1. I love the bean. And that flowering tree. Good luck with the photo transfer. One problem we had was transferring the images I had taken/stored on the old ipad to new devices. Some went pisel crazy and were totally blurred. Most of those I have sd cards for but I also have an old laptop with many of our jungle life images. I shudder to think how many actual images I have. Happy Thursday Dan. May you pass theough friendly doors.

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  2. You know I’m computer illiterate, so the top part of your post was as clear as mud to me. lol had to laugh at the Dallas Morning News motto!! If they still believe it, they’re more delusional than the politicians. :)

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  3. I used to travel to the USA and to NYC in particular quite often back in the day. Our NYC offices were next door to Walden Books – they had a great collection of books on and about Banking. I had a frequent purchaser card for that shop. Pity you don’t have a photo of the shop door.

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  4. I like your door photos, and think you’re quite ambitious to attempt to do what you’re doing. I gave up on ever having any control over my photos. I find it akin to herding cats, but I’ll take a look at the link you provided.

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    • Thanks for coming back after your comment self-destructed. I felt like Mr Phelps from Mission Impossible.

      Getting a handle on digital photos is no easy task. I’m hoping this method will help me until I can really dig in (if thst day ever comes).

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  5. I’m with G. P. Cox Dan…..first part is clear as mud to me!! Lol.

    The spring tree in front of Grace House is just beautiful. Even though that’s not a current photo, I hope that beauty is still thriving.

    Absolutely love the reflection of buildings on other buildings. Any photo capturing a reflection always intrigues me.

    Sounds like organizing your photos is quite an undertaking. Good luck.

    Rain, rain, and more rain. Sigh……but no shoveling or chopping ice!! Woohoo!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I love seeing reflections in buildings, and in water. Oddly enough, I’m not fond of mirrors.

      We are wet. Yuck. I’d almost rather this was snow.

      Organizing these will take forever, and I’m still adding images! Wish me luck!


  6. I just cannot understand where the media went wrong since Walter Cronkite?! What happened to us keeping them accountable?? So many questions…. Love your archive tutorial. Worthwhile to those of us who still have lots to learn.

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    • News used to be a service, a profession. Today, it’s entertainment. This went off the rails (in my opinion) with the first 24-hour news channel. There isn’t that much news, so they repeat and they invent “news” where there is none. Actual journalism costs money that the networks don’t want to spend. Newspapers still do journalism, but most people don’t want to buy them. They prefer getting the news for free, but the news you get isn’t always real or accurate and it almost never presents both sides.

      Sorry for the mini-rant reply to what was probably a rhetorical question.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.


  7. I told my husband about your Windows 95 and XP (he’s a retired HP computer tech). He smiled and shook his head….. Oh, you are way ahead of me with labeling your photo content. I have to rack my brain for a photo for the Prompt. But I do have a good folder system. So far….
    The photos are wonderful, Dan. Why does is all make sense that you should meet Skippy at an Apple course using Windows with a system error? That sounds so right…!

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    • Ha ha – I’m sure your husband would recognize the models I’m trying to clean up. HP and Compaq desktops dating back to before the turn of the century. I’m surprised they still light up when I push the button. Two have floppy drives. One has a ZipDisk! It’s so funny, a single digital photo wouldn’t even fit on a floppy today.

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      • He started as a tech with DEC (remember them?). Then they were bought out by Compaq and then HP. He kept all his seniority throughout the buyouts. Floppy drives….I think he kept some of those as a reminder of days gone by…..

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  8. Dan, I must admit I am impressed with Wufoo. I like how the program organizes pictures. I use an external hard drive called Backup Plus by Seagate that I absolutely love. I don’t have a lot of storage on my hard drive and shooting large RAW files take up a lot of space. I may just check out this Wufoo. Your gallery was totally awesome. When I got to the crane, I said to self, “Of course Dan would include a crane. He’s nuts about them.” I love the angle you took of this crane. Good job!!

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  9. Your new storage filing system seems pretty good, and you’ll probably find images a lot faster than I can!

    I have a Master folder for the year and inside that a folder for each place or event by month/day/year. I sometimes have to search a long time and through many years to find a particular image if I can’t remember what year it was, or if it was a place I frequented often.
    I use keywording but it’s a hit or miss with Adobe Bridge my viewer of preference. I wish they’d improve that.

    The reflections are lovely, and the corner building is a favorite. I left a note on the Kennywood image. It brought back memories.

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    • Thanks Deborah. This will help a great deal, but the goal remains uploading these to Flicker. I really like Flickr, even though it’s going up in price for the Pro version. I took advantage of the offer to renew for 2 years at the previous rate. What I like about that is that it’s so easy to share photos with people. I can store the full image, but easily share a 800×600 version if all someone wants to do is use it on a blog post. And, I can do it from anywhere/any device.

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      • I didn’t renew at the Pro status when they stopped letting the old timers Grandfather in at the original price, so I pared my site there way down and am keeping it just under the 1000 image limit now.

        I never used it as a back up, but a lot of people do, but it is easy to share images with people that’s true.

        Do you have a finish goal in mind for getting it all done? By year’s end or sooner?

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        • I have my photos backed up multiple ways. I’m not worried about that, and I won’t upload every think to Flickr. I’d like to be done by the end of the year, but since spring is coming and this is a good winter activity, next April might be more realistic.

          The offer to extend at the old rate for up to two years seemed like a good deal. If I don’t have this done by then, I’ll drop it completely.

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  10. The Bean!! As for that crane, I’ll take your word for it that there’s a door. I’m not going anywhere up the high to check.

    Regarding the photo organization, did you have tags on all the photos already?

    Happy Thursday!


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  11. Good door selection, but the quote is the winner in my book. That was back in the day when there was actual news and not entertainment and fear. I miss those days in that area. :-) Now, if only you could invite me over for coffee. I’d bring dessert and paper and pen for notes. I’m pretty sure I can visualize what you are doing with the photos, but I’d sure like to just sit and watch for a few minutes. You’re using Windows, and I have two old Mac laptops. I did sort all my photos on the oldest machine and got it down to shots of my grands. One day when I had that laptop at the local computer store, I asked them to take them off for me so when it shoots craps, I won’t worry about the photos. But, I still need to get some trip photos off my current machine. Let’s face it, we can take new doors and flowers, but some shots can’t be replaced. Thanks for taking the time to explain things.

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  12. Great selection of shots. The Hancock building reflection made me smile because I have a very similar shot of my own from my last time in Boston.
    It sounds like your image archiving project is coming along nicely and your method seems to make a lot of sense. You may just convince me to get more organized as well :-)

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    • Thanks Norm. I have barely left the starting line on this project, but I like the plan, and I like the test results. Creating the contact sheets and doing the screen capture adds a few minutes, but it makes it so easy to find the photos later. As long as I can get to the right folder, I’ll be happy. Right now it’s “did I visit the place in June of 2018 or 19?”

      It is funny that you also took that photo – I feel like I’m in good company.


  13. Sorry Dan, just up to the second paragraph and I gave up. Nice photos, though.
    I was just trying to make more space in my drive so I wanted to delete some photos and back it up and that was already too hard for me. Haha

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  14. Hi Dan – fun views … the cherry will be so refreshing to see when the sun decides to reappear! That quote from Dallas is perfect … a balance, a true view of life is something we should all strive for – I’ll be back to read your ‘how’ for information purposes … cheers Hilary

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