Spring Thinking – #JusJoJan Photo

Empty stands
Watching no one
Pitchers and catchers
forty-one days

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s annual kick-off to the blogging year, Just Jot January. If you want to participate, or see what others have contributed, check out today’s prompt.



  1. Such a beautiful, peaceful photo. Retirement has brought out the poet in you! Looking forward to more of these Dan. Your “spring thinking” and your “writing” is perfect!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. It’s nice having time to think a little longer about what to post. Maddie would no doubt point out that, if I hadn’t been walking her, I wouldn’t have seen this.


    1. Thanks Amy. I am trying to find ways to use fewer words. I know people are busy, and I’d like to make my blog easier to read. I wasn’t planning on no words other than a caption, but it seemed to work.

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      1. I seem to be cutting down on words as well, Dan. My goal is less then 600 words. I know how I “sigh” at times when I go to someone’s blog I am following and they have this long narration. If only you could see when I do blog …. it’s usually answering a comment or two then jumping up and going on to the next item of the day. I really like your “new style”.

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        1. Don’t get too used to it Amy. I’m trying to cut down, but not this far as a rule. My goal remains under 800 words. My 2019 average was under 600, but done were over 800. I guess I’ll be using all the words I need, but hopefully no more than that.

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    1. Thanks Janet. I don’t get to watch much baseball on TV, stranded up here in NYY-BoSox territory. I only get to see the Pirates when they play the Mets. I like to watch it live, even the local minor league team. There’s something special about being at a ballgame.

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  2. The man at the desk at our local rec center has an app on his phone that tells him how many days, hours and minutes until spring training begins. He gives me updates regularly! :)

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  3. Splendid photo, Dan. It’s quiet, peaceful, yet just a little eerie. It’s the kind of scene where I can imagine Brother Love stopping to sit. He’d push his trilby hat back, twist the tuning knobs on that guitar that has an extra string and start singing “They’re Red Hot” in defiance of the cold fog.
    Hugs on the wing.

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