Here’s Your Hat – #SoCS

It’s the first Saturday of the year, and we’re changing it up just a bit for Linda G. Hill’s combo Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot January prompt:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘“ow.’ Find a word that contains ‘ow’ or use it as a word in your post. Have fun!”

I’m not sure about the rules today, but we are having fun.

If we were having a beer, we wouldn’t be having a beer.

“Hi Dan, you’re just in time to say goodbye.”

“What the… I’m on time. You’re leaving?”

“I am. My cousin is coming down from Massachusetts, and I need to get home.”

“You don’t normally like it when your family visits.”

“I don’t like it when my wife’s family visits. Some of my relatives are OK.”

“What makes this guy, if it is a guy, different?”

“He’s bringing steaks for me to grill.”

“Well then, off you go, enjoy the steak.”

“Thanks Dan. I’ll see you next week.”

“He’s done, he’s leaving, he settled his tab and he bought you a beer, Dan.”

“Wow! That was nice of him, Cheryl. Do you think there’s a Corona in the cooler that can find a lime?”

“I think I can dig one up.”

“This place is empty, what happened to your customers?”

“I guess everyone drank enough on Tuesday. Here’s your beer. I guess you’ll have to talk to me.”

“Have to? That’s great. I actually have a few questions for you.”


“Your blog. Why the move to Blogger?

“I have made some really great friends on WordPress in the nearly eight years that I have had my blog there; but technical difficulties, lack of the kind of support I need and too many changes in formatting just pushed me into the move.”

“It’s a big change. I know, I moved to WordPress from Blogger in two-thousand eleven.”

“I suppose I needed a change. I hope my friends will visit me there because I am still keeping up with everyone.”

“So, you’ve been there about a week, what do you think of the new place?”

“I like it although it is like moving into a new house. I am still moving things around and ‘decorating’ the space. I hope to make friends with the neighbors.”

“Speaking of new neighbors, Cheryl, this isn’t the only moving you’ve been doing. You have a lot on your plate.”

“I know. I’ve been so busy with moving and the new job I haven’t had a lot of time to think about blogging, let alone figure this all out.”

“Your combination of beautiful photos and lovely words has always been inspiring. I hope you’re not planning too many changes.”

“I don’t have a solid plan yet. But the site is very user friendly and feels more enjoyable exploring the possibilities. As always, the things I photograph inspire my thoughts and words so poetry is definitely in the plan.”

“So, you have a plan? Or do you just go with the flow?

“Honestly, most of my posts are inspired by life or experience or emotions of the day. Even those prompts that I participate in come from daily influences or excursions that really impressed me. That is why I often fall short on Thursday Doors. I just forget to photograph them. You’re the Doors man, Dan. Always something amazing.”

“Doors don’t move. You seem drawn to living things, Cheryl.”

“My favorite photo moments come from nature. Birds, lizards, bees, butterflies and snakes…whatever crosses my path. In Costa Rica we had the monkeys, sloths, dolphins and so many birds. I was a bit disillusioned when we first came back to the states. It seemed the technicolor effect had faded somehow. But nature is all around us and I get thrilled over everything. Even the tiniest bugs. There are so many parks here.”

“Don’t forget the seabirds, you know I like them.”

‘Being back near the ocean is perfect for all types of photography, including the birds. No winter animals, though. No mountain Lions, Buffalo or Reindeer here. For me the tradeoff works.”

“Well, if there’s anything I can do, let me know.”

“Thanks Dan. For a person like me with very loose tech expertise, I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. I think I need to get an order of wings to go, and maybe another Corona.”

“Wings? No problem, but that beer is on me…with a fresh, perfectly sized lime wedge.”

“Aw, thanks, Cheryl!”

“Cheers Dan!”

As you may have guessed, there were violations of the “no editing and limited planning” part of Linda’s rules. Some people asked about Cheryl’s recent move, and the bar seemed like a good place to answer those questions. Her latest post is over here.


  1. Maddie certainly seems to love her deck year round. :-) A move to Blogger is not something I’d consider because I do not want to learn a new platform, and I have trouble even commenting on a Blogger post. I don’t think it likes me. :-) Happy weekend, Dan.

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    • Maddie keeps tabs on her deck, Judy and lets us know when it’s a good time to sit. She likes it when the surface is warm.

      I was on Blogger for years. I don’t have any problems commenting, but I do stay logged into the (Google) account. There are some very good blogs on that platform.


        • No need to apologize, Robbie. Cheryl is both real and fiction. Normally, the bar conversation is a fictional event. Cheryl has long been a supporter. I put her behind the bar one week when I needed help with an idea and she provided the answer. She liked “being there” so it stuck.

          Since I wanted to help her with this move, I changed things up a bit this week. I should have announced that from the start.

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  2. I’m not familiar with Blogger. Blogspot drives me crazy because of the captchas so I hate visiting blogs there unless the blogger has turned the captcha off. Thanks for the update on Cheryl. Our son-in-law drinks beers with lime wedges in them but if you put the wedge in the bottle, you can’t recycle the bottle. 🤭😢

    Happy Saturday!


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    • Thanks Janet. Blogger / Blogspot are the same, Google’s blog platform. I haven’t seen a CAPTCHA at Cheryl’s place. I was on that platform for years. I wish they would make it easier to comment, but if you have an account (google, gmail, YouTube) it’s as easy to login as WordPress, and I haven’t experienced any login problems like I’ve had with WP. I literally only logged in once on each device and the login stated active throughout the year.

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    • BTW, the bar doesn’t bother to return the bottles for deposit. They say it costs more to separate the trash than its worth. They do recycle them.

      When I’m drinking Corona at home, I add a very nice lime juice. I don’t drink often enough at home (really) to keep fresh lime fresh enough.

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    • For people who don’t know how to get around blogspots insane ways of commenting (Google wants everyone to have their own account) it is annoying, and I move on. Cheryl has made that shift or they have made it easier, thank the heavens.

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      • WordPress really isn’t much different, Kate. If you don’t have an account, you either have to login each time either name and email or the blogger has to allow anonymous comments. A Google account can be the same as a gmail, YouTube, or google Docs account. I just stay logged in (which works really well). I follow a number of Blogger accounts, and commenting isn’t an issue. In fact, lately, it’s easier than the competition where I’ve had to log in repeatedly to reply to comments on my blog.


  3. 😀😀😀Thanks Dan. I think I can see your ‘retirement’ career in interviewing looming brightly on the horizon. I appreciate the plug and help getting my relocation known to everyone. So many have a,ready visited me there. It works for me because I am typically a Google gal anyway. Tons of my photos are stored in Gphotos from my time on Google+. I miss that space a lot. It was like Instagram on steroids. Lol. The only real problem I have remains my following people and it still shows me as my WP identity. Oh well, it will get worked out. The important thing is I am still following everyone and trying to post links.
    I enjoy your Winter photos but man, even those ducks look miserable. Lol Happy Saturday!

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    • You’re welcome Cheryl. I like having special guests at the bar, and you are special, so it seemed appropriate. I still have my NFUtility blog on Blogger. It had to be there because WP doesn’t support JavaScript. That might be a good thing in some cases. I hope to add a few more utilities, just to stay active with programming. Best wishes in the new place. I’ll keep a link for you at the bar.


  4. I added Cheryl to my WP Reader so I hope her blog will show up there. I am woefully behind in reading since the holidays.

    I love those cloud shots, Dan. The contrast against the ground is eye caching.

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  5. I subscribed to Cheryl’s new blog from the first link you gave us. Wouldn’t want to lose her!

    Love your “after the storm” photos. Yep, Maddie’s decks are all winners. I laughed seeing her stretched out on the step while her cot remains empty! I’m sorry the
    Sea Monster moved. It was perfect where it was.

    The “Mowers Ahead” sign is a hoot. It will likely get removed during mowing season! 😂😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • You’re a great blogging friend, Dan. Thanks for being on Cheryl’s support team! That deserves a free beer and pat on the back.

      I’d like to know how long Maddie allows you to sit outside. It looks like she was ready to sleep on those steps for hours. I hope you have something to do while you’re waiting for her to decide your fate. ;-)

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      • Thanks Mary.

        When we’re out, Maddie will take us over to “her porch” and get up on it to let us know that it’s dry and warm. She starts out in the cot, but she likes to lay on the step, with her back up against the riser. The Trex does get warm, so it must feel good. We were out about 45 minutes. I took my iPad. Sometimes, I take the paper or a book. Of course, we also take peanuts.

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    • Thanks for retrieving me, Pam. I saw the notice that you were “following” me and figured you were trying the drop-and-reconnect method of defying the WordPress gremlins.

      I’d never stand in between a man and a good steak ;-)


    • Thanks Lois. Maddie and I stayed out there about 45 minutes. I really did feel warm in the sun, although it was pretty cold. The deck surface gets warm, and she loves laying with her back up against something – it;s like an outdoor couch.


  6. Wow, Dan, I really enjoy your convo type posts like this one as well as all of your pictures. Yes, you took quite a few liberties with this one, but I really enjoyed it. You make dialogue look so easy! I will check out your friend’s blog and try to get to my JusJoJan post shortly. Happy Saturday!

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  7. Nice job on the prompt. Thanks for some info on Cheryl’s move and change to Blogger. I haven’t been able to leave a comment on her posts so I just comment on the emails that I get when she posts. The photos are terrific.

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  8. First off when I saw the title “Here’s Your Hat” my first thought was “Hold my beer”. Lol. I’ve lost it.

    As I read, I’m glad we got to hear from you and Cheryl. I can’t figured out Blogger but I think I’ve managed to bookmark her site. I can’t miss her pictures. In fact her little monkey badge for #1linerWeds. is one I still look at often. Cheers me right up if I’m outta sorts. Namaste.

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    • Thanks Jill. “Hold my beer” is a good response. I’m glad you’ve found Cheryl’s new place. Blogger is a little quirky, but I hope it works out for her. I do enjoy seeing her posts with only her pictures and not the ads that were being inserted. Her little monkey is pretty cute.

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  9. I only half took in your post because I spent the whole time while I was reading trying to figure out why you bolded “we” in the first sentence when it’s not an “ow”. Was it a test? Did I pass?

    Your caption on the mower sign photo made me lol.

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      • Yes – got it and I had a couple

        Blogs there and still have them up – and you mentioned 2011 in your post- right?

        Although I am
        A little confused. You have been doing the Beer SOC’s for a long time but I am not sure who Cheryl is and how she came to be the bartender – is she just a blogging friend or do you know her in some other way? And the editor – that is your wife, right? And she also has a blog?

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        • The editor is my wife, does not blog and, perhaps fortunately for me, does no comment on my blog.

          Cheryl is real. She and I met online in a writing group. She suggested a drink when I asked a question in the writing group do I put her behind the bar thst week. She liked it. We met in person a couple of years ago when I was in FL.

          BTW, lest you think I’ve been cheating, the bar posts started out separate from SoCS. I used to switch back and forth on Saturday’s.

          The bar post are mostly fiction, inspired by real events/conversations but are rarely replays of those conversations.

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          • Okay – I think I get it now – and I did know that the fictional bar posts were inspired by real events/conversations – and love how you smoothly combine them with the SOCs prompts.
            thanks fort the background info too

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  10. I already stopped by Cheryl’s blog, Dan, and made sure I was following. I know WP can be frustrating but I’ve learned just to roll with the punches. My latest beef is some of my fav blogs I become unfollowed by WP. Why this is I just don’t know. I know I’ve told you this before cuz yours has been one of those blogs. Just checked …. that green check mark is still there. YAY!

    Loved your two shots of the clouds. Gorgeous, Dan! And how you framed that duck in between those branches … very creative. And of course it wouldn’t be a complete gallery without at least Maddie in her beautiful coat. Speaking of …. so far we really don’t require all that heavy outerwear … snow has been on the light side and the cold … bearable. I hope I just did not jinx myself! If I could ONE thing more of it would be more sunshine.

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  11. I hate the block editor SO much, but not enough to leave. I may just install that plugin for the classic.
    I hope Cheryl’s blog goes well over there. I reckon I’ll visit.
    I have two cousins I adore. The rest? Meh. With regard to my husband’s family, I seem to like more people than he does. He knew all of them 15 years before I did, so maybe he’s hiding intel.
    Maddie really makes the most of the sun. She almost makes me want to tidy up my ugly wintertime porch. Almost.

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    • I’m still avoiding the block editor. I wouldn’t leave, but between that and the periodic problems liking and commenting, WP can bf a frustrating place. Maddie takes advantage of every warm sunny day. She’s very good about letting us know she thinks it’s warm enough to sit. It is kind of refreshing.

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  12. I wonder what would cause someone to move from one platform to another. It seems like so much trouble! I have not tried the block editor yet. Waiting until I absolutely have to.

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    • WordPress is really beating up the free blogs with ads. Mid-year, they started inserting the ads in the middle of the blog content. Prior to that, the ads were on the side or at the top or bottom. I know that was part of the issue.

      The block editor, in my opinion, isn’t ready for prime time. Formatting is still unreliable and many options we enjoy today are not available, or require you to employ a work-around. This is challenging for someone lie Cheryl who writes poetry and combines it with images.


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