Monday Snippets

“Hey buddy, thanks for this peanut. It hits the spot.”

I was considering all of the following for today’s post. I decided to be brief. Yes, this is Dan. Really, it’s me!

Door-to-Door – No, not Thursday Doors, actual doors-that-have-to-be-replaced doors. For Christmas, The Editor gave me a new entry door for our family room. I gave her a matching storm door. Who says there’s no romance after 37 years? These doors open onto a fully enclosed porch, but it’s still the kind of door that needs to keep the cold out and get locked at night. You might wonder why we need a storm door. Well, sometimes, when there’s a fire in the wood stove, the entry door is open a bit, and we might not want the cats on the porch. You have to be able to cover all the options. This project requires a reliable forecast of three days at or near 70°f (21°c) – everything else is in the garage waiting.

D-I-Y Prep – These projects can go faster because I’m here 24/7 (that was The Editor you heard groaning) but slower because of “The Virus That Ate the World.” I can’t stroll around Home Depot looking for material I might use. I can’t pick up a few things that are cheaper at one store and a few things from another. I am making my list, and I’m checking it thrice, maybe four times. I want to be able to place one order, for one delivery, from one lumberyard, for one project. When that project is finished, I’ll reassess the situation. The first project will be siding, roofing and the slight expansion of our shed. I have the siding. I have about half the shingles. I took measurements and I will be working on a plan later today.

Maddie – I used to walk Maddie on Saturday and maybe on Sunday. We didn’t walk during the week because of kids waiting for school buses. Now we are walking almost every nice day. Sometimes, that goes well, we get out early and we avoid the crowd. Some days, the crowd has the same idea we have. Saturday, I took her for a walk before 7:00 am. It was cool and overcast. All was going well, until we saw her – HER – The Walker Lady!

“Intruder alert! Sound the alarm. Bogey at twelve o’clock! She’s back! Don’t you see her? She’s right there! Do something! She’s coming toward us. Bearing zero degrees. Range 100 yards. Why aren’t you doing something?”

Prior to this encounter, I didn’t know that Maddie can snort – like a bull. In between barks, she snorted at the approaching evil. As she was barking and snorting, she twisted her harness and leash into a tourniquet around my left arm. There was no consoling her. Fortunately, walker lady broke off her attack and returned to the apartment complex where she lives.

Apparently, Maddie’s exaggerated reaction was due to the fact that we hadn’t seen this woman for several months. We saw her again yesterday and Maddie barked, but no snorting and no tangling.

MuMu – and I have reached an agreement. She gets to use the shelf above my desk whenever she wants. I will remove all of my belongings before she gets there. Once on the shelf, I will brush and/or scratch MuMu until she decides she has been brushed and/or scratched enough. While she sleeps, I will not scratch her belly, rub her feet or pull her tail. In exchange for all my concessions, MuMu will purr softly and look pretty.

I am a tough negotiator.

Shopping – I avoid the crowds, make as few trips as possible and I will now be wearing a no-sew mask as recommended. Nothing fancy, a folded bandana, of which I have many. I want something that’s easy to prepare, easy to wash and won’t be hanging around for years to remind me of this mess.

Checking In – I have been texting, sending emails and calling a few folks each day. When you post on your blog, or visit here, I take that as a sign that you’re OK. Or, if you’re like Joey, that your dealing with something but making progress. Please take care. Stay safe but find a way to let some aspects of life go on.


    1. I thought of you when I came in after taking some measurements and told my wife that I was going to add a covered area off the side of the shed. She said she was surprised I wasn’t just going to join the shed to my workshop (I had considered that.

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  1. Poor Galloping Grandma…..after all this time and the sight of her freaked Maddie out. Murphy would’ve done the same thing! God bless granny for getting out there first chance she got!

    Sounds like some terrific projects coming up. Can’t wait to see your photos.

    Glad you and MuMu have called a truce Dan. But the score card indicates MuMu 1, and Dan 0. Lol.

    I love the Christmas gifts you and the Editor gave to one another. Nothing says “I love you” more than an entry door that doesn’t have the following note taped to it…”Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on your way out.” Yep! Definitely romantic. 🤗

    Hope this is the start of a great week for you with a nice surprise or two for good measure! Continued good health to all of you. Oh!! Murphy wants to see a pic of you with your bandana mask on!!

    Your blogs let me know that you’re ok, and your sense of humor is a welcome relief from the gloom and doom that surrounds us. Stay safe.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. I will post a picture on Wednesday, Ginger. It’s actually circulating on Twitter today. I need to have fun with these things and this situation, because to dwell on the serious side won’t be good for my blood pressure or my mental health. I just hope no one ever says “this isn’t a time to be funny, Dan.”

      I already bought the new doorknob and deadbolt – keyed to match the other doors and the key I have – so I guess I’m welcome to stay.

      MuMu is definitely winning the negotiations, but at least we’ve reached an agreement.

      Take care. They say this will be a rough week. We all need to hang in there until this passes.


  2. Thanks for checking in with us, Dan. You’re a good man and good dad to The Three M’s. I would still want to touch the MuMu foot, so good luck with your agreement.

    It must be frustrating, now that you’re retired, to not have the freedom to come and go to the hardware store and lumberyard in order to get your projects done. Then again, you and the Editor are staying safe and keeping healthy and that is by far not the worst thing in life. Have an awesome day!

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    1. Thanks Mary. This might even help our budget. When I go shopping for this stuff, I tend to overbuy. This way, I might get just what I need.

      The Editor, the M-girls and my health are the most important thing around here. We’ll do whatever we need to do to stay as safe and healthy as we can. Each time I walk out of the grocery store, I feel like I made it through a minefield.

      I must admit, I do grab that foot. Sometimes, that doesn’t end well.

      Take care.


      1. Staying home has helped my budget, even though I spend more at the grocery store to stock up on a 2 or 3 week supply. Like you, I’m not buying stuff I don’t really need or impulse buying. It has made a difference.

        Grab that paw today and ell her Mary sent you. 😁

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  3. You guys are so romantic–made me laugh, Dan! Walker Lady is back! It was good to check-in with her. Poor Maddie, though….. MuMu—that foot just begs to be rubbed. I liked this snippet’s Dan. Glad all is well with you. Take care. Bandana sounds like a good thing. My husband would have us looking like bank robbers…I gotta think of a redesign.

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    1. The bandana – folded into a rectangle with gumband ears – worked very well. It was comfy and it didn’t fog up my glasses as much as a dust mask or respirator does (when I wear them for woodworking).

      As much as I am glad to see that the walker lady survived the winter, I wish she’d walk at a different time. Maddie is so afraid of that woman.

      Take care. Hopefully hubs will be fishing soon.

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      1. This great spring weather is killing him. Before we were on lockdown, we would drive by the bay and he’d look out and I knew exactly what he was thinking: I should be fishing.


  4. Haha. Happy Monday, Dan. Good luck with the project. We have to venture out into ‘Zombieland’ for our twinkie run. We are just picking up. The ritual of cleaning everything at home is the tedious awful reminder part.
    Hey, at least Social Distancing is a no brainer with Maddie on the job. You know, maybe she could train other dogs…you may have a gold mine there.
    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..not my glasses!

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    1. Hahaha – Soft Kitty is cracking me up. I did the senior shopping ritual at the large grocery today. I think I have a time slot that lets me hit both that store and our little market and get home before the stores suffer the crunch. I do have to restock my Corona supply today. Then some yard work.

      Maddie does anti-social distance better than anyone. Don’t even think about crowding her.

      Take care. I hope this week goes smoothly and successfully for you.


  5. I’m happy to live healthy by staying at home, walking through the neighborhood. I’m grooving on walking with less car traffic and more friendly neighbors waving hi as I go along.

    On the flip side I’m becoming hyper aware of the bloggers who I follow. If I don’t see a post from someone at least weekly, or if they said “stay in touch” and they haven’t, I immediately wonder if he or she is ok. This is a new, not happy, variable in my blogging experiences.

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    1. I appreciate seeing your comment, for just that reason, Ally. It’s funny how connected we’ve become through this virtual community. No need not to gather here. I also think it’s good to see how much people in this community care about each other.

      Take care – keep walking – be like Maddie – walk at a safe distance. Well, for Maddie, that’s about 35′, but…

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  6. Oh I miss roaming home depot. It’s frustrating for sure that we have all this time to do projects but can’t get the supplies we need. We do have a bit of a lumber stash of leftovers in our cargo trailer, but unfortunately our spring snow melt hasn’t happened yet. The trailer is in a fenced storage compound still covered with a good foot and a half to two feet of snow.

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    1. Oh my, you must have had a big bunch of snow. We had very little. My inventory of lumber is carefully stacked behind our cars in the garage. I’m looking forward to the day we decide we can just leave them outside to fend for themselves. Then the garage is all mine . I hope you can get things delivered if necessary. Working on projects could save our sanity.

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  7. Wonderful post, Dan. What a lovely place. I don’t know which entertained me more, Maddie & the walker lady (especially the APB) or MuMu’s negotiating. Extra chin rubs to MiMi (for apparently behaving herself). Have a marvelous Monday. Hugs!

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    1. Thanks for that, Teagan. MiMi escapes to the family room in the basement and sleeps on a pile of pillows the Editor has carefully arranged for her. It’s like The Princess and the Pea story set, but it works for her. MuMu needs attention (when she needs it, and not when she doesn’t).

      We didn’t see the walker lady on our walk today, phew.

      Take care.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I need to be careful, because, if I finish the workshop expansion, I will have less space to store leftover lumber and building supplies.

      MuMu is happy with the new arrangement. At least one of us got what we wanted.

      Take care.

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  8. I hope you did not cause MuMu too much feline anguish when you negotiated her into that corner. So would that go under Cat Whisperer on the resume ? Your post reminds me that it is time to replace the shed doors here. The replacement doors are mostly cut and if I hurry I just might beat the next 6 month reminder from SWMBO She who must be obeyed. Besides the old doors really need to be replaced. They are composting in place… not to mention they are starting to have more in common with windows than doors…

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    1. The doors I made are ok but I need to do a better job of hanging them when I reside the shed.

      MuMu seemed to recover nicely from that negotiating session. I didn’t mean to be so hard nosed, but something had to be done.

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  9. If I were Maddie I would do the same. That walker lady looks like she could be trouble. She has a jacket the color of the US Mailbox. That should tell you something. Great photos and I look forward to the project updates. (Double that bandana)

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    1. The bandana was folded over about six times. I’m not convinced that the mask does any good, but I guess it’s good if I cough. I’m also wearing gloves. Reminds me of my days in lab as a chemistry major.

      I agree with you and Maddie, the lady looks like trouble. I need to make sure we give that woman a wide berth.

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  10. I so agree about getting blogpost notices from our friends out in bloggerland and therefore knowing that they are OK. Other than some people in the news whose names or job title I recognize, I am not aware of knowing anyone who has the virus. I hope that it stays that way. That walker woman is a real menace.

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    1. Unfortunately, I do know a couple of people who have contracted the virus. They seem to be holding their own, but it’s scary. It is good to see people writing, liking and commenting as we go.

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  11. I laughed so hard with you and MuMu’s negotiations that I snorted! LOL Living with a houseful of cats I KNOW how cats can be and the way you wrote what you did was purr-rect! THANK YOU for the laugh!

    I’m avoiding all encounters with stores. From here on out, hubby who does the running will be wearing a mask and gloves. I’m going to parks and giving people a wide stance. I also love the way you stated, “The virus that ate the world.” Just shaking my head over that one. Why there is a shortage of anything is beyond me.

    LOVED your gallery. And that walker-woman looks so threatening. No wonder Maddie went bananas. LOL

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      1. Bless you for doing the shopping, Dan! I mean that! You wife is very lucky to have you as her husband. My hubby feels the same way as you. And I’m in charge of making sure cleaning and sterilizing is done once hubby is back at home. Yes we will get through this. It can’t be over soon enough.

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  12. Thank you – I needed that story about Maddie because I laughed out loud all the way through it. I know it’s not funny when it happens, but you do a great job of writing about it. :-) Love the door presents, but I can top it. One year my husband gave me a beautiful log rack for outside to store wood. There was only one problem with that. We had converted the wood burning fireplace to gas. We still laugh about it today. :-) And, you know I need a photo to show me what and where your overhang is going. We were outside measuring today to make a very small deck for two chairs and an umbrella table. But, every time we’d think of what we need we knew we were going to have to do what you’re doing in making one list for one order. Yes, face covering from now on at least for a while. I also laughed again at the ‘virus that ate the world.’ Yesterday, I was reading a blog and she referred to all us ‘seniors’ as an ‘endangered species.’ I laughed at that too. Laughter is always good but especially now. Have a safe and good week. I’ll be rooting for 70’s.

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    1. I figured the Maddie fans would like that story. I felt so bad for her, she was apoplectic. I went from trying to calm her to trying to extricate myself from the twisted mass of leash and harness.

      I love the story about buying the wood rack for your gas stove – that’s classic.

      I do think we need laughter. I worry that someone is going to feel humor is inappropriate at this time. I guess I’ll just lose them, because I don’t think I can get too serious without going crazy.

      Take care up there. Today was a wonderful day here. I did some yard work, and it did feel good.

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  13. My husband tells me that Master Class has a great class on negotiation. Sounds like something that might serve you well. 😉. I’m still walking here, too, and since hardly anyone is out when I am, social distancing isn’t a problem. I plan to stay out of stores this week and then I’ll use a mask the week after that.

    Stay well, Dan.


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    1. You too, Janet.

      I visited a nearly empty (of people) grocery store toward the end of the Senior shopping period, yesterday. Masked, gloved, keeping a distance and getting only what we need.

      I’ve never been a good negotiator, and negotiating with cats, well, that’s a lost cause.

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  14. Nice post. You know I love taking walks every evening. I’ve been doing that as long as I remember. I used to do that with my parents. When they passed away I took evening walks alone for more than 4 years. Later it was with college best friends and then with Sarah. I shifted from downtown to the suburbs in 2006. I take an evening walk regularly. However, only a handful of storeowners know me. I talk to no one in my neighborhood. I carry this image of a rude, angry, no-mercy sort of guy. So, I assumed that no one notices me. On the other hand, my elder brother is the opposite. He knows everybody. Right from my neighbors to the local politician and even the local mob. However, lately I started to realize that plenty of people know me. I met a complete stranger once through my brother and I introduced myself and he was like – Yeah I know you. You’re the guy who walks the neighborhood in the evening. I see you every day for a decade now. That sentence just blew me away. I was like how many strangers take notice of me. Later, we found out that Sarah’s beautician, the local cake shop guy, the local wedding planner, sandwich stand guy, and so many more knew me by face even before I interacted with them for the first time. Sarah also made me aware of the fact that I’m wrong to say that I’m an introvert person. She believes I’m very friendly, funny, talkative, helpful and understanding which is why people connect with me instantly. However, I agree to disagree, so now I say I’m an introvert-extrovert guy.

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    1. That sounds like me. I’m a social introvert. I tend to be alone, but I will strike up a conversation with someone I meet, and I seem to be easy to get along with. I don’t go out of my way to meet people, but I will say hi as we pass, even if I’ve dragged Maddie to the other side of the street first.

      Take care as you walk these days. I hope you and Sarah and your family are all doing well.

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      1. So far things are good, but I have little faith in how long things will last based on the government plans for the country. Anyways, hoping for the best.

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  15. Hi Dan

    Your Blog is a nice reminder of normality arriving in my in box regularly, and I thank you for that.

    On the “D-I-Y Preparation” – I recommend that you “super size” your planning ahead, I did not here in Ireland and suddenly the legal restrictions were increased and there is no longer any “lumber yards” open so my plan to build a really nice new woodworking bench over the time I am home has been put on the back burner!

    Minor inconvenience in the current global situation.

    I hope you and yours are healthy and safe


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    1. That sounds like a good recommendation, Les. So far, the lumber yard I use (which is also a hardware store) is defined as “essential” business. I hope it stays that way. I can’t place this order too far in advance, because I don’t have a place to store the material. In normal times, this would be one of those just-in-time jobs – but as you point out, we’re searching for normality these days.

      I hope you can stay healthy. Maybe they’ll relax those restrictions.


  16. I remember something about the post when you discussed that lady but I don’t remember why Maddie is so freaked out about her. Is it the walker?

    Mumu has you well trained. Marble, our one bot cat, has my husband well trained too. How do they do that anyway?

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    1. My wife thinks it might be the walker. We pass another person who uses a walker, but we always see him while he’s sitting. It’s hard to know what it looks like from a dog’s perspective. We’ve never gotten close enough to even say hi, so I don’t know if she’s friendly or not – Maddie says “NOT” so I guess I have to be guided by her instinct.

      Cats, just seize control. I guess that’s why they’re near the top of the food chain in the wild.

      I hope you’re staying healthy and playing it safe, Glynis. This mess will pass.

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  17. Great news on your projects and wellness. We just finished a two-week vacation project and I am trying desperately to clean up the dust in the house and go back to work on-line. I hope to be posting about a couple of things today. We have been working so hard that I needed a break from our vacation.

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  18. That poor Walker Lady. I wonder if she has a blog, and what it says about that zany redhead? You drive a hard bargain with your animals, Dan; I hope MuMu doesn’t hire a lawyer to redo that contract.

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  19. Stores here have been a total zoo….the line of people waiting to get into grocery stores is still wrapped around the buildings….but the good news is because they limit the number of shoppers in the store at any given time. We are doing pick up….we drive up to designated spot…pop the trunk…they come and unload groceries into trunk…close trunk and off we go!!

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    1. Our largest grocer had to stop pick up in order to support their delivery service. I haven’t encountered long lines anywhere other than Costco, and that one moved pretty quickly. No one seems to be dawdling in the store.

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          1. Love Costco!! On a normal basis we do a monthly run. I know I’m going to sound like a commercial, but the items they sell under their brand name “Kirkland” is high quality product at a great price. Years ago they bought their west coast competition “Price Club” which was based in San Diego. They are based in Seattle (home office-Issaquah). They are loved out here for the shear reason I stated above. More than you wanted to know…sorry

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            1. No, I agree. One of my friends saved $5,000 by buying his hearing aids there. They are equivalent to the ones his doctor would have sold him and are programmed the same way with an identical app. Normally, we go about every 3-4 weeks. They are also known for treating their employees well.

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  20. Hi Dan – I’m surprised The Editor groans with you being home … a handyman around the house, someone who’s getting the best deal, looking after Maddie – who I must say definitely has her moments and demands, MuMu – seems to be the easiest – once you’ve done your daily job!! – and then does the shopping … hope the warm dry days arrive soon – take care and all the best – Hilary

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    1. Haha – of course, I write the blog, Hilary, so I might highlight my best side, as it were. We divide up the Maddie work pretty evenly – the dog is a seriously high maintenance creature – and my shopping talents/judgement are/is suspect. Still, we’re getting through it, and getting used to being isolated together. Warm dry days will be welcome. Take care.

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  21. That MuMu bit cracked me up! LOL
    I understand the Walker Lady. Our next door neighbor’s dog looks like Toto and Sadie acts like she is DYING every time we see her. The poor thing can’t even porch sit if we are, because Sadie howls like she needs this dog to come over immediately. It’s really pathetic, but the back porch gets shaded too early, so Toto and her human need to sit earlier She’s retired, she has all day ;)
    I really am going through something brutal and it was very alarming, but now I know I am getting better, even when it wallops me again, I get better again. It can’t last forever, nothing does :) Thanks for the shout out!

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    1. The deck outside my shop (Maddie’s porch) is not yet getting sun until late in the day. We’ve been sitting on the steps off the back porch (which just happen to be large enough to support Maddie’s cot).

      MuMu and I still wrestle for command of my desk. It’s working.

      I hope you continue to get stronger.

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  22. We take the dog for walks in the park, and sometimes there are so many neighbors doing the same thing that it takes forever to get home – as in everyone is starved for conversation and wants to shout the latest news at us from safe distances. “I DONT KNOW IF YOU HEARD BUT BOB AND I ARE GETTING A DIVORCE”, and so on.😮Anyway, good luck with all your projects.

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