Quarantainment – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, week four of confinement in the virtual section of the No Facilities bar (yeah, it’s all virtual) where Cheryl still has access to adult beverages and food and David and I try to include Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt in our conversation. Today, Linda instructs us thusly,

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘joint.’ Use it as a noun, an adjective, or a verb–use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering how I’m spending all these hours at home.

“Were you able to secure some Corona for home, Dan? I heard they stopped brewing it.”

“I was able to buy a case, David.”

“One case? Is that going to be enough?”

“I might pick up another twelve-pack.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re drinking much at home.”

“And why should he be drinking at home? This joint is well-stocked with Corona, and you two clowns are my only customers these days.”

“Hi Cheryl. Since you have the plague-brew, how about pouring one into a glass for my young friend.”

“Can do, David. Would you like anything?”

“I am sticking with John Howell’s Bourbon until the lockdown is lifted. You know, with a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice…”

“And a couple cherries. You two are nothing if not predictable.”

“It works for us.”

“Any food?”

“I’m going to take some wings home, Cheryl.”

“OK, then. No food for here. I’ll be back.”

“So, Dan, if you’re not drinking, can I assume you aren’t binge watching sports reruns?”

“I’ve seen a few, but I’ve been trying to avoid a lot of TV time.”

“Did you start those projects?”

“No, but I did a couple repairs and a little bit of yard work.”

“Repairs? What broke?”

“The toilet paper stand in the half-bath.”

“Aren’t those like twenty bucks at Target?”

“Exactly. I think that’s where my wife bought it.”

“So why not just buy another one?”

“Another one, already? I’m just delivering this first round.”

“No, Cheryl, I mean thanks, I mean – stop sneaking up on me!”

“Hahaha, here, sip some seltzer.”

“I think I’d prefer to start with the bourbon.”

“Yeah, but if you choke, because you’re all twitterpated, I don’t want you spitting out top-shelf bourbon.”

“Cough, good idea, ahem.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan, in a glass to keep Mr. virus-obsessed feeling safe.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Cheers, David.”

“Cheers. Anyway, why are you repairing such an inexpensive item?”

“I had already improved it, and my wife likes it.”


“Shortly after she bought it, the thing that holds the paper started falling off. I secured it with a better, and I might add a better-looking screw and locknut.”

“I’ll skip asking why you didn’t replace it then. So, now your investment was what, twenty-two-fifty?”

“There abouts.”

“Did your repair fail or did something else break?”

“The support stand got loose in the base and the base crumbled.”


“It was filled with a lightweight cement.”

“Let me guess, you dialed-up a transit mix truck and poured in some five-thousand-psi concrete.”

“Haha, no, I cut a paver into a circle, sliced it to the right height and drilled two holes in it for the bracket.”

“Cut a paver? You know what, I’m not even going to ask how one cuts a paver. Cheers.”

“You drill a series of holes with a hammer-drill, break it apart and clean it up with a diamond wheel on an angle-grinder.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“I said I wasn’t going to ask. You just can’t help yourself can you, Dan?”


“It’s OK. What else did you fix?”

“I made a new cradle for MiMi’s scratching post.”

“I thought pet stores were allowed to be open, you couldn’t buy a new one?”

“I made the scratching post several years ago.”

“Apparently you didn’t make it very well.”

“I did. The cradle was structurally fine, but MiMi has, um, tossed her cookies in it a few times, so…”

“Stop! No stories about cat puke, Dan. You made a new one, fine. Done.”

“Fair enough.”

“Dare I ask what yard work you did? And, if it involves poop, scat, droppings, leavings or the like, spare me the details.”

“None of that, David. I pulled out the marking stakes I use for snow-blowing and I blew the leaves out from under our porch.”

“You should put some lattice up to keep the leaves out, Dan.”

“I have lattice all around the porch, David. Somehow the leaves get through.”

“Damn, the guy that sold me mine said it would keep leaves and animals out. I guess I need to check. Cheryl, we’re going to need another round.”

“Coming right up, guys.”

“Dan, let me know when you start the normal projects. Until then, I suggest you increase your TV limit and watch yourself some Star Trek.”

“That ship has already sailed, David. Original Series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine are lined up on Hulu.”

“Binging all three?”

“No, I bounce around. I mix in some Twilight Zone, too.”

“Nothing mixed in here. Bourbon, neat. Seltzer, pure and water, well, it’s from the tap, but I’m sure it’s OK, and a Corona in a fresh frosted glass.”

“With spiced salt on the rim! Oh, Cheryl, you’re the best!”

“I know how much you like it, Dan. I’m trying to be a little nicer to people during this crisis. You know do something unexpected for them.”

“That’s a great idea, Cheryl. In fact, it’s why I’m picking up today’s tab, including Dan’s wings.”

“Spiced salt, and free wings – there’s a joint-venture I can smile about.”

“Cheers, Dan!”


  1. I was intrigued by the prompt this week, Dan,and had to read all the way to the end to see if you ended up lighting one up–maybe not legal in your state. I really liked your moon shots through the trees–I tried the same thing and didn’t get any that I liked. My favorite shot was probably Maddie and the squirrel, particular because of the angle at which you took it.

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    • I wrote a long reply to this earlier, on my phone, Mike. I posted it and it posted as a reply to everyone’s comment. When I deleted the one under Judy (below) they all disappeared. Maybe I did light one up on the way here.

      I’m sure you’re familiar with the “I got a nice picture but not the one I had in mind” phenomenon. I do like those pictures.

      As for the angle on the squirrel, that was his idea. He came so close, like a wild west bandit. He didn’t seem like he was going to move until I gave him a peanut. Some of them are starting to forage, but some are still pretty hungry and they know we’re a couple of soft touches.


    • Maddie does seem to be expanding into my availability, Judy. Although, if I am working out side and come back in around 3:30 – 4:00, she still goes into her “you’re home, you’re home” routine in which I’m required to go sit with her on the couch.

      I think we would have replaced the toilet paper hanger, but it was so badly built, that I literally had to repair it almost as soon as we bought it. I think this version will outlast any of the new ones we could buy. It is nice having the tools to do something like this. It isn’t what I bought them for, but they do work.

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  2. Glad to see Cheryl wasn’t furloughed! Love that you were able to make those repairs. A lot of work, but you didn’t unnecessarily expose yourself to the virus by running out to the store.

    Really like those moon shots. Beautiful! And the pic of Maddie and the squirrel is priceless. MuMu is definitely watching you, and with good reason.

    Nice to see spring blossoming in your yard. Gee, it looks “normal “!

    Happy Easter to all of you. Be well and stay safe.

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    • Happy Easter, Ginger. I did wear a dust mask when cutting the paver, but because I knew how much “dust” that cutting wheel generates.

      Maddie just stood there, stopped in her tracks by the little guy. I guess she knew we had to pay a toll to get out of the yard. One of them has even stood in front of my car as I’m pulling out of the garage. I hope he realizes that doesn’t work on the road.

      We are seeing more and more signs of spring around here. It’s a good sign. Now we just need a few more degrees to go with them.

      Take care and stay safe.


  3. I love your moon shot (we were cloudy here) and little Miss MuMu’s pink nose peeking out from under the curtain.

    It appears you are finding plenty of things to do at home while spring starts up in CT, including a little Star Trek and Twilight Zone watching. Cheers to you, with Corona in hand, at home and at the bar.

    Have a great Easter weekend, Dan!

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    • Happy Easter, Mary.

      I am staying busy, and looking forward to more work outside and in my shop. I think I’ve made it through the hard part. Feb/March/April were going to be the months during which I was going to explore some local-ish sights and museums. Oh well, my Pittsburgh fan training has taught me to say, “maybe next year.”

      I have a lot of favorite shows among the Zone and Treks. Last night, I watched “Ensign Ro” – I had forgotten how much I like that episode.

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      • We might have to say “maybe next year” for many things, Dan. I was wondering yesterday if the greenhouses are ordering and I’ll have flowers on the patio by the end of May.

        We’re on the second season of Next Generation. It will be a while before we get to Ensign Ro.

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        • We were wondering the same thing about greenhouses. Many of them would have started before the lockdown. I hope, if they have flowers and plants, they are allowed to sell them. In any case, I hope you get your flowers.

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  4. Haha. Nice repertoire today Dan. Have you heard about the overage of chicken wings now that sports are on hold? I hope I gave David a discount, 😉I love that reflection in the ice puddle. 👏🏻👏🏻Yakking cats? Umm I haven’t even had my coffee…enjoy your day. Wish I could blow this joint and head to the beach. 😢

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    • Sorry about the bodily function references, Cheryl. You can’t go too long without hearing that sound in a house with two cats. Too many chicken wings? I guess I know what to order for takeout today.

      I hope you have a nice weekend. If you can get outside, do so. I know you will feel better. Thanks for joining us at the bar.


  5. Dan I’m happy to see the virtual bar is still open. It’s always a delight to hop onto a stool and visit.
    I always enjoy seeing the furry kids, particularly liked MuMu peeping from under the curtain. But the first moon and the puddle reflection — those shots took my breath away. Gorgeous! I keep forgetting to try and get a look at this full moon. Anyhow I hope you and yours have a nice holiday. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I don’t know why, but I imagine you have nice clear skies at night where you are. We have clouds and light pollution from the airport :(

      MuMu is a funny little coworker. I thnk she likes my being at this desk, but, of course, she’ll never admit that.

      I hope yo have a nice weekend – stay safe and healthy – we need you behind the wheel of the Delta Pearl.

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      • That’s right — there usually is no cloud cover at night. That’s why the nights can get so cold. It’s just where, in the sky, the moon is at this time of year. I’d have to go out looking for it, and so I forget… We’ve been having some spectacular sunsets lately though!

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  6. I love the repairs, Dan. The moon shot was spectacular. Even though it was through the trees, the backdrop was dramatic. Thanks again for the mention. Great to see signs of spring around your place. I love how the squirrel impersonates a border guard.”Give me a peanut and no one gets hurt.” Have a super week and stay safe.

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  7. Dan – I am impressed. Sometimes you just want to fix things no matter the cost. On another subject the song Our House would lead one to believe that one would not need to repair the scratching post. Oh well ! Happy Saturday.

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  8. Parker is the only one of my cats who ever gets sick–and it is always in the middle of the night. All the cats sleep on top of us and Parker is always right on my legs. Then that retching sound…. I sit bolt upright and toss her on the floor. Somehow my husband never hears a thing so I have to remind him “Watch where you walk. Parker got sick last night.” Always just a hairball but, good gosh, the noise she makes. Happy Easter, Dan.

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    • That usually gets The Editor up pretty quick. I sometimes hear it, but it doesn’t always register. I guess that’s a guy thing. The only think worse than MiMi throwing up in the cradle is when she throws up from the cradle (since it’s about 6′ in the air).


  9. Delightful pictures! The moon in the trees was magical! My mother has lattice all around her porch, and leaves and animals consider it quite cozy under there. I remember one time, she saw a snake crawling in, and GRABBED IT BY THE TAIL. The snake freaked. When the head was pointing out, Mom released it, and it took off for the woods as fast as it could go.

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    • If I ever see a snake, I’ll give you a call. I’ve been thinking of putting screen in the back of the lattice, but that’s a lot of work. Maybe I’ll just block it off in the fall. I’m always amazed at how easy they go in and how hard it is to get them out. I’m glad you like the pictures.


  10. Spring is indeed happening there! It looks beautiful. I love the moon behind the trees, and that reflection puddle shot is my favorite!

    Your upgrade to the tp stand looks pretty clever and sturdy!

    I’m glad the virtual bar is still open. Cheers!

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    • Thanks Deborah. I think the repaired stand will last a lot longer than the original version. The old one would ave been fine, if they had use locking nuts instead of standard ones. It would have only added 50 cents to the cost, and that’s if they were buying the nuts at their corner hardware store like I did. Then again, no one wants to make something that lasts a long time. Have the item break, check out the new fashion and buy another one – that’s the sales model today.

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant.

      I take that reflection shot every time I see it. I am really happy with this one. I’m glad you liked it.

      The real bar might only be open for takeout, but this place still has beer and bourbon, so we’re staying open.

      I hope you have a nice weekend. I imagine it will be hard, as it would be one where you were getting together with your family.

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      • Yes, hard. It’s the first time we’re not going to see #1 Grandson for Easter and the first Easter our Littlest will be somewhat aware of what’s going on. We’ll facetime. I miss them so much! I’d risk going if Baby Girl weren’t asthmatic, but she is. So, we wait.

        I hear you with the not making things to last anymore so you’re having to replace items well before you want to!

        It’s nice you have a puddle that is somewhat reliable so you can play and get nice shots like this one. Going to print it? You should!

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    • Haha – well, my wife did express that as an option. She liked the style of this one, and they don’t make it any longer, but it was flimsy. Once I did the first repair she was happy with it. Then the base broke. I figured it’s only three parts. I replaced the top one. The middle one is a curved steel rod and now I fixed the base. It should last.


  11. I do like how you stay busy doing important projects. I wouldn’t mind a shot of Bourbon right about now, but we’re out and there’s no way I’m going into a liquor store to get some. Could you build me a still maybe? And then a barrel in which to age my hooch?

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    • I learned about the spiced salt in San Antonio a couple of years ago. It’s been a recurring theme at the bar ever since. I think I’ll look to the wings for protein ;-)

      MuMu and I are working things out in that shared space.

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Janis.

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  12. Loved the variety of pictures in your gallery, Dan. I laughed out loud at your pics of your “kids”. What personalities!! And you of all people would document the first dandelion. LOL I do believe you have us beat on that one! It turned chilly and wet here so what I was doing outside in my gardens got halted to a stop. I was extremely interested on how you repaired the toilet paper holder. You’ve got some serious tools there! And you know what you are doing besides! Wish we were neighbors and you could motivate hubby to do repairs here. So many ….. sigh Let’s not talk about that, shall we? Hope you are having a great weekend! I totally enjoyed your post today. Thanks, Dan!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this Amy. The toilet paper holder was something to do. It’s not what the tools are for, but they came in handy. They allowed me to finish a silly project and solve a problem. They also let me spend some time outside, which probably made Te Editor happy. She doesn’t get to have the house to herself much anymore.

      We love dandelions, and I was thrilled to see them popping up.

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      • BIG adjustment for the Editor, Dan. I know. When hubby retired I lost MY space in MY house. MY time. MY alone time. MY Amy time. It is a huge deal and please tell the Editor she has my every empathy. You don’t realize how much you value ALONE time until it is no longer. Why do you think I crave to be outdoors? LOL One reason is it gives me the opportunity to have ME time away from hubby. 36 years here. 37 for you. Sorry but everyone married that long needs time alone. I know I do!
        Dandelions …. Have you ever made or drank dandelion wine? Yes it is a real wine. I dare you to look it up. I used to drink it in my younger days. OH did it make me laugh! Teehee …..

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    • I think a few people were waiting for that joint to show up. The reflection always grabs my attention as I walk by. It’s only visible at a specific angle, so it almost flashes into view and then disappears as Maddie continues searching for the perfect spot.

      Take care, Suzanne.


  13. In India, the lockdown has been extended until May 3. Majority of the people are just glued to their television sets all day. I don’t have one so I’m focused on reading gardening articles, doing the balcony garden on my own and a little bit of Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, I recently saw this documentary on it called ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’. It has got a lot of eyeballs in the United States as well. It was extremely weird but powerful. The documentary just sucks you in this unbelievable scenario unfolding on screen.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Tiger King is a true crime docu/mini series on Netflix that highlights the life of a zookeeper Joe Exotic. As we dig deeper into his daily routine and the business of breeding exotic animals we unearth some disturbing revelations of this business and the kind of people in it. Definitely, not for the faint hearted. Now that I cannot go out regularly, I also watched the entire WW2 documentary which was 13-hour series.

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  14. Pretty pretty moon :)
    I could really do with some more sunshine, but I always enjoy your rainy reflection snaps.
    Our paper towel holder has slowly lots its weight over the last… 15 years and while I’d like to have a replacement, I haven’t seen any like it, so I totally support your repairs. I don’t see my husband breaking out masonry tools to do it, but I support your endeavor.

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