One of Those Weekends

Monday’s post? It’s going to be about my success with getting a system in place for organizing digital photos.

Monday’s post? It’s going to be about the progress I’ve made ridding my “office” area of our family room of several old computers.

Monday’s post? It’s going to be about a hike that I took with our daughter.

Monday’s post? How about a few pictures from the weekend?

All those other things happened. Progress was made. Posts will be written – not today.


  1. Progress is always a plus. Freeing up otherwise cluttered space is a plus and a half!!

    A pond not frozen, soft serve ice cream arriving soon, Maddie is happy (MiMi and MuMu not so much!) and a beautiful shot of the plane contrails all make for a good post.

    Happy Monday Dan, with a happy productive week to follow.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. This is (two) of those projects where the progress won’t be obvious until the project is complete. I know I’ve made progress, but it’s not visible yet. Still, nice sunny days are hard to argue with.


  2. What happened to the winter? This sure has already been a crazy year. Frost on my windshield in the frigid early mornings has been the only sign that it is still winter. Live your life, Dan, and you can always write about it later–hopefully I will be encouraged by your organizational efforts with your photos because mine are still a mess and are still stored on numerous hard drives.

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    • Thanks Mike. That’s kind of how mine are at the moment. I’m checking four old computers for any signs of photos I don’t have backed-up somewhere. The shoe box under the bed is easier to deal with.


  3. Busy weekend! But you were able to accomplish a lot of things, including a “Maddie sit” with beautiful weather. If you’re jealous of the snow in WI, I’m jealous of the grass in CT and the fact that your ice cream place opens in March. Not that I would eat ice cream, but it’s a great way to start spring no matter the weather.

    Have a wonderful Monday, Dan. Is this your day of rest?

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  4. I love MiMi sticking her foot out from behind the curtain just to make a point! Gotta love cats. Progress….this weekend we worked outside to ‘clean up’ the house. We’re half done. I told my husband next is the inside, room by room. Oh, yeah. He’s so excited, he cannot contain himself…..

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  5. I’m a nature lover. Have been all my life. As a kid I walked along trickling streams in the woods embracing nature’s musty fragrance and rugged beauty. I’m thankful I grew up in the country and I’m thankful that I live in it now. Love the photos. Glad you’re making progress organizing them. I know you feel good about that.

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  6. Dan, I completely understand that sort of weekend (or other days). I often think of things I want to blog about, but don’t always have time to get down to doing it. We’ll look forward to reading about all those things when you have time. And speaking of that, I have a post to come up with for tomorrow as well as more packing to do. I’m out of here!


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  7. Hi Dan – well done … lots achieved by the sound of it – looking forward to future posts and pics; I suppose now you’re home permanently – the editor really will need some extra space for you!! – cheers Hilary

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  8. LOL, a terrific “not-post” Dan. That was a lot of non-blog work to pack into a few days. Thanks for giving us another gorgeous gallery. I loved the contrast and spot of color in the pond photos. The happy Maddie pic is a delight, and of course, the kitties <3 . Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. I do like that pond. I’ve lived here for over 30 years and I don’t recall ever seeing it like this. Maddie is loving the warm days and the cats are enjoying the sunshine (when it occurs). I hope you’re off to a great week.

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  9. Great gallery, Dan, and I’m so happy that you and your family enjoyed Sunday’s 50 degree weather. I did too. The Preserve I went to was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. The downside to that, I wasn’t able to get into my zone to capture much. That’s OK. Conversations I had I suppose were fated. I did walk out with a big smile. Happy Tuesday to you. I’ve gotten a wee lost here …. I still think it is Monday. LOL

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  10. That frozen pond is LOVELY! Wow!
    I have a project for next Saturday. I talked to The Mister about doing it today and he made a shocked then angry face before calmly, politely, telling me I should do it next Saturday so that I may rest on Sunday after. It’s okay to pace yourself. Apparently. I mean, I heeded his advice, but also, struggle to comply.

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