Deleted – Just In Case – #1LinerWeds

Normally, my One-Liner Wednesday post would have been posted about an hour ago. I had one ready, but, on second thought, I decided it wasn’t a good fit for the times.

“I wrote, I formatted, I uploaded, I scheduled…I deleted.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

The slideshow ahead of today’s gallery are highlights from a little D-I-Y fix-it project. The garden trowel was my father’s. About 35 years ago, the handle broke. I turned a replacement handle on my lathe, from a piece of scrap walnut. Last week, that handle cracked. It has been repaired. Since some people can’t see the slideshow, I’ve added a separate gallery at the end of this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the gallery of DIY photos for people who can’t view the slideshow


  1. You could start a whole new career of master carpenter, Dan. I haven’t seen anyone go to these lengths to save a cherished tool in many years (actually, since my father ).

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  2. It certainly is a beautiful day in your neighborhood – lovely blooms of all types. Your weed is Spiderwort, and it is definitely viewed by some as such but others like it. We sell it some years at our plant sale when a person is thinning out plants, and we always get varied responses. Love that you were able to repair the handle, but you did give me a math headache with the ‘inside measurement to outside.’ :-) I have a small shovel that was my mother-in-law’s, and I smile and think of her every time that I use it. With all this warm weather, I’m guessing Maddie is loving her deck and step and very grateful you retired to be home with her. :-)

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    • Sorry about the headache, Judy. The slideshow widget doesn’t show much of a caption. The inside calipers were used to measure the inside diameter of the reinforcement ring. The outside calipers are set to a little wider than that, abd that’s the depth I cut for the ridge. Then the ring can be pressed onto the handle.

      I think you’ve told me the nene before. I gorgot, but thanks!

      Maddie is liking her walks and living the warm decks. It’s like I made them all for her.

      I have several tools that were my dad’s. I always enjoy using them.

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    • Spiderwort….I have that, too. You have given me credence, Judy, by selling it at your plant sale. It does look kind of pretty though, not so sporadically on a front lawn!

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    • I think the trowel will last a good long time. I can always make a new handle. It’s like the Trills on Star Trek, the handle is just the host.

      We have never seen the rhododendrons bloom this strong. I am glad the bees have some early places to visit.

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    • I tired to explain the post, but that actually made it sound worse than it is. Suffice it to say, in the pandemic environment, people’s sensibilities are altered by many things.


  3. Sadly, I can’t view the slide show. I don’t know why because it was never a problem before. Sigh…..

    We also have old tools from my dad and my grandfather. They are treated like museum treasures!! I’m so glad you were able to repair the trowel handle. Lots of memory in that trowel.

    Plants are looking gorgeous Dan. Great closeups of that busy bee!

    MiMi looks like she’s in a taco shell when she’s in her little “hammock”! 🤗

    Maddie must be dreaming of all the summer walks you’re going to take her on, not to mention additional belly rubs for being such a good girl!!

    Happy Hump Day Dan. Hope today and the rest of the week is full of pleasant surprises!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I added a separate gallery of those DIY photos if you still want to see them. It is a treasured tools, and the larger handle is easy to hold. The old tools remind us of the people. I have a few tools in my shop that were my dad’s. I don’t use them often (trying to preserve) but every now and then, it feels good to hold a tool that he held.

      We’re not sure why so many plants are just blooming up a storm this year. We’ve never seen the rhododendrons bloom so much.

      Maddie had her walk early today. It was too hot to sit when she wanted to yesterday, but I’m sure she’ll pick a better time today. She just loves “her” deck.

      MiMi’s taco shell, I like that.

      Take care, and place stay well.


  4. Such great photos, Dan. What few rhododendron blooms we had were pounded with the recent rain. I did find a few blooms today, most covered in raindrops. Not a bad image, though. I loved your one-liner, as I often remind myself Linda requests funny or inspirational one liners. Mine have not always followed those guidelines. Great project, by the way.

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  5. You are a most amazing carpenter, Dan. I liked both the slideshow and the stills. MiMi…between her and MuMu, I don’t know which ones antics make me laugh more. That purple ‘weed’ (Spiderwort, Judy says)–I have that, too. Between that and some small purple clover-type weeds, my front yard looks like a pretty carpet for a couple of weeks. Then they stay green and we keep it mowed. We really need to get some lawn people here to straighten us up. Good thing I live in an old neighborhood with no HOA–we’d have been kicked out by now! :D Have a good one, Dan.

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    • Hahaha – Lois, you make me laugh about no HOA – Oh my goodness, we’d be fined up the wazzoo. No lawn people are welcome here, but the bunnies love us.

      These two clown kitties do keep us amused.

      Take care.

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  6. Beautiful flower and bee photos! So nice of you to try not to wake Mimi. Like you, my husband likes to repair old tools and is into precision. He also lived most of his life in Connecticut. Makes me wonder. Is it a CT thing?

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  7. I’ve read that the people who take to retirement the best are the ones who have hobbies that keep them busy, feeling productive. Clearly you’ve figured that out both with your woodworking and your garden.


  8. Hi Dan – very happy to see your just in case … and great to see you’re reusing tools, more than once – that’s good. Take care – Hilary

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  9. Now you have the time for rapairing things that are dear to you! totally recognize this from Hubs (I might not have understood the significance, if he would have been an office person:))

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  10. Okay … now I have to ask, was the post you deleted about the gardening attempt that failed because the handle on the tool was cracked and you ended up getting side-tracked repairing it? Just teasing … I’m impressed with all the tools you have and that the repair will last another 35 years! Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers photos. We’re starting to get blooms here, finally, but none that are as gorgeous as yours!

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