That Was Fun – #1LinerWeds

Linda G. Hill has given us the opportunity to reflect on the blog-thingie known around the world as Just Jot January. I’m taking her up on that offer, because I was more successful this year than in every previous year. JusJoJan really isn’t designed for me. I don’t like posting every day, and I really don’t like posting more than once a day.

The way I used to participate was to wrap my regular four posts around the JusJoJan prompt word. That didn’t always work well. Then there would always be one or two prompt words that inspired me to write an additional post. Then there was the prompt word that I provided – I mean, I had to write something for that one. Then there was WATWB, and I’d have a week where I’d posted six days in a row and I’d be cranky.

This year, I had an idea. I decided that, on the days I didn’t want to write and publish a blog post, I would just leave a comment on Linda’s blog. The comment would be my Jot. In my first attempt, I asked Linda if a Jot Comment counted as a jot, and she said yes. So, my one-liner is:

“Thanks Linda! – for allowing Just Jot January by Comment – JusJoJanByCo”

(The acronym is not official).

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s other fun prompt, One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Just a few furry buds today.


  1. Wait. I didn’t know a comment was an option. 😩I managed about half the month.
    Your kitty is right. Bask in some sunshine. Maddie and that squirrel look like a Peaceable Kingdom poster. 😉 yay for longer days. 👏🏻👏🏻

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    • I didn’t either until I tried it. I left a jot-comment and asked Linda if it counted. She said yes. I left about 6-8 jot comments. Next year, it will be my go-to method. It’s so much easier than planning a second post or working the jot prompt into something like the Thursday Doors post.

      Unfortunately for MuMu, the next few days include clouds, rain and wintery mix. Sorry kitty.


  2. I would have participated in JusJotJan had I known I could simply make a comment on Linda’s blog post. Otherwise, daily blogging not happening…

    Enjoy your Wednesday, Dan, and make sure you take note of MuMu’s example in regard to a nap. Or do it for me – the one who can’t sleep at her desk. :-p

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    • Good one, Pam. Either that or trying to remember the last time I reached up and scratched her. She seems to feel that, if I’m going to be in such close proximity to her shelf, I should at least do something useful.

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  3. ahh cats and sunshine. we have neither here on the winter shores of lake erie. we were down in columbus this past weekend. our son’s cat who usually runs away refused to get up from the square of sunshine. there is a plethora and a bounty of gloom here this morning. that lying so and so of a groundhog said spring would be early… oh am i getting catty this morning ? sorry it must have been something betty said… or was about to do…

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    • Thanks Lois. The kitty girls always seem to have a message for me. We’re all still trying to adapt to my being here so much. Mostly, their message seems to be “don’t you have somewhere to go?”

      Linda says I didn’t break any rules, so I’m good ;-)

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  4. I like how you admitted to the cranky mode of writing too many posts. It’s a real feeling that I know I’ve felt. I’m much happier when I don’t post as often. Your furry pictures are adorable – I bet Maddie is anxious for the Spring and you two sitting out on the deck more often. Thanks for sharing a smile for Wednesday and encouragement to share a jot on Linda’s page!!

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    • Thanks Shelley. Maddie takes us to the deck every day she thinks it’s warm enough to sit. Now, I think she factors in the fact that we can put her coat on. She seems to like that.

      The four posts I routinely do feel good, like comfortable shoes. When I do a prompt or challenge that involves a 5th post, it starts to seem like work.

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  5. Hey! What a great idea! Maybe I should have tried that instead of posting every day, however, doing so got me to a goal and that was important for me. Maybe next year if she does the challenge I will employ more “jots” than full posts, we will see. It’s cold, wet, and gloomy here today as well, a perfect day for writing and reading if I don’t get interrupted that is. Wish me luck!!


  6. MiMi and MuMu aren’t going to let you get away with bothering them too often. Although retirement is still new to you, it’s old hat to them by now, so beware where you focus your camera!

    Love the photo of Maddie and Sammy. Maddie is such a good girl! That’s how Murphy is with the bunnies….she goes about her business and ignores them. But not the dog next door! Lol.

    Some crummy weather days coming up. I bet Maddie is already planning all those hours on the couch with dad!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie and I walked yesterday and today, and we sat yesterday. I think that might have to carry her until Saturday – the weather is not looking good.

      MuMu has been more “comfortable” coming into the room while I’m at my desk. She might be nervous but the lure of that sunny shelf is too powerful. Of course, I understand that my role is to scratch her until she settles down for a nap.

      Our neighbor’s dog has nabbed a few bunnies over the years. We try to warn them, and we try not to scare them into that yard. Some come to understand that Maddie is no threat, but the current one is skittish.

      I hope the wet rest of the week is good.


  7. I didn’t participate in the January challenge for the same reason you mentioned, Dan. I didn’t want to post every day. I should have read the fine print (or been creative like you)!

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  8. Maybe I will participate in JusJoJan again when IIIII am retired, or maybe when the kids move out. I did it 5 or 6 years, I had a good run!
    Kitties and dog are always good for a small jot :)

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