All that Jazz – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, the bar is almost ready to open, and Cheryl is giving us a preview of how things are going to be. She’s been sneaking us in for 13 weeks, so one more week on the sly won’t matter. While we’re here, we will wrestle with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘zz.’ Find a word with double-z in it and use it in your post. Enjoy!”

We usually do enjoy our time here.

If we were having a beer, you’d have a quizzical expression, but Cheryl is taking command.

“Hey guys. Welcome to the bar. I am jazzed the two of you agreed to help me complete my training. Is it still raining out there?”

“It has slowed to a drizzle, Cheryl and I think I speak for David when I say, we are happy to help.”

“Nobody speaks for David, but Dan is right. As long as we can enjoy the usual fare.”

“Well, there are some changes. You guys can’t sit at the bar, you have to sit at one of the tables.”

“Oh, that’s a problem.”

“David, I know you like to be close to me, but there’s a table by the bar. I can hear you from there.”

“Yes, but I prefer having Dan on my right side, so I can hear him.”

“I thought you had hearing aids.”

“I do.”

“I think she meant, she thought you were wearing your hearing aids.”

“You’ll just have to speak up, Dan.”

“Dan, you could still sit on his right side. I mean, there are four chairs.”

“No, then it will look like we’re on a date, Cheryl.”

“I think you would have to be wearing something a little snazzier than jeans and a Steelers tee shirt to be mistaken for being on a date, Dan.”

“Still, I’ll sit across from him and talk loudly.”

“You want your usual?”

“I do, but I must say, the two-lime-angle thing is catching on.”

“Anybody can do that. I prefer to give quality service instead of relying on razzmatazz to distract my customers. You want two limes, or one happy Cheryl?”

“I do speak for Dan when I say he wants one happy Cheryl!”

“Thank you, David. I’ll be right back with the drinks. You boys want any food?”

“I think we should exercise the full process. We’ll have a large pepperoni pizza.”

“I’ll put that right in, Dan.”

“So, once again, Dan. Did you finish the bookcase?”

“Not quite.”

“When are you going to unveil it? I hear it has some whizzbang special feature.”

“Who did you hear that from?”

“You. I mean, you hinted at something like that when you replied to John Howell’s comment a week ago.”

Speaking of John HowellP, here’s the special you’ve been waiting for, David. Dan, here’s a Corona with a single perfect lime wedge shoved in, albeit with a pair of tongs – you know, touchless.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“So, were you showing David a picture of the bookcase?”

“No, I think I may have it ready for a sneak peek on Monday.”

“I was hoping to see it today.”

“That’s showbizz.”

“Um, Cheryl, what is this stuff?”

“It’s your bourbon, your snifter full of fizz, and your ice, David.”

“Why are you giving me a bottle of seltzer?”

“I’m not allowed to use the nozzle at the well. No common ingredients. Oh, and here are your cherries.”

“On a swizzle stick?”

“I’m not allowed to touch the cherries.”

“But you’re touching the swizzle stick.”

“I don’t dream up this insanity, I just follow the rules. Push your bourbon back over here and I’ll slide the swizzle out.”

“Thanks, and…what’s this? Oh cool, it’s Black Cherry seltzer.”

“Just for you, David.

“Thank you, Cheryl. Cheers Dan.”

“Cheers David.”

“So, Dan, what’s the deal with the bookcase? Why is it taking so long?”

“Assembly takes time. It’s like putting a puzzle together, but some of the pieces have to be glued, clamped in place, and allowed to dry for several hours.”

“You know, IKEA gives you a wrench, no glue required.”

“Ha! No wrench required.”

“Here’s your pie, guys. Careful, the pan is sizzling hot.”

“Oh, that looks good Cheryl. Are you OK? I can’t see much of your face, but you look like you’re ready to pass out.”

“I’m OK, Dan. Wearing this mask all day is making me dizzy.”

“Damn, Cheryl.”

“What, David?”

“Now you have that bubblegum song stuck in my head.”

“Have another glass of bourbon.”

In case you’re trying to remember.


    • Yeah, the patio at the bar isn’t the least bit attractive this weekend. I told the bartender I’d stop in, if the parking lot was nearly empty. I was almost the only person in the diner. It was good to sit and eat and have the fries be hot and crisp, but I might have to do takeout at the bar. Or, maybe I have to go there during the week, instead of on a Saturday.

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        • The diner is my favorite burger joint. We’ve been getting takeout all along, but fish & chips doesn’t travel well. It was nice to eat that inside (they don’t have outside service). The place was mostly empty. I’ll check the bar, but I’m not optimistic, since this will be the first Saturday. I go at an off-peak time, but I’m not expecting it to be comfy.

          Liked by 1 person

    • I am being very careful, Maggie. The diner parking lot was empty when I got there. While I was eating, they had one more customer come in. I won’t go to the bar if it’s anything close to crowded. Fish & Chips doesn’t travel well as takeout, so I enjoyed eating in the diner. Cold beer is just as good here at home, so I’m not taking chances.

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  1. Okay so I was going to take a stab at this prompt but you’ve gone and used up all the good words. Seriously, Linda owes you big time points! Lol. I definitely feel the mask freedom by the end of my days. We have lots of Davids come through the clinic. Try communicating with someone who won’t get or wear their hearing aids through two layers of mask protection. 🙄I’m glad you got your book case finished. Enjoy your brews. At least the beer doesn’t have to be filtered through a cheesecloth…yet. 😳

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow! You get TWO gold stars for acing the prompt.

    Your big boy meal looks delicious. Glad they weren’t serving gizzards that day.

    And thanks for showing us a bluejay on Snoopy’s house and not a buzzard!

    MuMu’s patience is running pretty thin Dan. I wouldn’t push another button testing it! Poor MiMi enjoying some 💤💤 and you HAD to spoil it.

    But the redhead is on her deck so all is well. Life is good.

    Have a wonderful weekend, but beware, it’s going to be a sizzler! Can’t wait to see the bookcase.

    Happy Father’s Day Dan.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 2 people

    • We are sizzling already, Ginger, but Maddie took me for a walk early today, so that’s checked off the list.

      These guys are seriously into sleeping lately. I guess it’s the heat (but the A/C is on, so maybe it’s the cold).

      I’m getting close on the bookcase. I’m heading out to the garage in a few minutes.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!

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  3. Awesome use of the prompt, Dan, but the “Theo” photo and caption made me LOL. I hope Joanne comes around to see it.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get back to going inside a restaurant. My favorite coffe/tea place is open, but I’m supporting at the drive thru. As your beer is not worth the risk of becoming ill, neither is my chai latte. I’ll stick with the dining table at home. We are still in phase 1, waiting to see what happens next.

    Have a great weekend, Dan!

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  4. No Ikea bolts thank you. I will wait until they gluing and clamping are done. And we can just have another round to forget about the quirky covid regulation changes and how they almost make sense. My medical professional would like me to do a stress test… wearing a face mask. Ah no way Jose. Stress test plus face mask might just skew the results and result in other Rube Goldberg tests because of the skewed results.

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    • Stress test in a face mask? That does not sound like a good idea. For me, visiting the medical professional is enough of a stress test. I want to say, “if I didn’t pass out in the waiting room, I’m probably OK.”

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  5. Yay! I was hoping ‘swizzle sticks’ would make it into the conversation. I didn’t realize you were not allowed to sit at the bar….at a bar. They can’t tape off every other barstool to keep the social distancing? Interesting times. Dan, I don’t know what is funnier–your photos of MiMi sleeping or you captions. She is so cute. Have a great weekend.

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  6. Wow, Dan. Your photos are as awesome as always–the animals in your life, domesticated and wild, are all so photogenic–but it was your creative use of the -zz words that really grabbed me. Who knew that there was a single word in English that uses -zz twice? I’m pretty sure that I could not have come up with “razzmatazz” on my own. Like so many others, I await the big reveal. I have done a fair amount of IKEA style furniture construction projects and know that they can be pretty complex. The problem is that they are often not all that steady. I am confident that all of your cutting and glueing and clamping will make a far superior and stylish bookcase.

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  7. Everything is open in our area, with some precautions in place. So, a toast is called for! People are out and about. I love your photo display. Dogwoods always make me feel nostalgic for New England.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I would kinda enjoy Skippy. I’ve been ordering groceries online and picking them up from my car. Sometimes I click the “accept substitutes” button, just to put a little excitement into my life. I never know what those crazy kids might do. Like, no mushrooms? Here, have an avocado.

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  9. I always love you bar post, Dan. I wondered how you would handle the transition to reopening. This was terrific! You had lots of ‘zz’ too. Unfortunately I will have “Dizzy” stuck in my head all night.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You are doing great on the transitions, and there will be ups and downs. No crowded bar for me, either. Sitting outside with friends at a distance and having a beer or a glass of wine has been delightful.


  10. Dizzy my head is spinning…. Yeah, well I feel like I can’t THINK with the mask on. I wear it, but I feel impaired, LOL! Good thing I didn’t go into a field where they’re necessary.

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