Who Needs Aioli? – #SoCS

Wow – I think Linda G. Hill is really out to give us something to do in these times of worldwide lockdown and self-isolation. Yesterday, she released the following Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘directions.’ Find a household cleaner/bottle of shampoo/something in the freezer/anything you can find with instructions on it, then copy down a single direction (just one) on how to use/cook/etc. your chosen thing, and make it the first line or word of your post. Then keep writing whatever comes out. Have fun!”

As is the case with these “first line” prompts, I have to start up here – If we were having a beer (in this virtual bar), you guys would be picking on me…again. Have fun, indeed.

The directions I chose to use.

“Do NOT shake! Do NOT SHAKE my hand, Dan. I didn’t come here to get infected.”

“Relax, David. It was just a reflex reaction.”

“Sorry. It’s just that all the news has me so spun up over this Corona-crap.”

“Easy, boys. You come to this – regularly sanitized – place to get away from that. Might I suggest a liberal application of alcohol-based mood-stabilizers?”

“You’re right Cheryl, I’m sorry. I have been well-served by the John Howell’s bourbon variety stabilizer. I think I’ll continue with that.”

“OK, David. Dan, I’m going to pour your you-know-what into a frosted glass with a perfect slice of lime.”

“Excellent, Cheryl. What he doesn’t see won’t give him the heebie-jeebies.”

“I think they want us to have the heebie-jeebies, Dan.”

“Now, now, David. That kind of talk isn’t going to help. Remember, you came here to escape.”

“Awww, look at that, you put the cherries in the bourbon.”

“You know, Skippy puts them in the ice just to get under your skin. You do know that…right?”

“I never give him that much credit, Cheryl. He’s such a jerk, it’s hard to think that he’s intelligent and clever.”

“Well, you two are jerks and you’re intelligent and clever.”

“Us two? How did I get lumped in with this? I’ve always been nice to Brad.”

“Yeah, but Dan, you also said, ‘oh, Cheryl, I’m sure you could squeeze through there’ when I was complaining about the crowd on the stairs to the lounge.”

“That’s different.”

“How is that different?”

“I can answer that. He’s an idiot.”

“Thanks David. That does explain things. But you know I love both you guys. And, Dan, I know you don’t really mean those things to sound so awful.”

“I actually meant that as a compliment.”

“A compliment? There was like four feet between those people and the railing. What am I, a whale?”

“Dan, do yourself a favor. Take a drink of your beer. Go to the Men’s room. Look at your phone. Anything but respond. Do – Not – Speak!”

“Perhaps you’re right, David.”

“Good advice, David. You boys want any food?”

“I might take something to go, but I had a burger at Skooter’s earlier.”

“Why do I love you guys?”

“What now?”

“You know, Dan, we have burgers on the menu, here.”

“Yes, but your burgers are meals, Cheryl. They’re so big, Skooter’s are the right size, and I love their Cheeseburger Special.”

“We have a cheeseburger special. It’s served on ciabatta bread. It features three kinds of cheese, applewood bacon and it’s dripping with a garlic-lemon aioli sauce. Sorry, they make me memorize stuff like that.”

“Skooter’s is served on a bun that’s buttered and grilled next to the burger. It features, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise – no aioli sauce, no ciabatta bread. Mayo and a bun, like a cheeseburger, not something that escaped from a sorority party up at Smith College.”

“There is something to be said for the classic. OK, Dan, you’re forgiven.”

“No bacon, Dan?”

“You can have bacon, David. My wife gets bacon and grilled onions on her burger.”

“Mmmm, grilled onions. Those are good. Maybe I’ll stop at Skooter’s when my shift is over.”

“Now you’re talking Cheryl.”

“You know, Dan. When you mentioned sorority, you made me think of Animal House.”

“Fawn Liebowitz?”

“Exactly – ‘I just talked to her last week. She was going to make a pot for me.’ – Sorry, I just can’t resist.

“Me neither. Now I’m going to have to watch that movie.”

“You boys crack me up. You probably know that movie by heart.”

“We do, Cheryl. But those movies are the best way to take you mind off the fact that we’re locked in our rooms.”

“Then my advice to you is to start drinking heavily – I’ll call you an Uber.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m heading over to get on board The Delta Pearl, I hear it’s about to leave the dock.


  1. Lunch is looking good, and Maddie looks a little impatient for that towel dry. :-) The sun is shining, the temps are good, and I’ll be outside for a while working on edging – it’s a good day. Give Maddie a nice head pat for me, and I hope she gets an afternoon sit on her deck.

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  2. hahaha. Brilliant line! “Might I suggest a liberal application of alcohol-based mood-stabilizers?” And I see you are using your ‘foot warmer’ again. Linda had an excellent prompt and you used it perfectly to fit with the times.

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  3. I just came from the Delta Pearl, Dan. Great story isn’t it?!

    Have you noticed some of the old programs being brought back to fill in the TV schedules? I wish they’d bring back some of the old movies, my Comcast doesn’t give us TCM ! I’d even take Animal House if I could.

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  4. Good prompt, entertaining conversation!

    Maddie looks like she would have liked to have been blown dry! That first bunny looks like the ‘boss’! I’ve seen quite a few dining in our yard and playing ‘tag’. Love watching them.

    The sand cherries are so pretty, and I hope you share a picture of the lilac when in full bloom. So beautiful.

    “Do – Not – Speak” Lol. You know Dan, sometimes that’s very good advice! 😂

    Enjoy the warmer temperatures we’re getting over the weekend. I know Maddie will want a lot of time outside. No towel drying today!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie is waiting impatiently for our walk. We’re hoping she completes a “business chore” here before going, but looks like I’ll need a bag.

      It’s a beautiful day, and I have a project lined up.

      I will share lilacs and Rose of Sharon pics when I have them. It’s not like I’m going anywhere else 😏

      Enjoy the weekend!


  5. There is a strange bright orb in the morning sky. And the morning mood stabilizer report says today will be a great day for repeated application. Happy Saturday Dan. And be careful not to slip on the aioli. It can interfere with subsequent applications.

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  6. Great use of the prompt and very applicable these days. Always nice to see you at the bar. Looks like Skooter’s is my kind of place from the food all the way to the jukebox.

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  7. I love MuMu’s reaction to the prompt, Dan. Happy Caturday! You know how twisting the wiring of my brain is – I’d have a great time with this prompt. In fact, I think I’ll use is as a writing exercise that might go into my novel in progress.
    You slayed me with “…like a cheeseburger, not something that escaped from a sorority party…”
    I think that bunny is having an attitude about the prompt too. He must have sneaked a conversation with MuMu. I like the image of the lilac leaves with the sun shining through from behind. Very cool.
    Heartfelt thanks for the shout-out about my steampunk serial, The Delta Pearl. LOL, it’s a great (virtual) travel alternative to an Uber. All aboard!
    Hugs on the wing.

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    • MuMu has a 3-track mind. “I should be being brushed. I should be being fed or I should be allowed to sleep.” She doesn’t see the value in SoCS prompts.

      I, on the other hand, really enjoyed this one. IT took me far off course from where I thought I was headed, which always makes me feel good.

      Hugs near the paddle-wheel – have a great weekend, Teagan.

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  8. Oh man, that dinner special is a lot of food! I’d give the dog to someone who likes them and love the burger and fries.

    Stoic bunny is so cute I laughed out loud. Maddie cuddling during a storm looks like a great way to get your feet warm.

    Our Sand cherry or red chock cherry bushes are blooming now too, and our new Maple tree is blooming! It made it through winter! Phew, we were worried, because it’s a lot later starting to leaf out than all the other trees on the street.

    I didn’t get the Animal House reference. I’ve only seen the movie once and that was way back when. 😛🙃

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    • The lunch is a lot to eat, I split the fires with my wife. I normally get coleslaw, but they aren’t selling enough during the shutdown, so they stopped making it for now.

      It’s always good to see the new plants/trees or the one you transplanted, take off in the new year. I hope we all start to take off soon.

      Take care, Deborah. Hoping you and your family can stay well.

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    • Only in my mind – sorry.

      I was supposed to be getting ready to fly to MSP, and meet my brother. We were going to head up to Deluth for a few days. You know, typical tourist destinations. Maybe later in the year.


  9. Good old fashioned diner burgers. Can’t beat that with fancy. I really hate all of the new breads that restaurants insist on shoving at us. Most of them have short shelf lives and come out dry and hard so that you have to squish your burger and the first bite sends all the yummy insides slipping out. You are right about the prompt. Ugggg…

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  10. Really enjoyed this post, as usual I add…now I want a cheeseburger! No mayo though. Grilled onions on burger are a must, as are mustard and relish on a hotdog. I look forward to these Sat posts every week. My sn lives in NJ where they have removed the baskets/hoops in the parks so.

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  11. Hahaha. Animal House. I loved that movie. I have the videotape but no VCR to play it on. Ah well, it will live in my memory. Thanks for the mention, Dan, and I certainly enjoyed the discussion and the photos today. Have a super Sunday.

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  12. I like the 50s retro decor, but I want a ciabatta bread with garlic-lemon aioli sauce and avocado instead of meat. Sigh. I guess this is why my husband always wanted me to decide where went out to eat back when we ate in restaurants. Maybe Skooters has a veggie burger….. anything is possible!

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  13. Love the “I didn’t see you come in” shot and Cheryl, you go, girl!! Your title made me laugh when I saw it in the reader, Dan, and then really wonder what the post was going to be about. All the burgers sound pretty good, gussied up or not, but then it’s getting close to dinner time here, which may have something to do with it.


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    • I’ve never taken an Uber either. It just seemed to work as a way not to imply we’d be driving home drunk. I don’t like the data Uber collects about riders and I don’t like the way they treat their drivers.


    • I explained to someone else (copy/paste alert) that I’ve never taken an Uber. I felt it was bad form to imply we were going to head home drunk. I don’t like the data Uber collects about riders and I don’t like the way they treat their drivers.

      My coworker doesn’t seem to like SoCS. Most Friday’s, I get started as soon as I get the prompt. MuMu thinks I should be leaving my desk by then. She gets annoyed when I look for songs or video.

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  14. Yup, late to the bar again. Actually, I read this Saturday morning, was going to comment, and then attention deficit disorder kicked in and, well…

    The Editor is my kind of burger lady – fried onions and bacon. Yum-yum-yummers. I would love to have one with fries, but only if someone else makes it.

    One of the scenes/lines from Animal House has stuck with me over the years.

    I forgot about Fawn. Maybe she was in the tank, helping out in the kitchen.

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  15. oh dan – LMAO with the closing line and video snippet – hahahahha

    and feel bad for the brand that has the name Corona – I heard they put production on hold – is that correct?
    – and my fav pic is the bare trees one – with the sun gleaming.
    and the chilling photo was the one with the net missing. made me sad. felt all wrong. but I get it – just sucks tho


  16. I read this title, and I was like, ME! I need aioli! I don’t, either. I put mayo and ketchup on my cheeseburgers at home and think the pickles are super important. When I burger out, it’s nothing like burgers at home, but there is often aioli :P
    That bunneh are BIG! :D
    I shook a hand Monday and then immediately apologized and offered sanitizer, which she applied and replied “No worries!” I truly was delighted to meet her, I’m so sorry! LOL


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