Simmering Summer Sampler – ThursdayDoors

Another view of the Congregational Church in Suffield.

Last week, I posted what I considered the last of my doors from Suffield, CT. I replied to a comment (somewhere, I can’t find it) that I really need to get out for another doorscursion. Well, I have to tell you, that did not happen. Since publishing last Thursday’s post, it hasn’t been below 92°f (33°c), and it’s been as high as 99°f (37°c) and we have hit triple-digit heat indexes almost every day. Open the window long enough for a drive-by door photo, and the car’s AC unit groans back to life. Stop, get out and walk around, and I’d return damp and dripping to a sweltering car with seats that would set my thighs on fire.

I decided to crawl around on the cutting room floor, as it were, for the pictures that didn’t get picked for during the past several weeks. It’s amazing how much better a picture looks when it’s this hot.

Once again, I want to thank the Grand Marshal of Doors, Norm Frampton, for hosting his weekly fun initiative known as Thursday Doors. Each week, Norm places the call to door lovers around the globe – gather your doors and bring them to Montreal. Well, send a link to Norm’s site. After, of course, studying the doors he has on display.


  1. Trying to stay cool has been the #1 objective for more days than I care to remember. I don’t blame you for being reluctant to head outdoors to explore. I too have been hiding in the AC.

    I like the detailing on the Betances Elementary School. Seems unusual to see a school with such attention to architectural detail.

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  2. I especially love the old barns, Dan. As someone who grew up in the suburbs of a city, I have this certain romanticized view of farm life that probably is not shared by those who have toiled on them. So for me old tobacco barns look really cool. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is grading on a curve when the weather gets this inhospitable–I chuckled when I read, “It’s amazing how much better a picture looks when it’s this hot.” We are in for a little break in the weather in the coming week, with temperatures “only” in the upper 80’s and hopefully you will be experiencing some similar relief.

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    • I do love old barns, Mike, even the ones that are ready to collapse. It’s funny, it was only 91° yesterday, so I worked outside for a while. Upper 80s? Bring it on!


  3. I guess avoiding the outdoors in this relentless oppressive heat and humidity is #1on all our lists. Not to mention that avoiding any unnecessary outdoor activity would be smart… don’t apologize for combing through already ‘passed over’ photos. Today’s gallery is great!

    The barns, all of them, made me smile. What caught my eye on the Congregational Church are those gorgeous windows above the doors. I agree with Joanne, the school building is quite a piece of architecture.

    You put together a nice package for us today. Thanks.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I’m glad you liked this, Ginger. I had the same though about those windows. I included that door before, but it was a close-up. I do like the larger scene.

      88-91 for the next few day – a veritable cold snap.

      Stay cool. Stay well. Give Murphy a scritch and a cool drink from the girls up here.


  4. You appear to have ‘traveled’ quite a bit in this post, Dan, for not going anywhere! I do like that porch, too. Large wraparound porches are essential for morning coffee and afternoon cocktails. Well, not in this heat! Looking forward to cooler days for better doorhunts….

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    • There is something nice about the little red barn. I’m with you, I like them all.

      We’re trying to stay cool, but it isn’t always possible when there’s work to do. If this heat doesn’t break, I’ll be scraping closer to the bottom next week.

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  5. That is my excuse for not walking–it is too darn hot. Even early morning, the sun is out and I don’t need any sun. I do like all the houses painted white–especially the white house with the white dogwood in front. How perfect is that?! My house is orange brick with magenta crape myrtles in front. Talk about a color clash! Try to stay cool, Dan.

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    • We are walking early, Lois but even leaving at 6:30 has us dragging our butts home in the sun. I can’t wait for fall. Since you can’t paint brick or trees, I guess you’re stuck with that combo.

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      • Neighbor on one side of me just ‘limed’ her brick. Neighbor on the other side says she is going to paint her brick. You don’t paint brick!!! Not a fan. Can you imagine three white-bricked houses in a row? Me neither…..

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  6. Holy moley, this is your cutting room floor material? You have some top-shelf winners in this collection.
    That barn in the first shot is rural perfection and that school is way fancier than any school built in at least the last few decades.
    Hopefully we’ll be getting a break from the oppressive heat and humidity soon. In the meantime stay cool and take it easy.

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  7. Hi Dan – I can see the heat would be defeating most people … me too. We’re about to have a couple of ‘hot’ days … the beaches will be packed … so I’ll be happy to be elsewhere!

    The architectural mix and match you’ve given us with the various houses, barns, doors and thoughts – are just lovely to see … take care – Hilary

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  8. I wish you could send some heat over here, Dan. I had to light a fire yesterday, the temperature was that low. We are having a cold, wet July in Ireland at the moment. Hopefully August will be better. I love the trees in your photos as much as the buildings. My favourite shot is the one with the small shabby shed beside the equally shabby barn. They look good together.

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  9. Funny thing as I always love your photos of the northeast since I grew up there.  The squared white buildings always bring a word to mind, straightlaced!🤓

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  10. Another good roundup, Dan! You’ve got red-brick churches, weather-beaten barns, beautiful porches, questionable column placement … what’s not to love?

    “It’s amazing how much better a picture looks when it’s this hot.” There’s a one-liner for ya. :)

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    • The forecast for next week has us dropping into the upper 80s. I never thought I’d consider that relief from the heat. Nothing around here is growing well, except the weeds.


    • Thanks John. I don’t mind working in the heat, as necessary, but when it comes time to relax, I’d rather be someplace cool. These days, that means inside.


  11. I love those red barns! The white house with the porch and flowering tree are just lovely. I’ve always wanted a porch, but when it came time buying a house(s) we bought them without one! 🤷‍♀️

    It’s in the ’90s here too this week, but thankfully, we don’t have the humidity you do. Stay cool!


    • We used to take our daughter to that farm to get pumpkins. They rode you around the farm in a hay wagon, in and around all the tobacco barns. They would drop everyone off in the pumpkin patch and when you were done, you went to a wagon stop and rode back. It was always a fun day.

      We are now down to the low 90s-high 80s- odd that that seems cool.

      Stay well.


    • I do like the broken down barns. Even in that state, there’s something special about them. The heat has been relentless. The long term forecast is for more hot weather. 🙁


  12. I think this is a wonderful picture, Dan. I took doors pictures when I toured last year with the specific intention of joining this doors challenge. My photos from before that are hit and miss and if a door is in the picture, I’m going to share it, floor cuttings or not. Smile.

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  13. Nice doors Dan. I don’t know what your forecast is, but we’ve cooled down to perfect summer weather through Saturday, then rain and a high of 69F by Monday. This time, I’ll give the weather a New York Strip, twice-baked potato, a pan of brownies and GPS set to your coordinates. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you other than your doorscursion will continue to wait.

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  14. Many things look much better when it is sweltering hot. These are great photos, Dan. There are never enough barns or old houses to view. I love the church. Try to stay cool this weekend.

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