Since You Asked So Nicely – #1LinerWeds

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the day that I went grocery shopping. I’ve settled into a routine of hitting both the large grocery store that we don’t like but has everything and the small grocery store that we like but is often out of stuff. Their “Senior” hours are staggered by an hour, so I can hit both without having to enter with the crush of old folks, and still avoid the under-60-crush at the general opening.

Just for the record, I am one of the old folks.

I tend to park near, but not next to the bin where shopping carts are returned. I like to be able to return my cart without having to walk very far from my car when I’m done shopping. As I walked by the return bin, I noticed a woman who was parked two spots on the other side of the bin. She unloaded her cart, and promptly pushed it onto grass in front of her car. When she looked at me, I simply said “nice,” as sarcastically as I could. After she got in her car, I retrieved her cart and decided to use it for my shopping (it’s OK, I was wearing gloves and I had a disinfectant wipe).

As I continued walking to the store, another woman was unloading her cart into her the back of her car. As I passed her – pushing my cart – she pushed her now empty cart about 15′ (4.5m) toward me and said:

“Take this back for me!”

And then she got in her car.

I took the cart back. No sense saying the ten or twenty potential one-liners that went through my mind. I’m sure the woman was stressed, perhaps scared, perhaps she’s just mean. In any case, I wasn’t going to fix her at 7:00 am in the parking lot.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Crumpets is all I can say for both stories. People – can’t believe it. And I always love your photos of life a la Dan and the editor … take care – Hilary

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  2. It speaks volumes about the current situation that simple shopping has become such an adventure for us. Most of the time, all I can do is shake my head and continue on my way. I’ve manage to avoid grocery shopping for a couple of weeks, but I am beginning to run low on a few things, so will need to venture out soon.In church we have a prayer that reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and with others–I need that reminder often. Regarding your photos, t was nice to see a cooperative Smokey posing for a portrait.

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    • These are the times when the lessons learned in church get me through without incident, Mike.

      Smokey was very nice. We were on our way home, and I had put my camera away. Maddie was nice, too. She doesn’t mind stopping on the way home.

      Take care and be safe when you do head out to the store.


  3. Seriously? How over-the-top with entitlement that woman was!
    The photo of Smokey is fabulous, Dan — particularly with the setting. The gallery is so lovely and peaceful looking (even the furry kind look relaxed) that I can’t have a favorite. But it was nice to see the new buds on the tall trees. Hugs on the wing!

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    • I’m glad you liked the pictures, Teagan. Smokey was very kind to pose for a few seconds, especially with that hawk circling the neighborhood.

      I don’t deal well with the entitled among us, but no sense starting a war before breakfast…I guess.

      Take care. I’m already looking forward to Saturday’s voyage.

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  4. I was at the local grocery store at 7:10 yesterday morning. They have eliminated the senior hours and decreased the number of people allowed in the store from 120 to 70 so I shoot for a few minutes after they open so I don’t have to stand in line outside. I also took a cart left in the space next to my car. :-) Although these days, I’m looking for any excuse to get out of the house, I told my husband I hope to not go back for two weeks because it wears me out mentally. I’m still trying to figure out what everyone is doing with all the flour and the tp because I can’t comprehend that every person is baking that much from scratch and that after this much time lapse there still is no tp available. I watched one woman about 35 take every single package of berries (blue, black, red, straw) off the shelf and pile into her basket. Really, you need the entire supply? On the bright side, the sun is shining and the temps are good today. I’m seeing an afternoon on the deck for Maddie. :-)

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    • Every pack of berries? What’s wrong with people? I expect they’re going to keep the senior hours a bit longer here. The stores are almost empty, an it’s when the delivery shoppers are doing their shopping. I think they like the empty aisles. When they do return to regular hours, I’ll shift to a schedule that keeps me out of the crowd. It does wear on me, so I’ll try to avoid having it be worse.

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  5. Some people just cannot be fixed. In times of crisis we want and hope that people will pull together for the greater good but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. I think there are enough truly decent people out in the world that we will survive. Of course there are also more than a few one would like to kick off the lifeboat. I just say’n . . .

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    • I tend to agree with Captain Pam. I was hoping my taking the first woman’s cart would make her think…a little. The second woman? I don’t get it. “Would you please take this back for me…” would have been so much nicer, and it would have had the same result.

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  6. Rude, thoughtless, entitled women. 😡😤 If you’re in that much of a hurry, or that stressed out that you can’t return your cart yourself, then shop some other time when you’re calmer and have regained your manners! Sorry Dan, this old girl has no filter left. I would have given her “what for”!! 🤗 I admire your self control.

    Great shots of Smokey and the hawk.

    It’s taken MiMi a long time to get her “leave me alone when I’m sleeping” message across, but I’m glad it’s finally sinking in. Or is it? 🤗🤗

    Yesterday was like summer here. Cooler today, but still nice with sunshine on the way.

    Happy Hump Day Dan.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Part of me wishes I could have said something, Ginger. I guess I didn’t want to ruin my day more than it was. There doesn’t seem to be much of a spectrum these days. People are close to the ends. Some are nice, some are not.

      Smokey was nice to pose for me. I’m glad the hawk didn’t see that.

      MiMi is being consistent with that look. She’s almost too hard to resist. I don’t wake her, but if I see her stir, I feel compelled to rub her belly.

      We had a nice day yesterday, and maybe another I’d on the way.

      Stay safe, Ginger. Beware of shopping carts.


  7. I love the photo, “why is he still typing.” How perfect! As for the one-liner, I live in constant amazement of what people say or do. This woman, like so many others, definitely didn’t learn much in kindergarten per Robert Fulghum! You handled it well, Dan.

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    • MuMu tries to remind me that the space under that window used to be her private little getaway. She actually grumbles sometimes when I turn on my desk lamp.

      I think you’re right about this woman, Gwen. Maybe she was sick the day they taught manners – please & thank you. I guess I chose to fall back on “two wrongs not making a right.”

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  8. Maybe quarantine is just bringing the stupid out… my husband’s had similar experiences with people who either can’t read or just refuse to follow the one way signs in the stores because “they’ve always gone that way.” Or the ones who get out of the car to visit with someone in another car at Whataburger…or tried to go inside to order.

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    • You’re probably right. Unfortunately, we’re never going to have a vaccine for stupid.

      The one-way aisles might be improving sales – I’ve seen stuff I didn’t know our grocery store carried ;-)


    • Thanks Laurie. The first woman, unfortunately, is a normal occurance, people who simply refuse to put their cart in a safe place, regardless of how close the corral is. The second woman, I’ll be kind and chalk that up to stress. Shopping these days is stressful. I would have been happy to help her, but a ‘please’ would have been nice.


  9. Spring is definitely showing her finery, Dan. Our trees are full leafed out and most of our blooming shrubbery has past it’s blooming period.

    You are kind and more in control than many of the people out there shopping. I might have parked her shopping cart directly behind her vehicle. I find my tolerance is not what it once was.

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  10. I find shopping quite stressful these days and I’m really pleased when I can find a free slot for home deliveries 🚚 Many local suppliers in North Norfolk offer free home delivery which is a big relief.

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    • The smaller of the two stores does delivery but has been out of things like cat litter and bread. The larger store also does delivery but is putting new customers on a waiting list. This is working well, but it is stressful, even for me, and I’m normally pretty easy going.

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      • Yes, we ‘re familiar with the same problems. It’s difficult to complete the shopping in one store because of the shortage of various products. Luckily , it has eased a bit.

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  11. Well Cinderella you are lucky to get off with a park the shopping cart order. You could easily have ended up with a ‘and get right home and sweep the fireplace too !’ Stay safe don’t give in to being the evil step mother.

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  12. I so resisted the urge to slap both of those women–gets me so aggravated. It’s funny–I am like you in that I want to be near a cart return place just for convenience sake. My husband doesn’t like it cause he’s afraid one of the carts is going to run into his car. After reading this post, I will have to remind him–no one uses the cart return!!

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  13. I don’t know what’s wrong with people! Last week He-Man went to Home Depot for something he needed we generally park out in the boonies trying to avoid the traffic closer to the doors, and when he returned to the car he found it had been hit! It’s in the repair shop now. We hope to have the Crystal…this car’s name back by Friday. Whoever hit it didn’t leave a note! Our insurance is taking care of it. I’m thankful we have insurance and wishing a good dose of Karma on whoever hit our car!

    I don’t mind walking my cart back b/c it gives me a few extra steps and I can use all I can get! Plus it’s the right thing to do.

    Spring is looking lovely there, and sitting looks comfy!

    Take good care!

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    • That’s awful. Accidents happen, but you can leave a note. I had my tail light broken by someone backing out of a space at Home Depot. The break wax the size of a 2×4. Also no note. I hope Crystal is back together soon.

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  14. Impressive, Dan. Sometimes knowing that you’re not gonna fix somebody gives you the mindset to let their attitude go. I have to admit that shopping carts can be one of my triggers — I mean seriously, how hard is it to stick it in the stupid bin??

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    • The first lady probably walked farther to go around her car into the grass than she would have to use the bin. I really don’t understand it because you’re also taking up a parking space with the cart. I don’t normally do the shopping (I’ve been activated during this crisis) but I could see this growing into a big pet peeve.


  15. I see this or used to all the time. It’s like the big guy in front of you letting the door slam on the wheelchair. I made sure to say thank you😉People are rude, no denying it. I would think today things might be different, guess not. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

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  16. Dan, I’ll just bypass the two incidents in the parking lot. Whatever the comments, they go for me too. I’m an old person, shopping during regular hours. I watch people going against the safety rules, and give them a “really, how stupid” eye look. 🤨😲😠 Of course, the mask hides the rest. 😷 I’ve gotten some interesting looks back. Love the photos. A big, open smile this morning. Stay safe & think about non-verbal responses for crumpets. 📚🎶 Christine

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    • Thanks Christine. I like “crumpets” – it might confuse them a bit. I have found that you can “say” things under your mask. I wonder how long it will be (after this) before I say it while not wearing a mask 😏

      Take care.

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  17. I wish we could say that rude behaviour comes from being stressed and worried. I’m afraid, though, that most of the people who are rude now were rude when things were normal… and will probably be rude after the crisis. I’m impressed that you kept your mouth shut. I’m not sure I would have been that gracious.

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  18. I’m sure that woman thought you were a store employee. As such you have to feel sorry for someone who has such a miserable life that they need to belittle those who are there to serve. I’ll build a story. This woman wanted to be on Broadway but got cut on her first audition and just couldn’t face doing another. Her husband was supposed to be a songwriter but never sold a song and ended up at the Colt plant sweeping metal shavings from the floor. A very sad tale indeed.

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  19. Thanks for following the stories that made me shake my head in disgust with photos that made me happy. I’m always dismayed (nicest word for it) by people who leave carts sitting, usually in the way of parked cars or those wanting to park, when the proper place to leave them is only a few steps away. I’ve also seen carts left blocks from a store, often at a bus stop, or just left because?? ‘Nough said. On to something nice, such as reading my book. :-)


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  20. What the … ?!!!

    I thought I had seen it all when one day I watched a woman push her empty cart into the middle of the roadway, get in her car and drive away … until your story about the woman who pushed her cart at YOU with a demand to return it.

    I despair at the human race. The stupid, mean, and insensitive appear to be winning.

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  21. If I upbraided (respectfully, of course) my mother for saying something like, “Take this back for me,” she would say, “‘Please’ is implied.” I disagreed then and I disagree now. Being a magic word doesn’t mean being inaudible. Hmph. That’s all I have to day to those ladies. Hmph. And I mean it to sting.

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  22. I was hoping this epidemic would somehow alter people’s general attitudes for the better. I was hoping it would make people realize how precious and frail our lives are and how they need to be nourished. Judging from the two women you encountered, my hopes have been squashed.

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  23. Mercy. What is so hard about putting the cart back in the corral? I’ve never understood this. Not in bad weather, not with two kids and two babies. It galls me. I presume these people wreak havoc everywhere they go.

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    • I think you’re right. These people are likely always acting like this. I never understand it either. In the process of shopping, putting the cart back would require such a small amount of time.

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