The Stuff We Need – #1LinerWeds

This is an unusual One-Liner Wednesday for me, in that I don’t think a backstory is necessary (however, staying in character, there’s a bit of an after-story). My one-liner for this week is in the photo below. Maddie and I discovered this little watering hole on our walk.

Pup Stop – In the midst of the distancing required, these people have put a gallon of water and a dog bowl in their yard and are inviting dogs to have a drink.

If you take a look at the garden banner and, particularly the lamppost, you will realize that this act of kindness wasn’t entirely random. These are dog lovers.

Under the window on the left is a garden banner indicating that these people love their pup. The lamppost is standing in a fire plug.

I was going to pair this post with “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant. When I hear the word ‘kindness’ this song comes to mind. Of course, that’s because I really like Natalie Merchant’s voice. On second thought, the songs lyrics really didn’t match with the nature of this act. The song in the Sesame Street video struck me as being more appropriate. Maybe it’s time we learn like children. The introduction to this video says:

“Sesame Street (with Tori Kelly)

K is for kindness! It’s a simple word, it’s true, but it’s amazing what a word can do! Sing along with Tori Kelly and the rest of the Sesame Street gang as they sing a song all about kindness. How will you be kind today?”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. You sure tempted fate putting yard waste and tools near Maddie’s deck. What were you thinking? :-) The Rhodie and the Kousa Dogwood are both absolutely beautiful. I have a tiny, maybe 10″ tall, Kousa I’m trying to foster and keep going. Kindness is a good thing.

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    • Maddie let me know I was trespassing, Judy. She sniffs all around, then she looks at me as if to say, “it was you! You put these here!” I put the tools away, but the leaf bags have to stay until Monday.

      Things seem to be blooming over a longer period this year. Maybe I’m just noticing them.

      I hope you’re halfway through a good week.

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  2. Being kind to others is the way it should be…always. It makes for a much better life and world and all it takes are simple gestures like creating a pup water station for other dogs. Wonderful post, Dan! Have an awesome Wednesday

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  3. Yes K is for kindness. At this point we might want to suggest everybody have a bowl of Super K a couple times a week. And watch the K episode on Sesame Street. Have they issued the Sesame Street Tee shirt ” Keep Them With Kindness” ? Or should we go with “More Kindness Please” with a Charles Dickens image ?

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  4. Love this act of kindness Dan. I hope it catches on. We definitely need to be kind to one another, ourselves, and our animals…..domestic and wild. Sesame Street could teach us a lot!!

    Your rhododendron is a gorgeous color. Mine is the traditional pink, and is blooming beautifully too. The Korean Lilac just gets more beautiful with each picture you take.

    How could you be so thoughtless to litter Maddie’s porch and surrounding area like that? She waited so patiently for so long to finally get her own space, and now you’re using it for storage! I bet each time she goes in the house she brushes off her area with her tail! Shame on you Dan!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • You sound like the look I got from Maddie. Later that day, I took her out to sit, and she sniffed and sniffed – “this is where those tool were.” The bags are still there. I need to keep them dry until Monday’s pickup. I get the evil eye every night.

      The Pup Stop is such a simple idea. Of course, I’d have to put it in out neighbor’s yard of Maddie would go crazy.

      I hold you’re having a good week, Ginger. Give Murphy a drink on me.


  5. Thank you for this post, Dan. I’ll spare you and not get on my soapbox about kindness, but it’s so very important. And it’s important that people understand what it really means. Thank you.
    I thought of your photo for Brother Love the instant I saw this newspaper! I appreciate the shout-out. It’s another lovely gallery today. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I was happy to post this one, Teagan.

      Seeing that newspaper made me think about how easy it was, a year ago, to gather tons of photos for that story. Walking into antique shops, visiting museums, and just seeing the stuff the shops had sitting outside.

      When this mess is finally over-over-over, we might need to do that again.

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  6. Sesame Street always makes me smile. What an amazing show. I will take your word for it with the ‘happy day’ for Mimi. I don’t think she’s buying it. Maddie–I laughed at her comments about yard waste on her porch. What the heck, Dan??!!

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  7. Super post, Dan. I like the pup station and it is clear that those folks love their pet. So hard for Maddie to have to share her porch with leaf bags. I was going to ask what all that hardware was doing there too. It looks like garden work afoot.

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  8. I try to be kind as much as possible. When we lived in Naperviile,, many downtown stores had water bowls out in the summer for dogs. Unfortunately, the downtown got hit with looting a few nights ago. These are sad times.


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  9. Love that the pup stop has a specific sign:) Love your pics – especially the water spout. Great capture, Dan! Hope that Sesame Street is still on TV – the things that are thought there, are greatly needed today:):)

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  10. Your neighbors are my kind of people – dog people. It occurs to me that love of dogs (and other animals) is a bipartisan characteristic. Music is like that, too. I love Natalie Merchant’s voice. I thought “Try a Little Kindness” might be the Glen Campbell song.


    • Sometimes, Sesame Street is the place to go for answers, Jennie. Maddie and I have to wait at the corner where that tree is, it’s where we cross the street. I think it’s finally full. I guess I can skip the progress pictures until October.

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