Monday Photos – 6-29-20

Welcome to the first installment of Monday Photos. In taking a writing break from this blog, I am going to share some interesting photos. OK, interesting to me. Since all I have to share is photos and their captions, I am using the block editor. Note: these photos have been collected over time and will not always be from the current week.

Thank you for visiting, especially those of you who regularly stop here. I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope you have a great week.

I like to photograph the water drops on plants. Maddie likes to lick them.
That’s MuMu back there. She indicated that she did not want to be interrupted.
The honeysuckle is so pretty. It has taken over our fence in one corner, but…
“You aren’t planning to bother me, are you?” When we rebuilt the family room, we added cat shelves to all the windows. This one is MiMi’s favorite.
Mock Orange.
This was the last rhododendron to bloom this year.
I wasn’t quite prepared for this when I was trying to follow the blue jay.
“Were you looking for me?” – Yes, Mr. Blue Jay, I was.
It’s those ears!
Smokey is shy.
Maddie, I was trying to get a picture of the pine cone!
We are already seeing the pine cones drop.
Smokey, again. Still somewhat hidden.
“Who put these bags on my porch? There’s no room for my cot. How are we going to sit?” – The bags are there for one night to stay dry before pickup.


  1. Hi Dan – pampered cats! But yes … they love the warmth and looking out. Maddie is very quizzy! Lovely photos and Christmas tree … your fallen pine cone – quite honestly it looks like autumn round here after the very dry Spring. Take care – I enjoyed the selection … Hilary

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  2. Great variety of pictures. That bunny…..the ears have it! MiMi and MuMu and Smokey still trying hard to be wall flowers, while sweet Maddie practices being a camera hog. 🤗

    Seriously, you HAD to use Maddie’s deck to keep yard trash dry?!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I knew I’d get no sympathy from this crowd. I was trying to be nice to the guys that pick up the bags. Maddie was NOT impressed. Normally, there’s only 2-3 bags. This time I put 8 up there. Bad human!

      I could have slugged her when she licked the water drops off the leaves.

      I hope your week is off to a good start.


  3. Not sure why, but the photo of MuMu behind the curtain reminded me of the 1930’s radio show The Shadow. Only the shadow knows… Wonder what MuMu was thinking.

    Wonderful photos, Dan, on a Monday morning, because what could be better than sharing flowers and fur?

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    • One good thing about the cat shelves, Teagan, is that they don’t knock everything off of every other surface they might use to look outside. And, anytime is a good time to relax ;-)

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  4. The photos are great, Dan. So Block works well for photos…..That’s pretty much all I do, but I am not changing. Not been forced to so far. I am such a creature of habit. You are such a good dad to put up cat shelves for your girls. And I can see they take their space seriously. So cute, always. The bunny ears, Smokey, your kids….yup, the gang’s all here. Have a great week, Dan.

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    • I still prefer the Classic editor, Lois, and I definitely prefer the gallery options in Classic. They still haven’t figured out how to handle captions correctly in the Block Editor. This works, because all the photos are stand alone. But, moving them around, editing the captions or editing the post too many times can still cause the whole thing to get flushed down the tubes. It worked well for this post, but the Classic would have worked just as well.

      I guess Maddie’s deck is the equivalent of a cat shelf for her. Apparently, these are the best things I’ve ever built – horizontal surfaces for animals to sleep on and look out from.

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    • Thanks John. Although I enjoy the break, it was actually hard not to write more. The flowers have stopped blooming, except for the honeysuckle, but I had to share the pictures. I hope you have a great week.

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  5. Great photos, Dan. I love the mock orange picture. I can almost smell it. To me, mock oragnes smell like the beginning of summer and running barefoot in the neighborhood for the first time of the year.

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  6. OK, I enjoyed the departure from your usual posts. I love cats behind the curtains. They do love to hide and play in places like that. Since we are now in Arizona, I’m loving every picture of flowers and drops. LOL As far as the six word silliness goes, I believe we each have an entry for today so we’re good until tomorrow. 😉

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  7. I love your flower pictures. I have a pink rhododendron too. It’s on the other side of the house, so we rarely see it bloom. We have many bunnies that have been born in our yard. I don’t know where the nest is, but I think we are on the third generation now. They have eaten the leaves on my lilies and chewed them down. Only a few tall ones left standing with the leaves off as tall as a bunny can stand.

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  8. I love this Monday photo post. The honeysuckle is a winner! You always have great photos, Dan. If I want a big photo on a blog post I go to My Site. Is that the same as Block Editor? Actually I hate it, and only use it to add big photos and to justify the text. Then I save it and go back to the regular version. So far, this works for me.

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  9. Lovely collection :)
    The sunspots are kinda nice, makes me feel like we’re there, too. Gorgeous azaleas! Honeysuckle is so pretty. I noticed a new achem blessing of honeysuckle in front of the picture window and for now, I’d just like to enjoy this invasive beast. While he’s lil.

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