Woe Be the Redshirt – #1LinerWeds


It’s probably no surprise, but I’ll tell you anyway – recently, I’ve been watching Star Trek. This is not related to the pandemic, I’ve been watching Star Trek since 1966. Anyway, the episode I just finished watching is from the Original Series. The episode was “The Apple” and it’s noteworthy, if for no other reason, for the fact that four Red-shirts end up receiving a “he’s dead Jim” pronouncement from Dr. McCoy. A poisonous plant, an exploding rock, a lightning strike and a smack on the head by one of the few natives on the planet – all the many ways the ensigns got whiffed.

The episode had a large number of one-liners, but the one that caught my attention was when a young native woman wrapped a flowered garland around the wrist of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Kirk: “It, ah, does something for you.”

Spock: “Yes, indeed it does, captain. It makes me uncomfortable.”

The reason this jumped out at me is because it brought to mind all the things that I’ve had to wear, at various times, that made me uncomfortable. From neckties to dress shoes, from name tags to ID badges, from hard hats to hearing protectors, and of course, the uncomfortable item du jour, face masks.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I’m with you, Dan. I’ve been a Trekkie since that first episode aired! Dad and I would watch every week!
    The masks are not a fun item to have to wear, but I can’t guess how many plastic gloves I’ve ripped trying to get them on (no wonder surgeons have the nurse put them on for them!) 🙄

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  2. I don’t like the face coverings for a lot of reasons with #1 being my glasses fog up no matter what I do. I guess I’m too full of hot air. :-) Our lilacs are still only in bud form so thanks for sharing. Maddie is right – she’s the star of the walk and the deck. :-)

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    • I share the hot air effect, Judy. It certainly is annoying. I know better than to think creative photography will win out over the queen. No one has to remind her to step into the light.

      I hope you’re having a good week. Stay safe.


  3. I know that Star Trek episode! Surprise! I have been uncomfortable with a lot of things as well, Dan. Clothes that don’t fit are the worst, especially the blue jeans that seem to shrink every time I wear them. ;-)

    I think everyone understands about the masks. I actually made one that I wore biking yesterday afternoon and my only complaint is that it’s going to be a tad bit hot when the 80F weather hits. Otherwise, very breathable. I bought a mask that I hate – it keeps popping off my left ear and it’s harder to breathe through.

    It’s a good thing you built that deck for Maddie. What would she do without it? Have a great Wednesday, Dan. I hope nice weather is on the way for you.

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    • Those ever-shrinking jeans are awful, but the worst things to wear are uncomfortable shoes. Nothing ruins a day faster than crummy shoes.

      Don’t wear the mask that’s hard to breath through while riding the bike. A guy up the road in MA had to be rushed to the ER after doing that. Another guy (in a car, but wearing a mask for a long time) crashed into a tree.

      I was pretty sure you’d recognize this episode, Mary. Poor Vaal, but at least he’s not hungry anymore.

      Take care.

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    • Taking that mask off feels very much like when I used to listen my tie. Do you suppose there are people who will have to wear a tie and a mask? That would be the pits.

      Take care, Frank. Live long and prosper 😏

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    • My favorite STNG one-liner (I used it a long time ago for #1liberWeds) was when Captain Picard yelled at Data, “things are only impossible until they’re not!” That does make some good sense.

      Maddie photo bombs my art all the time 🙁

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  4. Maddie will always be the shining star of your photos, in ‘person’ or in shadow! 😂 Those lilacs will be blooming soon in all their glory. Maddie is too cute surveying her kingdom. Yep, building those decks for the red head and then making some use out of them for yourself was a good idea Dan! 🙄

    I see MiMi and MuMu are still having trouble keeping you in line. Some things never change! Lol.

    Yes, wearing these masks is annoying but unfortunately necessary. The glasses don’t help. I just hope and pray that when Covid-19 leaves the building, it leaves never to return!!

    Hope you and the Editor get to enjoy the warmer weather that’s coming our way….at least between showers.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. The worst part about the masks is the glasses, and the way it gets hard to breathe after a while. I know you’re not supposed to mess with them, but I take them off while driving between stores.

      Maddie knows that she’s the star and that I built those decks and steps for her.

      I was working on plans for the changes I need to make to our shed. I put my three pages of notes on MuMu’s shelf – for a few minutes – but she was having none of it. She showed up instantly.

      We’re taking advantage of the warm weather today. A replacement door is about to go in.

      Take care, Ginger. Stay safe, breath easy.

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  5. Tee-hee! Excellent, Dan. That was entertaining, whimsical, and well composed. So much fur with my morning coffee. I hope the cold didn’t hurt the flowers. The furry kids are looking lovely. Give them a head scratching for me. Hugs on the wing!

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  6. My husband gave me his lone bandana to wear but it kept slipping down my hair. So I put my hair up in a pony tail and tie the bandana over the pony. Friend of mine is going to make us masks but bandanas have long been sold out. So I bought a pack of Pioneer Woman dinner napkins. We will be the couple with gingham check face masks. Picnic, anyone?

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    • Sounds good to me. I have a bunch of bandanas. I tried tying them but they slip. We bought masks, and our daughter bought some Pittsburgh masks for me. I don’t go out very often and I’ve got the shopping down to a quick in and out.


  7. must wear a tie and a mask. Sadly there are probably 37.9 layers of must in that instance. The news showed a doctor in full protective garb. With the respirator and face mask he could almost pass for an alien. Someone came up with the idea to attach a people picture sans PPE to the PPE so the patient would not feel like they were abducted to the mother ship. Oh there is a human in there !

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  8. I agree, Dan. But I am glad to wear a mask to help protect my community. I often wear a buff rather than a mask but I think as summer approaches, they will be too hot.

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  9. Spring has definitely sprung out your way, Dan, and it’s lovely. We watched the very first Star Trek a couple days ago. What fun! We also have all the “Avengers” episodes with Mrs. Peel on DVD and will have to watch them all again as well. I did love that show. Anyway, masks are a pain, but in the scheme of things, not so bad, although I’ll be quite happy when I don’t have to wear one.

    Happy midweek!


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  10. I hate to say this but I think Maddie hit the nail on the head. Yes, we would rather see pictures of her. Loved the Lilacs and Dogwoods remind me how much I miss the Connecticut countryside. We had both and loved this time of the year,

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  11. I’m going to have rewatch that episode. The mask is uncomfortable and hot after a few minutes in the stores.

    The Lilacs are so pretty. I bet they smell wonderful too. How deep was that line to the ice cream shop? It looked like they were doing good business.

    Did she swat your papers off the shelf? Inquiring minds want to know. 😀

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  12. I feel ya, Dan. I wear the stuff all day. Every fay of the week. Including gloves. I have always lived wind on my face but now….pure heaven. Umm Maddie is a queen but we like your shadow too.The lilacs are lovely!

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  13. Spock was always good for telling the truth. I never get tired of the Trek. Today on the couch I was in my soft baggie pants watching STNG. I’m glad they finally got rid of the uncomfortably short dresses and panty hose.

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  14. Wow, it is lovely to see the beautiful green of your spring plants, Dan. We are also having to wear masks when we go out of our property. The governments of the world are reading us for their future plans maybe. Who knows, it is all so weird and controlled.

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  15. Looking at the photo of people standing in line having to have the 6ft (1.83 m) in between them got me thinking. Maybe people won’t be so quick to crowd over the pandemic is over. That would be a nice plus to this mess.

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  16. Ice cream is open :D
    If I don’t have to wear my mask too long — for a brief talk to client, picking up dog meds, post office — I don’t mind it then. But when I’m doing the shopping and trying to talk to The Mister, it’s extremely inconvenient. AND HOT.
    But like, better than heels.

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    • Hahaha – you mean you bought a mask but not matching heels?

      I can get through the shopping, but I’m ready to rip it off when I get back to the car. I do my best, but it’s hard to breathe, and I don’t like re-breathing my exhaust (in with the good air, out with the bad).

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  17. I’m another die hard Trekkie since inception, so appreciate the reference to that episode. I’m only slightly use to the mask wearing because I have always worn one when doing yard work due to allergies. I never realized I had been buying the N-95 all this time from Lowes without even knowing what that meant. I started feeling guilty wearing one of them doing yard work after this started and found myself apologizing to people as they went by walking their dogs or just out on walks…..ugh!

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    • I wear a mask when doing certain sanding and finishing operations in my workshop, Kirt. If you’re wearing them for allergies, you’re probably better off with the best ones you can find. Our daughter has allergies, and I bought her a nice permanent mask with replaceable filters for se in the shop.

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