As Luck Would Have It – #SoCS

I want to be at the real bar later today, but that’s not going to happen. So, we gather virtually and commiserate over and about our wants as we attempt to deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘want.’ Make the word ‘want’ the first, second, or third word of your post. Have fun!”

“If we were having a beer, you’d be in a funk.”

“I want to welcome you to pandemic paradise, my young friend.”

“Thanks David. I want a cold Corona, in – the – bottle, with a hunk of lime shoved in.”

“How about two hunks of lime artfully balanced as only this remarkable bartender can do?”

“Brad? I didn’t expect to see you today, but I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“Don’t encourage him, Dan.”

“Now, David – be nice. Brad, bring David the John Howell’s special.”

“I prefer calling him Skippy.”

“Yes, David, we know, but we’re all making accommodations these days.”

“Please don’t tell me we’re all in this together – no one is together – we’re all in this apart.”

“It’s an expression. It’s supposed to make us feel better.”

“I get it, Dan, but it was a badly chosen expression. Together is what we want, it is definitely not what we are. And, on top of that, the expression has been overused to the point of being trite and meaningless.”

“One cold Corona, one Willette Reserve, neat, with a glass of ice and a snifter of seltzer on the side.”

“And cherries in the seltzer, thanks Skippy.”

“I walk to a different beat.”

“I think that’s ‘march to a different drummer’ but, whatever. I know you only do it to annoy me.”

“Cheryl told you?”

“Of course. Anyway, Thanks again Skippy, cheers Dan.”

“Cheers David.”

“Will you guys want any food today?”

“Maybe later, Brad. So, David, at the risk of another tirade, how was your week?”

“Oh, let’s see. Since we had our last beer, I…well, I sat. I walked a little and I sat some more. I read a few books. I watched more news than my parents did in a year’s time, I watched Korean baseball, I grew frustrated with politicians and stupid people – who, by the way, are not in this together – and I ate things simply because they and I were in the same room. What about you, Dan? How was your week?”

“Well. I…”

“I’m sorry. I’m cranky. Did you finish hanging those doors?”

“I did.”

“It must feel good to have accomplished something.”

“It does, but mostly it felt good to be moving, and lifting and, you know, working.”

“I know. I should do that. I’m pretty handy, but I always seem to break something along the way, then I have to go to the store, and I dread the thought of going to Home Depot – that place is a zoo.”

“I know, I had to get one thing there. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. And, don’t feel bad about breaking things, I broke a piece of molding taking the old door out.”

“Molding? That’s the worst, Dan. Not only do you have to find a replacement piece, you have to paint it. Then, the paint won’t match very well, so you keep painting, and you end up going around the room.”

“Or, your bad habits save you from all of that.”

“Come again…”

“Well, I made the molding.”

“Of course you did.”

“And, like with most things, I didn’t throw away all the scraps and leftover pieces.”

“So, you had a piece that was big enough for the repair.”

“I did, and since I painted it before I installed it…”

“Yatzee! Skippy, bring this lucky duck another beer, give me another splash of bourbon and put it all on his tab.”

“My tab?”

“You’ve been lucky enough for one week, it’s my turn.”

The grackle’s comments are from Leon Russell’s “Tight Rope” – below the gallery.


  1. It looks like spring is in full mode in your corner of the world. Up here, it’s still being dragged out reluctantly.

    Be well, Dan. As restrictions start to get lifted, I suspect it’s going to get a bit scarier out there. I think I’ll just stick around home for a while longer.

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    • You’re absolutely right, Joanne. I’m in no hurry to rush back into the open venues. We open (a little bit) on Wednesday. Outdoor eating, maybe barbers and stuff like that. I’ll continue with take out.

      Spring is in full-on mode here. At least that’s a good sign. Today, I get to cut the front grass 🙂

      Take care and stay safe.

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  2. If we lived closer, I’d grab a Blue Moon with orange and a folding chair to sit 10′ away (might as well be really careful) and chat about your doors. They look great. I might have to bring two beers because I’d want to tell you how our online plant sale is gong. Happy weekend. :-)

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  3. Our springtime is taking its time to arrive here. One glorious day last weekend and now it’s gray and rainy. I’d like to visit a bar, too. Especially with no chance of doing yard work today, but instead I’ll make like MuMu and loaf.

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    • Find a warm spot, hide your head in your hands and snarl at anyone who bothers you – that’s the MuMu way. We had a nice week. Some rain, but mostly at night. Now, it seems we have a week of rain on the horizon.

      I hope your weather improves and that you have a good week.

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  4. I had to go to the dentist this week, Dan. It’s about a 25 minute drive there and another 25 minutes back. It felt so odd to be driving. I felt quite nervous being on the roads. I love your lilies of the valley, they are gorgeous.

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  5. MuMu looks so cute. Smokey goes to the park after a visit at your house? Squirrels do get around. Leon Russell…he was quite the entertainer, wasn’t he? Good song choice. Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • There are a bunch of Smokeys around there. There seem to be two that are visiting our back yard now. We haven’t seen them here for a while – in the neighborhood, but not in the yard. It’s always a treat to see them in the yard.

      I’ve always liked Leo Russell. Carney was a great album. I’m glad you liked this.

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  6. Love the flower photos, Dan, especially the lilies of the valley. Someone mentioned them to me this week and I could not conjure up a mental picture of what they look like. Your shots helped remind me of how beautiful they are. I too am taking any reopening really slowly. I went grocery shopping at 6:05 a.m. yesterday for the first time in over a month. I am willing to go out to take nature photos, but I can easily avoid people when I do that, but it’s a bit more problematic with shopping. Fortunately there were not many folks there yesterday so early in the morning. Here in Northern Virginia, the authorities have decided that we will lag behind the rest of Virginia in relaxing restrictions–we are not ready to do so in the D.C. area.

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    • The lilies of the valleys are so pretty, Mike. They did a fair amount of spreading, including some that marched along the flower bed edging. My wife loves them, so it’s good to see them blooming.

      Phase-I of our opening starts Wednesday. It’s not going to change my routine very much. I don’t think I’m going to include more places in my travels, not until the initial surge is over and people figure things out.

      Take care.


  7. It’s all too dull and exciting to be apart while we’re all in this together. Maybe I want to go to Home Depot. I definitely think there will be bourbon.

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  8. No grass to mow here, but nice and cool this morning, at least for another few hours. :-) I’ve been to Lowe’s a few time since we moved and other than not too many people wearing masks, it hasn’t been too bad. Arizona is starting to ease formal restrictions, but we’re not planning to eat at any restaurants in the near future. Not to disparage everyone who works in restaurants, but I’ve worked in them and around them and know how often things don’t get done the way they should. :-(

    I’m enjoying the spring photos. Enjoy the weekend.


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    • Thanks Janet. I’ll continue with takeout. If the place starts getting crazy, I might hold off on that until it calms down. I don’t worry about the restaurant staff nearly as much as I do the patrons who “just can’t wait to get back out there” without thinking of what they might be doing. I saw way too many of those folks at Home Depot, and the crew in the parking lot managing the curbside delivery looked like the clown parade.


  9. Happy fixed door and molding Saturday, Dan!

    I want so many things right now – hugs, music festivals, hanging with a friend at a craft brewpub, seeing my coworkers, being at church – but the common sense in me is still yelling patience, patience, patience. And I shall listen! Regardless of what our State Dumbass Supreme Court has done, I’m being safer at home.

    Here’s to a happy weekend and a healthier future!

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    • I looked for you in the crowds they were showing on the news ;-)

      I would like nothing more than to do those things, but some things just can’t happen, and some have so many restrictions that I’m not sure I’d want to do them. The best part of going to the bar is striking up a conversation with the guy next to me. They aren’t even going to let restaurants open their bar areas in the second stage (currently set for June 20) so I’m not sure when I’ll ever get to enjoy that.

      I’m going to wait and see how things go after the first stage opening on Wednesday. I’m content to let someone else go first. I’m not sure the restaurants we like are even going to ope, since they are only allowed to offer outdoor dining and takeout at this point. I’ll keep doing takeout.

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  10. I’ve had more than my fill with politicians and stupid people lately.
    We’re finally getting warm enough temps to do some serious yardwork and gardening this weekend. The downside is that it means a terrifying trip to the local Home/Garden center for supplies. All the same it will feel real good to be outside, moving, and doing some physical work. Enjoy your weekend!

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    • After my one quick trip to Home Depot, I decided to stick with the local hardware store for as many things as possible. He’s the owner, he has a vested interest in playing by the rules. I finished up my door project, cutting down the old door and putting my tools away. Ready for the next project, but that’s outside and it’s supposed to rain most of this week.

      Take care, Norm. Stay safe and try to stay sane.

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  11. I loved the photos, Dan. The grackle had me in stitches. I haven’t seen Lillies of the Valley for years. We just don’t have them around here so it was a real treat to see them via your photos. Thanks for the mention too.

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    • A couple people mentioned the lilies of the valley. My wife loves those. When I built the ramp out front and lined the flower bed with pavers, I had to dig up lots of them. I figured I’d try to relocate them instead of just tossing them. Surprisingly, they have almost all done well. If I can’t kill a plant, it must be hearty. The grackles usually fly away when they see the IR focus lamp light up. This guy just kept posing. I love his little walk.

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  12. It’s good to hang out with the gang at the bar, Dan. OMG, the dogwoods are so lovely. We has lots of them where I grew up, but I never saw many after I moved away. I don’t think they even grow in NM… maybe, but I’m no expert. The water drops on the lilac made a beautiful composition. You slay me with the singing grackle. I haven’t thought about Leon Russell in a long time. Nice song to have in my head. Hugs on the wing.

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    • When he lifted his leg and wobbled a little, all I could think of was him being on a tight rope. Leon Russell flowed from that in a heartbeat, I guess we’re all on a tightrope of sorts these days.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. Until they open the real bars, I have to keep this one virtual.

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  13. Lilies of the Valley! Such a pretty little flower and with a fragrance that more than compensates for its size. We had two large patches of them in our yard when I was growing up. Sadly, I haven’t seen them in years, so it’s nice to see yours. Funny, Lily of the Valley, as I remember, is a very invasive plant. Next to impossible to get rid of, yet they seem to have vanished.

    Beautiful Dogwood….that grackle though, Lol.

    The storm door looks solid and functional. How nice you two love birds will have these gifts to each other for years to coney!

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and rewarding. We’re on an extended lockdown until June 13th….opening beaches for Memorial Day I believe. Nope, I won’t be running to any beach with or without my mask. I’m not feeling safe yet.

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I transplanted the lilies of the valley shown here. I figured they would die, but they’re doing very well. We like them, so if they want to take over the space, more power to them.

      We’re not beach people, but I wouldn’t be going anyway. The restrictions are bad enough, but as I understand it, I could drive all the way there and be told that the lot is full and no one else will be admitted.

      I’m glad people like the grackle – he’s my favorite today.

      Take care, Ginger. Stay well and hang in there a few more weeks. We open up(Stage-I) on Wednesday, but I don’t see it changing my routine. Someone else can go first.


  14. You know I feel your pain. If you only knew the things I hear at my job every day…sigh.
    That grackle is beautiful. Speaking of overused expressions, there are a couple of words that are being worn thin for me. ‘Literally’ being (mis) used just for the goal of accentuation; “I literally dropped dead when I smelled the garbage!” And ‘essential’. It has become such a commercial tool that I ‘literally’ cringe when I hear it said now.
    That is the best shot of Smokey yet! You did an awesome job on that door. In a few minutes you can check out my own personal building project. 😉 Have a great weekend. You do know it is the weekend right? Now that you are retired and all, every day can be Saturday! 🙂

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    • ‘Literally’ bring misused has gotten so bad. We follow a couple neighborhood forums and the grammar is so bad even I cringe. And these are people who want to cut the school budget.

      If I forget what day it is, Maddie reminds me. We might skip our walk during the week, but we almost never miss Saturday.

      Enjoy the weekend.


    • The grackle just made me laugh. I don’t know if it was the wind, but he seemed to falter a bit and reminded me of a tight rope walker.

      I didn’t want to put the leftover stock in the dumpster, I worked pretty hard to make it.

      The leaf with the water drops is on a white lilac. I was happy with the way that came out.

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  15. I haven’t attempted to go to Home Depot yet but have started thinking about projects that need to get done. Gads, that was exhausting enough for a day. I had to have a glass of wine and watch a home improvement show!

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  16. I hope walker lady is ok this week, it feels strange to see no pictures of her spooking Maddie on ‘her’ sidewalk… And how odd for me to be so concerned about a random stranger on the other side of the world! :-)

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  17. I love seeing the spring flowers. We’ve just started getting enough warm weather and rain to help our trees start to grow. Since you’re wishing for a real bar, you could always travel to Wisconsin for an open bar visit!? ;-) Just kidding, you might want to wait and see how that works out for us. I haven’t heard if the curbside pick up of alcohol that was part of the order that was lifted is still in effect or not, but you can get burgers and fries to go. PS – Cheers to the wise saving scraps of wood that actually came in handy someday!!

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  18. This was a really good post, Dan. The way you wrote about David, in a very real way, is exactly how so many people are feeling right now – or the other extreme, overworked and bleary. Oh, how many times have I grumbled at hubby for all that extra wood he saves, until something goes wrong and voila, he has the wood.

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    • Thanks Jennie. I try to keep these posts light and airy, but sometimes, the situation gives rise to other feelings. I try to ‘go with the flow’ and once he started, I decided maybe that was the flow.

      I wanted to tell the story about having the scrap, because our daughter wants me to throw more of it out. It’s ironic that the piece actually was left over from one of her projects.

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      • I know exactly what you mean, Dan. I’m the same way. You went with the right flow. Really.

        When we moved here, Steve insisted on dragging along old windows he had found. Really old. Of course I grumbled, even though I love antiques and architecture. Wouldn’t you know that the old house we bought in Groton desperately needed a wing repair. Yup, the windows were perfect. Still, he needs to purge. Love the irony of the scrap wood and Faith. Great story.

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