Cheers – #SoCS

It’s that time again, time for a visit to the bar where we can catch up and try to think about meeting the requirements of Linda G. Hill’s challenging Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, she’s given us a chance for bonus points. I can’t resist bonus points.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘ch.’ Find a word that starts with ‘ch’ and use it as your prompt word. Bonus points if you start your post with that word. Enjoy!”

Continuing with the preamble, if we were having a beer, you’d be wondering what I’m up to now that we’re getting off our chains.


“That’s an interesting greeting, Cheryl. Some of us just say hello.”

“As long as you clowns are drinking off the top shelf, I’ll go with Cha-ching! Can I interest you in a nice glass of, John Howell’s bourbon?”

“That does sound good, Cheryl, and bring my young friend a Corona, but put it in a glass, I’m sick of seeing that word.”

“Understood, David.”

“You know I don’t mind the glass, especially since you’re paying, David.”

“Here you go guys, John Howell’s bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and some ice. Dan, you’ll have to trust me, but this is Corona.”

“Thanks, Cheryl. Cheers, David.”

“Cheers, Dan.”

“Cheryl, when is this place going to open to real live paying customers?”

“You guys aren’t paying?”

“Yes, we’re paying. I just meant that, you know, with the state opening up, when does this place get the green light.”

“Who knows? We’re only in Phase-one. They can open the restaurant in Phase-two, but not bar.”

“So, we’re going to be sneaking around like this until July?”

“Shhhh, Dan. This is…”

“Off the record, undercover, on the Q-T, I know. Just like in prohibition days.”

“No, silly. This is virtual. As in in your head.”

“In his head? Well, there’s certainly room for a bar there. We should even be able to maintain that so-called social distance. Um. Cheryl.”

“Yes, David.”

“This bourbon is quite nice, but…”

“Cherries, I forgot your cherries. I’ll be right back.”

“So, Dan, what are you doing to celebrate the arrival of Phase-one?”


“Nothing? We’re allowed to do stuff. Aren’t you interested?”

“David, the only thing that’s open now that wasn’t open a week ago are the retail stores I don’t go to anyway.”

“I thought barbers and hairdressers are on that list.”

“Nope, they got pushed back until June.”

“That’s only a week away. Got your appointment?”

“No, and I’m not making one.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not interested in getting a haircut with a mask on. When my guy cuts my hair, it goes everywhere. I’m going to have hair all over, and under the mask. It’s going to itch, and I’m not supposed to touch, and…well forget it.”

“Cheryl, can you bring Sasquatch another Corona?”

“That’s another thing, David, my beard. My barber can’t even trim my beard.”

“Here you go, David.”

“Three cherries. I feel like I won the jackpot. Oh, wait, the casinos are still closed.”

“Here’s your beer Dan. Since you’re using a glass, I brough you a nice frosted one.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“And your beard looks fine, especially under that mask.”

“Thanks, Cheryl.”

Be sure to check out Cheryl’s SoCS post over at her new site, well, it’s not so new anymore, but…


  1. love your over-achieving lilac – the fragrance almost emanates off the page!

    It will be a long while before I see a barber – I can go a long time between visits – but your comments about the clippings getting under the mask give me good reason to stick to my plan.

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    • Hi Maggie. My wife and I were discussing whether of not I should try to get an appointment, and the prospect of dealing with the hair turned me away. It occurred to me that several times during a normal haircut, my barber brushed hair off my face. If he can’t even trim my beard, what’s the point (I think I have more hair there than on top of my head).

      I’ll continue trimming in my own.

      Take care – stay safe.

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  2. There is definitely something about lilacs. Ours haven’t even budded yet.
    As for bars, our local pub opened yesterday for indoor and outdoor dining … and bar service. That surprised me, but as much as I’d love to warm my stool back up, we’re staying away for now.

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  3. I’ve got to check my lilacs and see if I can cut a couple blooms to enjoy. I’m not sure if Maddie had offered input if she could have designed a better deck for her purposes. What a Dad you are. :-) I need a haircut, but I’ve been waiting to see how this all shakes out. Stay well and enjoy the nice weather.

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    • You probably remember that she claimed this porch/deck combo as her place very early in the process. Now, she guards it. Woe be unto me the days I put something on it. She loved to sleep with her back up against something.

      The rest of the white lilacs are starting to bloom. We have one more overachiever in the mix. They’re do pretty, I can complain about scheduling issues.

      Take care & stay safe.

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  4. Great conversation today!

    I would love to curl up with Maddie on that step. She looks so comfortable and content!! Lilacs are looking gorgeous, as is that dogwood tree. I would want to pass by it too!

    I don’t think MuMu left room for your glasses Dan. She left room for stretching.

    Even when places begin to open up here, I won’t be running to their doors. It’s going to take me a while to feel safe again. But I understand the plight of the shopkeepers. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!!

    This will be a drastically different Memorial Day weekend for sure, but it allows for a lot of quiet time to reflect on its meaning. Hope you and the Editor and the 3 M’s have a really pleasant, relaxing weekend and get to FaceTime with Faith.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie does make me want to get down there and join her. She fell sound asleep for about 30 minutes. I wanted to come in, but she’s so happy out there.

      MuMu polices her shelf. I still sometimes put stuff there, but not for long.

      We’ll have a quiet holiday. Perhaps the way it should be.

      Enjoy the weekend, Ginger. Stay safe.


  5. Charming story. I like the Corona with a mask. You can never be too careful– or too shaggy now that we cannot get our hair cut. Well, cannot legally and safely get our hair cut.

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    • I’ve been trimming my own beard. I always do, but I like to have my barber touch it up and give me a good line to follow. Normally once a month, it’s been three months now. My last haircut appointment was the day after the ban started, so I was already a month in. I’m keeping what little hair I have left under control, but it could benefit from a trained hand ;-)

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  6. Haha! Well ‘ch’ is no problem at the virtual bar when Skippy isn’t filling in, is it? Right now I am enjoying the (ridiculously underrated) joy of typing on my iPad without rubber gloves. And gloves that don’t fit my tiny hands. 🤦‍♀️But, I digress. We have a three day holiday which means I don’t have to go anywhere that requires a mask or gloves and I don’t have a sudden obsession with a freedom to roam aimlessly in public just to make a statement. Hubs just went for his first haircut post re-open of our stylists shops but they both wore masks and all was good. He trims his on small beard and I did his neck wolfies last weekend. I used to do it all the time. It’s a nice moment really. To me, that person who tries to find the gem in a pile know what, this forced shutdown has created some good things as well. Parents forced to actually interact with their children, children forced to be more creative and less social, and a commonality that for many has brought them back to the true nature of being human-being there for each other. The rest I am ashamed to say is the ugly side of humans.
    Your photos are inspiring. Flowers are my favorite and one of the things I miss about Georgia is my little blooming yard. The rhododendrons and camellias were my the best of all.
    No place for your glasses….poor kitty would have to give up the wiggle and stretch room. Enjoy your solitude and beautiful walks Dan. I prefer my beer in the bottle after being in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It gets hot too quickly in a glass.
    PS. The photo with the tiny pool reflection of the tree is my very favorite. Enjoy the weekend!

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    • “Ch” and Cheryl, yeah, that was a natural, no Skippy today. And you aren’t required to wear gloves or masks at this bar. We want to see your smiling face. I feel bad for people like you who have to work in protective gear. I appreciate that you do, especially since I may need the kind of care you guys provide. I won’t be traveling to FL, but I think I’d be more comfortable if I did. For now, I’m hoping I can keep putting it off.

      A crisis always brings out the best and the worst that humanity has to offer. I figure, if you’re a rotten person during a crisis, you must be really bad.

      I prefer beer in a bottle, especially Corona. There’s something about that clear bottle that just makes it seem better. I’ll take a glass, if the beer is draft or in a can, but I buy beer in long neck bottles and that’s the way I drink it here at home (although I do have a couple pilsner glasses in the freezer for those really hot days.

      I’m so glad you liked the photo you mentioned. That’s my favorite of my attempts at being artistic.

      Enjoy the three-day break. I hope you can have a good time, but avoid any dangerous situations.

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  7. I was hoping, at some point, to see a photo of mountain man/hippie Dan, who refuses to go to the barber with a mask. ;-) I’m finally going to my stylist on June 1st and I’m not sure how this mask thing is going to work, but I’ll give it my best. The hair is way too long.

    My biking/beer buddy neighbor and I were talking last night about a social distancing get-together out in the parking lot some night…with a beer in hand. We feel it’s about that time.

    Give all of the furry kids a chin scritch from me and have an excellent Memorial Day weekend.

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    • I’ve been keeping the hair under control. I’m not exactly what you would call shaggy. Then again, there isn’t much to worry about, so it’s been an easy job.

      My best beer buddy is much older, and in a couple at risk categories. I don’t think I’ll be seeing him for a beer for a while. I do look forward to the day, though. It is time!

      I’ll give the girls a scritch. MuMu has been brushed – several times — this morning and is still clamoring for more. She sounds like she’s dying.

      Have a good long weekend, Mary. I hope you have good weather and I hope you enjoy that beer.

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  8. Ha! MuMu is giving you a “Mr T” look, and pity the fool who puts anything on that perch! =^-^=
    Thanks for a visit to my favorite bar, Dan. I was all gaga over the lilacs (indeed there is something about them), but then you showed those amazing lily of the valley “soldiers”. The sun shining through those beautiful green leaves, and the perfect little white flowers. That’s a superb shot. Also, due to where I grew up, I have a soft spot in my heart for tall scraggly pine trees. Oh, and Jinx! He’s in my head, begging for another story. Hugs on the wing!

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    • I will always think of Jinx when I see the brave blackbirds that stay on the wire and let me take their picture. MuMu does have a bit of Mt. T attitude when it comes to that shelf. We’ve never had lilies of the valley in that spot, and then, this year, there must be over 100 of them. It’s like something out of “Atonement in Bloom” :)

      The lilacs are in command here, but only in the back. Out front, it’s the little soldiers and the rhododendrons that are in charge.

      Thanks for stopping by, Teagan. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  9. We just started phase 2 in NC last night and my David is looking forward to his haircut. If he waited a little longer, he could have a pony tail, but he’s not interested. We might go to outdoor church and replace my holy sneakers, but that’s about it. Your photo reflecting bare branches and the sun in the puddle is very interesting. It’s makes me think of a portal into the Twilight Zone.

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  10. I think I’m going to be the last to go to the barber, Dan. I’m a little confused. is that a bottle of Mike’s Hard Cider I see there? Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the mention and have a great weekend.

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    • Sharp eye, John, I’ll add 50 bonus points to the ones Linda gave you earlier. That is Mike’s Hard Lemonade. They don’t have it at the real bar, and it’s probably a good thing. I could easily drink many Mike’s in a row before falling on my face. I only buy it in the late-spring-summer-early-fall, and I only tend to drink it on hot days. It’s very refreshing.

      I’ll be seeing the barber late in the process as well. My guy is semi-retired and only has a small group of regulars. I think I’ll let him get through all of them before I visit. I also think I’ll wait until I can see him without wearing a mask. I just can’t imagine the itching,

      Have a great weekend – stay safe.

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  11. Oooo, your lilacs are so beautiful! I finally got me some beer. For some reason, the grocery won’t let me order it online for pickup. But my pharmacy, Butt Drugs — I am not making that up — has … wait for it … pickup in the rear. So I got some Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. Not my favorite, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m not in this commercial, but some of my friends are:

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    • That commercial is a hoot! The lilacs are working hard to get our attention this year. The white ones are just amazing. My favorite local package store recently reopened after being closed for about a month. I had bought enough Corona at the grocery to see me through, but I was glad to see his doors open again. It’s a small place, normally no other customers or perhaps one. I think I’ve seen two on the day before a holiday of a big game. He carries Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – I only know that because I bought it when our daughter was coming over.

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  12. Great post as always, Dan. I always enjoy your bar escapades. The photos are breathtaking this week. Most of our flowers have fallen, especially since our torrential rains this week. Our salons opened yesterday at 50% capacity, but I am not going anywhere near one. Nope. Not me.

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  13. We’ve started Phase 2 here with fairly good success. Apparently, though, a bar in the beach area didn’t get the safety and social distancing memo and was promptly shut down after someone posted pictures of the unmasked and closely-packed crowds on social media.

    I love your pictures of the beautiful spring blooms… they give one hope, don’t they?

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  14. Tempting though it may be, I just will not go to my hair salon IF I have to wear a mask. I cannot do it. Imagine sitting there with chemicals on your head and not able to breathe right. There are gonna be women (and men) literally passing out. That is no exaggeration! I have the right to refuse to obey a law that is unconstitutional or a danger to me. I consider a mask as both. Remember I am educated in medicine. (In other words I know stuff and such.) And then the hair cut. Getting hair under the mask makes me itch just thinking about it. NO way!
    As for your post, you got the bonus point! YAY for you! Your gallery uplifted my heart …. it is always a joy to see NORMAL in world gone mad. Happy Holiday, Dan!!

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    • My wife said the same thing about the chemicals. She doesn’t do anything tagging involves them but she has and she can’t imagine sitting there. I can keep trimming on my own until we’re able to get a normal haircut.

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      • I pray someone comes to their senses because this is really NOT healthy regarding what we women do in a salon plus being forced to wear a mask. Doing our hair is really not all that healthy to begin with. And then adding an apparatus that impairs your breathing? I won’t do it. My health means too damn much to me! Apologies, Dan. I’m a bit hot under the collar about all this. I haven’t had my hair touched since February, yet SOME who are constantly on TV don’t have a hair out of place.

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  15. What a CHamp you were with today’s post, Dan. This was great. MuMu must be a riot as a coworker. I guess every day is Monday for her. Except for bars, FL is pretty wide open. Just in time for Memorial Day. Coincidence you say? It’s nuts. We went for a ride today and happened to catch traffic going to one of the beaches. Bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see. Who knew? We quickly got the heck out of there. It’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to see the pictures in the newspaper tomorrow, you know, with every social distancing. Governor is clueless.

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    • Wow! Bumper to bumper traffic. I don’t remember the last time I saw that. Hopefully, being outside and warm, the outcome won’t be horrible.

      I take a few pictures during the week to try to find one that best expresses her mood. She grumbles a lot, but when I’m not there, she meows (loud) for me to come to the desk. She gets brushed and scratched and petted and then she nods off.

      Good luck as this opening-up proceeds.

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  16. Dan, In the interest of clarity how many irrelevant links are alright ? We won’t get into the difference between Mark down and Eiderdown. The low down is just above the ducks ankles.

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  17. I like your Today’s Menu sign and more signs of spring. Yeah, I can see why you’d be tired of that Corona stuff, but Cheryl forgot the cherries??? What??? Barbers and salons are open here as well, but I don’t plan to be going any time soon. I’ll just cut my own beard…oops, I mean bangs. :-) I cut my husband’s hair, so we’re good there and he does his own beard.

    Have a great weekend!


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    • I’ve lived under that :today’s menu sentiment for a lifetime. Cheryl’s under a lot of stress running a virtual bar.

      I trim my beard, but I like it when he gives me a nice clear line to follow. But, I’m in no hurry.

      Enjoy the weekend.

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  18. Maddie looks so content sunning on the deck. Our kitty has her spot by the kitchen table where she suns each morning until ten or so. That’s sounding pretty good right about now.

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  19. I am delighted to see your picture of the rhododendron as I have never seen one before. Our hairdressers are still closed and it looks set to stay that way for a while. I will look like Rapunzel [or maybe Cousin Itt from The Adamms Family] by the time they open.

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  20. This post reminds me of how you wanted to avoid Home Depot. Later, I found out about the lines and the waits and so I mentioned to The Mister that I’d just buy my potted plants at the grocery. He told me the trick is to go to the out-of-the-way one, but I didn’t go. He’s been twice since and had no trouble. However, I did read that paint sales are up astronomically!
    Your rhododendron really is blooming to the max this year! Maybe it was the hail ;)
    Maddie is livin the good life this spring, with her new deck and her daddy home all the time.

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    • We got a few plants at a small family farm. We try to support them every year. The rhododendron is going crazy. I was wondering if it’s some periodic thing like with acorns and pine cones. It’s so pretty. I’ll skip buying paint for now. As far as Maddie is concerned, construction is complete.

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      • I never had a rhododendron til we moved here and mine never blooms as much as yours.
        Before we left Indiana, there was a local woman who had plant sales every year, and I bought from her. She is no longer there. (Sadder since her family is) I buy my seeds from a family farm, but for plants, I don’t have a hook up.

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  21. I like your over-achieving Lilac! I bet they smell wonderful. All the trees have filled out nicely and it’s so green!

    Casinos are opening up here in NV. I missed the governor’s presser, but I’ll read what he said in the paper this morning about the rules of reopening them.

    I don’t want to go to the hairdresser and have to wear a mask either for the same reasons. I’m still waiting and trimming my own hair for now.

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    • The sad thing is that we may have to prune that branch off that lilac – it’s way too tall for the plant. But, not for a while.

      Our casinos are planning to defy the governor’s request and open on Monday. It’s weird. Normally, I’d say “I’m not planning to go” and I wouldn’t care, but the people who do go will return home – that’s the scary part about this virus.

      I’m doing OK with the self-trim, and I have a ton of baseball caps :-)

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