Here Comes the Sun – #1LinerWeds

As many of you know, Maddie (our Irish Setter) and I have a routine. It’s Maddie’s routine – the OCDog – I’m just at the other end of the leash. The activities remain the same, but the timing is in flux. As the longer days of summer have arrived, our morning walk is beginning earlier. The effect of the early sunshine isn’t limited to Maddie and me. We encounter several people walking at the early time, and the bunnies are busy eating.

Maddie and I end up crossing the streets at odd places, to avoid. Then, as she barks (at the people, not at the bunnies), I say things to her, hoping the people will overhear. So, our walks are a series of one-liners:

“Don’t bark at the nice lady.”
“Let’s cross here so the bunny can finish eating.”

Walking past he crosswalks we weren’t using caused me to think about Abbey Road, by The Beatles, and the title comes from my favorite song off that album, written and performed by my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. It seems I am not alone. According to Wikipedia (really, it’s OK to use them sometimes) as of September 2019, it was the most streamed Beatles song in the United Kingdom, with over 50 million plays. I’m not in the UK, but they should know the best Beatles song.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

And, for those 50 million fans


  1. The sun is definitely coming this week along with some heat and humidity. I LOVE the bee hotel, and here’s hoping they find the accommodations to their liking and take up residence. I cannot imagine how much Maddie is going to enjoy her deck all summer, and please keep the refuse off the surface, Dad. :-)

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    • I felt bad evicting the bees, Judy. I had read about making these when I learned about solitary bees. I haven’t seen then using it yet. If they like it, I’ll make a few more.

      Maddie has been double-dipping at her deck. My wife sits with her in the morning when it’s really cool. I sit with her in the afternoon. After I sweep the surface, of course.

      I hope you’re enjoying this weather.

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  2. Chippy!! I love Chippy. And I am one of the 50 million. “It seems like years since it’s been here.” Definitely smiles. A perfect song for the times. Oh, and I see you are exceptionally trained.

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    • Hahaha – I think I heard Maddie saying “who’s a good human?” As I was clearing the debris.

      I’m glad you are one of the many fans of this song. Chippy is a scamp. He moves so fast and he will jump up on the deck with Maddie if he thinks it will get him a peanut.

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  3. What a clever idea to create a hotel for the carpenter bees! We currently have them in the railing of our deck, which will be torn down and replaced in a couple of weeks. We mused where they would go after the eviction becomes final. This is definitely a consideration 😃

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  4. A carpenter bee hotel! What an ingenious idea. Hope it provides the desired results.

    That bunny is too cute and once again you got a great shot of sun coming through his ears! Love it.

    Another inch or two and Maddie’s rump would have fallen right off her deck . I wonder if she even would have noticed!! Lol.

    Lots of sunny walks and sits coming up Dan, but unfortunately escalating humidity as well.

    And if you’re prone to eating dirt, perhaps you should have the Editor babysit you while you’re working with it! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • The hotel wasn’t my idea. I read about it last year when I did a post on solitary bees. I hope they appreciate the effort.

      We are inundated with bunnies this year. I love seeing them. The Editor has a ton of pictures (I will steal them soon).

      I doc think about shoving her butt over, but she was comfy, so…

      I have to add dirt around the edge of the sod. Once that settles, I add some grass seed. It’s the worst possible time to grow grass. Maybe if I had adult supervision, if know that 😏

      I hope you’re having a good week.


  5. I love the song, Dan, and enjoyed the cool video with so many photos and artifacts from the Beatles. It is always fun to read about our adventures with Maddie–clearly she has you well trained, though it seems like you have to negotiate changes on the fly. It is nice to see that you explain those changes to her. :)

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  6. Great song. It is nice you talk to Maddie whether people hear or not. We have a bee house for Mason bees. I recently read an article that they must be cleaned out and kept in good shape or else mold, fungus and mites will kill the larvae. It makes sense o do once the larvae are hatched. I love the song btw. I guess I have a lot of company.

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    • That’s good to know about the bee house. I’m not sure how long this one will last, the hunk of wood is well rotted. I’ll either clean it or make them a new one.

      I talk to Maddie all the time. So far, she hasn’t started talking back.

      I’m glad you like the song.

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  7. Hi Dan – this song is one of the best. People so often don’t think about disturbance of critters – so I hope the carpenter bees live a happy life with you and the Editor. Maddie is one spoilt pooch … while MuMu – presumably slumbers til someone comes past and then stretches and says time for a scratch or a brush. – love all the little by-lines … take care – Hilary

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  8. “Who put this schmutz on my deck?”–you are my kinda girl, Maddie. Make ’em clean it up! Dan, have you seen Ricky Gervais’ ‘After Life’ on Netflix? It’s a riot–in a very Ricky way. You talking to Maddie so others will hear made me think of that. A man yells at Ricky to leash his dog, which he does. But he talks to the dog and says, “No, he’s not really a (profanity-laced description), is he?” The man is not impressed.

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    • I don’t have Netflix. One time, when a lady trying to enter the parking lot almost hit us, I did look at Maddie and say, “yes, some people are idiots.” The lady did hear me. When she parked, Maddie gave her an ear full.

      She does like a clean deck.

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  9. LOL. Paul McCartney was my first crush, so you know… But I always did like this song. That’s a very clever idea for the carpenter bees. I had them in DC.
    It’s fun to see the mock orange bush. We had one when I was a kid. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about them, but they’re lovely and smell nice. Hugs on the wing!

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    • I read about the bee house last year. I should have made it earlier. I’m sure George would understand. The Editor had two Mock Orange plants. I damaged one by accident. This one does smell nice. Hugs on the bee’s wings.

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  10. I am curious if the piece of wood will be attractive to the carpenter bees. Did the article give specifics on size of the bee hotel? The few articles I found say the large carpenter bees like to bore their own tunnels in the wood. And they will reuse the same nest the following year. Unfortunately the search engine is hyperactive and keeps seeing squirrel and going off in other directions. Other bees not carpenter and hotels for me. Hope the hotel works !

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    • I like to think I gave them starter-holes, John. They aren’t as big as the ones they bore. As for not going back to the same place, my trim would beg to differ. I’ll let you know if this works.

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  11. What a great idea for the bees. I have to believe they will enjoy their new place, I have to agree with Maddie. Crossing the street at new places is confusing at best. I Loved the sun in the bunny’s ears.

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    • She gets upset when she can’t sniff the regular places. I try to tell her, “maybe if you were a nicer dog” but she’s not buying it. I hope the bees like the hotel. They certainly liked my porch. Maybe I should just pound a 2×8 in the ground 😏 The sunlit ears are the best.

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  12. Very simple song to play. George said that when he wrote it, he was playing around with the D chord and came up with the words. Maybe their most popular song,and he wasn’t even trying to write it…

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  13. That was one of the very first songs I learned to play on the guitar when I was…oh gosh 14. Great song!

    Sun on bunny ears…wonderful! The shadows on the green lawn are interesting and the green is so calming. No need for me to insert anything this time. 😀

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  14. I love the close-up of the bunny eating. Were it me, I would have wound up with a close-up of Puppy Cody eating the bunny. Or a close-up of the sidewalk as she dragged me off in pursuit of that bunny. I also talk to the dog during our walks – mostly stuff like, “Just leave it, it’s not bothering you” or “For Pete’s sake, that dog’s over on the next block!” or my personal favorite: “Would you hurry up and pee [or poop] already?”

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    • We have the bark and the pee conversation, too. She makes such a huge fuss, and then walks around forever before doing what we went out for. She is good about ignoring the other animals – not cats, and not humans, but the bunnies are safe.

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  15. That bunny in the gallery is huge. Our little TX Pete is a bit bigger over these last few months but no where near that size. We see him every morning on our early morning walks. The OCD dog and OCD Jill. Cheers to routine :)

    I am quite fond of dandelions myself. I use an iPhone photo as feature image on some of my reflection posts. It’s like limitless possibility.

    And for the cherry on the top of the sundae, George Harrison and “Here Comes the Sun” <3. Now I am smiling and singing along to the best ear worm ever.

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  16. In regard to the bag of dirt, the lawyers are concerned that you will either eat it or bury yourself in it, or that the Editor will throw it at you. It’s a warning like don’t put the hair dryer in the bath water. Attorneys just trying to keep you safe, Dan.

    Has Maddie ever accepted a stranger in her presence? Or will that never happen in her lifetime?

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    • I don’t know how I missed this. Sorry to be late in replying.

      I guess I owe those lawyers a lot of thank yous. You never know what The Editor might do,

      Maddie is funny with people. There are some that she never barks at, and there are some she always barks at. There is a group home in our neighborhood, and one nice young man likes to sit outside. He’s uses a walker or a wheelchair, so I was worried that Maddie would bark at him. He always says hi to me and he yells “hi doggie!” Maddie loves him. She gets her happy step going if she sees him outside, and she smiles. She has never barked at him. We also pass a home where an older guy sits out front. I’ve stood and talked to him for a while, and Maddie is good as gold.

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  17. One of my favorite songs too and my favorite Beatle. Since our cat doesn’t do walks (he prefers “slinks”) I’ve taken to talking to my green beans and tomatoes. Enjoy the warm weather and the bunnies.

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  18. True, Dan.” They” should know the best “Beatles’ song. But we may disagree on what the best one is. For me it’s “Yesterday:)”

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  19. I love it that you made a snack bar and/or workout space for carpenter bees! Do you know how much I love that? I love that holds hands as far apart as possible and stretches THIS MUCH! And agreed: Bunny ears with the sun shining through them must be one of the best things in life.

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    • I replied to this earlier, but I don’t know where that went.

      If the bees like this, i’ll get more stakes and make them a few more. They can eat as much rotten firewood as they want.

      I can’t resist bunny ears in the sun.


  20. What a perfect song for the longest day of the year. Well, it’s really perfect for any day. It’s a favorite. My Abbey Road album is well loved. The sun hanging out past 8:30 and bunnies – life is good. I’m glad Maddie thinks so, too.

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