Impossible Plus One – #1LinerWeds

Spring is firmly established here in Connecticut. Most blooming things are beyond their peak. Late blooming things are near their peak. We’ve had days above 70°f (21°c) and the days are nice and long. On the other hand, within the past 10 days, we had snow and hail. We have also had some very cold rainy days.

I’ve been sharing as many pretty pictures as I can find during the past few weeks. Today, I’m sharing a few pictures taken by The Editor, including the one I’m featuring for my one-liner. One of the things that I always find amazing is the way flowers grow in places one would never expect to see a flower. One such little flower is shown below. He pushed through only to get hailed upon.

“Help me :(“

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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  1. Great May photos, and I love the spray. I always chuckle at those plants that sprout up in places that seem so unbelievable while others that you give plenty of TLC croak. Enjoy this nice weather, I know I am. :-) When you and the Editor have a spare minute online, google ‘window well raised bed.’ I had never seen it before, but had to laugh at the ingenuity of it.

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  2. Hi Dan – yes plants are just amazing and how they survive, also how they come back to life. The weather, when it’s respectful that Spring and early Summer has arrived, is just so uplifting … enjoy those walks and projects you’ll be working on. Four legs all look happy! Take care – Hilary

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  3. We seem to get almost the same weather you do! Rained so hard the last few days I was looking for the Ark. Days before that it snowed!! And they was hail further north. Oh, and I thought your beautiful kitten was trying to give you the finger. Sorry, my bad. We are expecting much warmer tamps in the next few days. But Mother Nature is a tease . . .

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  4. We had a rather long Spring this year, so I can’t complain that we’re now at 90*F and feeling like it’s over 100. We avoided hail, though it was in the area at times – I don’t envy you getting that!
    It always amazes me how the squirrels know how NOT to get fried. Who teaches them?

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    1. Every now and then, a big section around here loses power due to a squirrel making a connection. It happened to the building I worked in several years ago. The newspaper article started with – “a squirrel inadvertently completed a circuit, and its lifespan, at this substation” under a picture of a burned out hulk that had been a power transformer.

      We’ve got mid to high 70s and an odd 80-degree day in the forecast. I can wait on 90-degree days.

      I hope you’re having a good week, GP.

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  5. Love the sprinkler shots. I especially like the ‘dreary day’ photo.

    We have 3 baby bunnies. Love watching them play.

    I’m not sure if that’s MiMi or MuMu ‘reaching out to say hello’, but I read it differently Dan. I’m just gonna put it out there…. I think she’s flipping you the bird!! Just sayin….

    Why is it those little sprigs of growth that pop up between deck boards or between sidewalk sections are so healthy and pretty? You almost, “almost”, hate to have to get them out before the “pretty” turns to “damage”!

    Enjoy staying safe in these warmer temperatures. Please thank the Editor for some great photos.
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    1. That’s MuMu, Ginger and, yeah, I might be reading her wrong. I had just woken her up with an unwanted head rub.

      The sprinkler shots are mine. The bunnies and the dreary day shots, along with the featured image are courtesy of The Editor.

      I have a picture of one of the Lillies of the Valley growing up from a crack in the driveway. It is always amazing.

      Take care. I hope you’re enjoying these warm sunny days,.


  6. It never ceases to amaze me the strength that plants exert – a friend recently showed me photos of roots that popped open his plumbing – I felt a shiver of something I’ll call fear. I’ve seen plant shoots, like your hailed-on seedling growing up through asphalt. Several inches thick asphalt!


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  7. Spring is heading for summer. Most of the trees are leafed out. And the black walnut is even starting to join the party. And we are heavily into May scratch the showers, lets go with deluges. Nice pics Dan.

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  8. We turned on our A/C in March, which is ridiculous, but it was so humid….. I think the ‘dreary day in May’ photo is pretty! The bunnies…..Maddie tolerates them as well as she does the squirrels? What a mellow girl she is.

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    1. We turned our AC on last week. Early for some, but not around here.

      We usually walk Maddie well away from the bunnies, with calm commands like: “let the bunny eat.” She never pulls to try to chase them. Except for cats, sometimes including her house mates, she’s a live and let live kind of girl.

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  9. I like that last photo. It seems like the perfect summation of how confusing this year is. The sky above is clear blue, but below the connections are dodgy and one hopes, holding strong.

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        1. Those guys are amazing. We watched one come across the wire to our roof, jump to a tree, drop to our fence and then run along the fence to the tree his nest is in. About 300′ across the neighborhood without touching the ground.

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    1. It is amazing how fast nature recovers.

      I lived just south of Seattle when Mt St Helens erupted (we actually had ash in our driveway). I’ve been back twice. The mountains are quietly taking care of things. It’s funny to see how quickly nature reroutes a river and how long it takes us to replace a bridge over it.

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  10. That hail looks amazing. I don’t get to see hail much, but am fascinated by it. The last time I got to see hail was in November last year while I was in Paris. Sidewalk cafes and a balcony overlooking a pedestrian street helped to soften any effect that I might have felt from the ice pellets as I walked home. ( :) I love your shots of plants growing up in the strangest places. I think that nature wants to reclaim the land if we let it.

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  11. We have been having crazy weather here too, Dan. will someone please tell Momma N that April is over, so shut off the rain? Your photo reminded me of this quote (replace “snow” with “hail”): “Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.”

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  12. That squirrel is too too risk-loving. I wonder what it was looking for up there. How did you spot it? It looks just like the wood!
    One of the causes of major power failures is wild animals touching the wires. A snake once caused a nationwide blackout here. It was found to have got itself up the terminals of a generation transformer, something I get the horrors just thinking about.
    But the craziest story I have ever come across concerning animals and electricity happened in May 2018. A 30-metre high mast had been erected in a small settlement to help with security at night. It worked for a few days and went off. So the contractor called me three weeks later to look at it. It had a control box (the feeder pillar) that was tightly locked and then housed inside a 2-meter thick concrete. The concrete housing also had a tightly locked door. When I opened the box, the last thing on my mind was vandalism or animals. But there was a dead frog between the red phase and the blue phase. It had dried there but was still holding onto the terminals. I had a technician with me and he removed the dead frog and turned on the breakers that had tripped. The lights came back on.
    While we were still there, myself happy that I had made easy money (I had gone prepared to bring down the mast), a woman passed by and said to us: “It will go off again.” Surprised, we asked her why and she said that an old man around there, reputed for his sorcery, had told some people that the high mast would never work. We thought that was really funny and we laughed about it. Later on, however, we discussed how the frog could have passed through the two tightly locked doors and got right between the terminals of the main breaker. I do not have that answer to date. The inside of the control box was very small and very neat, and the cables had distinct colors. It was too easy to spot any intruding animals or garbage inside it. So the frog could not have been there when the doors were locked.
    A few weeks later, I inquired about the high mast and was informed that it had stopped working again. I didn’t go back to repair it. My contract had ended. But I still wonder about what the woman had said.

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    1. That is really weird, Peter. There are more things than those we understand.

      A saw the squirrel because it was cackling up a storm. I think there must have been a cat of a hawk nearby. They will run along the wire and jump to a service connection wire and then run to someone’s roof. They can go up and down the street without ever touching the ground.


  13. Great photos, Dan. Thank the editor. That plant pushing up between the deck boards has a will to live for sure. Too bad it is misplaced. I can’t imagine all that hail. We get some but it is usually pretty sparse.

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    1. It’s misplaced and I can neither move it or fully remove it. I sense a long battle with this guy and he already seems to want it more.

      We don’t often see this much hail.


  14. That persistent plant must be a weed. They’re the most tenacious of all plants. :-) The Chicago area, including where we lived, is getting slammed by rain and terrible flooding. So glad we’re not in that. If we got that much rain in Arizona, the entire state would be washed away!!


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    1. Haha – my wife was looking to see if there are tomato plants in an areas we’ve used for compost but now are planning to plant shrubs in. She’s found them almost every year, and they are survivors.

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  15. How I love the water flow you captured! And the last one -amazing how you made something so simple, like a header image! You haven’t seen me lately on One-Liner, because it’s something that needs to fit in my weekly post. Happy you’re still going strong!


    1. I see the sprinklers blowing with the sun behind then a lot in the summer. I keep trying to capture the feeling. It’s never quite right, but sometimes it’s good.


  16. I thought the weather would never break, and we didn’t even have snow. We had hail tho, true story.
    I never know if you want to know the names of the flowers when you post them not knowing, but that yellow one is a cinquefoil — literally ‘five leaves’ in French.

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