Gnats Goldfish & Squirrels – #SoCS #JusJoJan

Here we are at another multi-purpose Saturday. We’re going to gather at the bar, and work on Linda’s Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts. I rarely watch movies, and yet:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘movie title.’ Take the title of the last movie you watched (just the title, not the premise of the movie), and base your post on that title. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be trying to give me a tip.

“Here he, I mean they come, Cheryl.”

“Hi Dan. Can I assume the reason you’re running late has something to do with Faith being here?”

“It does, Cheryl, but I wouldn’t want to suggest that it’s her fault.”

“That’s because you’re here Faith. If you had gone home, he’d be throwing you under the bus.”

“David! You know that isn’t true. Faith, that isn’t true. Your dad always has nice things to say about you. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Do you have any porters on tap?”

“No, sorry. We do have Audacity Imperial Brown Ale. You want a taste?”


“Here ya go.”

“Oh, that’s awful. Can I have a Blue Moon?”

“Sure. Corona for you, Dan?”

“Of course.”

“So, where were you two? I’ll bet your dad dragged you to see ‘1917.’ Is that it, Faith? I know he’s a big war buff.”

“No, David. We went to the Wood Working show at the Big-E.”

“Have you seen ‘1917’ Dan?”

“No. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in years, David.”

“Well, this one is good, but they could have told the story in much less time.”

“One Blue Moon, One Corona, orange slice, lime wedge, and, no offense intended, but Dan could tell most of his stories in much less time. Why would that bother him?”

“Ouch, Cheryl.”

“Um, dad, she’s got you on that one. I mean, you’re One-Liner Wednesday posts are usually several hundred words.”

“That’s because the one-liner often needs the backstory to put it in context.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like them, but…”

“But you go on and on, my young friend.”

“Like the movie?”

“Exactly. I mean it’s two guys, running through the trenches to warn a group of men that they are walking into an ambush. One of them gets killed on the way. Mission accomplished. Done.”

“So, David, about a fifteen-minute short film?”

“It wouldn’t even take that long, Faith. They told the whole story in the trailer. *”

“I saw that trailer. I guess I’m good.”

“So why don’t you go to movies, Dan?”

“I don’t have the attention span to sit quietly in a theater for over an hour.”

“Do you watch them at home?”

“Not usually.”

“What’s the last movie you watched?”

“It’s a Wonderful Life.”

“You haven’t watched a movie since you were living with your mom?”

“No, I watched it during the holidays.”

“OK, what did you watch before that?”

“A Christmas Carol.”

“Oh for the love, Dan. Now you’re forcing me to ask which version?”


“Excuse me Faith?”

“Sorry, but the Muppet version is the best. The holiday season doesn’t start until I see the Muppet Christmas Carol.”

“Is that your favorite, too, Dan?”

“No, I prefer the version with George C. Scott.”

“General George. Talk about a long movie, ‘Patton’ was almost three hours long.”

“Yeah, but that’s a great movie, David.”

“Maybe you would like ‘1917’ Dan.”

“I doubt it. Patton was like four movies in one, Patton in Africa, Patton in Italy, Patton in France and Patton at the Battle of the Bulge.”

“Did he make you watch that as a kid, Faith?”

“Oh yes. And, the music playlist we start our trips to Pittsburgh with, opens with the theme from that movie.”

“You’re kidding. Wait, of course you aren’t. OK, how about the wood working things?”

“All good.”

“All? Is that why you were late, there was more than one show?”

“Just one show, David, but afterwards we stopped at Harbor Freight and WoodCraft.”

“I see, tools on display – the show that never ends.”

“Aw, now you have that song stuck in my head.”



“Dan, how does someone with the attention span of a gnat manage to listen to Emerson Lake and Palmer?”

“Music is different.”

“Music is different, David. You boys want another round?”

“I’ll have another Corona, Cheryl, and I need to get some food to go.”

“Bang bang.”


“The special today is Bang Bang Eggrolls.”

“Just what Dan needs.”

“I’ll give them a try, Cheryl, and add…”

“An order of chickpea salad.”

“Is that for mom?”

“No, Faith. Your father gets an order to go every week. For himself.”

“I split it with mom.”

“It really is a wonderful life.”

* I must acknowledge one edit, the indicated line was supplied after this post was written, by Bradley Lewis. The gallery has a few random pictures from the week that was. Hopefully, you all remember that Cheryl has set up shop in a new location, and if EL&P got stuck in your head, drop down below the gallery.


  1. It must have been fun to have Faith visit and make the woodworking rounds. You didn’t say if you bought any new tools. :-) That was an interesting take out order because I’ve never had either item. As highly technical as you are, I was surprised you still read a print paper. The only time I read a print paper is when I stay at a hotel. :-) 1917 got good reviews, and I was seriously considering it until a male friend down here saw it and thought it was dragged out way too long and not believable. I go to the movies about once a year so I guess I’ll have to look for another one for 2020. :-) Looks like Maddie is going to need a coat for her walk today.

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    • Disappearing behind a printed page is one of the small non-technical joys In life, Judy. I do read a lot online, but I enjoy real books and a real newspaper.

      We bought a few little things at the show and again at the store. We checked out some equipment for the new shop that will result from my project to partition the back of the garage. Until that’s done, I’m trying not to add any large items.

      The egg rolls were interesting. The crunch of the cabbage was a nice touch. I would get these again. The chickpea salad has become a favorite, which is weird, since I’ve hated chickpeas all my life.

      Maddie and I will take a short walk, cross it off the list and come back to get warm.

      Have a great weekend!

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      • I would love a real newspaper… it is part of the Sunday ritual. But the Oregonian is the Worst. Paper. Ever. So online news with WAPO and so forth is my news. I rad books, but it depends on my stress levels. I used to hate violent movies but l I’ve made my way through the Closer and Blue Bloods and I encourage everyone to die…. Big stress reliever!

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  2. I loved all my tool trips with my dad, Dan. I also love tools. A visit to Harbor Freight is often my idea. Great post today. Always fun to read when Faith tags along. Photos are great as always. How were the egg rolls?

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    • Those egg rolls were great, Maggie, I like things with a little crunch. Rice and cabbage seems an odd mix, but it was good.

      Faith and I like wondering through tool stores and wood racks, where we imagine what could be made.

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  3. How many tools did you and Faith buy? You can’t go to a woodworking show, then to Harbor Freight, without buying a tool or two. Or are you good window shoppers?

    I love to watch a good movie, but I don’t make it to the theater as often as I’d like. Missed the Harriet Tubman movie because I got busy and then it was out of the theaters. At one point, Natasha and I were going to the video store on Friday nights and getting movies for the weekend, but that has also gone by the wayside, along with the stop at the pizza place for a glass of wine. Bummer.

    Hope you don’t get buried by snow, but I would guess that Maddie is going to be mixed up after two days of glorious sun and warmth on her porch.

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    • We bought little things. We are scoping out the additions to my shop to be made once I complete the renovations in the spring. Right now, anything I add is one more thing that will have to be moved out of and back into the shop.

      Maddie has been mixed up since we got her ;) She’s been seriously mixed up now that I’m not going to work. I hope to get her out for a short walk today. She has been tricking us into sitting with her during the week. There’s a point most days when the sun is just right and the steps are warm enough.

      The snow looks to be in the 3″ – 7″ range. I want enough to justify using the machine, and I want it to stay snow, so the machine will be effective. No rain and NO ICE on top of snow, please.

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      • I hear you about not buying and moving another piece of equipment. And it appears that spring will bring plenty of opportunities for more of those “Norm” handyman posts.

        Give Maddie a pet for me. I hope you get that walk in before the snow hits. Just snow. The other stuff can take its own walk in the other direction.

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  4. Your title intrigued me and I wondered what movie had that title? :-) Ah, well, it’s early and I still haven’t eaten. Just doing this and looking at the snow, wishing it hadn’t gotten icy overnight and will probably be melting soon. The thought of those egg rolls is making me hungry, so I’d probably better rustle up some grub (to quote from a number of old Westerns). That’s rustle grub vs. rustling cattle, although some rustled cattle might have turned into grub (but not grubs, at least initially.)

    OK. That does it. Off for a bit of breakfast. Have a wonderful Saturday, Dan, and oh, yes. What sort of bar doesn’t have porter on tap in winter?????


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  5. Wow, that was an awesome response to the prompt, however, I need to vent about your choice of song for the ELP video…I mean to give my opinion. I cannot stand that particular song but that’s a story for another time…My personal choice would have been From the Beginning. It’s an epic and one of me and my hubby’s favorites of all time! I think the last movie I saw was at home during the holidays as well, it was a new twist on the classic Christmas Carol that Netflix put out.

    For your listening pleasure!

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    • I knew that song might meet some resistance, but it popped into my head as soon as I wrote that line. From the Beginning is s very good song. I was a huge fan of EL&P. I saw them in concert twice in the 70s and they opened with this song. Thanks for the link.

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  6. You have way too many good things in this SOCS. Give your several gold stars for the day. Or Coronas if that is preferred. Those flight shots are great. We are dealing with rain on top of frozen rain today. If it were not a granddaughter weekend that might be an option. Then again granddaughter weekends Are the preferred option.

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  7. My favorite version of a Christmas Carol is the one with George C. Scott too. How have I not seen the Muppet version with two kids, and now 2 grand-children?!

    The Bang Bang eggrolls look good, and the in-flight shots of the gull are great!

    I subscribed to the paper newspaper for me and the online version for He-Man. Our paper here is barely 30 pages long. Perfect for me! It hasn’t landed in a bush yet, but you never know. 😀 Stay warm!

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    • Thanks Deborah. They rarely air the George C. Scott version, but it’s on YouTube. The Muppet version is good, Faith swears by it. I sometimes read the online edition, but I prefer the paper edition of our local paper. I read one national paper online, and I read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette News Slide app. Between those and the blogs I follow, that’s enough online reading.

      The eggrolls were very good. I really liked the addition of the cabbage.


  8. Such a great choice, Faith–the Muppets! I don’t go to the movie theatre, either. Just cannot do it–plus the senior discount (ask for it, Dan!) is way to pricey!! ELP–I remember seeing them in NJ–they were fantastic. They were the first to introduce the Moog, weren’t they? The newspaper–we get it delivered only on the weekends. The rest of the week I read it online. But the hunt is always on Saturday morning. Where’s the paper? Under the car, on the sidewalk, on the grass, in the garden….take your pick. Enjoy your weekend, Dan.

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    • If anyone talks me into going to a theater, Lois, I will ask for the discount. I believe Keith Emerson was the first to use the Moog, and he even helped design the 2nd generation. I saw them twice in Pittsburgh. They were so good.

      Back when you actually paid the paperboy every week, we had one who threw the paper in the bushes. When he came to collect, my dad told my mother, “I’ll get this.” He got the little tickets, wadded up a few bills and tossed them in the bushes.

      I hope you have a good rest of the weekend. We’re waiting for the snow to start.

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  9. Always a great time for all when Faith visits!! Clearly the two of you were in tool heaven! I love the way Maddie turned her face to the camera so we didn’t just see Faith!

    You know, those ducks have been doing the Polar Plunge long before the crazy humans started doing it. Lol.

    Those “in flight” photos are incredible.

    Hope Maddie gets her walk in, but I’m not so sure about a ‘sit’! It’s cold out there!

    I had a good laugh at your new newspaper coop! I don’t think your paper carrier will be signing up for a baseball team as a pitcher any time soon! 😂😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. We keep trying to get a good picture of Faith and Maddie. “Face the camera, Maddie. Look at dad, Maddie…” They are quite the pair. When Faith is here, Maddie basically says “you guys can leave now” to me and the Editor.

      The gull was buzzing about, almost teasing me to try and get a shot of him. We did go for a short walk. I don’t think we’ll be sitting – I know I won’t be.

      I hope you’re ready for whatever comes our way today.


  10. Up to a visit of my sister I had not been in a movie theater since I lost a loafer that got stuck to the floor in dried soda on my way to the seat. (That was in the ’70s) I didn’t miss the disguised “sneeze” swear words or the Jujubees on my pants. I really didn’t miss the talking and narrative of the folks behind me. So when we went to see Midway I was expecting the worst. (Our dad was a naval aviator who served on the Lexington in WWII. He was still in training when the Battle of Midway took place but saw plenty of action after.) The producer ordered the tickets online and got us seats in handicapped. (which we are). The seats reclined and we were very comfortable. Since we were sitting in the handicapped section, everyone avoided us like the plague. All in all a great experience. Enjoyed your use of the prompt and the terrific photos. Always nice to see Faith as well.

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  11. My favorite “Christmas Carol” is the one with Alastair Sim.

    “Patton” was, and still is, high on my list of favorite movies.

    Did you ever get all the way through “Tarkus”?


  12. Oh gads I hated Patton. Best nap ever!
    This was a good ramble through the bar… I like it when Faith visits!
    I’m with you on sitting in moviehouses now… plus peeps don’t realize they are not at home and talk loudly! Last movie I saw in a theater was the Lord of the Rings… which I also didn’t like, though I’ve read the book twice.
    Tonight Chinese, thanks to you making me want eggrolls!

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  13. Fun history note, the Patton speech at the beginning is an actual speech Patton would give. Read an article about it a few years back, don’t know that anyone ever wrote the entire thing down, but someone got it in shorthand and the movie version is pretty close to the real thing.

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  14. Oh, Dan, I howled at certain parts of this. The words … offense intended, but Dan could tell most of his stories in much less time…. anyone who reads your post knows this is absolute truth. Sorry. No offense from me either. And when you said you have the attention span of a gnat, I howled. Why? Cuz I live with someone just like you and he drives me nuts.

    I’ll share and it will be the short version. I had a hair appt. Hubby wanted to drive me due to BAD WEATHER predictions which never manifested. When he pulled up to the full glass front of the salon, he made sure to call me on my cell to let me know he was here (DUH!) and because of the message behind the call …. come on, let’s go. I’m here! LOL I told my hair dresser and the owner he has the patience of a gnat and all laughed. I get it. LOL

    Hands down my fav picture is of Faith with Maddie. Awwwwww …… How sweet!!!

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  15. I feel the same way about going to a movie theater. Seems like a waste of a couple of hours. Even when I watch a movie at home I’m doing something else at the same time. Have a great weekend Dan. Sounds like you’ve made a great start of it.

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  16. If you’re only going to watch a couple of movies, those are sure good ones. Quality is always more important that quantity. I haven’t seen the Muppet Christmas Carol, but I like to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” at least once a year. The chick pea salad looks good.

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    • Thanks JoAnna. I have hated the taste / consistency of chicpeas ever since I was a kid. I used to get this salad from my wife. She had me try it one day, and I just love it. I get a side of it every time we get take out from this place.

      “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a good movie. It always helps to reset my perspective.

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  17. Okay, even though my mind is mush after working the home show all day on the wind, talking my mouth off, I have to snap to and address a few things here. First, thank you once again for the link and mention for my new digs. I have sorely neglected my new place this past week. Secondly, I may have to revolt and use this prompt tomorrow even though it will be expired. Thirdly, I love your posts even with all the details one might need to disarm a nuclear weapon…with two rocks, a twig and some dental floss. Lol. Every word has value. Fourth, my fave version of A Christmas you might well remember…is the one with Alistair Sim. George C Scott stars in my favorite version of Jane Eyre. I have never watched It’s a Wonderful Life again. It broke my heart so much throughout. Fifth. Bad porter? How sad. Sixth..hi Faith and Maddie! .Seventh…my Dad always made me watch Bridge Over the River Kwai. I still try to whistle that tune..unsuccessfully. Bang Bang Chicken eggrolls? Yuuuuummm….

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  18. It’s always fun when Faith comes to visit. I was curious to see what the movie would be, Dan. I don’t watch many actual movies either (and never at the theater — for some reason I almost always get a migraine…doesn’t matter what kind of movie either). I’m still not sure if I’ve watched a whole one since I re-watched Kurt Russell in “The Christmas Chronicles” over the holidays. Meanwhile Internet problems (that never really went away) have gotten a lot worse this weekend… fun fun fun.
    Stay warm. Hugs.

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  19. I love how Maddie looks so happy to see Faith! Bang bang eggrolls – with a beer chaser. Dang, now I’m hungry and thirsty – but thanks, I’ll run with it – it’s just in time for me to get ready to watch the football games! Cheers to you and your wonderful life :-)

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  20. Great tune! I want to eat bang bang chicken fings! And I love chickpeas, all things chickpeas.
    On A Christmas Carol, I must agree with Faith — the Muppet version is the only one I think I could sit through again. One of those “too many” things from childhood. It’s a Wonderful Life is grand, tho, and true a statement as well.

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    • Thanks Joey! The bang bang chicken egg rolls were really good. I would order them again for sure. It was the cabbage that put them over the top.

      You’re in good company choosing the Muppet version. I do not like all things chickpeas. In fact, I can’t stand most chickpea things, but this salad is remarkable. The peas are small and so many other good things in there.

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  21. I loved this week at the bar! Well, I’m a week late with mountains of January school work. Apologies, Dan. anyway, I was right with you with the war movies, and the Christmas movies. I haven’t seen 1917, but I saw Midway. Love the photo of Faith and Maddie!


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