Welcome to Isolation Week-1– #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and despite government crackdowns, isolation protocols are not yet being enforced at the No Facilities bar. Perhaps because there are, well, no actual facilities (pun intended). We’ve gathered here to celebrate Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, she’s given us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘welcome.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

The “have fun” part sounds like an order.

If we were having a beer, Cheryl would make us feel welcome and we would try to cheer ourselves up, or at least not annoy each other.

“Dan, do you have to continue drinking Corona during this crisis?”

“David, for crying out loud, this crisis wasn’t caused by the beer.”

“I know, but it’s a reminder, and I came here to forget.”

“How about if I pour his beer into a nice frosted glass?”

“I can live with that, Cheryl. Are you OK with that, Dan?”

“Well, Corona is better in a bottle, but I don’t want to add stress to your life. I’ll have it in a glass.”

“Maybe, if she pours it in a glass, she can work on balancing those lime slices.”

“David, with that remark, you are officially down to one cherry. Would you like to try for zero?”

“Ouch, Cheryl, whatever happed to firing a warning shot.”

“We live in a time where rules must be followed. Rule number one, don’t anger the bartender if you want to remain welcome here.”

“Got it. So, other than here, Dan, have you been out much?”

“There aren’t many places to go, David. I’ve shopped for food; I bought some supplies at Home Depot and I went to the dentist.”

“The dentist?”

“Just for a cleaning. I need a crown, but that has to wait. Dentists have been ordered to close for all but emergencies.”

“What’s an emergency?”

“My guy says it has to include pain. No fillings, crowns or root canals, unless there’s pain.”

“No root canals? And I thought the only good thing about this virus was not having to visit my wife’s family.”

“You’re somewhat of an introvert, Dan, so I guess the social isolation isn’t bothering you.”

“That’s true, Cheryl. If things get bad, I can go into the living room and visit my wife.”

“Oh sure, punish her. Here’s your beer. David, you didn’t order but I assumed you wanted your usual.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I think we have to stick with ‘usual’ where we can.”

“Here you go, three fingers of John Howell’s Bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“And two cherries…thank you!”

“Yeah, I’m a softie. But one more reference to Skippy, and I’ll be enforcing some anti-social distance on you.”

“My goodness, Dan. I just noticed; you’re wearing a plain tee-shirt under that denim shirt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you not supporting some team.”

“All my team shirts are quarantined.”

“Hopefully not for too much longer.”

“I’m going to wear a Steelers shirt during the NFL Draft, and I’m hoping I’ll still get a chance to wear some Penguins gear.”

“Will they be in the playoffs if the NHL starts back in playoff mode?”

“Yes. Of course, the way they were playing pre-virus, they won’t last long.”

“I think they should just give the cup to the Bruins.”

“Of course, you do, David. In response, I’m giving the tab to you.”

“Do you boys want anything to eat today?”

“I am going to take a couple small pizzas to go, Cheryl, but I will have another beer.”

“Oh sure, load up now that I’m paying.”

“Cheryl, David has the drinks. I’ll pay for my own pizzas.”

“You two crack me up.”

“Dan, why do you always get two small pizzas. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for you and your wife to split a large pizza?”

“David, the secret to a happy marriage is realizing you don’t have to like the same toppings.”

Like most of the world, I’ve stayed pretty close to home this week. It looks like that will be the script for at least the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Cheryl is helping us focus on beauty. Hang in there folks. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Glad to see your Corona wearing a face mask to keep protected! And that you haven’t lost your sense of humor in these stressful times.

    Beautiful sunrise and foggy shots. The squirrels are oblivious to the corona virus. Their
    only focus is peanuts. Nice to see something is still the same!

    You know Dan, seeing MuMu having to deal with your darn glasses AGAIN, makes me wonder….have you ever considered contacts? Problem solved. Lol.

    We need to venture out to market tomorrow. Not feeling too hopeful about what will be available. So we’ll have to ‘make do’ like everyone else.

    Stay safe. Isolation isn’t the end of the world. We’ll get through this. Scratchies and belly rubs and smushy kisses to the 3-M’s from Murphy and me. Okay okay. You can have some too!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I think MuMu likes seeing the glasses up there. IT’s become our little game, She’s a needy and very vocal cat. She likes to bellow and bemoan her “terrible” state. But, sometimes, when I’m scratching her, she licks my hand (I know, it’s to clean it) and all is well.

      I did the grocery, farm-dairy loop yesterday. I’ll sit out the weekend rush while people panic over the recently announced “non-essential business” closing order. I wasn’t planning to go to any of the places that are being closed, but panic will still ensue. It seems to be what people do.

      I used to wear contacts. I prefer glasses, even if they bother the cat ;)

      The momma squirrels have had their babies (we surmise) and they are begging for peanuts big time. They sit and eat the first peanut we throw, as if to say, “hang on. I’m going to eat this, but I could use another.” We wait and give them a second helping. One look at their bellies tells you that they are feeding their kits.

      Tell Murphy thanks, and please accept our similar gestures back. Well, except from MiMi, she’s asleep.

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  2. Thank you for the humor – we need it about right now. I saw a joke and I think it goes with the post. ‘Day 2 without sports. Found a lady sitting on my couch. Apparently she’s my wife. She seems nice.’ Keep busy this weekend because it’s good for the body and the soul. :-)

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    • Ha ha – thanks for that, Judy, we do need humor to get through this. I am being reminded that “it’s Saturday and it’s time for my walk” by Maddie the canine calendar. Not many people out there – just the way she likes it.

      Take care!

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    • I know that feeling, John. Although, our bar is allowed to sell me a Corona to go (unopened) but they aren’t allowed to deliver them. Sometimes I wonder about politicians and the way they think.

      Take care.

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  3. Did you just say politicians and think in the same sentence ! ? ! You must be home already and have opened that Corona. Well at least you have that last bit right. By the way we have a progressive governor. We have been on shelter in place for three weeks. I need to lay in a bigger supply of Crabby’s. Oh and some cider too. I think the cider offsets the crabbieness. And it is a long term study. Fortunately with out Count Rugen.

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  4. Ah, getting wise about MiMi. There are times when I am supposed to get a cat to do something with them, but when I see them soundly asleep, I “wisely” say, later. Your gallery made me smile as I looked at your fur-kids. Thank you!
    I’m sort of used to being at home but I think of so many who must be crawling the walls. When everything comes to a screaming halt after going full tilt ahead, things are bound to go haywire. I was just thinking today we are going to be a nation with a bad hair day soon. I’m am not looking forward to that. Who knows when I’ll be able to get my hair done? Oh well, I’ll be in good company.
    Speaking of isolation …. I know this was not a topic here, but, I think all those “stupid” kids in Florida should be quarantined BEFORE they are allowed anywhere near their hometown. Talk about insanity! The whole nation is on lockdown and here are these kids partying up like no tomorrow in Florida. There has to be consequences to this for everyone’s safely. IMO.
    Have a great weekend, Dan! It turned cold here so my start in my gardens has been halted. That’s OK. I’ve been going like a whirlwind indoors. Hence my late reply over at my blog.

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    • Thanks Amy. I’m with you on those kids and the parents who bankrolled that insanity. The kids might not suffer long with the virus, but their siblings, parents, and grandparents would all be wise to keep a strong anti-social distance from them upon their return.
      Warm here with rain yesterday but colder under the sun today. Mature just can’t seem to get the combinations right.

      Have a good weekend – stay safe!

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      • Yep. Same here with the weather. Hope it soon stabilizes. Until then, all we do is focus on what we can other then outside. Yesterday I was a whirlwind getting those things attended to in preparation for me being out in my gardens. Soon both of us will be complaining of the aches and pains. LOL

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    • I am appalled by some of the comments we heard by the Spring Breakers. There were some dvil may care adults in the report I saw as well. “Cruise or die!” Well, they may sadly be faced with both. 😞Or just share the experience with unwitting family and friends.stay well Amy. Corona hair don’t care! Natural is the way to go. (I’ll be a natural ‘hombre’ very soon!) 😉

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  5. Sorry the virtual bar is so quiet. David should not mess with The Cheryl during this down time. He’s lucky she didn’t throw his cherries on the floor. :-p

    It appears you have things under control, Dan, and doing the normal glasses-on-the-shelf thing to annoy MuMu. Since you are retired, I suppose you’re not feeling the change as much as those who have to or choose to stay home from work. But still…the bar. I will be missing my coffee/tea hangout this morning, but it’s for the good of all.

    Have a lovely Saturday, Dan.

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    • Thanks Mary. I was able to get some takeout from the bar and talk for a few minutes with the manager (from a safe distance). MuMu and I are getting along well. My glasses always start out on her shelf, but I’ve seen the wisdom of moving them when she comes to lay claim to her territory. She also let me know that I should make phone calls from somewhere else when she’s on her shelf. Unfortunately for her, The Editor has already claimed the distance-from-Dan-on-the-phone prize.

      Cheryl’s a good sport but we count on her to keep David in line.

      I hope you have a restful weekend. Stay safe.

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      • “Unfortunately for her, The Editor has already claimed the distance-from-Dan-on-the-phone prize.” HAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh, Dan.

        …. I have a similar protocol in place with Husband 😆


    • Ha! The “shutdown” that came with my retirement in November has messed greatly with MiMi’s sleep patter and MuMu’s sunbathing on the shelf. We must adjust, or at least I have to.

      The virtual bar remains open, as long as the supplies of Corona (the good Corona) last.

      Thanks for reading, and take care.

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  6. I’m so relieved to see you are protecting the original Corona in more ways than one. 😉I was saddened to learn of Sean Peyton’s positive virus test. My home state is really affected. I have stayed away from Mardi Gras for years because of the too close contact with too many strangers who are brain functionally impaired by substances I know not of and the possible things they might be carrying, both in and on their bodies. So sad because I have grand memories of the revelry and wonderful friendships associated with the celebration. Sad to see many establishments empty but glad to see them complying. As for confinement I would be happy to have a bit of it right now. There is no shortage in my world of ‘inside’ things to do. Hang in there Dan. Spring brings new life and hopefully a quicker end to this situation than we are imagining.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I’ glad you were willing to work another virtual shift ;-) I think we need some humor.

      I’ve never been one for group mayhem. The only times I participated was after Super Bowl wins, World Series wins and the Bicentennial celebrations in Pittsburgh. All while I was still in college. I took Faith to one Yankees’ World Series parade, and we went to NYC one year for New Year’s Eve (but we did not do the penned up for 10 hours in Times Square deal). I always tend to keep a safe distance from the crowd.

      I hope to be able to visit Pittsburgh and maybe see a baseball game before that season is over – if it ever starts.

      I hope you can take care, stay safe and healthy and keep sharing the beauty that you see/have seen.

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  7. Our governor is allowing restaurants to also sell alcohol with their take-out dinners. But you cannot drink while waiting for your take-out…… Had to chuckle about the pizza. My husband is always, “Let’s split…..” Me: “No. I’ll get mine and you get yours.” Peace reigns in my household….

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    • I did ask the manager if I could place my order, take my Corona out to my car and drink it, then come back for my pizza. Well, I don’t want to get him in trouble, so…

      My wife says the small pieces are also much easier to reheat. It works all the way around.

      Thanks Lois, and take care. Looks like you picked a good time to retire.

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    • Yeah, the isolation is ok. I miss being able to visit museums, but there will be time once this passes.

      Lucky for you on the pizza, though my says the small slices are easier to reheat.


  8. We’ve learned the two small pizzas work better too. On occasion we’ll get a large and tell them half and half. Love the gallery today. Especially the animals. Mimi MuMu and Maddie have to make it all better.

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  9. Quarantined T-shirts… you slayed me, Dan. It was fun to see the furry kids — and that old bridge — a gorgeous shot. The empty shelves are truly freaky… Thankfully your Editor and I both know the safest hiding place for a spare roll. LOL. Enjoy the pizza! :D Hugs.

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  10. You got me to laugh out loud at “If things get bad, I can go into the living room and visit my wife.” I found this comforting since I’m generally in the living room on my laptop with the TV on while my hubby is in the back room watching DIY videos or reading practical news articles. He comes out occasionally to say hello, or I go visit him to get an update. Stay well, Dan,

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  11. “David, the secret to a happy marriage is realizing you don’t have to like the same toppings.”
    Love that one… I saw a meme where Corona was changing their name to Ebola.
    We are going to be working throughout this unless, god forbid, it lasts so long we run out of clients. We are home alone, we work alone, so no risk… We are not too worried about shortages except for the XL gloves Mitchell needs to order for the biz. They may not allow us to buy them even though we are not buying sterile hospital gloves. We’ll see Monday.

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    • I’m glad you liked this, Kate. I hoped people would enjoy a break from the serious and more serious stuff we are inundated with these days.

      I hope you’re able to get the gloves. So many businesses need to keep operating to get through this mess.


  12. The mask on the Corona was funny. And I think David’s suggestion of just giving the cup to the Bruins sounds pretty good. 😀 The isolation is actually nice, at least for the moment. We have a big online staff meeting tomorrow morning… 😯 One day at a time. Thanks for the Saturday bar post, always a favorite read.

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    • Thanks Jennie. I didn’t want to seem unconcerned, but I think it’s important to spend a little time on the lighter side. There are plenty of sources of real news.

      The isolation isn’t much different than a normal day for me. The impact is that I won’t be able to visit the museums and historic sites I was planning to see, but I have projects I’ll still be able to work on.

      Good luck planning the week’s lesson options. I love the stories you’re reading.

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      • You did not seem unconcerned at all, Dan. The lighter side is a healthy and happy alternative to the news. I feel the same way about not being able to visit museums and historic sites. And, I can’t recommend to my families anywhere to take their children while school is closed. Even the library is closed – no Jennie reading or Book Bears. Projects are a good thing, and a positive thing.

        Thank you for you words of encouragement. Tomorrow I need to learn about Zoom, film to videos, go to Staples to find a disc flash drive thingy that will store the videos because I am almost out of storage (videos take up a huge amount of storage) and go to school to gather more books. If ‘Dan the Tech Wizard’ has a suggestion on the back up device thingy, let me know. 🙂

        Big online staff meeting Monday morning. I do love reading stories, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. That means a lot. Thank you!

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        • Thanks Jennie. I hope to be able ton continue to find things to present in a humorous way. Nothing belittling the real crisis, but maybe something to take our mind off it for a moment.

          I prefer Western Digital USB storage drives. They are reasonably priced, though not usually the cheapest. But, I have several that have been working reliably for many years. If you can’t find them in stores, check their online store – https://shop.westerndigital.com/

          If you’re going to use Zoom, make sure someone reads this article – https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/17/zoombombing/ Zoom meetings are being hijacked. There are several steps you can take to avoid this.

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          • Thank you so much, Dan. I forwarded the article to my school’s admin and to the two teachers who use it. It’s bad enough, but with little children as the audience it is unforgivable.

            My broken storage drive is a SanDisc, owned by Western Digital. It was a third party seller on Amazon, and the heavy black rubber-like flexible casing snapped. Your information is very useful and appreciated!! I feel a little educated before I go to Staples today.

            Keep the humor coming!

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            • SanDisc is another very good brand. WD has been in the storage business forever.

              The attacks on Zoom are despicable, especially when children might be involved.

              Look for the sweet spot in capacity. Sometimes, 2TB is only $15-20 more than 1TB, but 3TB might be a huge jump. Think of it like anything else, TB/$ – just like buying cookies ;)

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          • Disaster update. Staples was very helpful, but the only thing they had was a Verbatim flash drive storage unit. So I bought it. When I had to remove the iPad case in order to plug it into my phone, that should have been a red flag. Then the app was not available in this country. Second red flag. I found the app under a different name, it was obviously designed by third graders. I was only able to download three videos. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the SanDisk again. And they’re back ordered til April 21st. Ha!! Hubby is back on his computer finding one that you recommended. This has been such a fun day! 😀 I hope this puts a smile on your face, Dan. Thank you for all your help.


  13. I 100% agree with your pizza philosophy. Things went a lot better once the hubby and I accept that he’ll never be a veggie kind of guy. I mean, who doesn’t love black olives??

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  14. I’m late to the virtual party – everyone else took all the good replies. I’m fresh out of TP ideas to wipe up after your visit to the bar! See – that’s what I’m talking about! Anyhoo … I’m so thankful for the smile you put on my face with your words of wisdom, especially about pizza, visiting the spouse in the other room, and that adorable mask to keep a corona beer safe from harm’s way. And I’m jealous – you have spring flowers sprouting from the ground too! Stay warm, stay safe, and keep on being creative you!


  15. The squirrels do not talk to my dog Hah!
    I remember Saturday at the bar ie- at home. It was a good day. I had porter, called Edmund Fitzgerald. I hope I get to drink again soon.

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