Down Time

“A ballgame? Yeah, I’m up for that. I’ll head right over to the park.”

I think we all know what I’m talking about, so I’ll skip the Corona Virus back story. I had two other posts written for today, but I grew not to like either of them. The first one was too virusy and the second one bordered on being math-ish. I figured that in these stressful times, I shouldn’t be the straw that breaks any camel’s back. So, I decided to switch to a little nonsense.

Earlier today (Sunday) we got a text message from the CTAlert system. That’s great. It was kind of a test, but it bothered the IT Guy in me. First, it looked like a Text-Message-Scam. I understand, it’s the other way ‘round – scams are designed to look like real messages. But when scams are so good at looking like real messages, it’s time to make real messages look better. It’s like money. When counterfeiters – wow, did not know that was ‘feit…” I would have been bounced from the spelling bee – sorry, I digress. When counterfeiters get good at making $20 bills, we change the way those bills look. We should do the same with technology. And, please don’t ask me to “text ‘YES’ to confirm receipt,” because that’s what scammers do to make it look like I agreed to switch my electricity supplier. How about “Text Thanks Gov” to confirm? Or, how about just asking Apple for a “Read” notification? I know you (State of CT) built this system in 2009, but technology, not to mention crime, has evolved.

I don’t usually watch much television before 5:00 pm. I watch sports, if WVU, Pitt, The Pirates, Pens or Steelers are on, but… I turned the TV on at 4:32, 28 minutes ahead of Ask This Old House. While scrolling around, I stopped for a second on NCIS LA – that was like fly paper. I texted our daughter,

“How long does it take to get sucked into NCIS?” She replied,

“6 seconds. Slightly longer than CSI, which is immediate.” I think she’s right.

I get sucked into stuff quick. Law & Order? I have to exit before the “dundun” or I’m in until the crime is discovered. If the disclaimer “This is based on real stuff but it doesn’t depict those people…” Yeah, I’m not changing.

Since there are no new sport shows, ESPN is running a bunch of “classic” games. I watched Pitt beat UCF, but I forgot how close that game was, and I still got nervous during the final 1:16. I knew Pitt won the game, but…

I think that’s something I can blame on my mom’s genes. You can ask our daughter Faith about those. Faith and my mother were watching Titanic one night. Titanic, you know, the movie about the ship – that – sunk – before – my – mother – was – born. Anyway, when they got to the scene where the ship hits the iceberg, my mother screamed “TURN!” and scared Faith half to death.

I recently asked RiverGirl if Rick got on the plane at the end of Casablanca when she watched it. I mean, it could happen…right?

The good thing is that I’m a low maintenance binge-watcher. I could binge-watch The Twilight Zone for a solid month. Heck, I could binge-watch Season-1 of the Twilight Zone for a couple weeks. I’ve had Hulu for over a year, and my library includes The Twilight Zone, every incarnation of Star Trek, M*A*S*H, The Bob Newhart Show, Cheers and Frasier. If you’re about to say, “Dan it would be cheaper to buy the DVDs,” I would tell you that I already own many of them. Technically, I don’t binge like normal bingers, I like to bounce around. Faith offered to lend me the DVDs of “Breaking Bad” but added the caveat that I had to watch them in order. I have no patience for that. I have never watched any serial shows where you had to watch them in order. Dallas is as close as I came, and you could miss a few episodes of Dallas and still be OK.

OK, it’s 6:00, time to switch to Hulu

I hope you have a good day. Stay safe and do your best to stay healthy.


    • I think a lot of people will side with Faith on this one. I don’t watch those series, but at least I don’t watch them the wrong way.

      Maddie is asleep, using my foot as a pillow. It is oddly comfortable, until she gets up and my foot cracks as I try to move it 😏

      Take care, Judy. We’ll get through this.

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  1. Down time can be great, but we need to work hard not to let it get us “down”! Good to see our feathered friends looking forward with enthusiasm. But poor Smokey. He definitely looks injured. I’m rethinking the issue of MuMu and your glasses. Maybe she’s enjoying the interaction with you. And maybe she thinks it is helping to keep you
    distracted from everything corona….well, except beer!

    What an example Maddie is for all of us. She finds such joy in her deck floor warmed by the sun! Look at her joyful face.

    Got a kick out of the B&B (Bird and Breakfast). We’re all having to ‘make do’. Lol.

    Faith is one wise young woman. Must get it from the Editor!! 🤗🤗🤗
    Be well my friend. Be safe. Your posts are always eagerly awaited.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I do think MuMu is having fun with this, Ginger. She jumps up on the shelf and screams for me to brush her. Then, when she’s had enough, she smacks the glasses off and lays down. Yes, almost all things Corona, not the one with the lime in it.

      Maddie tricked me into going out to sit (she likes to do that). We sat for a few minutes and then she realized that she really did have to pee. We took care of business and headed back in when she seemed to remember that the new steps include a “deck” space and she plopped right down. It makes her so happy, we don’t even mind sitting on the steps ourselves.

      The birds seemed to be waiting all around the ball fields for the cleanup crew to finish. I’m going to assume they’re looking forward to playing.

      I knew the majority would be supporting Faith on the viewing issue. She’ll be pleased, but it won’t change me. I really don’t have the attention span for serial shows. It’s been an issue since I was a little kid in school.

      Hopefully, we can all stay safe and healthy.

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  2. If all of us look to our pets as how to behave, we will learn how to relax, to chill, and just be in the NOW. And NOW is a truly good time for humor …. humor alleviates so much stress. Shall we laugh through this crisis?
    Your pictures of your fur-kids always, and I mean always lift my spirits. Like you, all I have to do is look at my fur-kids and I smile and my stress melts.
    Scams …. Been getting a lot of those in my inbox and phone. I delete. No way am I pushing any link ….. Do I look like I have stupid written across my forehead?
    Have a great day today, Dan. It turned colder here darn it. But at least I did get out to a very very crowed park yesterday. I was shocked to see just how many people were there.

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    • Take care of those furry friends, Amy, they are keeping us sane in these crazy times. I haven’t seen many people at the park. I worry that most people don’t realize that it’s fun (and healthy) to just go out and walk around. It is colder here today, but we’ll walk. Maddie likes it when there are no crowds.

      Take care.

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      • I’m going to avoid the parks if I an over the weekend, Dan. I was shocked to see the number of people! Never before have I not been able to find a parking space. This park is a Nature Preserve and what bothered me the most were the screaming kids. Grrrr …. I came for peace and quiet. And NOT to have respect for Nature bugs the you know what out of me. There are no dogs allowed there as well …. sorry, Maddie. No bikes either. But, the upside I got that dang bird! That is one very difficult bird to photograph.
        We are all doing great in this house! Hope all is well your way too!!

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  3. hahaha. We all need a little silly right now and spelling works for me. I love to binge watch when I’m painting, or moving furniture . . . I just can’t sit still and watch!

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  4. Remember when binge-watching meant consuming 5 episodes per week when TV shows went into syndication, and appeared on a local UHF station?

    I could zip through an entire season of Gomer Pyle in five weeks.

    And if I was lucky, my favorite reruns were broadcast in between my mother’s last soap opera of the afternoon; and before the start of the Mere Griffin Show, when took over the TV again.

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    • Ha ha! I do remember those days. I remember watching Rat Patrol like that. Fortunately, I was a latchkey kid (probably illegal now) so I didn’t have to share the TV until my dad got home at 4:00.

      I hope this comment means you’re doing well.


      • I only saw Rat Patrol a few times, but one of the advantages of having brothers that were quite a few years older than me, I got some cool hand-me-down toys and Viewmaster reels.

        So, I had Tonka(ish) Truck that was a Rat Patrol Jeep, open-air with a machine gun on the back.

        It had sharp metal edges (probably illegal now).

        A dark period of my childhood was a period when I’d come home and reach for the television dial and my mother shouted from the kitchen “Don’t touch the TV, I’m watching Watuh-gate!”

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        • Planning to reveal the good news to my homebound HS kid, that by watching this 2-minute video of Gomer Pyle, singing “Blowing in the Wind” with flower children, that he will complete his US History studies for the year.

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        • I had that Jeep! My mom used to yell at me for driving it over the make believe sand dunes (furniture cushions).

          Every kid back then had been cut on a Tonka truck or Erector Set girder. We just didn’t tell anyone because – Mercurochrome of Iodine was waiting.


  5. I’m not a binge watcher either. I actually prefer the drawn out drama of watching one episode a week of my chosen series. Although I do DVR them to watch when I want.
    As for Rick, I’m still waiting. I read they did film an alternate ending… wonder what vault that’s in?

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    • Geraldo Rivera will unveil that later this summer. Oops, Victor still gets on the plane, but he trips going up the stairs and the Germans catch him.

      My wife and I watch an episode a week of one series at a time. That’s why I have the DVDs. I do like it that way,

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  6. Ah binge watching. I think I binge white noise. The weather channel until I have seen one too many Ice Truckers commercial. Music. Venom while I drift off repeatedly trying to finish a post. I may revert to putting in a disk of Rumpole of the Bailey. Only if I get really serious. Or silly.

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  7. Fun post Dan! I love your happy pictures. I had to laugh at your mention of Law and Order. I can relate. If you don’t turn it off before the next one starts, you can’t. Do you think they plan it that way??? Our favorite right now is Shakespear and Hathaway – a BBC detective show. Very lighthearted and lovable. Too much time on our hands to watch this stuff. Have a good day.

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  8. I laughed so hard at the Titanic part. Too funny. NCIS-LA…..My husband is a big channel surfer (Me: “What are you watching?” Him: “Nothing. Just switching channels.” Grr-rrr), but sometimes all he has to say is, “Your guy’s on” and that means one of two things. Either he’s watching NCIS-LA and LL CoolJ is having a scene or (in the middle of the day), he has Rifleman on and Chuck Connors is my other ‘guy.’ So, the bad birds of summer are ready to play ball, eh? Gosh, I wish…… Take care, Dan.

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    • Faith will always remember that night. I had gone to bed. Before going, I said “you know how this ends, mom – the boat sinks.” I knew what was coming.

      We used to watch Rifleman. She would yell, “look out!” If someone was about to shoot at him. My dad would say, “he can’t die, he’s the star of the show,”

      The bad birds are ready to play. Fans havd to maintain a social distance, but this is the only baseball I can watch.

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      • I love the beginning of the Rifleman. Chuck whips out that gun and looks at the camera….I don’t know what it is about that, but I just love that scene. Yeah, they can’t kill the star! He has all season to go! :D

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  9. You and that it’s just a game. I see you do actually brush her! Lol. The birds look beautiful. Our lake is drying up by layers. We seriously need rain. There are little to no. MArch winds so I am dubious (but hopeful) about April showers. Hubby has an aversion to not finding SOMEthing on regular tv, even if it the same episode of Two and a Half Men or Mom that he watched the night before, or the hour before…😱
    I own lots of DVD movies and even bought boxed sets of his all time favorites. Bewitched, Mr Ed, Weeds, Are You Being served…do we watch those? 🤨But let him cruise the channels and find Mr Ed chumming it up with Wilbuuur and he gets as giddy as a boy going to his first cowboy movie in the big screen. Me? I like to switch hit between Hulu, Prime and Netflix. Love all kinds of movies except those crime shows. They cause me distress in ways I am not quite sure why. Comedies, a non sappy romance, ghost stories and a good nature documentary top the list. My old go to’s are The X-Files, The OC and always a Harry Potter movie. BUT, we always come together for ‘our’ movie whebpnever we find it on and of course we own it. Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. Classic. Arturooo! Katarinaaa! Bubububububuuuu…
    Stay well Dan. I hope sports returns in full swing for you soon.

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    • X-Files? Now you’ve got Faith’s attention. She had a poster of those two in her room for years. We still joke about Scully chasing after something in the dark, in heels, with that tiny little MagLight. I went to the movie with her when it first came out.

      I own the STNG DVD’s, all the episodes are on Hulu, but when BBC shows them on Wed/Thur, I’m tuned in. I think I could get along in isolation with your hubby.

      Take care, Cheryl. I hope you, hubs, your boys and all the grandkids can stay well.


  10. I too get sucked into NCIS and other shows, even if they are corny and predictable. These days, I think I’d rather laugh, so I’ve been enjoying more comedy and less drama.
    Love all your pics, as usual. Maddie has the right idea, get out and enjoy some sunshine and warmth, even if it’s on your own porch.
    Two and a Half Men is binge-worthy if you haven’t caught that one yet, my hubby has even been watching old Flinstone cartoons, Andy Griffith, and lots of stuff on METV. Which is good, because we are about to cut the cable and will have to rely on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I love lots of those shows as well, so I will be ok.

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    • We didn’t fully cut the cable, but I scaled it back to the basic option last year. At that point, it was less expensive than Internet service alone from our cable provider.

      I can live on a steady diet of those old shows. I rarely have watched primetime television, at least not for the past 35 years. Usually, by the time I get interested in a show, it’s already in syndication.

      I do know that on any warm day, I’ll be sitting quietly on the porch with a happy pup nearby.

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    • I periodically watch a random episode of Breaking Bad, and I text my daughter something like, “so who’s the guy in the wheelchair?” I think it drives her bonkers.

      I love shows like Frasier (and I do remember that episode) because you can watch any episode at any time. There is a general timeline at work, but not a prescribed sequence. I never had the attention span to follow from episode-to-episode, so I didn’t watch shows like Lost or Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. And, since we’ve never had HBO, I happily missed all of those series.

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  11. I enjoyed your post today, Dan. It was like a chat which is a pleasant thing to do. NCIS LA is a quick suck in for sure. We record the episodes and then watch at our convenience. During the fall you have to set a four hour record time otherwise football or something else gets in the way. We do the same with NCIS and all the other shows we watch. There are so many things we enjoy. we haven’t gotten into Hulu yet. Maybe someday. I enjoyed the photos of those guys cleaning the field. I can see why the birds thought something was going on. Furbaby photos were cute too.

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    • I’m glad you liked this John. I enjoyed writing it. The first two attempts were too depressing, even when I tried to keep them light. I might reuse one for Linda’s #1LinerWeds, unless something better comes along. We’re going to try Costco’s “senior hours” tomorrow – how’s that for a source of blog-worthy anecdotes?

      Maddie has been walked. MuMu has been brushed. I trust Lucy & Twiggy are getting the attention they need. I hope you guys are safe and healthy.

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  12. I don’t think we have a DVD player around here. We stream Hulu and Netflix and Acorn so when the urge to watch TV strikes, we’re prepared. And we have cable which I hate. But I’m not much for TV/movies anymore, although that might change as we stay home all. the. time.

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    • I kept the basic cable option (it made for less expensive Internet to “bundle” it with something). and I added YouTube TV to Hulu. I can cover current episodes (which I rarely watch) and previous ones and sports – which are now nonexistent. Paying for ESPN right now is a form of charity to an in-state industry (they’re headquarters is in CT, although that are owned by Disney).


  13. Hi Dan – thanks for a change of topic – essential now-a-days. I love seeing NCIS at times or similar … and when I was in Canada and had access to Netflix – I got totally hooked into Grey’s Anatomy … had to finish it before I left … and took me a way from the disastrous place I’d got myself into. I’ve got some DVDs to watch – some I brought back with me, and others from a friend … and the blog – keeps me occupied. I need to read – take care of you and the family and beloved four legs in this time – cheers Hilary

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  14. “How long does it take to get sucked into NCIS?” She replied,“6 seconds.”

    LOL, it’s true! My ex and I did not watch NCIS at the beginning, but all it took was for him to get hooked by his buddy and then for him to get me hooked. It’s kind of like a spreading virus, although I don’t want to make light of our current situation. Anyhow…we started watching NCIS weekly, then I used to watch NCIS marathons on USA when there was cable, while trying to catch NCIS: Los Angeles on their regular air dates. I failed for awhile at the latter, but now there are NCIS: LA marathons on ION TV on Fridays and Sundays, not to mention the CBS All Access access. I’m hooked again and trying to catch up.

    Yup, 6 seconds Dan. Hooked for life.

    Hope you are having a pleasant Monday and enjoying whatever on Hulu.

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    • Yikes. I was hoping I could avoid it in the future. Still, I think it was Lois (a while back) talking about NCIS NOLA – I better not even peek at that.

      It’s snowing pretty hard here right now. I’m watching from MuMu’s window and I might get to use my snow blower, I will at least have to shovel. I think I’m good with that.

      I hope you’re off to a good week.

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      • I don’t watch NCIS: NOLA. That one I can resist (thank goodness).

        Snow? Well, it won’t last long. It’s supposed to be warmer this week, which means the snow will melt before the end of the week.

        Started the week with more pandemic planning stuff. The Governor is shutting down all non-essential businesses on Tuesday, but I’ll still be here, plugging away.

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        • I guess it’s good to be essential. I hope you’re also safe.

          The snow stayed long enough to be shoveled and then turned to rain as I finished.

          We shut down everything non-essential a half hour ago. We have to go shopping tomorrow, but that’s been OK so far.

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  15. Love the post and that pic of Maddie makes me smile, she looks so happy! I’ve been watching Silent Witness on Prime app on three iPad at night, it’s rather dark, and dragged into Criminal Minds on tv marathon. I used to think it was too dark, see where the mind goes? I guess you can get used to anything if you see it enough.

    Sent from my iPad


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  16. It is a beautiful day.
    I’m the same with crime shows, sucked In immediately. Criminal Minds is my fave, CSI, Mindhunter on Netflix.
    You have to watch Breaking Bad. I resisted for a long time but it’s a must watch

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  17. We binge watched Enterprise back before the lockdown and discovered we must have been in a different dimension/reality because we didn’t remember any of the episodes. So rewatching old series during the “quarantine” is becoming very entertaining.

    And yeah… I have that fatal syndrome where if the TV is on, even if i don’t like the program, my attention gets sucked into it.

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    • It’s funny, I can re-watch episodes on consecutive days and I swear I notice things I didn’t ever notice before. I’m trying to maintain a schedule, but if spring doesn’t get here soon, and I don’t have to worry about going to the hardware store, I’m going to go stir crazy and start binge watching (since I can’t go anywhere and binge drink).


  18. My husband and I are Netflix binge-watchers. But, we watch the episodes in order, not because it matters so much to him, but that it matters to me. I don’t want to miss anything that was done or said. We recently watched the series, “Anne with an E” which has 3 seasons and many episodes in each season; at least 18, I think. It is my favorite of any I’ve ever watched.

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    • Oh, Janis, so many seasons, so much to retain. I don’t know if I can do it. I accept that it’s a very good show (Faith has convinced me of that) but I’m just not sure I could handle watching it.

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  19. In my first year at university, Madame Bovary was a set text. I read it, I had lectures on it, I wrote essays about it and I was examined on it. Despite all of that, when I read it again a few years later, I still hoped it would end differently. It didn’t.

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  20. I’ watching two series on Prime right now and instead of binge-watching I’m pacing myself and only watching 1-3 episodes in the evenings. Farscape and a new release The Pale Horse. It’s based on an Agatha Cristie book, but it’s not ringing any bells, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. I may have read it to find out if I have read it. 🤣

    I got sucked into the original NCIS with Gibbs and crew, but haven’t got sucked into any other of the city ones.

    I yell at Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion not to go into the Poppy Field!! It hasn’t helped yet.

    Stay well!

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    • Ha ha – those dopes never listen.

      We were fans of the original NCIS but I’ve stayed away from the spinoffs. Still, watching and walking are about all we’re left with.


  21. I watch the reruns of the original Law & Order and Criminal Minds, although lately, I’m getting rather bored with them. I’ve been watching more of the shows on Animal Planet and the History channel. Most of my surfing of the channels is done to find the rerun of a movie I haven’t seen for a while. We have a pretty good library of movies on DVDs but I kind of like the built-in bathroom and snack breaks.

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  22. I love seeing Maddie’s smiling face from the warmth of her new deck spot :)
    I am beside myself at your amateur binging habits. The madness of watching things out of order?!? Good gravy! That you have the audacity to write that in a public forum… well it’s brave. Now that you know about the problem you can address it and start a proper series from the beginning.

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  23. I am nearing Red Sox withdrawal with delayed games, and still depressed over no Bruins and the sad Tom Brady news. Yes, I love sports. I don’t watch much TV, but I am totally hooked on NCIS. If I started binge watching the good old shows like Twilight Zone, I’d live on the couch. Actually I was thinking of some good, funny, old movies like “9 to 5” to watch. Can Maddie join me on the couch? 🙂 I love the pic of her on the new porch steps. Crazy times, but we’ll all come together and get through this. Best to you, Dan.

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    • Haha – The way the Bruins were playing, I’d be sad about the NHL postponement, too, Jennie. I’m upset and the Pens were playing like they wanted to lose. I just read that you guys got rid of Gostkowski. I hope that doesn’t drive you even closer to the edge.

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      • You are right on all counts, Dan. Gostkowski was out with a hip injury, and he was the kicker we we bit our nails about. Hot and cold. So, I am bummed, but understand. Yes, we’re back to square one. When we moved to Massachusetts Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback (he now lives in Bend, OR, and our daughter has met him). I remember the game when he was injured and Brady stepped in. They resigned Hoyer today or yesterday , but we are light years away from football.

        Sports are different in every part of the country. Hockey is big in New England. Swimming is bigger than big in Virginia. You have no idea, and I didn’t either. I think of the athletes who now have to wait another year to be in the Olympics. Necessary, but my heart breaks for them.

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        • Considering how much training is required, I can’t imagine having to wait a year. I know it’s the right thing, but it must be heartbreaking.

          I’ve been through good times and bad with Pittsburgh teams. If you moved to MA at that point, you’ve mainly only know good times all around. Enjoy the sports. I’m sure Belichick has a few more rabbits in his hat (hood).

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          • It is truly heartbreaking for the athletes! Yes, I’ve only known good times with the Patriots, every year getting better and better. Time to start over, but we all know – never underestimate Belichick. Love the ‘hood’ comment! 😀

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  24. I’m watching NCIS right now. It all started with my father, several years ago. Now I’m hooked. Same with MASH – my father’s legacy to me. Star Trek I started all by myself with the original. I never get tired of the Trek. The familiar can be comforting like walking the same familiar path in the same park over and over. I love Maddie’s smile. :)

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  25. Pictures of MiMi and MuMu always remind me of how HUGE Theo is in comparison. They are so TINY!!

    Theo has become even needier than normal lately and has taken up the desire to sleep on my desk while I’m working there. It’s not been an easy adjustment for me considering how much space he takes 🙁

    While a few months ago I was questioning all the streaming services we were paying for, now I’m grateful for them. By late afternoon I’m looking for the anesthetic quality of vegging in front of an entertaining show.

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  26. You are TOO FUNNY! I’m binging on NCIS: The Real One now. I do watch the eps in order; I like seeing the hairstyles and characterization evolve. And, like you and Casablanca, I keep hoping the characters will evolve/live/die the way I want them to this time.

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  27. While lockdown has been imposed in my area since Sunday 22nd, but I never really felt the impact. That’s because I work from home anyways so I had my projects to complete. Most working class employees are chilling on their balconies while I am busy typing my way through work. It is only now that I have time to unwind. My nephew is already bored of sitting at home without work. I don’t watch TV because I don’t have one. I do watch Netflix btw. However, I have plans ahead. I have my own blogs to write, I’ve also developed a passion for gardening in 2019, so I grow potted plants on my balcony. So far, I have Night Blooming Jasmine, Touch Me Not plant, Jade plant, Aloe vera plant, Cuphea Hyssopifolia plant, and Mint plant. I also bought a cactus but it got infected so I’m trying to revive it. Later, I will switch to reading Jeffrey Deaver once again. I have 3 books to wrap up of his which I bought in 2010. I also have some craft assignments to do for my balcony garden. I think all this will be enough for the lockdown period.

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