Adult Supervision Required – #SoCS

We’re celebrating the first full week of Phase-II of reopening here in Connecticut. Celebrating with a certain amount of trepidation, but the conditions seem favorable to sharing an adult beverage in the great indoors – at least this week. Of course, we’re going to let Linda G. Hill entertain us with her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘coffee, tea, or me.’ Find a flirty phrase of your own or use ‘coffee, tea, or me’ in your post. Have fun!”

I don’t have a good feeling about this one.

If we were having a beer, we’d be checking out the remodeled bar.

“Hey guys. Welcome back to the bar.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I love what you’ve done with this place.”

“You mean the caution tape, David. Well, we have to block certain seats, and the crew is still finishing the renovations, so…”

“This really is your kind of place, Dan. Would you rather a table in the lounge next to the two-by-fours?”

“Funny, David. But I never mix construction or power tools with alcohol.”

“I wouldn’t imagine The Editor would allow that, even if you were dumb enough to try.”

“Why do you say that like you’d expect me to do dumb things?”

“Now boys, before you go down that rabbit hole, how about you order, bourbon, wine or beer?”

“If I didn’t know better, Chery, I would swear you were going to end that with a little flirt.”

“Well, David, it’s a good thing you do know better. Skippy might do some flirting around here, but this girl is spoken for.’

“Then, let’s stick with our usuals, Cheryl. A Corona for my young friend and a John Howell’s Special for me.”

“Coming right up, as soon as I wash my hands and put on a new pair of gloves.”

“Did you notice that they replaced the ceiling, David?”

“I didn’t. I noticed the new floor and the new bar, but I guess I didn’t look up.”

“I was trying to figure out how they got up there to work.”

“Do you ever just look at something without trying to figure out how it was made?”

“Not when it’s something I think I could do.”

“You would have been right at home, Dan. They had planks across the tables and the bar top.”

“That’s what I was guessing, Cheryl.”

“It didn’t look very safe to me. David, here’s your bourbon, your seltzer and your ice. I have to go downstairs for more cherries and Dan’s beer.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Cheers, Dan.”

“Cheers? I don’t have a beer yet.”

“It’s OK. You’re still imagining yourself up on all those planks. That should be intoxicating enough for you.”

“You know me well. “

“Here you go, Dan, a cold Corona and a perfect line wedge. David, let me slip these cherries off the swizzle into your bourbon.”

“Earth to Dan, you can come down off the imaginary scaffolding.”

“Oh, thanks David…and thanks Cheryl.”

“You boys want some food? The kitchen is up and ready.”

“Do you have mussels? I’ve been waiting fourteen weeks for an order of mussels.”

“Sorry Dan. No mussels. We do have calamari.”


“He’ll have the calamari. I’ll split it with him, but can we have separate dishes of sauce?”

“Sure, you planning to double-dip?”

“Just a precaution, Cheryl. Better safe than sorry.”


  1. Such cute captions on the photos.
    Your favorite hangout used the lock down time for good use. The place is looking spiffy, Dan!
    We’re needing another lock down, we’ve quickly become one of the new epicenters and New Jersey is requiring people from FL traveling there to quarantine for 2 weeks. I’d better make certain my neighbors know that – they’re planning on going back next week.

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    • I think FL still wants NY-NJ-CT to quarantine as well. That’s a lot of alone time for a trip to Universal Studios (who is advertising in our local market).

      The bar is looking good, GP. The owner was planning to close the bar, the lounge and the patio in succession to do the renovations, but the pandemic let him go full speed ahead. I haven’t been in the restaurant section, but the manager says he added skylights to the main dining room.

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      • That must be neat! We used to have a restaurant here where most of the dining room was under a movable, opaque ceiling. It was an incredible place. A virtual winter wonderland for Christmas-in-July and the open roof!!

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  2. Masterfully played my friend! I was a little worried. I should have known better. Is that a new zoom? Those closeups are wonderful! Doing a little flirting yourself. I love Chippy!

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    • Sharp eye there, Pam. Not new, but I don’t normally take my camera out with me when we sit. Yesterday, I remembered. Chippy was so happy to get a big-boy peanut. He was fighting to get the shell out of the way.

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  3. Did she just let you get away with it or did she paw at you?😉 Your zoom images are great! Chippy looks very grateful. I’m glad you were able to sit at the bar again. I am not a fan of calamari but The Optimist restaurant in Atlanta won me over with a grilled squid that I would still pay $20 for if I had the funds. That was the last birthday my youngest and I shared together. We had hopes this year but made the decision for him to stay put. A video celebration is planned. 😞 okay, I’ll just say it for David, “Coffee, tea, or my hand against your cheek?” 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Really nice facelift they gave the bar. They sure put dead time to good use.

    Nope, doesn’t look like MuMu is waving “hi”. Looks like she’s balling up a fist to give you a shot first chance she gets!!

    Love how camouflaged the bunny is in that area. Great shot of bluejay. He doesn’t look nearly as mean as he is!

    Hope you and Maddie manage a walk in between the predicted storms. Hope too her thundershirt is handy.

    Lord knows we need rain, but not the downpours predicted.

    Have a great weekend whatever the weather !
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • They did put the lockdown time to good use, it’s like a new bar. Maddie took me for a walk at 6:30, and she and the Editor have already sat! That dog knows how to get her humans to do their jobs.

      MuMu is being as good as gold on the shelf above me. Of course, I brushed and pampered her, as required. Now she can sleep.

      We have lots of bunnies this year. I hope to snag a few pictures of the baby-bun from the Editor’s camera for Monday’s post.

      I hope you have a great weekend, Ginger, despite the weather.


  5. The M-girls are all so cute. I knew that foot didn’t stand a chance….! FL is reverting. As of 5pm last night our bars are not allowed to serve any on-site consumption of beverages. We had 8900+ cases in one day. Now, our mayor mandates everyone to wear masks inside buildings in the city proper–which is where I live. Your bar is pretty spiffed up. Will the prices also be rising….to cover the costs? David is so funny…he knows you well. I could see your wheels spinning with all that tape…. :D Happy weekend, Dan.

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    • So far, the prices haven’t changed, Lois. We’re at 50%, not counting the bar top, which is off limits. The owner has been planning to remodel for a while, this was a good time. He did/is doing well with takeout. We’re going slower than you guys did, and no word yet on when we open any further.

      The M’s are all messing with me this week. I guess I’m here to serve.

      It is hard not to take buildings apart in my head. I was bad in church – always gettin poked and being told to pay attention.

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  6. I would grab the MuMu foot too (being careful of reprisal) and hang out at that bar for the atmosphere and the food. And the beer. I am missing bar and beer today. I would so love to go for a bike ride with the neighbor (which we could do) and take part in our ritual of finding the nearest brew pub afterward. Unfortunately, it will be awhile before a bar visit occurs, so I’ll stick with a chai latte at the drive thru.

    Hope you are having a great Saturday, Dan. Hope the weather is allowing an outside Maddie nap today.

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    • Thanks Mary. I check the congestion factor before going in, but it does feel good to sit in the bar, have a beer and talk to the bartender.

      The MuMu foot and the sleeping MiMi are too tempting to pass up. I got smacked, but it was worth it.

      I hope you enjoy the weekend.
      Take care.

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  7. Its funny you staring at the ceiling.  I have the same problem, trying to figure out how things are made or done and I just thought it was curiosity.  Not everyone has patience to let me do that. 🥴😃

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  8. Our phase two in Texas went horribly wrong. Now we’re spiking. Even Abbott recommends to shelter in place again. And I actually know people which confirms to me no hoax. A coworker who has COVID from church and B’s cousin who is getting tested. Community spread from the hair salon. The stylist knew and went to work anyway. When the owner found out she self reported.

    But on a more positive note LOVE the gallery today. I hear a squeaky “Victory is mine” after shelling that peanut. :)

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  9. Omi the food looks delish…. I’ve been cooking burgers once a wekk, which I never do!
    BTW, our opening in Portland is a joke… Spiking high. We don’t make the news because overall we have fewer people. But we’ve doubled and tripled and our governor is still chicken to demand everyone wear a mask….

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    • That’s sad. What’s the problem with masks? They help. Why would you not want to help?

      The diner is straight-up simple food. Right out of the 50’s. I love it.


  10. Love the cat photos especially today, Dan. I’m tempted to have a beer to show solidarity, but we opened a bottle of white wine last night, so I imagine we might finish that tonight

    I don’t get the whole not wearing a mask issue either. It’s not that big of a deal. If someone who got the virus would just get sick or die on their own, fine. Go for your rights. But it doesn’t work like that so grow up!! Arizonans are finally mostly wearing masks…after a big spike here too. Can’t wait to get to Wyoming next month where most of life is lived socially distanced. 😉

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  11. I wasn’t so sure about the prompt at first, either. But it all worked out okay. I love the close ups of the little animals, including the kitties.


  12. Dan, your fur-kids stole the show. They usually do but for some reason this time they just grabbed my heart and didn’t let go. LOVED your gallery. As for the prompt, you did it and that is what counts. All the way around, an A+!! Happy Sunday!! xo

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  13. Enjoyed your post and completely identify with the feeling. Corona cases are sky rocketing here in India with no end insite and we are in Unlock 1.0.
    Much appreciated and thanks for sharing

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  14. You HAVE to grab the foot, it’s cat people law!
    I have been wanting chili cheese fries and this has been a thing I’ve missed all of lockdown, so when I do get them, I expect to get indigestion! Ha! I’ve wondered if I will have to make them my darn self.
    Haven’t been “out” like that yet. Might meet Benson for lunch outside soonish, depends on our ability to match schedules. I do look forward to being served.

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    • The food was good. I am working (slowly and safely) through a list of things I can’t make and that don’t travel well as takeout. It’s been fun catching up with the people at the bar.

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  15. I am a weenie when it comes to calamari, but I’d climb on the planks across the tables. Great photos, Dan. I always love the bunnies, although I had to shoo one away who was eating flowers in our garden. More marigolds to the rescue tomorrow.

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