My Comfort Zone? – #1LinerWeds

As I’ve mentioned in previous post, I visited two restaurants last week. I also mentioned the fact that I was a little nervous about entering those restaurants. I told The Editor that I wasn’t going to go in if the places were anything close to crowded. When I was seated at the bar, I took the photo shown below and I sent it to The Editor, to allay any concerns she might have had.

I think I’ve achieved a safe anti-social distance.

She replied:

“At least you’re comfortable around caution tape :)”

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NOTE: Not only did I include a type in the original version of this one-liner, I misquoted The Editor. She pointed out that she said:

“You are used to being with caution tape.”

Below are some of the classic uses of caution tape by yours truly.


  1. Okay, NOW I get it. You’re not really the ‘project man’ at all. You just do all those things to be able to satiate your Caution tape addiction. 😉😂I think Maddie just loves having a space.

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  2. I can’t imagine how I’ve lived to this age without owning one inch of caution tape. :-) In looking at these photos, especially the front shot, one certainly knows that a person with DIY skills lives there. That’s a good looking railing system. 👏🏻

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    • Haha – we had worked our way to the front porch when Halloween was approaching. I had holes in the ground for concrete piers (that had to be inspected), a dumpster, my trailer and a bunch of temporary supports. I wasn’t sure the 100′ roll would be enough, so I bought the 5,000′ roll. That was 2007. I’m on my second roll 😏

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  3. Hi Dan – I hate to say it but I think the editor needs to edit … ‘your’ to ‘you’re’ … but you are busy and that’s good news … now I need to go back one post and see what’s going on for the restaurant visit – wonderful array of tape. I had to look … almost one mile is bound for each roll … take care and keep going in your comfort zone – Hilary

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    • Oh, thank you, Hilary. I’ve corrected that.

      She doesn’t edit the 1LinerWeds posts. I am working on my second roll, and I’m about halfway through. I used a lot in our fenced-in yard to remind us of the danger.

      Thanks again.


  4. Better safe than sorry, and yes, you and weird accidents seem to go hand in hand. At least no one can accuse you of buying massive rolls of caution tape that are going to waste, because you’ve certainly put them to good use.

    The ramp and rail is really good looking, not to mention functional.

    Your neighbors must take a lot of photos from behind their blinds! “Clara, come here. That crazy guy has strung up more tape!” But all that tape has resulted in beautifully finished projects that those same neighbors are very jealous of. 🤗🤗🤗

    Keep on staying safe Dan and keep on taping!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I am on my second 5,000 foot roll of caution tape, Ginger. Way better safe than sorry. Our neighbors probably just think I’m crazy, but I’m OK with that.

      The best use of the caution tape was when I used it to keep us from going through the porch doors when I had removed the stairs before building the new ones. We’ve been in this house for over 25 years and we used those two doors more than any others.

      You stay safe, too, Ginger. Take care.


    • I do make good use of it, Frank. The restaurant added six tables outside, but the bar restrictions are hard. No service at the bartop and tables have to be six feet apart and no common table allowed. So, you take a bar that could seat 25 people and you reduce it to seating 4 – but you still have to have a bartender. I hope we get to a point where they can safely open this up a bit more. But, I’ll put the emphasis on “safely.”

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    • It’s hard to make money when you need a staff that can serve 25 people but you only have seating for 4. The bartender is also covering the patio, which helps the business, but runs her around like crazy.

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  5. A thousand foot roll, eh? Well I got a laugh out of that one! My grandson just bought his first house (old) in downtown Cheyenne, put up a fence and there’s a slab of concrete near the garage. He and his brother plan on renting a jackhammer and breaking it up and sodding the whole backyard. I asked what it would have been used for, and if it was a foundation, surely the project would require professionals? Any advice? They haven’t checked how deep the concrete goes yet.

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    • Before we built our porch, I rented a jackhammer and demolished a 10′ x 16′ patio. That was the most miserable job ever. The center section was only 4″ thick, and it was bad, but not too bad. The foot-wide perimeter was 6-8″ thick and was pure misery.

      If you recall the little deck (where the dog sits) outside my workshop, you may have notices an almost 40″ wide step up to that deck. I made it that wide so I could cover the slab of concrete that used to be the base for a ramp that went up to the workshop door.

      If he insists on breaking it up, tell him to follow the cracks, if there are any. Also., check for disposal rates. We found a dumpster company that gave us a great rate, if we agreed to only include concrete in the dumpster – no other debris.


  6. The house next door to me is under major reconstruction. You would love it–Caution tape everywhere–doors, windows…it’s crazy, but curiosity-seekers cannot say they’d not been warned.
    Curious about the ramp to your front porch: that is for if you get old and infirm? Notice I said “if.”

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  7. Thanks for a good laugh on Wednesday, Dan. I think you should be safe at the restaurant/bar. The lack of sports to watch probably helps but I’m glad you and they are being cautious. Your rolls of yellow tape remind me of the 3,000 sq. ft. roll of plastic wrap I have from Costco. Someone once was amazed by it (probably more than one someones, but…), but I’m only on my second roll in many, many years and the roll works better than most of the small rolls you get in the grocery store. And that about wraps it up!


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      • Wow. That is much smaller than I thought. Whatever the case, you have a lot of the tape and appear to use it quite liberally. Yesterday I was talk your abundance of caution, but decided to save that turn of phrase for a follow-up response.

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        • Sometimes, I try to gather it and reuse it, but sometimes, particularly after the birds “decorate” it, I just cut it free and start over. On a project that spans months, I can go through a lot of tape.

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  8. I haven’t been brave enough to set foot in a restaurant yet. I have to say, Dan, this is the first photo I’ve seen of a restaurant being responsible. It gives me hope.

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    • I felt pretty comfortable in here, Laura. If business picks up too much, I will back off, but I normally go during a slow period. I have a beer(s) and maybe an appetizer and take dinner to go.


  9. Well, at least you feel comfortable around caution tape, Dan. I honestly did get a laugh, thank you! I personally think it is ghastly and it offends my human nature of wanting to be with people for good times. How ridiculous our world has become in such a short time. But hey let’s look at the positive in all this. At least your bar is now open. YAY!! Really enjoyed your pictures. I really can see why you like caution tape. LOL

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  10. Ha! A great way for me to cap off the day, Dan. This was a hoot and a half. I love the Spanish tape. I hope you were able to munch out on all your favorites at the restaurant. The railing looks lovely. Hugs on the wing.

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