Suffield Old New and Blue – #ThursdayDoors

What can I say – that’s just wonderful.

I had another week that was pretty busy. I managed to get out to gather more door photographs, but I still haven’t found time to sit down and do the research I want to do. If you’re wondering why that matters, read on. If you can live without that explanation, skip to the gallery.

Wait, if you’re on your way to the gallery, remember that after poking around here, you really should go up and visit Norm Frampton’s site. You see, Norm makes all this possible. Each week, he invites door lovers from around the world to link up at his place. You can go there to see his doors, and find links to other door posts.

As to why the research is important, well, it’s to prevent me from kicking myself. On several occasions, I have posted doors from a place, only to discover a treasure trove of information about the place, a few weeks later. Since I know many of these buildings are old, and I know the entire area has been added to our National Registry of Historic Places, I’m reasonably sure there is information about some of these buildings. I want to check that listing and the other sources I have found before posting those images.

Today’s gallery is a little lighthearted but the structures are mostly from outside the historic district.


    • I almost left it at just that first image. Isn’t that beautiful? The big garage and living space must have been wonderful to have. I can imagine using that garage for so many things (maybe even a car or two). I’m glad you liked these.

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  1. It’s great that the newer homes have respected the integrity of the neighborhood and followed suit in the design. Some fantastic photos, Dan. Can’t imagine what the owner does for a living of that house with the 3-car garage and what appears to be an apartment upstairs.

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    • I try not to think about how far out of my price range some of these homes are. I appreciate good design, so I nod with approval. Actaully, if I had that, I think the Editor might make it my permanent residence ;-)

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    • It’s funny, Pam. I hated history in school, but I love learning about the past. The difference is in either discovering it for myself, or following someone like GP Cox, who makes history so enjoyable.

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  2. You hooked me with that first photo of the barn Dan. Then the 3-car garage that just happens to have an incredible home that goes with it. The new structures that are staying true to the neighborhood, coupled with the older homes just put me over the top!!

    You outdid yourself Dan. Thanks.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. The place with the 3-car garage might be a died-and-went-to-heaven deal for me. The barn is in the middle of that new neighborhood being built. It’s on the property of one of the original homes. I hope the new neighbors like it as much as I do.


  3. You went on quite a doorcursion, Dan. Cool beans. I hope they keep the big yellow house yellow. My favorite is the old home with the tree stump in the foreground. The house is beautiful, and the shot is so well composed. Too funny about the house belonging to the big garage. LOL, that’s spot-on.
    I like the helicopter entrance — sometime a door is not a door at all. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed these, Teagan. When we bough our very modest little home, I was more interested in the potential of the garage. It’s hard to change. Thanks for the comment on the composition. It’s getting harder to get a view of the door these days with everything in bloom.

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  4. These homes are so beautiful. Oh, that 3-car garage….my husband would love to have a workshop area in any/all of those. So that is what a pig farm looks like. In one of our ‘country’ drives, we pass a parcel of land that says ‘hog farm coming soon.’ I wondered what it would look like, and now I know! Thanks, Dan.

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  5. I love the space that the garage invites one to think it has! How often have I drooled and coveted a 3 car garage…too often! The house that goes with it is lovely.

    I love the balcony and porch too, and spring does make doorscurions a little trickier. 😀

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  6. That first one is a winner all on its own.A close second is the garage with the triple doors. I was just thinking though that some of those grand old homes must require a lot of hands for all the upkeep and maintenance they require to keep them looking so pretty.

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  7. Some great finds here, of doors and houses. Always wanted that door style on the three car garage, but don’t have the house to fit it! Also loved the small half moon windows and circle on the to-be-painted (old yellow) house.

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  8. Hi Dan – lovely weather as a backdrop to your range of buildings and thus doors … I’m happy to see them today … as we’re in misty damp! Thanks – Hilary

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  9. I have house-envy every time you post about doors. Those big sprawling homes with wraparound verandahs just crank it up. That big 3-door garage looks bigger than my house! My inner hermit would likely never come out again if I had one of those beauties … fully modernized of course 😉

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  10. I like the house under construction, but I do think they need to re-think those small windows. They’re not in scale for the front on the house. I wonder what the front door will look like?

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  11. I’m like you, sometimes I take a picture of a place just because it’s interesting but later find out how really interesting it is. “I wish I’d known it was a museum / cultural icon / historic treasure etc. I’d have paid more attention.” I love the blue house at the very end. It’s always been my dream to have a house with a cute front porch where I could sit and rock of an evening.

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  12. It’s okay to be light hearted, once in a while. But I understand, I would feel the same way, if I would post some photos, and a few weeks later I discover it’s a super historic place:)
    I love that looong barn (tobacco?)

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  13. I would not want to live next to the pig farm. ‘
    Not if it works or if it stops, not if they sing or dance or hop. I do not like to smell the hogs or slip and fall in muddy bogs. I do not like pig farms I say. Id’d rather Wilbur ran away to green grass meadows where to play with Charlotte keeping her away…too.’
    Great doors Dan! Always great doors, history or not. You know I am a visual person anyway. 😉

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