Barky McBarkface Doors – #ThursdayDoors

That is one tired gate.

I think we’re all aware that the isolation protocol (I think that’s what this would be called onboard the Enterprise) under which we are operating, has made photographing doors difficult. I have some door photos in reserve, but I’ve trying to obtain new ones. Today’s doors, as you might have already guessed are ones that I see while walking with Maddie. Several were taken when I had to move us off the sidewalk to avoid runners, joggers, cyclists, mail carriers and work crews from the local Public Works department. The work crews are the worst, when we see them, we have to alter our route.

Walking with Maddie is one of the “normal” things I can do. I do not need a mask. I do not need permission. There are time constraints, only because we try to avoid the walker lady. And Maddie is the perfect companion for maintaining an anti-social distance from all others.

As I write this, on Wednesday evening, the state of Connecticut has begun the first stage of “re-opening.” We are taking small steps, baby steps that will not materially impact my activity. I will still be limiting myself to shopping for groceries at a few stores, shopping for dairy products at our favorite farm and the occasional visit to the local hardware store. I do think that between now and next Thursday, I will venture out to take some pictures. With more things open, I feel less of a need to be “going somewhere.” If I chicken out, I still have those photos in reserve.

This post, like most every other post on Thursdays on this blog, is part of a fun weekly blogfest called Thursday Doors. Thursday Doors is organized and managed by Norm Frampton. Each week, Norm invites bloggers rom around the world to contribute photos of doors by preparing a blog post, such as this one, and share it through a link on his site. If you want to participate, or if you just want to see more doors, visit Norm’s site.

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  1. Maine is starting to open as well, though I don’t feel comfortable trusting people to do the right thing yet. I shall continue limiting my activities as you are… which is going to test my strength mightily. Our local pub opens tomorrow.

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  2. I always enjoy the walks with you and Maddie around your neighbourhood, especially with the most recent addition of Theo.

    If that was my Theo, he would start to stalk Maddie like a lion for being too close to his territory. The other day, a woman walking her dog moved into the middle of the street to avoid Theo, and yet he kept on stalking them. I had to hold him back because he wouldn’t stand down (try holding back a 20 lb cat in predator mode). It was really embarrassing while I was apologizing profusely.

    My Theo is a bit of a jerk like that, if truth be told.

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      1. Yeah, my husband thought it was hilarious and thankfully the woman walking her dog seemed more amused than upset. I, however, was mortified!

        He is an adorable animal with the sweetest disposition towards humans … but if you’re another animal – not so much.

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    1. Hahaha – I’m laughing at the though of how crazy we would be if Maddie met Theo. This one doesn’t stalk, but he doesn’t run away like the others. This lady has three cats. One runs, one couldn’t seem to care less and this one seems to want to make a stand – “You want a piece of me, dog?”

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  3. I feel like the tired old gate in your first photo. And isn’t that sad? However your walks around your neighborhood are enjoyable and give me a jolt of vicarious energy. And that is good.

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  4. LOL! I was thinking the same thing about the ‘no trespassing’ gate as GP Cox! Theo doesn’t look at all pleased that Maddie is near his property. Nobody taught Theo to play nice with others! Thank goodness Galloping Grandma wasn’t out walking as well.

    I think I told you, we’re on an extended lockdown until June 13th. Better safe than sorry. But even when we start to open up again, I’ll still be limiting my exposure to others. Maybe I’m walking down the path of being paranoid, but I just don’t feel safe yet. Slow and steady are my new friends!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Slow and steady works for me Ginger. I’ve never been much for crowds anyway. When I go to my bar, I go during their slowest time of the day.

      Theo doesn’t like Maddie and the feeling is mutual.

      We do try to time our walks to avoid grandma.


  5. That gate was an unexpected door and then you presented all sorts of other unexpected doors on cabinets and sheds.

    I like your observation that having Maddie around may be more effective than a mask.

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  6. Between that ‘No Trespassing’ sign and that gate–I think you and Maddie are OK to enter. Theo is quite a big guy, isn’t he? Forgive me, Maddie, but I think he is so cute. I do like the roof on that building in your first photo. Good gallery, Dan. Be careful outdoors.

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    1. Maddie understands you have your opinion. You’re wrong, but you’re entitled 😏

      I have my routine down pretty well, Lois. Shopping, takeout, necessary trips, all done during what I’ve discovered to be the quite times.

      Maddie and I usually walk at 7:30. Later on shopping days or rainy days that clear before noon.

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  7. It’s a weird time, Dan. That’s for sure. The little old barn (shed) made a charming photo. Nice composition. I’m relating to that “tired gate.” I do like gate images. They have the same effect on me as images of a path. Odd, since the gate might be blocking the path. I guess my mind says they are easily opened, and represent the unseen path beyond. Thanks for the morning stroll. Hugs on the wing!

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    1. That gate opens onto the “old path” that has been here since the 1950s. The new path is much wider and only curves slightly, instead of following the property line of the park. Maddie and I shift to the old path when people are coming on the new one. I’ve noticed the gate before, but some days it just blends in.

      Thanks for walking along,

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  8. Hi Dan – it’s still a good collection of doors mostly of the keep out or preferably stay away – I had to look to see what the flag house was about and now I see! Maddie does sound like the ideal companion … fun local photos – take care and enjoying being away from the maelstrom … I’m having to avoid cars in the road! It’s mine …?! Take care – Hilary

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  9. I don’t know…the gate is tired, but there’s something about old rusty fences that I like. The red and white house with the flowers and flag was cute, and that little brick building at the front of the park is nice.

    Your walk with Maddie is always interesting. WOOT! for starting phase 1 of reopening! I hope it goes well, and your state does well, and you get out more.

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    1. I am not planing to change my habits in this phase, but I look forward to moving in the direction of open for business.

      Tired and rusty gates are always interesting, as are old weathered wooden doors. I’m not sure what the attraction is.


  10. Isn’t it interesting that when we’re told to stay in, we want to go out, and when we can go out, we think we might just stay in? Of course, we’re the same, in that we won’t be going a lot more places that we do right now. I prefer to go places where there are few or no people and that hasn’t changed. When bars opened here, some at least were crammed with people, no distancing social or otherwise and obviously no masks. Sigh.

    Anyway, enjoy your burgers and stay well.


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    1. It does seem like there’s no pleasing us. I want to go back out, but not into a tight crowd. I’ll wait until things settle down. We won’t have the option to get to a real bar until July by the looks of the schedule they released today. I guess I can wait.

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  11. I like the old shed on the way to the park. My favorite is the red house with the picket fence, flower wreath on the door and of course, the American flag. I even like the pitiful, rusty doors on the chain link fences. I rarely like anything brand spanking new.


  12. If I wouldn’t have read your text, I wouldn’t have known it was during the “the Pause.” Living on the country side was a lot less depressing than in the city where everything is closed, and constant reminders are all around you.The “gate” made me smile!

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  13. I love all your escape routes. I have some of my own. I just hate it when there is no out and I have to witness Twiggy go apoplectic over a jogger or someone on a bike. I always smile and say something like, “Bulldog holiday.” Super photos. I can’t imagine living in a school but I guess with hallways and rooms it would be spacious. Love the name Barky McBarkface.

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    1. The school conversion to apartments was an error in judgement and accounting. The town decided to mothball the school until needed. Then, when they wanted to reopen, they realized that they had to be 100% ADA compliant as well as compliant with the current building code as it applied to schools. It was was then judged to be cheaper to turn it into apartments. Two years later, we were asked to pass a $25M bond issue to improve/expand the three existing school buildings – all of which required the same changes.

      I sometimes find myself without an escape route. Then I’m left with “she’s just trying to say hello.”

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    1. Hahaha – we try to avoid that lady and her dog. But she stands in the corner where we have to cross. I stand and wait with Maddie. She sees us but she never gets the hint. I take Maddie across the street, we walk by on the other side and Maddie barks at her. Then, after we pass, she moves. I do like the flag and the flowers, but she could use a bit of neighborly spirit.

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  14. Thanks for the tour of your ‘hood Dan. I’m sure Maddie has memorized every tree, bush, and shrub within a few block radius ;-)
    The gate is tired but it lends itself to nicely to shots that perfectly suit everyone’s mood…hopefully it’ll be safe enough to get out and about a little more, very soon. Keep safe!

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    1. Maddie resets her knowledge of ever smell, each day as we walk, Norm. That tired old gate blends in to the point that I forget it’s there. Then I notice it again. Things are opening slowly, hopefully, we can continue on track to something that resembles normal. I’ll be erring on the side of caution. Stay safe, too!

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    1. We do. We see her most often when we walk at 7:00. I try to wait until 7:30. For her sake and ours. I’m sure she doesn’t like bring barked at as if she evil incarnate, even from a distance.


  15. Thanks for well-narrated walk through your neighborhood. Looks like you’ve found some peaceful, green ways to dodge extra traffic. My favorite is your courage to stop and take a photo at Maddie’s “not-fans” white picket fence house.

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  16. It is nice to have photos in reserve. I had a few trips at the beginning of the year that I didn’t post about so I feel fortunate. Nice selection of doors and looks like a nice place to walk. Stay safe and do avoid oncoming traffic, Dan! =)

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  17. We live along a walking trail (probably mentioned it a kazillion times) and I have never been worried about walking until this whole ‘experience’. Glad you’ve got Maddie to guide your path. I keep sending dog vibes to the hubby but no luck yet 😉

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    1. The place I wanted to visit is in the next town up, but it involves walking around in an area near private homes and a private school. The sidewalks are all public, but some local authorities have been known to ask why you’re visiting a place. We are allowed to go out for exercise, but I figured, if I waited until the restrictions were lifted that I’d have less risk of being stopped.

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  18. Enjoying a bit of the outdoors is, fortunately, something we can still do. I like that angled gate – how unique and creative. I’m glad you’re doing well. CT has been hit hard, so be cautious and stay healthy.

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