Way to Go Dan – #1LinerWeds

Mary, over at MaryJMelange.com left a comment on my post on Monday. She mentioned how she and her ex had different definitions about what makes a good Mac & Cheese dinner. Mary preferred the more traditional version, you know, the kind made with macaroni and cheese, while her ex preferred Kraft. The blue box. The standard. Her comment reminded me of one of the dumbest things I’ve said since being married to The Editor. Well, I’m not sure anything really tops:

“you don’t even really look pregnant; you just look a little fat”

But, I’ve used that before.

No, if I recall correctly, this incident was before The Editor was pregnant. One night, I came home from work, and she had made baked macaroni and cheese. This had been an arduous affair requiring a cheesy sauce and macaroni and more cheese and actual baking was involved. It looked delicious. It tasted wonderful. I looked at her and said:

“This is every bit as good as Kraft!”

And I meant it.

This true story is one of many stupid things I have said, and it’s also part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and two see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I have no comment except, for shame, Dan.  I make mac and cheese for the family when asked and it takes work!  The box?  Forget it!  Not even close 😳🙄

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  2. Now I have been eating Mac & Cheese since I was a wee tot and I do consider my self somewhat of a gourmand. Oh I am definitely a gourmand! I started with Catelli (love the elbow pasta). When we moved to Ontario, Kraft was all the rage. Good sauce, boring pasta. Move ahead a few decades and I make a better one. Extra old cheese, onions, Worcester sauce and a few herbs, sausage and elbow pasta. Yep, I make a mean M&C! Maybe I should make a batch . . .

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  3. Oh, Dan. How could you? How long have you been married? Hasn’t the editor taught you anything about women? As for the gallery, good to know you and Maddie are still going for walks. Fresh air and sunshine (when we can get it) are so good for us, especially now.

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    • This was a long time ago, Amy. I think we had been married less than a year. I’d blame my younger brain, but I still say stupid things when I’m trying to compliment people.

      We will continue walking. Maddie dragged me out before 7:00 this morning.

      Take care, and laugh when you can.

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      • Ohhhhhhh now that makes sense. Yup, our younger years all of us did some mighty dumb things. AGREED! I continue walking too. Today YAY sunny! I’m going to get plenty of Vitamin D today and some respite for my soul! You take care and keep on walking! Good for you!

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    • I enjoy mac and cheese in any form. The Editor’s baked variety was quite good. I do like the boxed stuff, and I meant no insult. However, yeah, my size-12 was firmly planted.

      Take care, Judy.

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  4. Oh I get the blue box blues, as the Kraft commercial used to call their m&c. I rather prefer it, but I’d not fault someone else for preferring any other kind. It’s comfort food and that’s all that matters.

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  5. I must truly be a dinosaur. I’ve never eaten boxed Mac and cheese. Still make it from scratch.

    Both of your one-liners are classic ” What were you thinking?” I can’t figure out how you manage to walk upright with your foot in your mouth!!

    Maddie’s nemesis sure has the death stare down pat! No wonder Maddie steers clear of this guy!

    Maddie looks so content on the couch with you and her stuffed bone. MiMi and MuMu still have to fend off glasses and unwanted photos. Poor lit girls. That sidewalk looks like it has a really bad case of the measles!! 😂😂

    Happy Hump Day and April Fools Day Dan. Keep the humor coming….we all crave it. At least I do!! It’s my link to sanity!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Ha ha – thanks Ginger. Sooner or later, I will run out of stupid things that I’ve said (of course, I still say new ones, so…).

      I’ve gotten pretty good at getting my glasses out of harm’s (a.k.a. MuMu’s) way before she sends them flying. Optometrists are not essential business, so I need to keep these in one piece.

      Maddie took me out early today for a walk. It might get warm enough this afternoon to sit – don’t tell her I said the “S” word.

      Take care and stay healthy.


  6. You are quite the charmer with the Editor, aren’t you? 😂I know people who prefer the boxed stuff. My own sons who love mac n cheese take it most any way they can get it. I know some who only know the boxed kind. Me, I’ll take the editor’s version over the box any day. And, yes, it is a lot of work, but so worth all that cheesy goodness. The crispy, thick cheese corners are my favorite part. Hmmmm….I have elbow macaroni, cheese and some time on my hands…👏🏻👏🏻
    Love the image of the sign reflection. Is that a crape myrtle carpet on the sidewalk? We had a five minute ‘storm’ last night. I was so excited, then it was gone. Happy Wednesday, Dan.

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  7. Your wife is not fat, Faith is not short…..you do have a way with words, don’t you, Dan?! :D Maddie’s nemesis is such a squish ball! He is so darn cute…but I defer to Maddie and we will walk around him. Happy April Fools, Dan!

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    • Thanks Lois. I know they aren’t fat/short/ugly and I know they are both capable of cooking better food than any box or take-away. I am blessed to have them both in my life.

      There, is that enough? I got more if I need it.


    • It was early in her pregnancy. She was trying to avoid buying winter maternity clothes. I was trying to make her feel better (really, I was). She promptly bought a bunch of maternity clothes and declared “now I look pregnant!”

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  8. Well, I love that you’re embracing the stupid things you’ve said, Dan. Your timing is perfect — I made homemade mac & cheese last night with country green beans and potatoes (Paula Deen sure does know how to cook veggies). When the kids heard what was for dinner one looked at me and said “wait, the GOOD mac and cheese?” It makes me happy they consider mine superior to Kraft, especially since they demanded the orange cheese packet for years. 😆

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  9. Dan… OMG — and you lived to see another day? Twice?
    You know, it’s funny… When & where I was a kid, pregnancy was so personal, so “delicate” that it was often hidden until to obvious not to. “A little fat” was preferable to “expecting.” Now, the world is upside down. Any amount of fat is such an unforgivable thing that women wear spandex to make sure it’s obviously pregnancy and not fat.
    The furry friends are looking particularly lovely today. The reflections were cool. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I did survive, Teagan but if she could have been assured a jury of her peers, things might have been different. She was trying not to have to buy winter maternity clothes. So much for that idea. There was a pile of bags on the table when I got home.

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  10. I have to agree, it’s hard to beat the boxed stuff if you were to graph the taste vs. effort on a XY chart. I would welcome anyone to bake me a big batch of the homemade goodness (especially with breadcrumbs on top), but we bought a big carton of Kraft Mac & Cheese before the shutdown so life is pretty darn good in this house… until we run out.

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  11. No problem here. Hubs doesn’t like Mac and Cheese, so we don’t eat any brand:) Oh, yeah, tricky to say ANYTHING about your wife’s figure … or hair, or shoes! She knows when you are lying:):)
    Love the fur of the squirrel standing up!

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  12. Ah. Yeah. These things happen. Sadly, unto The Editor, too?
    I feel like the early parts of pregnancy, there was a time when I just looked like I’d been hittin the ice cream a bit too hard. I can say this. No one else can.
    I like all the mac n cheeses because I don’t always have time to MAKE the whole dish. Would prefer it, but some Kraft dinner suits me just fine in a rush. Yum yum!
    Your reflection photos in puddles are tops, Dan. I keep trying. Spring may help — more and bigger puddles!

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    • Yeah, I’ve made more than my share of statements I wish I ould pll back. I really was trying to make her feel good/better in both cases. Really.

      We’ve had some heavy spring rains already. A good puddle is essential.


  13. I especially love the puddle pictures.

    #4 Daughter is now in a house, and has yardrabbits of her own. She calls them friends. She has planted a garden. Friendship self-destructs in 3…2…1….

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  14. “You just look a little fat” are the six words that can be applied to any situation or food, aka Kraft, and become a lifetime of repentance. Oh, the power of words. You are living proof, Dan. Sigh! Yesterday, Lands End had a 50% off sale. I caved in to buy a new swimsuit in a size medium, as I knew my size small from years past wouldn’t handle the flab this year (I know, and I’m on it with walking.). Hubby was in the room when I was grumbling about the size. He bit his lip. Wise man. Like you, he said those dreaded “six words” years ago and is now very careful. Sorry for the ramble. I loved this! 😀

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    • No apology necessary, Jennie. Six words no man will say twice. My other famous one is one I’ve said to my wife, daughter and our dog and gotten the same look. When approaching a significant opening, if I detect any hesitation, I’m quick to say “Oh, go ahead, you can squeeze through there.”

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