It’s Your Lucky Day – #SoCS

It was Friday afternoon, and I was long overdue for checking out Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Actually, I was out for the day with our daughter. When we returned home, I was looking for a book she wanted to borrow, and checking my phone for Linda’s email:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “song.” First, find a picture–the closest one to you. Your prompt is the title and/or the lyrics of the first song that comes to mind when you look at the picture. Have fun!”

I’m sure everyone has a copy.

I couldn’t find the book immediately, but I found the Star Trek Next Generation Technical Manual – what, you don’t have one of those? In any case, when I checked my email and found the prompt, I was holding the manual.

The Star Trek theme popped into my head and I didn’t want to look any farther. It may not be what Linda had in mind but, Star Trek Theme it is, and I’m turning that into “the theme is Star Trek” as my prompt.

If we were having a beer, Cheryl would be working the room like the bar was open.

“Seven-eleven, guys, it’s your lucky day.”

“Drinks are on the house, Cheryl?”

“I said lucky, not insane, David.”

“Well, how is it that we’re lucky?”

“You got one of only two tables in the bar, and I’m serving, not Skippy.”

“She makes a good point, David. Besides, I’m buying today, so your drinks are free.”

“Yahtzee! This is my lucky day!”

“You guys having the usual?”

“A nice cold Corona for me and step the old man up to whatever he wants, Cheryl.”

“He drinks off the top shelf, Dan – there’s not much ‘up’ left in his heading.”

“I’m consistent, Cheryl. It’s not like I drink Old Crow when I’m paying.”

“That’s true, David. You do treat yourself well.”

“Who deserves it more?”

“Ha. Are you putting that to a vote?”

“We’re the only ones in this bar, Dan, and you wouldn’t know the top shelf if you were dusting it.”

“Hey, this is a premium lager. I could save two bucks by drinking Bud Light.”

“You want me to switch, Dan? I haven’t opened this yet. And, Bud Light is on tap. Drafts come in sixteen-ounce glasses…”

“…Of mostly water. No thanks, Cheryl, I’ll stick with the good hombres south of the border.”

“Hmmm, ‘mostly water,’ why does that sound familiar?”

“I wouldn’t have a clue, Cheryl. I prefer seltzer with my bourbon.”

“You’re thinking of Star Trek, Next Generation – the episode is ‘Home Soil‘ – the aliens refer to the humans on-board the Enterprise as ‘ugly bags of mostly water’ – an apt description.”

“That’s it, Dan. Thank you! That was going to gnaw at me all day. Your first beer is on the house.”

“You know, I think you two could communicate in Star Trek episodes.”

“Hahaha – David, you crack me up.”

“What is so funny, Cheryl?”

“That’s from a different episode – ‘Darmok‘ – Captain Picard is trapped with an alien whose species communicates in metaphors.”

“I give up.”

“Here, maybe a splash of John Howell’s bourbon will ease your pain.”

“You know, David, you really aren’t so different from us.”

“What do you mean, Dan?”

“Take ‘John Howell’s Bourbon‘ for instance. Who outside of this bar knows what that means?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s been added to the universal translator by now, Dan. I mean, John Howell is a famous author.”

“Granted, but he doesn’t actually have a brand of bourbon.”

“He does here. It’s in the system.”

“That’s true, Cheryl, but you only added it so Skippy could remember what David drinks. It’s not widely accepted.”

“Dan, what’s widely accepted is transitory, at best, and subject to the whims of people and politics.”

“Yo! David. You start blathering about politics, and I’ll replace that mask with duct tape. This bar is a conflict-free zone.”

“Understood, Cheryl. I just meant that new ideas, even good ones are often ignored by cultures.”

“Can you give me an example, David?”

“Well, Dan…”

“Remember, non-political, non-religious and non-Corona-virus related.”

“Yes, Cheryl. Are you two done?”

“I think we are.”

“Then, I would remind you that, a thousand or so years ago, Italy outlawed the use of zero when the Arabs added it to their number system.”

“They outlawed nothing?”

“Not nothing, Cheryl, the concept of the absence of any quantity. It’s a significant foundational element in modern mathematics.”

“And you were worried about politics and religion being discussed in this bar, Cheryl. Maybe you need to add ‘math’ to your list.”

“I prefer the British designation, maths, if you don’t mind.”

“Math, maths, call it what you like, David, but I doubt anything Cheryl or I heard on Star Trek, or any nomenclature created in this bar is comparable to the zero.”

“Perhaps not, Dan, but who’s to say what might be the next big thing?”

“You know what? You’re right, David. Here’s to nothing, to zero, to John Howell’s Bourbon, math, maths and Star Trek – cheers!”

“Thank you for the drinks, Dan – cheers!”


“Yes, Cheryl.”

“You did it again.”

“I did? What?”

“Never mind. We’ll just call you Mr. Homn.”


  1. Italy outlawed zero [nothing]? I didn’t know this and it seems like a great piece of historical trivia. As for the Star Trek Manual, at one time we had one of those around here, too. Such a useful reference book. 🙄

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    • If you want another bit of historic trivia, Ally, the article I linked to goes on to say: The Italian government was suspicious of Arabic numbers and outlawed the use of zero. Merchants continued to use it illegally and secretively, and the Arabic word for zero, “sifr,” brought about the word “cipher,” which not only means a numeric character, but also came to mean “code.”

      Now, if you want some Star Trek trivia, let me open that manual ;-)

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  2. I used to consider myself one of the first Trekkies, having fallen in love with the very first episode. But now that illusion is shot. I never heard of the NG Technical Manual, and that eliminates me as an avid follower. What can I say………. ?

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  3. Good news – the holo deck has been expanded. It has been quadrupled in size to allow for ample social distancing. And intergalactic watering holes have been added at 500 yard intervals. Unless you are scheduled on the bridge excessive sobriety is optional.

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  4. Thank you for this post, Captain Dan! There is at least one or two or three Star Trek books in the apartment here, waiting for Natasha and I to say, “Wait…what does that technobabble mean?” or “What is that alien race?” or something on that order. It’s important we know these things in case it’s a category on Jeopardy.

    Bud Lite, Miller Lite…just ugly bottles of water. I could never go back to drinking that stuff. It would be like eating Russell Stover waxy milk chocolate instead of the richness of a good organic dark chocolate.

    Have a political and virus free day, Dan. Think about nothing, zilch, zero.

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  5. Happy Saturday, Dan. I’m sure you and the Editor are in a good mood after a daughter visit because I know that would put me in a good mood. :-) Humidity here is 97% which rules out a couple of things I wanted to do today. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow or the day after. :-)

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    • It was a good day, Judy. Maddie dominates Faith’s time, she won’t leave her side and she tries not to let her leave. I have to run to the brush dump, but I might skip the plan I had to trim a few bushes before going.

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    • I do remember the Binars. In fact, I was originally planning to go the “zero being half of all computer programs” but the SoCS train of thought wouldn’t turn in that direction. Mr. Homn is one of the most memorable characters. I loved that line.

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  6. It’s wonderful that you got quality time with Faith. Too funny that Maddie blocks her from the door.
    Mr. Homn was a cool character. I hadn’t thought about those episodes in ages. Thanks for the links and video to remind me.
    Here’s to “non-political, non-religious and non-Corona-virus related!” Happy weekend hugs.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Teagan. There are lots of memorable characters from Star Trek, but Mr. Homn is definitely one of the best. It’s hot and humid here but hopefully, I’ll get a table at the bar when it’s time to cool off. Maddie is suffering PFS – Post Faith Syndrome. She keeps expecting to find her hidden away somewhere.


      • It’s humid here too… 27% (Okay don’t throw anything. Here they think that’s humid. LOL. Unfortunately it’s also supposed to be 105 degrees later.
        Aw… poor Maddie looking for Faith. That’s cute, funny, and kind of sad all at the same time. Hugs.


  7. OK. I’m going to admit something that probably will not be wildly received. I sorry to say, am not a Star Trek fan. I never could get into it. Sorry, Dan. I did however get a chuckle seeing how Maddie is acting towards Faith, not wanting her to leave. Glad for you that your daughter stopped by …. family is so much more appreciated these days if you ask me. Loved your gallery. That mist hints at high humidity. I know it’s surely been brutal here, so much so I have not been out with my camera. It’s tough enough just going for a walk being soaking wet by the time I get back home. Hope you have a great weekend!! And could you switch brands of beer? Just asking. LOL

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    • Haha – I don’t hold not being a ST fan against anyone, Amy. It’s a thing, and I know it’s not universal, but it makes me happy. Sorry to say, I won’t be switching brews anytime soon. It sits very well with me and it reminds me of my sister-in-law.

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  8. Although I enjoy “Star Trek”, I’ll never be mistaken for a Trekkie and needless to say, that book isn’t gracing any of my bookshelves or even boxes of books without shelves. We’ve had the beer conversation before but I’m happy to read that you’re a dark chocolate lover. Enjoyed all the photos today. The outlook today here is…sunny and hot and dry. :-) I think that would fit pretty much every forecast for the next months. At some point it will likely be downgraded to sunny, warm, and dry and eventually even cool for the temperature. Happy weekend, Dan & co.


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    • I know these posts have limited appeal. I appreciate your stopping by, Janet. It was a long day and this was like comfort writing. Easy for me. We Have been hot and humid and it looks like we’re staying hot and humid. Fortunately not as hot as you.


  9. I had no idea Italy outlawed Zero! I’ve learned two things already this morning and it’s not even 8AM here!

    I love the fog images, and how Maddie didn’t want Faith to go. Maddie looked so happy with her. I’m sure both you and the Editor were happy to see her too. Family time is the best time.

    I’ve only watched a few Next Gen episodes and that’s not one of them. I’ll have to watch the whole thing after watching your embedded looks like an interesting episode and I want to know why you all think Mr. Homn is an interesting character. The counselor’s mother looks like an interesting character too.

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  10. Loved the Star Trek references. I was a little busy when Star Trek became popular so I never watched the show. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy learning about it now. I call lite beers carbonated defrost. At least that’s how they taste to me. The fog shots were beautiful and loved seeing Faith again, Regarding the reference to “famous author” and the connection to my name is most gracious on your part. Let’s just say I’m well known in my own house. 😁 Great post, Dan

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  11. I was tempted to fib and say I do have a copy of that book just to hear you gasp. But I’m an awful liar and I’d rather make you laugh. 😂
    I love the aliens’ description of humans. See? Truth is timeless. I remember most all the episodes you mention.
    Speaking of beer and metaphors. I call Bavaria my Costa Rica beer because I loved it there, can’t get it here. Also no Pilsen Or Imperial rarely which distresses the hubs.
    I love your photos of the moments in your day. Happy Free 48.


  12. Actually the reason I’m so late in looking at my blog tonight is I was watching the ‘Star Trek’ movie on TV – the 2009 version with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. I really love the casting being so close to the original series, and I love that Leonard Nimmoy was in it too! :-)

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  13. +1 for “maths”
    I don’t have a Star Trek Technical Manual but I have a Doctor Who one. Does that count?
    We don’t see American beer here. Aussies love their beer and we have standards. (And before you bring up Fosters, nobody here actually drinks that muck.)

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  14. All math is funny math to me. Very complicated stuff.

    I finished watching a video the other day where the speaker lightened the mood at the end by asking the audience to give the Vulcan peace sign. As I joined in both arms outstretched, fingers of each hand in a V , my oldest walked through and asked “Mom what are you doing?” I replied “something from Star Wars” and well let’s just say after that he almost disowned me. My own son. LOL.

    Happy Sunday!!

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  15. Great conversation at the bar today! You were truly inspired – from the ‘ugly bags of mostly water’ to Picard’s terse ‘our destiny lies elsewhere’. I raise a glass of Bud Light (with lime) to you 😉

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