If They Don’t Win It’s a Shame – #SoCS

All of a sudden, it’s June, and we are still without a legally open bar to visit. Cheryl has been kind enough to sneak us into this special place, where she serves the coldest beer and the best bourbon on virtual planet earth. We have some things to discuss, and we have to work with the prompt Linda G. Hill has given us for Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘fan.’ Use it by itself or find a word that starts or ends with it. Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be noticing something different.

“Cheryl, bring my young friend a cold Corona, and bring me some bourbon.”

“What’s the rush David? Dan just sat down.”

“Look at him, Cheryl. He got a haircut.”

“Well so he did. Looking good, Dan.”

“Thanks, Cheryl. I was glad to see my barber, but I was doing pretty well on my own.”

“Yeah, here’s that Corona, and as they say, don’t give up your day job, or in your case, your retirement.”

“Speaking of not doing the best job, what’s with that bald spot by your ear.”

“Oh that. Well you see, David, it, um, well it turns out I did that with my trimmer.”

“Well, it’s hardly noticeable.”

“You talking about the sidewall near his ear, David? He’s right Dan, hardly noticeable. You want me to draw a hearing aid?”

“No thanks, Cheryl.”

“David, here’s your bourbon, your snifter of seltzer and your ice. Dan, if you need me, I’m pretty good with a Sharpie.”

“Noted, Cheryl. Cheers, David.”

“Cheers, Dan. And, I just noticed, you have a new Pirates shirt on.”

“I do, but that’s odd. You don’t normally notice what I’m wearing.”

“Correction, I always notice what you’re wearing, but you’re always wearing the same thing.”


“OK, not the same thing, but a variation on a theme. Steelers, Pirates, Penguins – I must say, you’re a loyal fan.”

“Still, how did you know this shirt was new?”

“Easy, I’ve never seen you in a shirt with three-quarter length sleeves.”

“It was on sale.”

“Who wears number twenty-one?”

“Roberto Clemente.”

“Clemente? Didn’t he die in the seventies?”

“He did, in a plane crash while taking relief supplies to victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua.”

“Nice of you to honor him, but I’d expect a fan like you to have a modern-day hero.”

“Any modern-day hero will likely be traded. I’m only buying ‘legends’ shirts until the greedy owner sells the team to someone who wants to win.”

“But you’re still a fan?”

“People don’t give up on teams, David. It’s like the way you two clowns keep coming back here. Dan, for his Corona and you for a glass of John Howell’s bourbon, a glass of ice and a snifter of seltzer. It’s called tradition.”

“Habits can change, Cheryl. We can always turn our fancy to a new team. We still like baseball, but the team can change.”

“Oh, I see. Like a glass of bourbon without cherries?”

“Then again, there is something to be said for tradition – I’ll take those cherries.”

“Here you go.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“That was a close call, David.”

“She has too much power, Dan. I should just bring my own cherries.”

“You’d screw that up. Spill cherry juice in your car, or something.”

“You’re probably right. Did you finish that bookcase?”

“No, but I made progress.”

“If you had bought one a week ago, you would already have it full of books.”

“We’ve been over this before. I enjoy making furniture.”

“Well, that’s a good thing. It sure doesn’t look like you’re going to be watching the Pirates this year.”

“I know, stupid virus!”

“Hey, hey, hey, I let you guys in here to forget about that. No virus talk in here.”

“Sorry, Cheryl.”

“You want another beer, Dan?”

“I do.”

“How about you, David, another splash of bourbon?”

“What a silly question. I mean, yes, Cheryl.”

“David, take it from someone with experience, stop speaking.”

“Dan’s offering some good advice, David.”

“Message received – cheers.”


  1. I have been at home, not going anywhere, for three months today, Dan. Isn’t it amazing how time has passed so quickly. I hardly notice the lockdown now other than to be glad I don’t have to go into the office every day and sit in nearly two hours of traffic. Great pictures, I am a big cat fan.

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  2. Those two birds are social distancing. :-) When my husband got his hair cut a week or so ago, the barber asked him what happened on one side, and he replied ‘don’t ask.’ Same issue. :-) Maddie will probably need her cot without the cover this weekend – warm one. Good luck with the bookshelf.

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    • My barber said he’s been fixing a lot of mistakes like this. Oh well, it will grow back. Maddie and I skipped our walk this morning. Even before 7:00 the air was just gross and those little bugs were everywhere. I’ll take the cushion off so we can sit later, when it cools off (if it cools off). If things go well, the sides of the bookcase will get glued together today. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  3. My Spring flowers are popping and dropping …. what a disappointment. Too hot too fast. To give you encouragement, here in NY restaurants with patios are NOW open. [GASP!] No notice was given however which left owners scrambling. Nice. [Holding tongue] So that being what it is, your real bar should be open real soon.
    I’ve yet to face my hair salon. That is this coming week. I’ll tell you true. No one is taking my temperature and if I am surrounded by plastic and face shields, I am requesting my hair stylist to mix up my colors to take home so that I myself can do my roots. This salon will be loosing a lot of money from me if they continue to follow insanity’s rules. I will only return when it is absolutely necessary to a place that is a sci-fi nightmare. I am refusing any more insanity in my life. From now on, I do things my way.
    Your gallery …. thank God for you, Dan. Normalcy. Exactly what I am focusing on. Happy weekend!!! xo

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    • Our restaurants have been allowed outdoor dining since May 20. Indoor dining (with some restrictions) begins June 17th, but NOT bars. I’m guessing bars won’t open until some time in July.

      The rules are absurd, but the barber shops and salons do have to follow them. People are turning in the ones that don’t. We live in crazy times, Amy. This was the strangest haircut I ever had, but it went well. Of course, mine is a simple process. Not much hair up there ;-)

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      • “People turning them in” ….. that gives me the creeps, Dan. Straight out of Nazi Germany. By God! This will end! As I stated I am avoiding my hair salon as much as I can. I will again go with roots showing …. I will not surround myself with poison. Yes the rules are absurd because they are based without any common sense or decency for “we the people”. Perpetration of fear is still roaring. Perhaps though with everything else going on, the focus on a virus will slip away. I do believe people are coming to their senses. I know those I speak to have. Oh yes there are still those buying into the lies. Yet they too in time will finally see how this world has been betrayed.
        If forced to wear a mask, I’m putting holes in mine. I cannot breathe with a mask on and I will not sit with chemicals on my head and be short of breath. No way!

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  4. Ha! It’s so nice that I didn’t lose my favorite job. 😉 Maddie sees the bunny out there and that’s what counts. And what a grand rabbit! Yes, sports seems to be falling apart while it’s out of the spotlight. I hope our teams make it back in unity. 😕 Enjoy the weekend Dan, we got rain here but I’m going to get my hair done. There will be no sidewalls, however. 🤦‍♀️😂😂

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    • Your job is secure. You get a day off when Skippy’s fans request him, but you’re in no danger of losing out to that character. I’m sure your hair will look fine. Mine will look OK in a few weeks, it’s not like there’s a lot to work with. Sports will be back, at some point. More than anything, I hope college football can be played. I can’t imagine the SEC playing to empty stadiums, though. We have a bunch of bunnies this year. Maddie seems fascinated by them, but is content to let them sit and eat.

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  5. I have an appointment on the 11th to get my hair cut! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a haircut!! Lol I should add, that I’m also excited to see my stylist again. I really look forward to our half hour of gabbing, gossiping, and laughing! She’s self-supporting, and I’m thrilled that she can finally get her business up and running again.

    MiMi and MuMu are adorable as always. Maddie is ever vigilant watching out for her bunny friends. Speaking of bunnies, I just love the effect the sun has on his ears. Fascinating that you can see every vein. Great shots.

    Have a super weekend. You and Maddie should get some great sitting time in, especially Sunday……no humidity!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I admit, Ginger, yacking with my barber was the best part. I can’t wait until I can join my best friend for breakfast after I get a haircut. It’s been a ritual for so many years, and I miss it.

      I included so many bunny pics today because of the light on their ears. I just love that image.

      Maddie and I skipped our walk today. It was already gross out there. She does get hot, and the nasty little bugs were already buzzing about.

      Enjoy the weekend. Only a few more days until that clip-job :)


  6. When He-Man went to the Barber almost two weeks ago the Barber said, “we’re gonna be here a while.” I hardly took any hair off when I trimmed his head of hair and he has a ton of it. I was afraid to use his trimmer…fear of giving him a Mohawk or something, so I used my hair scissors.

    I still haven’t been in to see my stylist, but we’re in Phase 2 now so hopefully, soon only the stylists will wear them, and I will go then.

    The tree is so full, and the Rhodie looks nice.

    I love your idea about only purchasing Legends shirts! Baby Girl just asked me for ideas for Father’s Day…you gave me one to share with her. Thanks, Dan! 😀

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    • I had asked The Editor to pull out the thinning shears and give me some relief. She suggested calling the barber. The rules weren’t too bad. I held my mask in place when he cut and corrected around my ears. He couldn’t trim my beard, but he could give me a much better line to follow. In any case, as Ginger said, it was fun talking to him.

      The Pirates’ owner won’t pay to keep anyone that can be traded for a few bucks. We had Garret Cole and Andrew McCutchen for a while. Since I own an Antonio Brown jersey (that I can wash my car with) I am careful about buying anything with a name on it. Your safe with the legends – even safer with the ones who are departed (the others can still go off the rails).

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  7. Our salons and barber shops are still closed although a few have opened against recommendations. I love the rabbit/bunny ears. No wonder our TV antennae’s got their name.

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  8. I especially enjoy the rabbit pictures. Every morning we try to get close enough to ours but he is too fast. And the iPhone camera isn’t cutting it for distance shots. I’ve never had bourbon with cherries and it’s not even noon here but it sounds delicious. I think we should plan a stay at home party of sorts some time soon. Happy Saturday and Cheers!!!

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    • A Manhattan is bourbon, vermouth and cherries. Like most attributes, David’s preference is borrowed from a real friend who decided to switch from Manhattans to straight bourbon but missed the cherries.

      I included so many bunnies because I just love them.

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  9. How is Skippy doing, Dan? I hope he’s OK. My husband needs a haircut but as I do it, no masks will be necessary. I’d like to get my hair cut shorter but I don’t have a stylist here and I’m not keen on going to a salon yet. Thankfully my hair looks fine, it’s just gotten long, especially as I was going to get a cut in March and of course that never happened and before that I think my last cut had been before Christmas. :-)

    Have a great weekend. I’m excited because it was cool enough this morning to open the windows for a bit. Only about 91/92 today!!


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  10. The Beach Boys sang that you should be true to your school but I think that true to your team is stronger. I moved out to Essex in 1971 with no football allegiances so took to the local West Ham United. 2020 and I still check on progress, although I don’t watch much football nowadays. However, my son-in-law is Scottish and has always supported Glasgow Rangers. Since moving down here he has changed to support Ipswich Town. Now, I think that that is weird!

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  11. I get such a kick out of MiMi and MuMu. Dan–do you really need the volume up to watch a video? :D I noticed David did not get cherries right away with his drink….I was worried there for a minute. Our bars here in FL opened at 12:01am this morning. And the bar owners were chomping at the bit to be able to open for 2 whole hours. Amazing. But they were ticked for good reason, I think. Restaurants that served liquor have been opened for several weeks now. Breweries were open, also–drive-by service. One bar (opened by a former city councilman) opened early b/c he said he served food, so there’s that…… And our virus cases keep rising. Have a good weekend, Dan.

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  12. I’m glad it’s business as usual at the virtual bar, Dan. :)
    The outdoor critters have a lot of attitude today. LOL. The sun shining through bunny’s ears was captivating. Then the “I’m a rabbit” photo slayed me. I chuckled at MuMu’s video getting interrupted. Crystal is tilting her ears toward the (annoying to her) sound of me typing. Hugs — and cheers!

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    • If it were up to MuMu, I would brush her, scratch her and then sit quietly while she slept. Sounds like Crystal has a similar view.

      I love the way the bunny ears light up in the sun. That’s why I included so many today.

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  13. Our bars have been open for a while and the number of cases of the virus continues to climb. Real risky out there. I loved the photos, Dan and had to laugh at the bird spat. Roberto Clemente is an excellent one to honor.

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    • I would love to get back to a real bar, John, but I’m in no hurry. I’m told they will have limited seating in the bar when they open on the 17th, but no service at the actual bar.

      I remember watching Clemente at Forbes field. It was amazing to see him play. The distance from which he could throw a man out at the plate was scary.

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  14. After multiple requests (from him) and watching a few YouTube videos, I finally gave my husband a haircut yesterday. It went ok… no sidewalls, but I have a newfound respect for the professionals. I don’t know what new types of businesses are open and not where we live because we intend to stay away for a while.

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  15. Love the bird photo–I think they might be grackles. We all love the Maddie and MuMu shots, but I think the star of the post is the bunny rabbit. My mind did a weird synaptic jump when so many comments mentioned its ears and I immediately thought of the rabbit ears that I grew up with, back in the days when you had to get up to change the channels on the television. :)

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    • I remember those days, very well, Mike. These rabbit ears seem to be self-adjusting, but they are pretty cute. I wrote a post a long time ago remembering when “I was the remote” – my dad would just say “but the ballgame on” and one of us kids took care of it.

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  16. How come when you were using the trimmer at home you didn’t make a big “P” instead of a bald spot? What kind of Pittsburgh fan are you? ;-)

    I will forevermore be a Packer/Badger/Bucks/Brewer fan. Because they are Wisconsin teams. As you well know the football dedication is highly important while I don’t tend to watch baseball or basketball. But I always root for the home team. It’s the thing to do.

    Hope you are having a great Saturday. Beautiful weather here, almost time for another bike ride! :-)

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    • I thought about trying a hypocycloid (the diamonds) but it’s tough working in a mirror.

      I hope we have a football season to watch (at least on TV). We don’t play you guys in the regular season this year. I guess that means we’ll have to shoot for that Super Bowl rematch ;-)

      We had a nice, hot, humid day here, with a few thunderstorms but it was a good day. I hope yours was as well.

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  17. I like the rhododendron and the bunny relaxing in the grass with ears up. Chuckled at “Ok, maybe you’re a rabbit.” Reminds me of the book, Watership Down. It’s been a while since I read it, but those were some serious rabbits.

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  18. I guess they’re still negotiating what the baseball seson will look like. I heard the players want a 114-game season and the owners want an 82-game one. I’m afraid that by the time they agree to something it’ll be to try again next year, when ostensibly all this quarantining and masks and social distancing will be behind us (from my lips to God’s ear…) and they can actually play in front of fans…

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  19. Oregon is starting to open and we had to the two highest days in a row of new cases. Sigh I think we’re all going to see spikes after the protests. Since I take care of my elderly parents, I’m being very careful – no bars until there’s a vaccine. I have to drink in the back yard! lol. Great photos. I also can’t believe it’s June!


  20. Congrats on the haircut, Dan. My hubby got his last week and he’s pretty pleased about his. He was going without and attempting to keep things under control with hair gel, but for a guy who usually gets a trim every 5 weeks or so he was getting kind of squirrelly. 😆

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    • I had just asked my wife to have a go at it. Barbers opened last Monday, but I wasn’t sure if mine was back. He’s older than me and partially retired. I wasn’t going to try out a new barber. I had an appointment two days after they shut them down, so I hadn’t been since mid-February.


  21. Cheers to a haircut. Did you have to wear a mask? I’ve cut Mr.’s hair for 28 years. I’ve only cut his ear once. Our bars remained open with curbside service as long as they had food to sell, they could sell alcohol too. They officially re-opened back up on May 12th here. For the most part, it seems almost like ‘normal’. Glad to see your area is opening up areas for the kids to play!

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    • No trim for Maddie. She’s sporting a wind blown look. Setters don’t have an undercoat, so they always look a little thin. The cat wants to go “play” with the outside critters, but they’re inside kitties.

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