I Can Cure That – #1Liner Weds

Between the low temps and the gray skies, it’s been a good few days to find good work inside. One of the things I’ve been doing is organizing photos. That job is every bit as tedious as it sounds. I’ve been at my desk on cloudy days and I’ve been sharing my desk on sunny days. On sunny days, I’ve been informed, MuMu has first rights to that space.

One afternoon last week, my right shoulder started to bother me. I’ve had some issues with this shoulder in the past. I have exercises to do for it and I have Voltarin. I joked that maybe my shoulder hurt because I was reaching up to scratch MuMu so often. MuMu, on the other hand seems to be saying:

“Your shoulder hurts because you’re not scratching me enough!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I see that WP still doesn’t want me to ‘like’ anything and forces me to sign in EVERY SINGLE TIME. Can they be any more annoying?

    It’s a pleasure to see the sun on the rare occasions it has shown itself this winter. I think MuMu has the right idea to find a sunny spot for dozing.

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  2. I love editing and organizing photos. My problem is feeling like I shouldn’t be spending so much time doing it. 😏
    The kitties definitely have that ‘scratch deprived’ look. 😉
    Sorry Bout your shoulder. I have that problem too. Too many years refracting and now holding electronic devices. Diclofenac oral meds or gel work well. Enjoy every lovely sunset you can, Dan. 😊

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    • I enjoy editing. photos, but organizing them got away from me, and now I have a backlog to process. It’s a bit too much like my old job for me to enjoy it. I think it will be better once I start seeing some results.

      Voltaren is a brand of Diclofenac in gel form. It works and it doesn’t have the side effects the oral NSAIDs do.

      As for MuMu being scratch-deprived…um, that’s just not the truth. But she tells that story all over the house.


  3. Good thing I had a big cup of coffee after reading through three posts. :-) Organizing photos is a job, takes time, and I’m never sure I’m better off when I’m done. Tell me how you are doing yours. I also read about the Voltaren which was something I didn’t know about, and I laughed out loud at the knife in the foot. Not really funny, but the story was so true about our childhood years. Today it would result in first responders, child welfare, a lawyer to sue the neighbor and the child’s family, a post on FB that went viral, and a go fund me page to provide medical/legal/educational assistance. Now, I need another cup of coffee. :-) By the way, snow flurries are in the forecast down here. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. And thanks for traipsing through the archives. The knife in the foot incident – today? Oh, you are so right. There would be so many unnecessary repercussions. Voltaren has been a godsend. It’s the only relief I can turn to, and it works so well for me. My old doctor was a bit finicky about prescribing it. My new one is a believer and she’ll write a script as soon as I run out.

      I am working toward back-filling my photo stream on Flickr. It’s going to take time, but I love the flexibility of being able to search by keyword from anywhere, and the ease with which I can share photos. I’m hoping to make some progress and write about this for Monday. Stay tuned.

      I’m jealous that you’re going to see snow. Nothing but rain for us, and nothing in the forecast.

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  4. Oh Dan, the photo project. Something I also need to do, but it will have to wait for retirement.

    MuMu is so sweet, but she knows what she wants and that is to be brushed! Never mind your shoulder, go brush her!

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    • I think I might have gotten a more sympathetic reply at 4:00 am if Gibbs was smacking your face, Mary ;) At first, she was scared to be on the shelf with me down below. Now, I’m like the built-in scratch-a-matic.

      I gave up trying to get after these photos while I was still working. I’ve put it off for 3 months of retirement. It’s time :(

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  5. I think joint pain is a common complaint of anyone over 50. If you find something, anything, that relieves the discomfort, if only for a while, you’ve struck gold!!

    I love the way cats and dogs gravitate to sunshine reflected through a window. And then they follow it across the room!!

    MiMi and MuMu will be glad to see more and more sunshine coming through those windows as spring approaches. I don’t think MuMu will accept a ‘sore shoulder’ as a valid reason to not brush her and give her scratchies!!

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. In reviewing my contract with MuMu, I don’t see anything about vacation or sick time. If it stays sunny and gets into the 40s, Maddie will be seeking her time in the sun today, too.

      Voltaren works for me, and it works quickly. I wish it was available over the counter, but at least I have a nice doctor now who will prescribe a refill whenever I need it without a lot of grief. I’m not sure about my new insurance, but I’ll pay out of pocket if necessary.


  6. I have a whole closet full of photos that I should go through, some from my late mother. I am not looking forward to that task. I’d almost rather clean out the basement! :) Good luck with yours. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. I have one of those rice bags that you heat up in the microwave for aches and pains.

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    • Thanks Laurie. I have tons of digital photos to get through before tackling the boxes. At least we had the good sense to put some of those into albums. My shoulder is feeling pretty good. It’s either the Voltaren, the exercises of scratching MuMu – they all continue.


  7. I have heard of catastrophic injuries. So it is only right that there be a catastrophic scratching cure. Do you think it was MiMi or MuMu who spoke to your regular doctor about not being so stingy with the script ? Fortunately I don’t have a photo organizing problem. Just because I take a lot of pictures in the garden each day does not mean I feel compelled to organize them. At least not until I am wanting to post a specific picture and I can’t remember what folder I put it in. Then we play look what I found ! Sometimes found is even what I was looking for. And just in case you were wondering those elusive marbles remain lost.

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  8. Aren’t black and white cats wonderful? Mine is our second, her name is Callie (which is taken for the Spanish word for white socks) even though we are not of Spanish origin, I just liked the idea. Anyhoo, your MuMu looks like a sweetheart, and yes, they can help “fix” all sorts of ailments, just by their very presence. :)

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  9. We had snow, then rain, then a deep freeze where everything turned to ice, then snow again last night. I fell twice this morning shoveling our skating rink of a driveway….
    I really don’t mind winter, but if it’s going to be cold? Stay cold!

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  10. LOL! Cats. It’s all about them, isn’t it. 😀 I am sorry to hear your shoulder is acting up. I switched over and read the older post about your PT and Voltarian experience…at first, I thought, “Is this leading into a Star Trek thing?”
    I’ve had PT when I shattered my wrist ice skating. Oh, it was painful, but the warm compress and ice bath at the end of each session were wonderful. That was my bright side to the whole painful- tortured experience.

    I hope by now the Doc has talked to the Insurance company and the cost for the Voltarian is covered.

    It’s been quite mild here even reaching the low 50’s for a week, but we’re hearing it may rain on Sunday and get cold again. It’s sure looking gloomier by the hour. I hope your shoulder feels better soon, and give MuMu an extra scratch for me!

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    • Thanks Deborah. My new doc says she’ll write the script whenever I need it and mark it for whatever body part they cover (one insurer only covered it for lower body aches). I’m hoping Medicare Part-D will cover it regardless, now that I’m on with the Feds.

      I can report that MuMu has been scratched and brushed, although I can’t say she’s had enough of either – enough is a word most cats don’t understand.

      We have a cold wind but a sunny day today. I took Maddie for a walk, but we were both bundled. I hope you have a nice rest of the week.

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  11. Hi Dan – I’m organising things … sadly I have no sun, nor MuMu to keep me company … but finally I am getting on and photos are on the list … but they ‘dem pussycats do find the warmest places and do so love company. Enjoy both! Cheers Hilary

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  12. I love the fact that it is lighter later. I’m finding it lighter in the morning too. I have bad rotator cuffs so I have to do band exercises or shaving becomes a problem. I think MuMu may have something in the not enough scratch advice. Enjoyed the post (as usual)

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  13. I may just have the solution for your shoulder, Dan. I’ve been having neck, shoulder and wrist issues. While watching a guitar Youtube video, hubby saw a device a man had been using and he got excited about it. According to this guitarist who was having shoulder and wrist issues, this thing works. It’s not cheap however. We bought it on Amazon and I after 2 uses can say my shoulder and my wrist and neck issues have improved. I’m also doing acupressure (hubby is) so I am doing more then just using this device. You can find it either on Amazon or http://www.posturepump.com. The device you want to check out is the Neck Pump Model 1100-S.
    One of these days I have to publish a post on how some of our cats watch “Simon’s Cat” on Youtube. It’s hysterical! Hubby puts this on at certain times of the day and our cats are so smart, they realize the time is here and set their butts down in front of the TV, waiting for Simon’s Cat.
    Yes …. I’ve noticed how the light has been staying longer. YAYAYAYAY!!!!

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  14. Just a thought about your shoulder. Maybe you’re using that side much more than the other, so if you try to use the other side a bit more, it might help. A massage might help as well. And I’m glad to read that you’re using a topical pain reliever. They really work quite well.

    I see MuMu has you well-trained. I think it’s much easier to train a human than to train a cat or dog. :-) As for photos, I can’t even think of going there. I haven’t really ever organized my photos other than by when I took them and then we have several very large boxes of non-digital photos PLUS I have all my slides from an almost-year-long trip to Europe in the mid-seventies as well as other slides. Lots of work ahead, but of course not until after we move. First task is to go through my slides and then take them to Costco to put on discs. Second would be to start organizing my digital photos from this point on. After that the rest can happen…hopefully. :-)


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    • Thanks Janet. I think the shoulder pain is the result of some maintenance tasks around here that have had me bending and reaching in odd ways. I’m glad to be able to take care of these things now, but I’m not as limber in the winter. Exercise is helping as is, I’m sure, scratching MuMu. These girls have us very well trained.

      I have all the same elements of photos to organize, but I’m not going to stress about it. I want it done, for various reasons, but none are critical. Fortunately, I don’t have slides to deal with.

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    • There are so many things that cause shoulder pain, Jan. So many muscles and nerves involved. Usually, my topical pain reliever and some exercise work pretty well. I’ve used heat, it always felt good after PT, but I don’t use it very often.


  15. I have finally gotten to the point where I’m happy with my digital photo organization on my computer. Now, I “just” need to weed out those shots that are duplicates or aren’t very good. It’s an arduous task, but it feels so good once it’s complete. Sorry about your shoulder. Dr. MuMu has taken a cat scan and prescribes more scratches.

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    • Hahaha – that’s cute, Janis. MuMu agrees. I’m happy with about half of my organization. The other have is folders by month, and that’s just not helpful. Weeding out duplicates and bad shots? That is a long way away.

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  16. Hi Dan, maybe your shoulder hurts from too many hours at the computer organizing photos. I can’t sit and type for long or I regret it. This is bad since I love to write. Anyway – your cat and my dog. The minute I curl up on the couch to watch T.V. my dog is right there on top of me. She’s not small, but seems to think she’s a lap dog.

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    • I’ve spent the past 40-some years in front of a computer of some sort. I don’t stay there, I get up and move around. The shoulder is acting up due to some work I’ve been doing around the house that involves bending and twisting in ways I’m not used to. Maddie does the same on the couch. It’s like she sees me as additional padding.


  17. Haha! She’s such a cutie!
    I have a stupid shoulder, too. I have to baby it sometimes, usually after I’ve done too much. Have you had an MRI on it? Mine is not arthritis. I mean, I have arthritis in it, but that’s not what causes the extra owie times.
    I use Voltaren on my hands. Diclofenac gel. I can spell Diclofenac, but don’t ask me to say it. In my head it’s like AFLAC, and I see a duck, but the gel works well for me, especially if I use it as (often as) directed.

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    • Thanks for stopping here. My shoulder pain is mainly from the nerves that scoot through my neck. The key to staying pain free is to exercise. But, it’s a series of exercises they gave me at PT, and, I don’t do them nearly often enough. Inflammation presses the nerves or the soft tissue against the bones. Voltaren helps, but the exercises help more (but take longer).


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