Getting Along – #SoCS #JusJoJan

It’s Saturday and we’ve retreated to the bar to enjoy some civilized conversation and to attempt to deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, which is also for her Just Jot January prompt (for today). The prompt Linda has given us requires a bit of reorganization from the normal No Facilities approach. You see:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘the first 3 words of the first full sentence.’ Okay, follow me here. This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun”

I’m reading several books, but the closest one is the Kindle (app) version of “Speak Flapper – Slang of the 1920s” by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene. To approximate randomness in an eBook, I let my fingers do the walking across my iPad until the pages stared flying by and I touched the screen to make it stop. It stopped on H – Hats (which I like). So, if we were having a beer, we’d have to figure this out.

“People used to…”

“Aw, David, you’re not going to start grumbling about grammar and words and phrases, are you?”

“I was simply going to say that people used to know how to park.”

“I take it you’re talking about the pickup spread across three spaces in the lower lot.”

“Hey guys, ix-nay on the uck-tray. That’s the owner’s.”

“Well then please tell him that he’s buying us our first round, Cheryl. If anyone should have to park on the street, it should be him.”

“He’s already in a bad mood, the roof in the dining room is leaking. We had to close off several tables.”

“All the more reason to keep his bar customers happy. Snap to it, girl.”

“Um, David, I wouldn’t talk to Cheryl like that.”

“Oh, right. My apologies, Cheryl. I didn’t mean to take out my frustration on you.”

“It’s OK, David. But it’s gonna cost you two cherries.”

“She’s kidding. I think she’s kidding, Dan. What do you think? She’s kidding, right?”

“I’m just glad I’m having a beer.”

“And that beer has found her lime, Dan. David, some John Howell’s Bourbon for you. I’ll be back with the rest.”

“Cheer’s Dan.”


“Are you still keeping up with the technical stuff, now that you’ve retired?”

“I’m trying to, David, but things move pretty fast.”

“Still, I’m sure you read the news.”

“I do. This week it’s all about the consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.”

“Isn’t that where the self-driving car ran over the robot last year?”

“The very same show.”

“I guess, for that robot, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.”

“Ha, swept to the curb, but I guess you’re right.”

“So, what’s the hot new thing for twenty-twenty?”

“Samsung unveiled a twenty-four-foot TV.”

“Twenty – four – feet?”

“Yes. They’re calling it ‘The Wall’ – ‘cuz everything in Vegas needs a snappy name.”

“Even if it means ripping off Pink Floyd?”

“Even if…”

“Sorry I’m late with the seltzer and the ice, David.”

“That’s OK, Cheryl. I’ve seen you running around. Is everyone on edge because the boss is here?”

“He’s gone, but we’re trying to figure out where to put people. We have a bunch of reservations tonight.”

“Don’t bring them in here.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just mean, don’t bring disgruntled people into the bar.”

“Actually, we have some empty tables in here, David.”

“OK, they can sit here. They can eat and drink, but don’t let them pick TV channels.”

“I’ll tell them they have to clear any requests through you.”


“Yes, Dan.”

“I hate to break it to you, but the Patriots aren’t playing tonight.”

“Neither are the Steelers – that’s not the point.”

“There’s a point to this?”

“Yes. There are bar people and there are dining room people.”

“I get it.”

“Listen guys, if we have to move folks in here from the dining room, let’s all try to get along.”

“Good point, Cheryl. In fact, that would be good advice outside this bar.”

“I knew you were a good man, David.”

“You’re very perceptive, Cheryl.”

“All in a day’s work for a bartender. By the way, here are your cherries.”

“See Dan, I knew she was kidding.”


  1. Morning Mumu (and Dan.)

    In tech news (or perhaps it’s automotive news, but who knows these days?) I hear that Sony has announced that they are building an electric car. A computer on wheels, with the best entertainment in town.

    Not sure what to think about that… but that’s where I landed after reading your SOC.

    Hat’s off to you on this Saturday.

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    • Thanks Maggie. The stuff they’re planning for cars is both amazing and a little scary. The entertainment industry wants to be ready when self-driving cars hit the road. Definitely not your father’s Oldsmobile.

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    • Thanks! Smokey is just the cutest thing. We have a bunch of them in the neighborhood, but we haven’t had one in our yard for a while. I saw one last week so I hope he’s / she’s moving back.

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    • I think we’re also getting rain, Judy. But we’re going to try to get out ahead of it, if Maddie wakes up. I don’t have a room nearly big enough for a tv that size. They say, if 24’ is too big, you can drop down to 18, 14 or even settle for a mere 11’. You might need two of those.

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  2. “People used to”……there’s enough fodder there for ten blogs!!

    LOVE MuMu’s face in that photo! And MiMi, while her eyes are open, looks like she’s still sleeping! Of course our girl Maddie is tucked up close to Dad. Best seat in town!

    Glad to see the black squirrels are back. They are so beautiful. As are the geese on the ice. Hope they found enough to eat.

    A 24′ tv?!! Why? 😳🙄
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I have no idea why we need a 24’ tv. Unless it’s for a big bar on Super Bowl Sunday.

      MiMi wasn’t awake when I tried to take that picture. I wanted to get her leg sticking out, but I woke her up in the process. Not a happy cat.

      MuMu has been visiting the shelf above my desk a little more often. She doesn’t like me taking pictures, but I manage to sneak some in.

      Smokey Squirrel and his family seem to be back in the area. I’ve seen him once running along our fence.

      I hope you have a nice warm, albeit wet weekend.

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  3. A 24 foot TV? I’d be happy with a 60″, but I suppose that’s for businesses and people with their own basement theater or monstrous living rooms. I gave up trying to know all the current tech stuff because it’s too much to comprehend and changes in an instant. Or perhaps I’m simply glad that I know how to use the laptop and smart phone to a degree that suits my purpose. Whatever. I’d rather try to get along with people than current technobabble that makes me go “huh?”

    Have a marvelous weekend, Dan, and make sure you cheer extremely loud for the Packers tomorrow night. I thought we were going to see the aftermaths of a snowstorm at Lambeau, but the forecast has gone from 12″ two days ago to practically nothing this morning. Good thing I didn’t get around to writing a SoCS post that would have started with “Sudden snow blew…”

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    • Thanks Mary. My dream TV is much much smaller. Technology is changing faster and faster. Staying current is likely a losing battle.

      The Packers are my favorite team in the mix. I can only imagine an NFC Championship game between you guys and the Vikings. I doubt they will survive SanFran, but…

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  4. I love the shot of the Canada Geese. They are a favorite of mine. I love it. Restaurant people and bar people. So true. And, just between us, I give that suggestion a lot in my real life. Before going to an event, going to the grocery store, going to a family reunion…😉I hope you have a great weekend. I must be off to take care of this prompt. I have been slacking due to work madness and night exhaustion. Stay tuned…

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  5. Great photos! I especially like the Canadian geese on the ice. Thank you for trying to teach David some manners. Cheryl handled that better than I might have. “I’ll tell them they have to clear any requests through you.” And then you distracted him. Well done!

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    • Thanks JoAnna. The geese looked like they weren’t quite sure what happened to their pond. We had a quick couple of cold days. I’m sure the pond is flowing again, as it hit 60f here today. We like to keep Cheryl busy.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I see so many people that park badly in this lot. The lot I use only has four spaces on each side. When you get out, you can clearly see if your not inside the lines. I wasn’t planning to write about this topic today, but that opening line send me in a different direction – that’s the fun part of SoCS.

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  6. People used to … oh wow that could be an infinite can of worms. I could think of at least one or two. Looks like you are colder then we are here. Sixties today, believe it or not. Loved your gallery and I love the way you include your fur kids. They are so special!!
    Back in the day when …. I was a cocktail waitress, there were tables in the bar area that at times people sat at to eat due to no room in the dining room. We who worked in the bar dreaded those people. We did not like serving food. Hence, we were cocktail waitresses and bartenders for a reason. (smile)

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    • Thanks Amy. We were in the 60s today. The pond pictures were taken on Tuesday. I usually eat in the bar when traveling, but there is something different about the people who “have to” eat in the bar. I think many of them stat out disappointed and it shows. We are very protective of the bartenders, I’ve seen some of the regulars spout off to an abusive customer. Come to think of it, I’ve done that myself.

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      • YAYAY for those protective regulars. Some people can be really nasty when they drink. Good for you for being one of them. We had those too. Someone would get out of hand …. it was taken care of. (smile) You get to be “family” …. bartenders, waitresses and regulars.

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  7. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a frozen pond. Delaware had frozen ponds every winter. North Carolina doesn’t know what they are. I miss skating across the pond with my brothers. It was always scary for me though, especially when it would crack.That’s usually when we got off.

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  8. OMG! Gadzooks! I’m honored that you used “Speak Flapper” to get your writing prompt Dan. Heck, I’m honored that it was that close at hand. And the photo of the page (and cover) looks fabulous! Okay, I’m giddy. Thank you.
    You made a fun post from it.
    Great gallery too. I particularly love the shots of the dam and the plane, oh and the gorgeous portrait of Smokey. LOL, and MuMu has the most adorable smug expression. Happy weekend hugs.

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    • The book just got here, Teagan so I’ve been thumbing through it. There are so many great words and a good deal of history. It’s a fun read, that’s for sure. I took screenshots from the Kindle version for the pictures here. The three-word prompt changed the way this post went, but that’s the fun part of SoCS.

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  9. Pig Latin. We used to have lots of fun with it. Self-driving cars? Not all-in with them but that poor robot! As for the TV size, that’s obscene. (Bit certainly seen.) At our house we’re not fans of Alexa and her like or Ring, et al. Too much chance of hacking. We’re staying old-school as long as possible.

    Love the past shot. 🥰

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  10. My husband and his friend spent a day and a half at the Consumer Electronics Show a couple of days ago. He said that four days wouldn’t have been enough to see everything. Fortunately, he didn’t come home with a 24′ TV. If he could have fit it in his backpack (he saw TVs that rolled out and folded up) I’d be looking for a spot for it now… maybe on our roof.

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    • That’s a good idea, Laura. I can ignore it when it’s a supermarket or a store like Home Depot, but this lot only has eight spaces and some portion of this truck was in three of them!


  11. Gorgeous reflection photos! Also, cute critters :)
    I love that bit about bar people and dining room people.
    I used to think our televisions, especially the bedroom one, were too huge, but as I get older, umm, it’s nice. LOL I don’t know that I’ll get old/blind enough to need The Wall. I do prefer my walls be of the Pink Floyd type ;)

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