. I love the title, but I also recognize the actors so I think it is an age thing for me. :-) I’ve been watching the NE weather and hoping it is one of those times they are not right and it doesn’t come in like a lion. I’m looking ‘forward’ also. There is one quote about the past I like – ‘the only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.’ Have a great New Years, and I hope you all make some progress on the Monopoly game.

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    • Thanks Judy. It’s been mostly a rain event here in north central CT. I’m OK with that, although it feels like it could turn to ice in about 3 seconds when you’re out there. Except for going out with the pup, we’re staying inside today. We have everything we need for tomorrow, so no sense tempting fate.

      I hope you enjoy the holiday.


  6. Happy New year, Dan. I’m glad you can run your photos. I’m still struggling with trying to like and post on blogs without having to sign in. I’ve tried everything and may have to abandon Safari. My Chrome works fine.

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  7. I’m a little late to the Monday party, Dan. I went into work today so that an ill employee could take the rest of the day off. Before you go, “awww, too bad,” I actually got some work done without the rest of the world (save for a couple of people) bothering me. This is what it’s like when the “accountants” aren’t around during the holidays – silence and progress.

    Anyhow, 250 bonus points for the Star Trek reference (I remember that episode) and the Rudolph reference (island of misfit posts). The latter made me laugh.

    Have a wonderful last day and a third before the New Year starts. Happy Almost 2020!

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    • Thanks Mary. For most of my career, I was at least an hour early for work. I typically got more done in that hour than I did in the many that followed (along with the interruptions) – I understand.

      Thanks for the bonus points. That is one of my favorite episodes through all the series. I just watched it a few nights ago.

      I hope you enjoy the last day and the first day, an dI hope you have a wonderful new year.

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  8. Hi Dan – we had friends that LOVED the periscope movie! Sweet older couple and I think I have seen the movie – keep you posted!
    Great way to cover 2019 and have us eager for 2020…
    And I am not sure why they want to use the block editor ??
    Reminds me of an old template from the old version of “Blackboard” used in schools.
    My biggest pet peeve with blogging now is the lack of having spell check!
    Makes me only want to share photos –
    and sometimes I think someone is messing with me by going into my posts and changing words to be misspelled – half kidding
    But it is annoying to not have spell check

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    • Thanks Yvette. I’d be in an awful mess without spell check. I don’t write in the editor but even with spell check, I make mistakes. My phone often changes what I’ve written to different words – I guess it thinks I mean something other than what I’m saying. I’m looking forward to the new year. It will start slow (for a change) but I think it will be fun. I hope yours is wonderful.

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  9. Dogs do have a way of nosing into things we’d like to snap. Pretty plant, pretty leaves.
    I like the idea of looking around. I am seriously delighted no workee workee the next two days, and am WOWED I don’t have to MAKE a holiday :D

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  10. I think 2020 is going to be a great year as well, especially on here. Your blog along with so many others has intrigued me and inspired me to be a better writer. Thank you so much for sharing and here’s to a happy new year!

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  11. For me the word periscope takes me not to a WW2 movie, but to my school days. We were given a craft project where we had to create something. Most of my classmates were making lamps and other items so I wanted to be different. I had this DIY magazine (belongs to my elder sis), which had instructions on how to make a simple periscope. I was fascinated by the idea of it, so I bought the materials and made a Z shape one. I love paper craft and I was good at it which is why I love reading blogs when you create things from wood. I wish I had those faculties in me so that I could create more things for my home. It is good to come back to your blog and comment. These few months were extremely busy but I’m taking some time out now to write my own blogs and comment on others. How’s your retirement experience so far?

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  12. Now that you are officially retired, Dan, I am excited to witness what you will not only create, but what you will do. I laughed out loud how I saw Maddie in the way of the shot you wanted to take. Only Maddie! I wish you and yours a blessed and happy New Year! This is the hallmark of a new decade. Can you believe it??

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    • Thanks Amy. I am looking forward the 20’s. It’s a little hard to believe that they are almost here and that I’m retired. I think Maddie thinks that if something is interesting, she needs to sniff it. Happy New Year!

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  13. Hey, my weather forecast had the same numbers! Only mine had a C after the number…

    I liked your periscope analogy. It’s good to “Up periscope!” occasionally and look around you. Sometimes we hunker down and forget there’s a view of sunlight and fresh air up there. A very Happy New Year to you and your family, Dan! Looking forward to more fun and DIY tips in 2020.

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  14. I hope to get back to reading blogs… I read yours first when I can and so here I am… and through you, was introduced to many — actually, through Damyanta found you and then on to other kindred spirits.

    We are going to do a Closer marathon — more murder and mayhem. I was trying desperately to get through all my mother’s boxes gone before 2020 and walked into M in the workroom near tears at 4:30 when I saw I wouldn’t. He is my hero and said. “Let’s do it together” and we finished the whole damn thing in 20 minutes. So I am walking into 2020 with that behind me, sorted and trashed as it is appropriate.

    Thankful for this community, MUCH more than FB or IG… Happy New Decade!


  15. Happy New Year, Dan! Not sure it’s much good upping the periscope in Australia or New Zealand with all this bush fire smoke. We might need to tunnel underground to find out what’s going on.
    I don’t like the new block editor at all and have stuck with the old one on my blog. I started another blog and went into battle with it and gave up. The blog still hasn’t been launched.
    I think my goal for the New Year is to set a few goals. It’s been too bust before Christmas to have good quality downtime where I can thinking about it clearly.However, it does look like I need to be around four people to pull it all off.
    Best wishes,

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    • We’ve been reading about the fires and the heatwave. I hope things settle down pretty soon.

      The new editor just isn’t inspiring me. I don’t compose my posts in the editor – I had too many posts disappear when I tried that – but they’ve made it harder to achieve the look that I’ve always presented. I hope they figure out a way to give us the options we want. Good luck with your goals.


  16. It’s a great title, Dan. The periscope resonates with me — especially since I’ve been under the waves of the “Everything Flu” for over a week. Seeing your photo of “Thistledown” definitely makes me feel better. You made my day. Thank you so very much.
    That is one strange looking plant… It would fight right in for a Star Trek episode. Happy New Year my friend. Hugs.

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    • I think the new themes ONLY support the block editor, so I’m holding off in the hope that they can fix a couple nagging issues. They are aware of the problems, and there have been several solutions offered (by developers) they just can’t seem to agree.

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